Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 260

Chapter 260: State of Mountain

However, since he had already done it, he should not feel any regrets over it. While one is young, they should shine. Otherwise, when they grew older and their cultivation speed slows down, they would lose any chance they had to shine. 

If a cultivator was afraid of everything and was cautious or overthought everything they did, they would one day lose their drive.

“Hu Chi!”

Just as Xiao Chen poured out a drink for himself, a white figure appeared before him. It was Xiao Bai, who had gone out and now returned.

When Xiao Bai smelled the fragrance of wine, it immediately leaped onto the stone table. Then, it looked at Xiao Chen with watery pitiful eyes.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and took out another wine cup. After he filled it, he placed it by Xiao Bai. Xiao Bai immediately started drinking elatedly.

After Xiao Chen took a sip, he rubbed Xiao Bai’s head. He said with some regret in his voice, “Aside from the saber in my hand, you are the only one that can accompany me from the start to the end.”

The sounds of footsteps came from outside again. Xiao Chen was very familiar with the rhythm of these footsteps. Without have to use his Spiritual Sense, he knew it was Liu Suifeng.

Indeed, after a short time, Liu Suifeng appeared before Xiao Chen.

When Xiao Chen felt Liu Suifeng’s aura, his eyes lit up. He smiled and said, “Congratulations, when did you make the breakthrough to Martial Saint?”

Liu Suifeng had broken through the day before. When he heard Xiao Chen congratulating him, his face was filled with joy. He said, “I just broke through not long ago. This is thanks to your Flowing Light Flower, it has significantly raised my comprehension abilities. The bottleneck which I had been stuck at is finally over.”

That was how bottlenecks were. Sometimes, even after thinking long and hard, trying all sorts of methods, one might not be able to break through. It could last for a year, two years, or sometimes even forever.

However, all it needed was a small crack and the bottleneck would be broken. Xiao Chen’s Flowing Light Flower was the crack that helped Liu Suifeng to break through this bottleneck.

Liu Suifeng took out a stack of bright Medial Grade Spirit Stones. Then he looked at them enviously as he said, “My Sis asked me to bring these to you. There are two hundred Medial Grade Spirit Stones, do count them to make sure.”

Xiao Chen put away all the Spirit Stones with a ‘shua’ without really counting them. Then, he said, “That’s right, where is your sis? Why is she not here?”

Liu Suifeng seemed to suddenly remember something as he said, “I nearly forgot. Sis is in closed-door training. She asked me to tell you that she will not be able to operate the Ancient Absolute Saber Formation for you during this period of time. She said you should spend some time cultivating and consolidate your cultivation.”

Xiao Chen frowned slightly; he felt it was strange that she entered closed-door training when there was nothing going on. “This is not a problem. Do you know why is she in closed-door training?”

Xiao Chen had already spent a long time in the Ancient Absolute Saber Formation, and he had already touched the surface of Listening to the Sword and Communicating With It. He was only short of an opportunity before he could barely comprehend it.

In the short term, there was no problem with not going to the Listening to the Sword and Communicating With It. Xiao Chen was actually more concerned about Liu Ruyue; why did she enter closed-door training?

Liu Suifeng shook his head and said, “I’m not sure; there seems to be something bothering her, but I’m not in a good position to ask her about it. If there is nothing else, I shall take my leave first.”

Xiao Chen urged him to stay, “Why don’t you sit down and have some wine before you go?”

Liu Suifeng was about to agree when he saw Xiao Bai casting a meaningful glance at him. He immediately changed his mind, saying, “It's fine, it's fine. I have some urgent things to do so I have to leave first.”


Lingyun Mountain Range, Near a Desolate Waterfall in The Back Mountains:

The gushing waterfall fell from a high place relentlessly and noisily. Gray clouds churned in the sky above, the indistinct sound of thunder crackled unceasingly.

Xiao Chen stood at the river which the waterfall fell into. He drew the Lunar Shadow Saber from its scabbard. There was a flash of saber light and thunder crackled unceasingly in the sky.

Suddenly, boundless clouds appeared in Xiao Chen’s surroundings. Resplendent lightning lit up inside the clouds, causing the layers to separate.

At the same time, it seemed to have caused a loud roar of thunder. The gushing river rippled together with the sound of thunder.

“Everlasting Startling Cloud!”

The instant all the clouds scattered, the snow-white Lunar Shadow Saber emitted a fine thread of saber Qi. The saber Qi vanished after a flash, as if it were merely an illusion.

Xiao Chen swung his saber up and shouted, “Explode!”

With a ‘shua’ the fine saber Qi that had originally disappeared suddenly exploded in the air. The purple saber Qi was surrounded in a boundless electric light as it expanded out in the air like it was a wall of water.

“Pi li pa la!”

There was an electric light flickering on the water screen. At the end of it, the gushing waterfall looked like it had been hacked in half. The electric light on the screen did not fade even after a long time.

The waterfall that gushed down with several thousand kilograms of force was stopped by the horrifying electrical energy; it was simply suspended in the air, like it was frozen in time.

Xiao Chen withdrew his saber and returned it to the scabbard. He looked at the purple electricity in the air that had not faded and said, “Everlasting Startling Cloud…after the state of thunder is added, its might has increased by at least twenty percent.”

Although the might of the Everlasting Startling Cloud was increased significantly, Xiao Chen did not show any expressions of joy.

It had been half a month since he had returned from the sub-space. During this half month, Xiao Chen had been digesting everything he learned in the sub-space.

