Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 259

Chapter 259: That Sculpture…

Xiao Chen had not expected that the fatty’s vulgar personality would stay the same as before, it seems like bad habits are hard to change.

Xiao Chen quickly explained, “Alright, I admit to carving this sculpture. However, this was all Jin Dabao’s idea. It is not related to me. He has some dirt on me, so I was forced to do this. You have to believe me.”

My apologies, Brother Dabao. I can only blame you at this crucial moment, Xiao Chen thought to himself.

Ying Yue smiled without speaking as she took out a purple crystal ball. Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up, he knew that this was a special tool that could store a person’s voice. However, why was Ying Yue taking it out?

“Your Highness, listen to me. All of this was Xiao Chen’s idea. It is not related to me. He has some dirt on me, so I was forced to do this. You have to believe me!”

Jin Badao’s unforgettable voice that was filled with his unique characteristics could be heard from the purple crystal ball.

When Xiao Chen heard this he was stunned. He had not expected for the fatty to be so shameless and betray him immediately.

Ying Yue smiled and said, “Do you still have anything to say?”

Seems like Jin Badao had confessed everything. Even if Xiao Chen did not wish to admit to it, he had no other choice. However, Xiao Chen’s expression slowly calmed down instead.

He was thinking very quickly in his mind. If Ying Yue was truly angry, she would not have wasted so much time speaking with him. Given her character, she would have made a move on him already.

Seems like Ying Yue remembered that Xiao Chen had saved her life once before so she was not really angry.

Thinking of all this, Xiao Chen sat down again. “Yue Ying, oh wait, no, it should be Princess Ying Yue now. What do you want? Just say it.”

Ying Yue was stunned, she had not expected for Xiao Chen to remain so calm after she brought out proof. Such an attitude made her slightly disappointed. She smiled and said, “What do you think I can do to you?”

Xiao Chen’s chest tightened, Ying Yue’s tone seemed to indicate that she was somewhat angry and helpless.

Seeing Xiao Chen keeping quiet, the smile on Ying Yue’s face was withdrawn. She said seriously, “As for the matter of the sculpture, you are punished by carving one for me every month. Furthermore, each sculpture has to be different. If you can do this, we shall call this quits.

“There is still another matter. Feng Feixue had recommended you for the Imperial Dragon Legion. Back then, my answer to her was I will decide after we meet. Now, I am making a formal decision. Inheritor of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit, Xiao Chen, will you join the Imperial Dragon Legion after leaving the Heavenly Saber Pavilion?

Xiao Chen was mildly startled when his status as the inheritor of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit was revealed. However, when he thought about it, Ying Yue and Feng Feixue knew each other so he did not feel any fear.

Xiao Chen calmed himself down and asked, “I would like to ask, why did Feng Feixue recommend for me to join your Imperial Dragon Legion?”

Given the Feng Clan’s strength and that Feng Feixue spent a lot of time in the Imperial Capital, there is nothing strange about her knowing Ying Yue. However, why did she recommend me to the Imperial Dragon Legion?

If it was a normal person, even if they did not join the Imperial Dragon Legion, they would be wild with joy at Ying Yue’s invitation.

The Imperial Dragon Legion was the Great Qin Nation’s strongest force. After one joined, they would receive a cultivating environment better than that of the three great sects.

Furthermore, they would be able to gain status and position in the royal courts. To most cultivators, this was a good place to be. It could even be said to be the best place for cultivators in the Great Qin Nation.

However, Xiao Chen could not understand something. How was he related to Feng Feixue? Why did she help him repeatedly so many times? Furthermore, it was unconditional help without expecting anything in return.

Ying Yue thought for a while before she said, “Firstly, you have almost offended all the noble clans in the Great Qin nation. It would be difficult, even for Feng Feixue, to restore your identity as Xiao Chen. However, after you join the Imperial Dragon Legion and gained the protection of the royal courts, naturally, no one would dare to make things difficult for you.”

“Secondly, there are specialized Martial Techniques and Cultivation Techniques for the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit in the royal courts. If you join us, I can immediately give them to you.”

“Thirdly, this is the simplest reason, the royal court had access to the most resources. The amount they invest in the Imperial Dragon Legion is virtually unlimited. The cultivation environment is even better than the three great sects.

“Feng Feixue’s intention is not for you to rush your decision. Whether or not you reject me, you can tell me after you leave the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.”

After Xiao Chen heard that, there was a smile on his face. Feng Feixue had really thought of everything. There was truly no reason for him to reject. However, he would not agree to it.

The Tianwu Continent was broad and vast. Xiao Chen never had the intentions of limiting himself to the Great Qin Nation. Since he came to this world, he had to do his best to pursue the limits of cultivation.

Even if Xiao Chen did not reach the same heights as the Tianwu Emperor and leave his mark on history, he wanted to at least reach the cultivation realm of the Thunder Emperor, to be able to move around the continent unrivaled.

Although joining the Imperial Dragon Legion could allow him to raise his cultivation in a short amount of time, it would be difficult for Xiao Chen to leave in the future.

It might be possible for Xiao Chen to be stuck in the Great Qin Nation forever. For those people who were simply aimed to become Martial Monarchs or Martial Kings, there would naturally be no problems.

However, to Xiao Chen, it would be a big problem.

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I cannot accept this offer. Will you help me tell Feng Feixue that I appreciate her kind intentions?”

