Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 391

Chapter 391: The True Trump Card


The instant the small sword left his palm, Xiao Chen heard the sound of the mountain shattering. From the middle of the thousand-meter-tall mountain to its top, it had completely shattered.


However, that was not the end of it. Countless cracks appeared on the remaining bottom half as numerous rocks rolled down.

After a while, the bottom half of the mountain shattered as well. The miniature sword had reduced a thousand-meter-tall mountain to flatland.

Xiao Chen looked dumbfounded as he watched. He did not expect the miniature sword to have so much power. He muttered, “This is the might of a Medial Grade Secret Weapon? When caught off guard, it could even kill half step Martial Monarchs instantly.”

The miniature sword whistled as it flew back. The light previously on it was now dim, and it appeared somewhat illusory as it flew back into Xiao Chen’s palm.

A weak trace of Essence flowed in Xiao Chen’s body and gathered at his palm, slowly charging this miniature sword.

It looked like it would be impossible to use that sort of destructive force very quickly. However, given its destructive power, Xiao Chen did not need this miniature sword to be able to attack continuously.

“This miniature sword can be my true trump card. I should give it a name. Hmm… I shall call it Palm Sword.”

As Xiao Chen casually gave this Secret Treasure a more fitting name, he grinned widely.

The might of this Palm Sword was tremendous. This was the first time Xiao Chen had felt confident in dealing with half step Martial Monarchs. He could not help but feel very happy.

However, the final Secret Treasure made Xiao Chen feel a headache manifesting. It was a heavy black helmet. Apparently, it was a defensive Medial Grade Secret Treasure.

Xiao Chen felt the weight of the helmet and saw the two horns on it before immediately losing interest.

Not mentioning how it looked, merely the weight of it was at least a hundred kilograms.

Unless one was a heavily armored knight on the battlefield or a Barbarian, no one would be interested in this helmet, not even if it possessed strong defensive abilities.

Xiao Chen casually tossed the helmet into the Universe Ring. Then, he investigated the final two items. They were identical.

They were glowing pearls. The light of the pearls was neither dim nor bright; it was somewhere in the middle.

Xiao Chen felt vast, frightening, and pure Essence in them. His intuition told him that, of the burial items, the value of these two pearls was the highest. Even when added together, the value of the secret manuals and Secret Treasures was lower than these pearls.

However, the depressing thing was that Xiao Chen’s knowledge was limited. He did not know what they were. He could only toss them to a corner of the Universe Ring for now.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Just at this moment, in a desolate corner of the Qianren Island, a three-thousand-meters-tall mountain started shattering.

That mountain was massive. As it shattered, it shook, causing the ground to shake along with it. Huge waves appeared on the sea around Qianren Island; loud sounds rumbled in Xiao Chen’s ears.

Xiao Chen looked over and saw countless tyrannical fist winds within the dazzling golden light in the distance, shattering the mountain.

The tall mountain visibly diminished in size under the torrent of fist winds.

First punch, second punch, third punch, fourth punch,...tenth punch!

After the ten punches landed, the top half of the three-thousand-meter-tall mountain was left bare.

After the light faded, Yue Chenxi slowly appeared and landed firmly on the ground.

Xiao Chen had used a Secret Treasure before he could level a mountain. However, the other party used her own tyrannical strength to blast away half the mountain.

What a huge gap! When Xiao Chen thought about it, Yue Chenxi was not the top genius of the continent either. She only ranked in the top fifty of the Five Nation Youth Competition.

This caused some fear in Xiao Chen’s heart. Yue Chenxi was already this strong. In that case, how strong were the top ten geniuses?

Xiao Chen withdrew his gaze; his eyes revealed that he was deep in thought. He said softly, “It is about a year to the next Five Nation Youth Competition. I should go and take a look if I have the time.”

Xiao Chen had never doubted his talent; he did not think that it was less than the others. All he lacked was time.

Compared to those peak geniuses, Xiao Chen had started much later. Even working so hard to catch up, they were still a distance away.

It would not be surprising for Yue Chenxi to break through to Superior Grade Martial King after she obtained the Daybreak Flower. Furthermore, this Yue Chenxi was younger than Xiao Chen.

Given Yue Chenxi’s cultivation, the other geniuses should either be peak Superior Grade Martial Kings or half step Martial Monarchs.

I have to advance to Martial King quickly. Xiao Chen felt a certain urgent feeling in his heart. This fortuitous encounter on the Qianren Island is a good opportunity for me to catch up to them.

After Xiao Chen gave Xiao Bai some instructions, he looked for a desolate area on the island. He planned to undergo true closed-door cultivation.

Xiao Chen took out all the Spirit Herbs that increased cultivation and counted them. There was a total of 28 stalks of such Spirit Medicine above five hundred years old.

Xiao Chen was not in a rush to consume these Spirit Herbs. Instead, he continued to solidify his cultivation as a Superior Grade Martial Saint, nourishing the Qi whirlpool in his dantian and building a proper dam to defend against the floodwaters.

After cultivating for seven days, Xiao Chen suddenly opened his eyes. His cultivation as a Superior Grade Martial Saint was firm, and the purple Qi whirlpool had become very resilient.

