Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 389

Chapter 389: Sinking into Depravity of Massacre

Scarlet clouds densely filled the sky. Xiao Chen exhibited the state of massacre to its limits, killing all of the demonic wolves launching themselves at him.

Soon, the blood from his kills dyed Xiao Chen’s white robes scarlet. However, there were simply too many demonic wolves. It looked unending; it was impossible to kill them all.

As time crawled by, Xiao Chen killed until his eyes turned scarlet. He changed his single-handed grip to a double-handed grip.

Xiao Chen did his best to kill all the wolves as he weaved in and out. Every time he swung his saber, a large splatter of blood would paint the ground. He slaughtered countless demonic wolves.

As Xiao Chen slaughtered endlessly, the scarlet throne in his sea of consciousness trembled excitedly. This gave Xiao Chen an unexplainable high.

Xiao Chen filled with energy; as he massacred the wolves, he felt an inexplicable excitement. The intense saber light became more ferocious, and Xiao Chen’s attacks grew stronger.


As Xiao Chen was about to sink into a depraved state of massacring, the Lunar Shadow Saber lit up and fired a light at Xiao Chen’s forehead.

Xiao Chen’s restless heart suddenly calmed. As if he had jumped into an icy river in the middle of a hot, summer day, Xiao Chen woke from his madness.

Xiao Chen’s gaze cleared once again as he leaped up to dodge the attack of the wolves. His face revealed some fear as he said, “That was dangerous. This illusion nearly caused me to sink into depravity, desiring only massacre.”

As Xiao Chen looked at the smooth and shiny Lunar Shadow Saber, he thought to himself, It looks like Ao Jiao gave me a nudge at a critical moment.

Although this Greedy Dream Wolf had not managed to infiltrate Xiao Chen’s heart, it did sense the state of massacre he cultivated. Hence, it made an illusion focusing on the state of massacre, throwing him into depravity.

It looked like the illusions of the Greedy Dream Wolf were not as simple as to confuse the real and fake. Instead, it reached into the depths of the heart, sinking one deeply into the illusion.

However, now that Xiao Chen knew the principles behind it, he could easily combat it. Since this is an illusion created based on my state of massacre, I will use my state of thunder to break it.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The scarlet clouds in the sky disappeared, and boundless thunderclouds churned. Occasionally, thunder roared from within the clouds. Xiao Chen descended from the sky and resumed his massacre.

However, this time, Xiao Chen did not use his state of massacre. He only used the pure state of thunder.

Xiao Chen executed the Wukui Saber Technique to its limits on the desolate savanna. The demonic wolves on the ground began to disappear.

After a while, Xiao Chen sheathed his saber and stood upright. There were no more demonic wolves on the savanna as lightning flashed in the sky.

Cracks started to appear in this space. After a while, the entire space shattered. Xiao Chen could leave with a thought.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “Indeed, it is as expected. As long as I can find the corresponding method to break it, I can break this illusion. However, there is no rush. I need to save Xiao Bai and Yue Chenxi.”

Xiao Chen closed his eyes and gathered his Spiritual Sense. The surging mental energy in his sea of consciousness churned rapidly.


A golden light flashed at the red mark on Xiao Chen’s forehead. A golden deity, about 2.33 meters tall and holding a sharp knife, appeared and leaped into the sky.

This was the strongest form Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense could take. It could only fully manifest in this illusion. If this were the real world, it would be difficult for it to exhibit its full power.


Xiao Chen shouted and controlled the golden deity to slice through the air with the sharp knife. Instantly, a long spatial tear appeared.

Xiao Chen leaped into the air and entered the spatial tear with his golden deity, entering another space.

This environment in this space was very simple; it was a wine cellar filled with excellent wine. Xiao Bai darted around excitedly.

Xiao Bai went to every vat and drew some wine from it to drink. After she grew tired of one, she would dash to another vat and drink from there.

Xiao Chen did not know whether to cry or laugh. Exactly, how much did Xiao Bai enjoy drinking? The Greedy Dream Wolf probably could not think of any other ideas to sink her into depravity.

Xiao Chen stood in front of Xiao Bai, but she did not notice him. She moved gently and passed through his body.

It seems like, in this world, I am only an observer. Xiao Chen thought to himself. Using wine to sink Xiao Bai into depravity…if the wine vanishes, this illusion will break. 


The deity swung the knife and crushed the wine vats into dust, including the vat Xiao Bai held.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

The entire space started to shatter rapidly before Xiao Bai’s suspicious gaze. Then, she and Xiao Chen appeared in a space void of anything.

When Xiao Bai, who was somewhat confused, saw Xiao Chen, she immediately exclaimed, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, I was dreaming earlier. In my dream, there were many vats of good wine. However, someone shattered all the wine vats, and I woke up.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “All dreams must always come to an end. Stay here, and don’t move.”

Xiao Chen controlled the deity and tore through space again. He headed for Yue Chenxi’s illusion.


The moment Xiao Chen landed, he saw a dazzling light. Countless fist shadows flickered within the light. Fist winds tore through the space, and countless figures vomited blood and retreated.

When all the light dissipated, Yue Chenxi stood proudly on a large arena. The people lying below the arena wore the uniforms of the Supreme Sky Sect.

It looked like Yue Chenxi had dealt with this herself. She did not need Xiao Chen’s help.

However, Yue Chenxi was extremely pale. Clearly, something unpleasant had happened earlier. This Greedy Dream Wolf managed to penetrate the depths of Yue Chenxi’s heart.

