Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 387

Chapter 387: Daybreak Flower; Rank 7 Ferocious Wolf

Yue Chenxi was stunned; Xiao Chen’s words left her stumped. When she thought about it carefully, this seemed to make sense. However, she felt that something was still wrong.

This person was too horrible. In the past, when Yue Chenxi needed help, she did not even need to ask, and a multitude of people would offer help; she would even pick who helped her.

However, this Xiao Chen…when Yue Chenxi took the initiative to ask for help, she may owe him a favor. Yet, he unexpectedly asked for benefits. 

Favor…, When Yue Chenxi thought of this word, she finally realized what was wrong. She quickly said, “It can be considered as me owing you a favor. How is that taking advantage of you?!”

Seeing Yue Chenxi angry, Xiao Bai said timidly, “Elder Sister Yue, that was what Xiao Bai said, not Elder Brother Xiao Chen. Please don’t blame Elder Brother Xiao Chen.”

Yue Chenxi was stumped again. When she thought about it, Xiao Bai had really said it. Yet, she took out her anger on Xiao Chen.

Depressing…why does it feel like I’m always making a fuss out of nothing whenever I’m with this fellow? Yue Chenxi thought angrily in her heart. 

Xiao Chen smiled gently and pulled Xiao Bai behind him. He smiled faintly, “Don’t blame yourself. Actually, I meant to say that, you managed to say it before I did.”

After that, before Yue Chenxi erupted in anger, Xiao Chen continued, “Don’t be angry. It is as you say; you owe me a favor. In that case, please explain it to me. Let me see whether your favor is worth the risk.”

Yue Chenxi said rather rudely, “You…! Why do I feel that talking to you is like talking business? You are like an unscrupulous businessperson.”

When Xiao Chen heard the word business, he got an epiphany.

If the world could really function like a business, everything dealt with fairly, gathering and parting in peace, Xiao Chen would feel that it would be pretty good.

Unfortunately, Xiao Chen had seen too much already. The nature of this world was one where the strong ate the weak. There was no fairness without strength.

“Never mind. You can say what you want. Tell me more details of how you want me to help,” Xiao Chen said indifferently after he collected his thoughts.

Yue Chenxi pondered for a while, organizing her words before sharing the details of the matter with Xiao Chen.

It turned out that, after Yue Chenxi had completed her experiential training in the Boundless Sea, she planned to return to the Great Jin Nation. However, she had unexpectedly run into Jin Wuji at the Green Wind Island.

Yue Chenxi had exchanged a few words with Jin Wuji at the previous Five Nation Youth Competition. Hence, an exchange of greetings was inevitable.

When Jin Wiju first invited Yue Chenxi to the gathering at the restaurant, she was in a rush to go back. Furthermore, to her, this gathering was not a very high level.

The people who attended were not the peak geniuses of the various nations. On top of that, she did not have much of a friendship with Jin Wuji. So, she was not obliged to agree to come.

Yue Chenxi had also guessed that Jin Wuji wanted to use her identity to increase his influence. As a result, it gave her more of a reason to not agree.

However, Jin Wuji gave her news about the Daybreak Flower being on Qianren Island. As long as Yue Chenxi would willingly attend the gathering, he would tell her the rough location of the Daybreak Flower.

Yue Chenxi practiced the Morning Sun Fist Martial Technique; as a result, she needed to cultivate the corresponding Cultivation Technique, the Morning Sun Incantation. Furthermore, it was extremely difficult to improve this Morning Sun Incantation.

If Yue Chenxi had the support of the Daybreak Flower, she could increase the speed of her Cultivation Technique’s improvement. Furthermore, the effects of the Daybreak Flower were not temporarily but forever.

Xiao Chen looked around and asked suspiciously, “Thinking about it, the Daybreak Flower should have a Demonic Beast or Spirit Beast guarding it. That’s why you came to me for help. I believe Jin Wuji was very willing to help you; why do I not see him?”

Yue Chenxi said, “He was injured by the Black-Blooded Demonic Corpse earlier and left in a rush. He cannot even care for himself.”

Xiao Chen thought about it carefully. He did not consider it a major problem. He looked up and said, “This is not a major matter. Forget about owing me a favor; consider it payment for keeping the secret of what happened in the herb garden.”

Yue Chenxi smiled gently; she finally heard Xiao Chen say something agreeable. She was no longer angry. “In that case, follow me.”

Yue Chenxi led the group to the north side of Qianren Island.

Qianren Island was very large, as large as Green Wind Island. However, it was much more desolate.

Aside from the ruined palace, there were no other buildings on the island. Rocks littered the place; weeds could not even grow.

Suddenly, Yue Chenxi, who led the way, stopped. She beckoned the two to hide behind a huge rock.

Yue Chenxi poked her head out and pointed to a space a thousand meters away. There was nothing but a ferocious, black wolf about ten meters tall.

“The Daybreak Flower is beside that wolf. Be careful; it has very strong perception,” Yue Chenxi said softly.

When Xiao Chen looked carefully, he did not see anything; there was nothing there.

Xiao Chen thought that Yue Chenxi brought him to the wrong place. So, he used his Spiritual Sense to scan the area around the wolf. However, the result seemed to be the same.

Xiao Chen could not help but look at Yue Chenxi suspiciously, “Why do I not see the Daybreak Flower?”

Suddenly, Yue Chenxi said, “I forgot to tell you. The Daybreak Flower will only blossom during the daybreak of each day. Furthermore, it only blossoms for a short time, no more than five minutes.