“The Qi whirlpool should be able to withstand it already; it is time to take those Spirit Herbs for increasing cultivation.”

Xiao Chen breathed, and he picked out a five-hundred-year-old Snow Ginseng from the pile of Spirit Herbs.

If Xiao Chen could completely absorb the medicinal energy of the five-hundred-year-old Snow Ginseng, in theory, he would gain ten years worth of cultivation.

However, few people knew the correct way to consume the Snow Ginseng. It was hard to contain all the medicinal energy in the process.

Hence, it was already pretty impressive for most people to get six or seven years out of the possible ten. Achieving eight years was pretty much the peak, and receiving nine years was like a miracle.

However, there were detailed records of these Spirit Herbs in the Compendium of Cultivation. So Xiao Chen knew the proper way to consume the Snow Ginseng.

Xiao Chen observed the Snow Ginseng in his hand and compared it to regular ginseng.

A layer of frost covered the Snow Ginseng’s exterior. When Xiao Chen held it in his hand, he could feel a bone-chilling sensation. Furthermore, it was much larger than regular ginseng.

Xiao Chen held the Snow Ginseng with one hand and warmed it slightly, melting the frost and permeating into the Snow Ginseng.

This frost was the essence of the Snow Ginseng. Most people were unaware of this and lost the majority of the medicinal energy.

Finally, Xiao Chen infused his Essence into the Snow Ginseng, warming the inside and the frost liquid as he mixed them.

Xiao Chen’s actions were very gentle and careful. If he injured the Snow Ginseng’s skin, all its medicinal energy would go to waste.

Ten minutes later, the insides of the Snow Ginseng completely melted. When looking at it, it looked like a bag of Snow Ginseng skin filled with liquid; it was bloated and soft.

Xiao Chen opened his mouth and placed the Snow Ginseng on his tongue. Then, he used his teeth to break a small hole in the skin gently.

“Chi! Chi!”

When the liquid that filled the Snow Ginseng found an exit, it immediately gushed out, entering Xiao Chen’s mouth.

The medicinal liquid was very cool. A fragrance assaulted the nose; it smelled very good. The fragrance filled Xiao Chen’s senses. He absorbed all of the medicinal energy without wasting a drop.


The surging medicinal energy from the five-hundred-year-old herb flowed down his throat and poured into his body like an endlessly gushing river, moving around in his meridians.

The medicinal energy saturated the narrow meridians. As the medicinal energy flowed, there was a slight pain. Xiao Chen clenched his teeth and withstood the pain.

Fortunately, Xiao Chen’s physical body cultivated the Dragon Tendon Tiger Bone to Small Perfection. As a result, his meridians were stronger than regular cultivators.

If other cultivators consumed this, they would not dare consume it in the same way that Xiao Chen had. If they swallowed it in one breath, there was a possibility that they would explode and die.

After the vast medicinal strength circulated once in the meridians, the energy grew even more ferocious. Finally, it headed for the purple Qi whirlpool in the dantian.

“Bang! Bang!”

The Qi whirlpool was like a dam that finally welcomed a ferocious flood. When the ‘flood’ crashed into it, a dull sound came from Xiao Chen’s body.

Under this intense barrage, Xiao Chen’s internal organs trembled. His complexion paled as he felt intense pain.

The vast medicinal energy crashed relentlessly into the purple Qi whirlpool. The resilient Qi whirlpool seemed like it could collapse at any moment.

Although Xiao Chen had expected the medicinal energy to be strong, when he executed the plan, the medicinal energy of the five-hundred-year-old Snow Ginseng far exceeded his expectations.

The medicinal energy completely filled the inner space of the Qi whirlpool. Furthermore, there was still plenty of medicinal energy pouring in from outside.

This situation was dire. If Xiao Chen could not digest this medicinal energy soon, his Qi whirlpool might bloat until it burst.

Xiao Chen maintained his calm and slowly circulated the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation. With a thought, the Qi whirlpool spun slowly.

Although the speed of the Qi whirlpool was not fast, at least it moved. Instantly, the Qi whirlpool absorbed a large amount of medicinal energy, making it more resilient.

“Xiu! Xiu!”

As the Qi whirlpool absorbed more medicinal energy, it spun increasingly faster. Eventually, it was as fast as when he normally cultivated.

At this moment, Xiao Chen heaved a sigh of relief. His previous efforts had not gone to waste. Otherwise, when the medicinal energy crashed into his Qi whirlpool, it would have collapsed instantly.

As the Qi whirlpool spun faster, the rate of absorption of the medicinal energy increased. Xiao Chen clearly felt his strength increasing.

All the pores of Xiao Chen’s body opened as a huge energy filled his body. Even his blood could not help but surge.

After consuming a five-hundred-year-old Snow Ginseng, it could advance cultivation by ten years. It would be impossible to digest all the medicinal energy in one breath.

Eventually, everything calmed down. Xiao Chen slowed the rate of absorption. The key was to maintain stability. The faster the cultivation realm rose, the more stable it had to be.

After seven days, Xiao Chen had completely digested the medicinal energy of the Snow Ginseng.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes, and two beams of purple light fired out. His black pupils appeared even deeper, even more unfathomable.

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