Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 390

Chapter 390: Firmament Body Tempering Art

Yue Chenxi was astonished to see Xiao Chen so calm. She said, “Xiao Chen, you do not seem worried in the least.”

Xiao Chen found a rock and took a seat. Then, he took out a Spirit Herb for healing that he had obtained from the herb garden from the Universe Ring. He peeled it with a small knife as he said, “There is no point worrying. Even Martial Monarchs cannot break through these huge waves. What can I do? Let’s just wait here for two years. I have enough Medial Grade Spirit Stones for my cultivation.

“For cultivators, the thing we should fear the least is loneliness. Many Sages enter close-door training for several years or even decades. If you consider that, this is nothing.”

When Xiao Chen had completely peeled the Spirit Herb, he gently bit a piece off. Instantly, a dense Medicinal Energy flowed into his body.

Xiao Chen directed it with his Essence, and the medicinal strength quickly flowed to the horrifying wound on his chest.

“Zi! Zi!”

As the medicinal energy infused into the would, it nourished the flesh. The open wound on Xiao Chen’s chest itched. The flesh began to mend slowly, knitting together and forming a scab.

As the medicinal energy continued to flow, it infiltrated two broken ribs. Traces of new bones growing appeared at the break. Soon, they would truly join and heal.

This six-hundred-year-old Jadeite Needle Fruit is good stuff, Xiao Chen thought to himself. Just a small bite produced such a great effect. Given the strength of my physical body, I should be, more or less, healed after finishing this.

Xiao Chen took another bite of the Jadeite Needle Fruit before looking at Yue Chenxi. He continued, “Furthermore, I believe you have methods to inform the Supreme Sky Sect. We might be able to escape earlier than you think.”

Yue Chenxi was mildly startled. Xiao Chen had managed to guess it; she really did have a way to inform the Supreme Sky Sect. Hence, she was not overly worried.

However, when Yue Chenxi saw Xiao Chen so calm, as though he did not care, she felt somewhat annoyed in her heart. Especially when she saw him eating and talking to her.

Yue Chenxi clenched her fist tightly, and a small wound appeared on her palm. Then, a small white bird emerged from her palm. Soon, the bird managed to wriggle free completely.

The small white bird was about the same size as a sparrow. Although it was called white, it actually appeared ethereal as if it merged with the air while standing on Yue Chenxi’s hand.

The bird looked faint and indistinct. Xiao Chen felt somewhat doubtful and asked, “What is this?”

Yue Chenxi laughed, “This is a Spirit Hummingbird. All Supreme Sky Sect disciples on experiential training carry one. Its body exists between reality and illusion. No barrier can stop it.

“With it carrying the message, the Supreme Sky Sect will send an expert to rescue us in, at most, three months.”

After Yue Chenxi wrote a note, she stuffed it into the Spirit Hummingbird’s beak. Then she tossed the Spirit Hummingbird high into the air. In the blink of an eye, the Spirit Hummingbird flew several hundred meters away.

The Spirit Hummingbird mysteriously passed through the barrier of the huge waves as the two watched, vanishing from their site.

Xiao Chen looked at the distant waves and muttered to himself, “To break these waves, a Martial Monarch will be insufficient. Only a Martial Sage can do it.

“If even a Martial Sage is willing to act on her behalf, Yue Chenxi’s position in the Supreme Sky Sect is far from just a genius disciple.”

Yue Chenxi slowly retracted her gaze. Then, she looked as Xiao Chen and said, “Regardless of the situation, it is thanks to you that I managed to obtain the Daybreak Flower. I, Yue Chenxi, owe you a favor.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said nothing.


Three days later, with the aid of the Jadeite Needle Fruit, the wound on Xiao Chen’s chest healed completely.

Given the strength of Xiao Chen’s physical body, an external wound that did not damage his internal organs was not much of a threat. Even without the assistance of a Spirit Herb, he would have recovered within ten days.

With Xiao Bai’s aid, Xiao Chen removed the bandages. Secret Treasures had regenerative abilities. The Clear Wind Robes and the Inferior Grade Secret Treasure inner vest were already as solid as before. The only difference was a slight decrease in the Spiritual Energy they possessed. The lifespan of the Secret Treasures had also decreased a little.

After Xiao Chen tossed the bandages aside, he prepared to examine the burial items.

The burial items of a Quasi-Emperor would definitely be valuable. Coincidentally, Yue Chenxi decided to absorb the Daybreak Flower’s energy today to further comprehend the Morning Sun Incantation. This gave Xiao Chen some time to check out the Savanna King’s burial items.

There were a total of eight items. For any one of the thousand-odd cultivators who came to the Qianren Island for fortuitous encounters, a single burial item would have been satisfactory. If they knew that Xiao Chen had snatched them all, their expressions would have been interesting to watch.

Xiao Chen poured out the eight burial goods from his Universe Ring; they tumbled to the ground. Then, he gazed upon the burial goods excitedly.

Of the eight burial items, three were Secret Treasures; three were secret manuals, and Xiao Chen had obtained two items that he did not recognize.

Xiao Chen was most interested in the secret manuals. He immediately picked up the first and read out softly, “Flowing Light Sword Art, a peak Earth Ranked Cultivation Technique for swordsmen. There are a total of fifteen layers. After Great Perfection, it will generate an unending Flowing Light sword Qi in the swordsman’s dantian…”

This was a top quality Cultivation Technique for Swordsmen. It could allow a swordsman to generate sword Qi within his body. Although Xiao Chen had never heard of it before, he was sure that it was extraordinary.