When Xiao Chen heard this, he looked toward the sky. It was just before noon. If they had to wait till the next daybreak, they needed about another twenty hours.

“What is this wolf’s origin? It seems like it is merely a Rank 7 Demonic Beast. With your strength, you should not need much help,” Xiao Chen asked.

The ferocious wolf sat on the ground. It was more than ten meters tall and very muscular. Its eyes were pitch black. Nothing about it looked special.

However, Xiao Chen could feel something wrong. This wolf could not be as ordinary as it looked. Otherwise, Yue Chenxi would not have asked him to help.

Yue Chenxi explained, “That is a Greedy Dream Wolf and not a demonic wolf. It is a Rank 7 Spirit Beast. Its strength is average, but it is very skillful at creating illusions. It is very rare. The fragrance of the Daybreak Flower can speed up its cultivation.

“Wherever a Greedy Dream Wolf exists, there would definitely be a Daybreak Flower. Later, I will make a move to attract its attention while you pick the flower. As long as we don’t fall for the illusion at the same time, it will be easily dealt with.”

Xiao Chen nodded wordlessly. He took a Medial Grade Spirit Stone from his Universe Ring and sat on the ground cross-legged.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Yue Chenxi said with shock when she saw Xiao Chen preparing to cultivate. “This moment, when the huge waves are weak, is when there are the most people on this island. If they startle this Greedy Dream Wolf, it might just eat the Daybreak Flower.”

Xiao Chen shook his head, “There is no need to go to the trouble of us both standing watch. Your strength is more than enough. If there are any unexpected situations, just wake me up.”

There was still another twenty hours; this was a rather long time. Xiao Chen did not wish to waste this time. Furthermore, staring at the same spot for so long was very tiring.

Xiao Chen slowly circulated the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation. The Spiritual Energy within the Medial Grade Spirit Stones poured out endlessly and headed for the Qi whirlpool in the dantian.

Xiao Chen had broken through to Superior Grade Martial Saint not long ago. He still needed some time to stabilize his cultivation before he could use Spirit Herbs to make his breakthrough into peak Superior Grade Martial Saint.

After all, Spirit Herbs were external goods. If a foundation were not properly built, it would act like a loose dam. The strong medicinal energy was like surging flood waters. If the dam was not strong, it would immediately break apart.

Not only would the cultivation not rise, but it would also cause great harm to the body. Great caution was necessary.

Xiao Chen did not have much room or resources for failure. Hence, he could not afford to waste these twenty hours.

The pure Spiritual Energy in the Spirit Stone quickly diminished. It slowly circulated in a great cycle according to the circulation methods of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation before pouring into the dantian.

The purple Qi whirlpool grew large and became slightly more dense and resilient.

Time crawled by. By the time Xiao Chen opened his eyes, the sky was already dark. It was already night.

When Xiao Bai saw Xiao Chen awaken, she said pitifully, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, Xiao Bai is hungry.”

Xiao Chen smiled gently and put away the half-used Medial Grade Spirit Stone. Then, he said, “We should eat something then; I am a little hungry as well.

When Xiao Bai heard this, she immediately became happy. She received the food that Xiao Chen passed her and ate happily.

Aside from storage, Xiao Chen’s Universe Ring also had the function to preserve. Hence, the food that Xiao Chen took out was very delectable; it was very fresh.

The fragrance assaulted the nose as the two of them ate till they were satisfied. Then, Xiao Chen took out a wine cup and filled it before lifting it to his lips to take a sip.

Xiao Bai quickly took out the bottle gourd hanging from her waist. Her intelligent eyes squinted till they looked like a pair of crescent moons. She looked very cute. “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, cheers!”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and clinked his wine cup to Xiao Bai’s bottle gourd. Then, he drained the wine in one gulp.

Yue Chenxi turned around to see the two feasting happily. Her bright eyes had some satisfaction in them. She felt somewhat speechless as she said, “White Robed Hero, what are you doing now?”

Xiao Chen gently set down the wine cup and muttered, “Eating.”

Yue Chenxi said somewhat angrily, “This Daybreak Flower is extremely important to me. If I miss this chance, I do not know long I would have to wait before I found another.

“If we startle the Greedy Dream Wolf, all will be for naught. I beg of you, White Robed Hero, can you be more serious? As a cultivator, there are no problems with not eating. Just endure it for now.”


Right after Yue Chenxi spoke, a strange, drawn-out rumble came from her stomach.

Suddenly, Yue Chenxi blushed. She just remembered that when she had returned from the Boundless Sea, she immediately rushed to Qianren Island. It had been a while since she last ate.

Xiao Bai quickly brought Yue Chenxi some food and said, “Elder Sister Yue, your stomach is hungry; it is calling out for food. You should eat something. If you don’t eat, you will feel uncomfortable. In the past, Xiao Bai frequently forgets to eat too.”

Yue Chenxi blushed heavily; she could only blame her own stomach for failing her. Of all the moments, it had to choose this one to grumble. She had just said that, as cultivators, it was fine to miss a meal.

Yue Chenxi used this principle to berate Xiao Chen, but this happened immediately after. This fellow is going to laugh at me for this, she thought awkwardly in her heart.

“Have some food. For a peak Medial Grade Martial King’s stomach to call out like that, you have not eaten for half a month. The Daybreak Flower’s importance to you is all the more reason you need to eat. I will help you keep an eye out.”

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