When Yue Chenxi saw Xiao Chen below, she said somewhat apologetically, “I’m sorry. This is a Greedy Dream Wolf King. I underestimated its strength.”

Xiao Chen said softly, “Never mind. Let’s get out of here quickly. If we are late, we might have to wait for another day to pick the Daybreak Flower.”

The two worked together to shatter this space. Then they picked up Xiao Bai and completely shattered the Greedy Dream Wolf’s illusion.


The scenery around the group changed; the rising sun appeared. The Qianren Island reappeared in the three’s vision.

Before Xiao Chen could sigh in relief, a large shadow launched itself at them. It was the Greedy Dream Wolf King.

“Ka ca!”

A saber light flashed. Xiao Chen swung the Lunar Shadow Saber with lightning speed at the neck of the Greedy Dream Wolf King. Blood spurted, but the saber did not manage to chop off the wolf’s head.

Instead, the saber left a horrifying wound before it became stuck in the bones of the neck, leaving the blade unable to advance or retreat.

Xiao Chen’s expression changed, and he decisively abandoned his saber to retreat.

However, the Greedy Dream Wolf King was faster than Xiao Chen. The instant he hesitated, its front paw stabbed into Xiao Chen’s chest.

The sharp claws pierced through the inner vest on Xiao Chen’s chest as they slid toward his heart.

However, before the claws could reach the heart, they met an obstruction. It was the defense left on the organs by the Inferior Grade Secret Treasure.


Yue Chenxi did not give the Greedy Dream Wolf King a chance to keep pushing in. She quickly flew over and punched the wolf’s head violently. A dazzling golden light exploded on the fist wind, turning the wolf’s head into dust.

Yue Chenxi kicked away the corpse of the Greedy Dream Wolf King and examined the bloody wound on Xiao Chen’s chest. The wound looked horrifying. She anxiously asked, “Xiao Chen! Are you alright?!”

Xiao Chen gasped slightly and smiled as he resisted the pain. “I’m fine; it did not injure my heart. Go, pick the Daybreak Flower. If you don’t pick it now, we will run out of time.”

Yue Chenxi did not say anything; she simply pressed on a few acupoints on Xiao Chen’s chest. Then, she carefully looked at the wounds before she heaved a sigh of relief.

Yue Chenxi left behind a bottle of top-quality healing medicine before rushing to the Daybreak Flower. She had to dig out its roots quickly before it dimmed.

Xiao Bai helped Xiao Chen up. She gazed him with red eyes as she applied the medicine. When the cooling medicine dripped on his wounds, it immediately and significantly reduced Xiao Chen’s pain.

Xiao Chen swallowed a Blood Replenishing Pill and took out some bandage. With Xiao Bai’s help, he bandaged his wounds.

In the past, during Xiao Chen’s experiential training, Xiao Bai had helped him bandage his wounds. Hence, she was familiar with the process and completed it quickly.

The wound was really horrifying. When Xiao Chen thought back to it, he felt a little afraid. He felt as if he had witnessed the River Styx for a moment.

[TL note: The River Styx is a replacement for a Chinese equivalent. The literal translation here is actually ‘seen the gates of hell.’]

If the Secret Treasure had not protected the internal organs as well, this wolf king’s claws would have pierced his heart.

Xiao Chen struggled to stand. Then, he rubbed Xiao Bai’s head and smiled, “Don’t cry; I’m fine now. Help me retrieve my Lunar Shadow Saber.”

Xiao Bai nodded and said, “Alright, I’m going!”

Yue Chenxi finished picking the Daybreak Flower and thanked Xiao Chen sincerely, “Xiao Chen, thank you. I would not have been able to obtain the Daybreak Flower without you.”

Xiao Chen looked around, and his expression turned grave. He said, “Save the gratitude for later. Let’s leave quickly. I feel that there is something wrong with this Qianren Island.”

When Yue Chenxi heard this, she felt it was odd. She asked, “What’s wrong? We were only gone for five minutes.”

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly, “Were we really only gone for five minutes? Use your perception to look around.”

Yue Chenxi closed her eyes and checked her surroundings with her perception. After a while, her expression changed.

There was no more sound from anywhere on Qianren Island. Furthermore, when they looked around, there was no one. Just the previous night, there was a multitude of people wandering around. Now, the island was desolate.

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly, “Stop thinking about it. Let’s see if we can break through the huge waves first.”

Ten minutes later, the three appeared in before the huge waves. Yue Chenxi used her Morning Sun Fist at its limits. Strands of light filled the air.

However, the surging wall of water did not move. Instead, it reflected a strong force back, nearly injuring Yue Chenxi.

Yue Chenxi returned to the surface of the sea. She asked in astonishment, “What’s going on? Before we came, I could break apart the waves casually.”

Xiao Chen muttered for a while before saying, “The huge waves’ strength has already restored to normal. It looks like we spent at least five days in the illusion.”


On a pile of rocks in a desolate area of Qianren Island, Yue Chenxi’s expression became grave as she said, “The Greedy Dream Wolf King’s illusion can indeed alter to our perception of time. I think we were trapped in its illusion for a long time.”

Xiao Chen’s expression was much calmer now. He had already accepted this fate. He smiled gently and said, “Stop guessing already. Based on the strength of this huge wave, we have already verified that. It looks like we have to stay on this Qianren Island for a long while.”

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