Ying Yue was somewhat surprised. She asked, “Why? The Azure Dragon Martial Spirit’s Martial Techniques are extremely strong. For you, it would be like adding wings to a tiger. Are you planning to use the name Ye Chen forever?”

[TL note: Adding wings to a tiger: Means making a strong person even stronger.]

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “Since the Martial Technique manuals are copies, there would definitely be more than one copy. There would be an opportunity to obtain them in the future. Furthermore, without someone to provide guidance, it would be extremely difficult for me to comprehend it on my own.

“As for my identity…of course, I will not stay as Ye Chen forever. Back then, I had said I would come back and kill my way to those noble clan’s doorsteps two years later. I will make them regret their decisions.”

Xiao Chen’s tone was extremely calm, these were not bold or visionary words. However, the look of determination in his eyes caused one to believe in him without any doubts.

Ying Yue revealed a pondering expression. After a while, she laughed gently and said, “Have you ever thought of why Feng Feixue wants you to go to the Imperial Capital?”

Regardless of the initial Heavenly Qin School or the Imperial Dragon Legion, Feng Feixue’s main purpose was to get him to the Imperial Capital. After Ying Yue’s reminder, Xiao Chen remembered this.

If I have something I need your help with in the future, I hope you will do your best to help me. Xiao Chen remembered Feng Feixue’s words as he was leaving Mohe City.

Could there be something in this world that Feng Feixue was unable to accomplish? After he had left for such a long time, he had a better and more objective understanding of the Feng Clan’s strength.

The Feng Yu Merchant Association was much stronger than he had imagined. Their business was scattered all over the Tianwu Continent. They were pretty much involved in all the businesses that were profitable.

All the great sects and powers within the Great Qin Nation had connections with the Feng Clan or had some business transactions with them.

The thing that truly resulted in no one underestimating the Feng Clan was that they almost had a monopoly on the trading channels of Spirit Stones in the Great Qin Nation.

All the Spirit Stones produced by the Spirit Mines of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, Misty Sword Sect, Night Spirit Palace, and even the royal court had to go through the Feng Clan’s trading channels in order for them to gain the biggest profits.

Even such a huge power like the Heaven Saber Pavilion, which had an inheritance of ten thousand years, did not dare to offend them. Could there be something that was too difficult for Feng Feixue?

Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and replied, “I have a debt of gratitude to Feng Feixue. If she needs my help, all she has to do is ask. As long as it is within my capabilities, regardless of where I am or what urgent matters I have, I will come the moment she calls. She just has to call me.”

Ying Yue smiled faintly and said, “That is just as well. Since she did not tell you about it, I can’t really say too much. Just remember what you said today. Also, don’t forget to carve a sculpture for me every month. I’ll take my leave first.”

“Wait a while!” When Xiao Chen saw that Ying Yue was about to leave, he remembered something. So he called out to stop her.

Ying Yue turned around and said, “Is there something else? Did you change your mind?”

Xiao Chen took out a Flowing Light Flower petal from the Universe Ring and handed it to Ying Yue. “When you return to the Imperial Capital, please help me to pass this to my Cousin Yulan."

At a single glance, Ying Yue could tell that this Flowing Light Flower was not an ordinary Flowing Light Flower. It should be an Immortal Grade Flowing Light Flower. She did not expect Xiao Chen to simply pass something like that to her.

Ying Yue raised her hand and a strong suction force appeared. The Flowing Light Flower immediately flew into her hands.

She placed the golden petal under her nose and sniffed it gently. She said, “It is indeed an Immortal Grade Flowing Light Flower. Are you not afraid of me taking it for myself?”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “Given your comprehension abilities, the Flowing Light Flower would not be very useful for you. Furthermore, you are the princess, you will not do such a despicable thing.”

Ying Yue closed her hands and the Flowing Light Flower immediately disappeared. A mischievous smile appeared on her exquisite face. “That might not be so.”

Xiao Chen laughed without replying. After Ying Yue spoke, she did not stay and left immediately. He could tell that she was in a rush.

It had been a year since they met. Back then, he was an insignificant Martial Master. Now, he was an Inferior Grade Martial Saint but he was still unable to see through her strength.

I wonder how she cultivates? Our ages are similar but our cultivation realm is so different.

Ying Yue’s arrival reminded Xiao Chen of something. This caused him to forgo any thoughts of continuing to cultivate.

The sky was already dark and the moon hung high in the night sky. The faint moonlight shone a gentle light on Xiao Chen’s courtyard.

Xiao Chen took out a flask of wine and a wine cup from his Universe Ring. Then he poured himself a cup and looked at the round moon as he pondered.

Xiao Chen had unknowingly left Mohe City for a year already. During this year, he had experienced a lot of things.

When he had just left, because he was shining too brightly, he had offended the noble clans of the Nanling Province and the Dongming Province in the Ancient Remnants.

After that, more things had happened. When he made his move at the Flying Snow Manor, he had already made complete enemies of these noble clans.

Even Feng Feixue would find it hard to mediate. However, Feng Feixue did not blame Xiao Chen for any of this. She even took the initiative to take care of the Xiao Clan in Mohe City, not letting the noble clans make things difficult for the Xiao Chen.

Now when Xiao Chen thought back, he had indeed forgotten to consider the consequences of his actions. He had never considered how his actions would affect the Xiao Clan.

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