The high-intensity battles in those two days could be said to be the most intense battles he ever been through, be it physically or mentally.

They were continuous and never-ending, there were limitless Demonic Beasts appearing unpredictably, and also Demons who were hiding in shadows and sneak-attacking them. This resulted in them being on high alert at all times.

Those two days of experiential training resulted in an improvement that was better than a month of regular experiential training.

After half a month, Xiao Chen had already absorbed all his gains. The experience of this experiential training resulted in his cultivation as an Inferior Grade Martial Saint stabilizing; he would be able to push himself to peak Inferior Grade Martial Saint at any time.

His comprehension of the state of thunder had also reached an even higher level. When he executed an attack, he was able to display the might of thunder.

With the aid of the state of thunder, the state of clouds in the Lingyun Saber Technique experienced an increase in might. However, he was unable to advance the state of mountain.

This resulted in him being unable to comprehend the last move of the Lingyun Saber Technique. As it was, even the seventeenth move, Twisting Road Around Peak, was starting to show signs of instability.

Hence, even though the might of the Everlasting Startling Cloud had a significant increase, Xiao Chen was unable to feel happy about it.

The electricity in the air started to slowly fade away, the gushing waterfall started to flow again. The sound of the waterfall crashing onto the river could be heard once more.

Xiao Chen said, “It seems like I really do have to search for a lightning-Attributed Saber Technique. The rank of the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique is too low in the end. It is no longer suitable for me anymore. Furthermore, it is too straightforward, there is no way to make changes in battle.”

After the mission in the sub-space was over, he could choose a Spirit Weapon, Battle Armor, or Martial Technique; Xiao Chen had chosen a Martial Technique.

During these days, Xiao Chen went to all the libraries in every peak to take a look when he had the time. In the end, he left feeling disappointed.

There were exceedingly few pure lightning-attributed Martial Techniques. Even if there were any, their rank were too low and could not catch Xiao Chen’s eyes. Since there were none in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, he could only leave the mountain to search.

However, before he left, he had to do something first. He had lent the Heaven Ranked Roaming Dragon Saber to Yun Kexin in the past. However, he did not know why, but she had not returned it yet.

Originally, he wanted to go over a week ago to ask about it. After all, Xiao Chen had not reached the point where he could casually hand out Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapons.

However, that time was a crucial period for his cultivation. Furthermore, given Yun Kexin’s character, she would not refuse to pay back a debt she owed. Hence, he had let it drag out to today.

Xiao Chen left the Qingyun Peak and asked around where Yun Kexin stayed in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. After that, he took his time and went over with a peaceful expression.

Even though it had been half a month, Xiao Chen was not worried that Yun Kexin would misappropriate the Roaming Dragon Saber for herself. His only guess was that she had an urgent need for the Roaming Dragon Saber, so she had borrowed it to use temporarily.

Sometimes, the aura of a person would reveal the character of a person. The aura Yun Kexin gave off was calm and tranquil; it was impossible for her to do something so despicable.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen had been in contact with this aura for a period of time, and was sure that it was not faked.

“You are saying Yun Kexin already left half a month ago?”

When Xiao Chen reached Yun Kexin’s abode, he did not see her. He only saw a maid that was tidying the place up. After he asked for Yun Kexin, he obtained such an answer.

Half a month ago…that would be when we just got out of the sub-space, Xiao Chen thought to himself. What exactly happened for her to leave so urgently?

“Are you Qingyun Peak’s Young Master Ye?” the maid asked when she noticed the identity token hanging at Xiao Chen’s waist.

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “That’s right, I am Qingyun Peak’s Ye Chen. This is my identity token.”

The maid smiled and took out a note. “Then you are the one. Before Miss Yun left, she left behind a note. She said to hand over the note if someone from Qingyun Peak came to look for her.

“It has been half a month, but you did not come. I almost forgot about it.”

Xiao Chen received the note and slowly opened it. Then, he read it in his heart, Brother Ye, something urgent happened at home and I need to borrow your Roaming Dragon Saber.

This issue happened suddenly and I was unable to ask you personally, I hope you will forgive me for that. There are some Spirit Stones under the bed; consider them as payment for borrowing your Heaven Ranked Weapon. I will thank you again when we meet in the future. I am very sorry for this.

Xiao Chen smiled gently and burned away the note in his hand. It was indeed as he had guessed. Yun Kexin had pressing matters to deal with and had to borrow the Roaming Dragon Saber.

Xiao Chen look at the maid and smiled, “Did you forget that there is something Miss Yun wanted you to pass to me?”

The somewhat confused maid thought for a while before saying, “Yes, yes, I remember now. There are some boxes under the bed. They are quite heavy, I do not know what they are. The Young Miss instructed me to not open them. I had forgotten about them after this time.”

The maid led Xiao Chen to Yun Kexin’s bedroom and tried to pull out the boxes. However, after using all her strength, she was unable to move them at all.

Xiao Chen quickly stopped her and pulled out the boxes himself. However, he did not open the boxes. He extended out his Spiritual Sense and discovered tons of Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. When he did a rough count, there were at least five thousand.

Yun Kexin is really generous. There are five thousand Inferior Spirit Stones and yet she just casually placed them under her bed. Is she not afraid of someone stealing them?

So many Spirit Stones was a stroke of unexpected fortune. After Xiao Chen stored all of them in his Universe Ring, he left.

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