Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 388

Chapter 388: The Serious Heroine

As Xiao Chen walked over with a calm expression, he gently patted Yue Chenxi shoulder. Then, he took over her position and stared at the black Greedy Dream Wolf ahead.

Yue Chenxi felt a warmth she never had before; she was very touched. She did not expect the cold Xiao Chen to be so understanding.

Just as Yue Chenxi was about to thank Xiao Chen, she discovered that the corner of his mouth was twitching indistinctly. It was clear that he was trying to resist a laugh.

Yue Chenxi clenched her fist and punched Xiao Chen violently. She said angrily, “You idiot! If you want to laugh, just laugh. There is no need to hold it back and pretend to be a good person!”

“Bang! Bang!”

Yue Chenxi rained punches on Xiao Chen. He could no longer resist and laughed loudly. He simply stood there and let her punch him.

Although Yue Chenxi used a lot of strength, she did not use her Essence. Since Xiao Chen had cultivated the Dragon Tendon Tiger Bone, he simply let her hit him. He did not even circulate the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art. Otherwise, her fists would end up swollen.

Xiao Chen stretched his hands out and caught Yue Chenxi’s disorderly punches, grabbing her wrists quickly. Then, he smiled gently and said, “Miss Heroine, please eat something. Even the stomach of a cultivator can get hungry.”

Yue Chenxi rolled her eyes at Xiao Chen and no longer felt conflicted. She received the food Xiao Bai offered and started eating.

Originally, Yue Chenxi planned to eat demurely. However, because she was very hungry and feeling depressed, she could not care less and ate voraciously in the end.

Eventually, Yue Chenxi choked and started coughing. When Xiao Bai saw the situation, she quickly handed over her bottle gourd.

Yue Chenxi received the bottle and drank with big gulps before she stopped.

Xiao Chen happened to look over at this moment. His expression could not help but change. Oh no! Xiao Bai treats her wine like water and just handed it to this girl.

When Yue Chenxi set the bottle gourd down, her pretty face flushed red. She hiccuped relentlessly and said, “Xiao Bai, what did you pass me?”

“Superior quality wine. In the past, when Xiao Bai chokes, I would be fine after a few gulps,” Xiao Bai’s face brimmed with a smile as she said extremely seriously.

“Wine!” Yue Chenxi was greatly startled. She started to lose consciousness as she muttered, “I can’t drink wine.”

Immediately after Yue Chenxi spoke, she fell over. Xiao Bai quickly pulled her into her embrace and said anxiously, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, what happened to Elder Sister Yue?”

Xiao Chen stuck out his index finger and placed it under Yue Chenxi’s nose.He smiled gently and said, “It’s fine; she is just drunk.”

Xiao Bai said suspiciously, “Strange. Elder Sister Yue did not drink much; why did she get drunk so fast?”

There is nothing strange about this. Some people had a very good alcohol tolerance and would not get drunk no matter how much they drank. Others had a poor alcohol tolerance; they would get drunk after just a sip. Clearly, Yue Chenxi belonged to the latter category.

It is fine for her to sleep too. This girl has been very stressed over this Daybreak Flower.

Xiao Chen said, “Take care of her. I will continue to watch the Greedy Dream Wolf.”

The night sky slowly grew darker. Soon, it was midnight. Xiao Chen had already kept watch for a long period.

Aside from the Greedy Dream Wolf occasionally closing its eyes and sniffing the air, nothing unexpected happened.

Xiao Chen turned his head to looked at Yue Chenxi sleeping in Xiao Bai’s embrace. She was currently in a deep sleep. Her eyes were tightly shut, and her breathing was rhythmic; she looked calm and peaceful.

At this moment, it was hard to imagine that this beautiful, sleeping girl was the pride of the Great Jin Nation, adored by many. Now, she looked no different from an ordinary girl.

This girl scores a hundred for martial prowess and a hundred for her charm. However, she seems weak on intelligence and somewhat short on life experiences.

It is going to be difficult for her to take over the Supreme Sky Sect with this mindset, Xiao Chen thought to himself as he shook his head.

After four hours, Xiao Chen looked at the brightening sky. He gently nudged the sleeping Yue Chenxi.

The moment Xiao Chen just touched Yue Chenxi, she was startled awake. A light flashed in her deep eyes, revealing killing intent; she was suddenly vigilant.

When Yue Chenxi saw Xiao Chen, she relaxed her guard. She rubbed her temples and asked nervously, “Did I oversleep?”

Xiao Chen responded indifferently, “No. However, you should prepare quickly. There are another ten minutes to daybreak.”

Yue Chenxi was mildly startled. She quickly got up and circulated her energy, expelling the alcohol from her body. Then, she took her place behind the rock and waited.

Time slowly passed. The sky in the east slowly grew lighter.

Yue Chenxi also became increasingly nervous; her right hand was tightly clenched. However, Xiao Chen did not feel anything; he was as calm as he normally was.

Regarding state of mind, Yue Chenxi was far inferior to Xiao Chen.

“Hu chi!”

Suddenly, a dazzling light appeared in the hazy sky. The golden light was very bright as it broke through the final bit of darkness.

When the light shone beside the Greedy Dream Wolf, a resplendent flower suddenly blossomed. It was like the flower had appeared from nowhere.