Furthermore, this was a Cultivation Technique tailored to swordsmen. Its value could not be estimated. To swordsmen, this was far more valuable than an Inferior Grade Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique.

Unfortunately, Xiao Chen was a bladesman. Swordsmen and bladesmen were two completely different branches. There was no way Xiao Chen could practice this.

If only this were a Cultivation Technique for bladesmen. Although the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation was powerful, it was not specifically made for bladesmen. It would not allow Xiao Chen to generate saber Qi within his body.

Xiao Chen felt somewhat disappointed. He casually tossed the Flowing Light Sword Art to Xiao Bai and said, “Xiao Bai, this is for you. If you have nothing to do, take a look at it.”

Xiao Bai received the Flowing Light Sword Art and smiled gently, “Thank you Elder Brother, Xiao Chen. Ha ha. Xiao Bai is going to become stronger again.”

Xiao Chen picked up the second secret manual and flipped through it. He looked at the words on the cover and slowly read, “Firmament Body Tempering Art, Inferior Grade Heaven Ranked Body Tempering Cultivation Technique. Physical strength has to be at 150,000 kilograms of force before it can be cultivated. This comes from the ancient sects…”

Xiao Chen rejoiced. He had finally found a secret manual that he could use. The Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art was only a peak Earth Ranked Body Tempering Cultivation Technique.

When Xiao Chen cultivated to the Dragon Tendon Tiger Bone, his strength reached 125,000 kilograms of force. There was no possibility of advancing.

Coincidentally, Xiao Chen could use the Firmament Body Tempering Art. He only needed an additional 25,000 kilograms of strength before he could practice it. With the aid of the many Spirit Herbs in the Universe Ring, this was not difficult at all.

Xiao Chen calmed himself and continued reading. There was a note from the Savanna King at the bottom of the page. He discovered that the Savanna King was a cultivator who became a Martial Sage by cultivating the physical body.

It turned out that, when the Savanna King was young, his cultivation talent was abysmal. It took him very long to raise his cultivation.

The Savanna King barely managed to reach Inferior Grade Martial Saint by the age of thirty. Such a talent could barely accomplish anything in the Tianwu Continent. However, the ambitious Savamma King was not satisfied.

Finally, the Savanna King obtained the Firmament Body Tempering Art in a fortuitous encounter. He made up his mind and crippled his cultivation. He began from scratch but focused on the physical body, proving his Dao with physical strength.

The Firmament Body Tempering Art was a Body Tempering Cultivation Technique from a mysterious sect in the ancient era.

According to legend, the outer disciples of that sect could easily achieve at least 5,000 kilograms of force with one punch. As for the inner disciples, they could achieve at least 150,000 kilograms of force.

As for the core disciples and the outer sect elders, they could achieve 500,000 kilograms of force. When they jumped with that horrifying strength, they could launch themselves a thousand meters in a breath.

Furthermore, this sect focused on physical strength. There were many Martial Techniques that used physical strength in this sect. The effects of using physical strength were not inferior to that of using Essence.

Xiao Chen closed the secret manual. He muttered to himself, “I did not expect there to be such a glorious sect in the past. They could achieve 500,000 kilograms of force with a casual punch. Even a Martial Monarch would not dare face them head-on. It looks like choosing to temper my body is the right choice.”

Xiao Chen put away the Firmament Body Tempering Art and opened the third secret manual. It was a record of experiences of body tempering left by the Savanna King.

“The cultivation experiences left by a Quasi-Emperor are much more precious than any Cultivation Technique or Martial Technique. For a long time, I did not have any true master to guide me. This book of experience can function like half a master to me.”

Xiao Chen could not restrain his joy as he spoke excitedly. Then, he carefully put away the Savanna King’s record of experiences.

After that, Xiao Chen continued to examine the remaining burial items. There were three different Secret Treasures and two unknown items.

Of the three Secret Treasures, Xiao Chen casually picked up a Jade Pendant. He discovered it was similar to the jade pendant around his neck; it was a defensive Secret Treasure.

However, the strength of this jade pendant’s defense was much stronger. Investigating its Spiritual Energy fluctuations, it should be a peak Inferior Grade Secret Treasure.

Xiao Chen thought for a while and handed this jade pendant to Xiao Bai. He already had a similar jade pendant and did not need another.

Then, Xiao Chen picked up the second Secret Treasure. It was a palm-sized sword. This sword was made from an unknown metal, and there were many talisman scripts carved on it.

The Spiritual Energy of the sword was very dense, far denser than the jade pendant. Its blade was very sharp. Xiao Chen inspected it and found that this was unexpectedly an early Medial Grade Secret Treasure.

However, what was this miniature sword’s purpose? Xiao Chen erased the mark left by the previous owner and branded his own mark onto it.


The Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense filled the sword; the palm-sized sword nicked a small wound on his palm and slowly slipped into it.

Xiao Chen did not feel any discomfort. When the sword entered him, it felt like it were part of his flesh, a part of him that had returned.

When the sword completely entered the palm, the wound on the palm healed; it was as good as before. The skin was smooth and white; it did not look like anything was wrong.

However, Xiao Chen discovered a surging energy that pulsed in his right palm.

This energy did not belong to Xiao Chen, but he could control it easily. Xiao Chen could release it with a thought.

Xiao Chen stood and looked at a mountain in the distance. He pointed two fingers on his right hand at it.


The horrifying energy from the small sword in his palm erupted from his fingertips and fired at the mountain a thousand meters away.

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