Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Battle Sage Origin’s Strength Character Formula

Xiao Chen organized his thoughts before saying, “I just wanted to know...that final saber strike, was that something you gave me or something the Lunar Shadow Saber has been storing up on its own?”

The strength of that final saber strike had reached a very horrifying level. All along, Xiao Chen did not think it was a strength belonging to the Lunar Shadow Saber. Instead, he believed it was Liu Tianyu who had used some secret methods to store it in the Lunar Shadow Saber.

However, when he finally unleashed that saber strike, the energy from it felt incomparably familiar. It felt like a part of his body, not something bestowed by someone else.

Liu Tianyu said indifferently, “I told you long ago; this is the strength of the Lunar Shadow Saber. It is just that you are currently unable to grasp hold of it.”

Xiao Chen was suspicious. He asked, “Why?”

Liu Tianyu replied, “In the end, your Lunar Shadow Saber is the Thunder Emperor’s Thunder Wood Sword. Although it looks different now, it still contains the Battle Sage Origin.

“The Battle Sage Origin was divided into six pieces. Each piece contains a Secret Technique. As of now, you already obtained two pieces: the Changing Character Formula, and the Strength Character Formula.”

“The Thunder Emperor has personally passed down the Changing Character Formula to you. Hence, you have already grasped a small portion of it. However, there is no one guiding you in the Strength Character Formula, so there is no way for you to grasp it.”

Xiao Chen pondered for a moment, and then said, “Are you saying that horrifying saber strike was a result of the Battle Sage Origin’s Strength Character Formula?”

“That is correct!”

Xiao Chen asked in confusion, “When did I obtain the Strength Character Formula? Why do I not know about it?”

Liu Tianyu spread his hands out and smiled bitterly, “Even you yourself do not know, how would I know?”

The words of this old sly fox always omit half the details. There will be no results even if I keep asking him. I might as well wait for Ao Jiao to awaken. I can ask her about it then.

Xiao Chen thought very hard. He was pretty sure Liu Tianyu knew the answer, but was not willing to tell him. However, he could not do anything about that.

Thinking of this, Xiao Chen felt there was no point in him staying here. Hanging out with this person was too dangerous. So, he turned around and started to head down.

“Don’t you wish to know where the third broken piece containing the Battle Sage Origin is? This broken saber was personally sundered by the Thunder Emperor in the past. If it were not for the fact the Heavenly Saber Pavilion has a Divine Weapon to protect it, it would have been taken away by him. Don’t you desire it?” Liu Tianyu’s voice came unhurriedly from behind Xiao Chen; he had spoken an enticing manner.

Xiao Chen could not be bothered with him, he simply jumped off the cliff. As he did so, he retorted, “Desire your sister!”

[TL note: Desire your sister: This is one way of cursing in Chinese, not necessarily using desire, but one word then ending with a female member of the family. The Chinese seem to love using family members in their curses. I choose to translate this literally here rather than give an English equivalent because it needs to be literal for the next paragraph to make sense.]

“Desire my sister? Why do you desire my sister? She died long ago.” When he heard Xiao Chen’s reply, his face was full of doubt; he could not understand why Xiao Chen had rejected him.

Xiao Chen did indeed want to know where the broken saber containing the third piece of Battle Sage Origin was. But at this moment, even if you beat him to death, he would not be willing to have any further dealings with Liu Tianyu.

There had never been a good ending when he received a benefit from Liu Tianyu. Although Xiao Chen managed to come back from the sub-space unscathed, he had completely exhausted his Essence and spirit in the process.

Without spending a week to rest and nourish himself, he would not be able to recover back to his peak state.

Thus, when Liu Tianyu tried to entice him again, he could not help but curse out.


The wind blew by Xiao Chen’s ear as he used the Gravity Spell and flew back to his courtyard quickly.

Without sufficient Essence, Xiao Chen did not dare to move at his full speed. After flying for an hour, he slowly landed in the middle of his courtyard.

When Xiao Chen returned to his bedroom, he did his best to resist the urge to fall on his bed to sleep. Instead, he sat cross-legged on his bed and slowly circulated the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation and entered into a cultivating state.

“Pu ta!”

Xiao Bai came out of the Spirit Blood Jade and jumped through the window. Xiao Chen could feel where it was going so he did not bother about it. There had been other people in the sub-space, so he did not dare to let it out there.