If the flower had not revealed itself, no one would have found it. However, the moment it appeared, it captured everyone’s attention. It was extremely beautiful, making one not willing to look away.

“Daybreak Flower! It really is the Daybreak Flower!”

Yue Chenxi’s fairy-like face smiled joyfully. It looked even more beautiful than the dazzlingly gorgeous Daybreak Flower.

Yue Chenxi said softly, “The Daybreak Flower will only bloom for five minutes. After five minutes, no matter what methods you use, you will not find it.

“I will attract the Greedy Dream Wolf’s attention; you pick the flower. After you have picked the flower, attack the Greedy Dream Wolf from behind, rescuing me from its illusion. Otherwise, if I’m entranced for too long, I might not snap out of it.”

When Xiao Chen heard this, he smiled gently, “You really trust me? If I take the Daybreak Flower, you will end up with nothing; you might even lose your life.”

Yue Chenxi looked at that resplendent Daybreak Flower and said, “The Daybreak Flower is useless to you. You are intelligent; you will not offend the Supreme Sky Sect over something that is useless.”

That is true as well; it seemed at Yue Chenxi is not that stupid. Xiao Chen looked at the Greedy Dream Wolf and said, “One last question. How many people can the Greedy Dream Wolf cast its illusion on?”

“One,” Yue Chenxi said very confidently.

Xiao Bai, who had woken long ago, said softly, “Elder Sister Yue, Xiao Bai wants to help as well.”

Xiao Chen quickly tried to reject, wanting to tell her to stay put. However, Yue Chenxi thought for a while before she said, “We might need another person. If there are any unexpected changes in situation, Xiao Chen, you should deal with it. Then, Xiao Bai will go and pick the flower.”

Xiao Bai said happily, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, please let Xiao Bai take part. Xiao Bai can run very fast; there will be no danger.”

This arrangement was simple. Thinking about it, there should not be any danger. Furthermore, it was only picking the flower. In the end, Xiao Chen let Xiao Bai participate.

“Alright, let’s move.”

The moment Yue Chenxi spoke, she immediately leaped into the air. Her delicate body looked even more beautiful under the light of the rising sun.

“Morning Sun Fist!”

A light burst from the tip of Yue Chenxi’s fist. A dense fist Qi broke through the barrier of space like an intense cannonball. It struck the large body of the Greedy Dream Wolf in an instant.

“Bang!” She blasted a bloody wound in the Greedy Dream Wolf’s body. Blood poured out like a spring.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Yue Chenxi darted around relentlessly. The tyrannical Morning Sun Fist was like a machine-gun. It fired an unending chain of punches at the Greedy Dream Wolf.

Deep pits were blasted into the ground. The Greedy Dream Wolf had already reacted and dashed to and fro, dodging the swift fist winds.

Yue Chenxi chased closely after it. The Greedy Dream Wolf spun around and launched balls of black energy from its mouth in retaliation. An intense battle began between the human and the wolf.

As a peak Rank 6 Spirit Beast, its combat prowess was equal to a Superior Grade Martial King. Yue Chenxi did not dare be careless when dealing with its retaliation.


Seeing the Greedy Dream Wolf lured away, Xiao Chen immediately led Xiao Bai to the blossoming Daybreak Flower.

Just as the two were about to reach the Daybreak Flower, the occasional explosions that rang ceased.

It was as if time had stopped, and the intense fight had suddenly ended.

Xiao Chen turned to look. He saw Yue Chenxi standing there with vacant eyes. The eyes of the Greedy Dream Wolf across from her flickered with a strange black light.

Yue Chenxi should have already fallen to the illusions. She will not be in any danger for now, but that might not necessarily be the case if this drags on.

Xiao Chen quickly turned back and rushed to the Daybreak Flower. He wanted to pick the Daybreak Flower and rescue Yue Chenxi from the illusion.

“Weng! Weng!”

Just as Xiao Chen’s hand was about to touch the Daybreak Flower, the surrounding sky starting spinning, making him dizzy.

Xiao Chen felt a pair of eyes staring at him from behind. He was strangely tempted to turn and look.

As Xiao Chen resisted this force, Xiao Bai vacantly turned around. He was startled and quickly said, “Xiao Bai! Close your eyes!”

As Xiao Chen spoke, a fluctuation appeared in his mind. He could not resist turning to look.


Xiao Chen saw that the Greedy Dream Wolf’s pitch-dark eyes turn silver. It had an immensely attractive force, making one close their eyes.

Damn it! This is a Greedy Dream Wolf King. Yue Chenxi’s information was wrong. It can pull many people into its illusions at the same time.

The situation before Xiao Chen’s eyes suddenly changed. His surroundings became dark. He could feel sinister energy trying to enter the depths of his soul.

Xiao Chen quickly activated his Spiritual Sense, turning it into a sharp knife before cutting off this sinister energy.

“Grrr! Grrr!”

Miserable cried rang beside Xiao Chen’s ears. The surrounding darkness changed. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a vast savanna.

Countless red eyes stared at him from the surroundings. Packs of demonic wolves stood at the edge of the savanna as if they were looking at lunch while they growled.

“Hu chi! Hu chi!”

In the next moment, the demonic wolves in all direction launched themselves at Xiao Chen like a flood. When their howls combined, it was horrifying.

Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen drew the Lunar Shadow Saber and chopped the demonic wolves around him in half; blood spurted into the air, covering the sky.

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