Now that they were at Qingyun Peak, he let it go out to have some fun. After all, there was no danger.

The purple Qi whirlpool slowly spun in his dantian. The pure lightning-attributed Spiritual Energy in the air poured into Xiao Chen’s body rapidly.

After he advanced to Martial Saint, Xiao Chen had discovered that when he cultivated, he would absorb lightning-attributed Spiritual Energy unless he consciously choose to absorb other Spiritual Energy attributes.

This caused Xiao Chen some headache. With the pure lightning attributed Spiritual Energy, the might of the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique would naturally be greater.

However, there would be a barrier when he practiced other Martial Techniques, like the Lingyun Saber Technique. The state of thunder was difficult to merge with the state of mountain. This made it difficult for his state of mountian to improve.

What surprised him was that the state of thunder and the state of cloud were very compatible with one another. This resulted in the state of cloud of his Lingyun Saber Technique constantly improving.

This was both a good thing and bad thing. The increase of a state was something that was frequently sought, but hard to obtain. However, the Lingyun Saber Technique sought a balance of the clouds and the mountain. If his state of clouds advanced too quickly, it would result in a loss of balance in the future.

At that time, not only would the Lingyun Saber Technique not have any improvements, its might would even decrease when Xiao Chen executed it.

As Xiao Chen cultivated, he thought about this problem. If this keeps going on and I can’t find a method to resolve this, I can only find a purely lightning attributed Saber Technique.

However, a regular Earth Ranked Saber Technique could no longer catch Xiao Chen’s eyes. It had to be a Superior Grade Earth Ranked Martial Technique, at the least.

The last time I was in the library, I did not discover any pure lightning-attributed Saber Technique. There was only a dual-attributed Wind and Thunder Saber Technique. It seems that I have to find an opportunity to go down the mountain.


Time slowly ticked by, drops of crystalline purple liquid were quickly dripping down from the purple Qi whirlpool. Xiao Chen’s dried up Essence slowly filled up.

“Dang! Dang!”

Xiao Chen heard footsteps coming from outside his courtyard. Accompanying the footsteps was a strong aura.

An expert!

Xiao Chen quickly stopped circulating his Essence and a purple light flashed in his eyes. His Spiritual Sense quickly flew out like an arrow, and he saw the arriving person’s face clearly.

How could it be her? When Xiao Chen saw that person’s appearance, he was incredibly shocked. He did not have much time to think as he quickly got up and walked outside. This person was currently quickly heading for his bedroom.

“Ga zhi!”

The doors open and Ying Yue appeared at the door wearing a suit of golden women’s armor. There was a faint smile on her beautiful face as she looked at Xiao Chen.

When Ying Yue opened her mouth, her voice was resounding and yet melodious. “It’s been a long time. I did not expect for the insignificant Martial Master from back then to advance to Martial Saint already.”

When Xiao Chen saw Ying Yue’s face again, there was a ripple in his heart. This woman was too beautiful; the phrase ‘femme fatale’ was a perfect word to describe her.

The most important thing was that Xiao Chen remembered he had once done something very disrespectful to her appearance.

Furthermore, Ying Yue could not have come to look for him for no reason. If it was because of that, it would be troublesome.

Although he was somewhat panicking in his heart, Xiao Chen’s expression was incredibly calm. After all, he was very confident in his Shapeshifting Spell.

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “I don’t think I know you?”

Ying Yue glanced at Xiao Chen without saying anything. Then, she turned around and headed for the courtyard. Xiao Chen quickly followed her carefully.

After Ying Yue sat down at the stone table, she smiled faintly, “Are you still pretending even now? Should I call you Xiao Chen or Ye Chen? Which do you prefer?”

Ying Yue’s tone was extremely ordinary; it could even be said to be somewhat intimate. However, to someone else, there was an indescribable might. This was the ruler’s aura of someone born in the Royal Clan. No matter how they covered it up, they would leak it unconsciously.

It seemed Ying Yue knew everything. That seemed about right, too. With the power at her disposal, everything in the entire Great Qin Nation was under her control.

If Ying Yue needed to investigate someone, even if they changed their appearance, , she would be able to discover them if she put in some effort; it was just a matter of time. After all, it was very normal to slip up unknowingly.

Xiao Chen sat across from Ying Yue and said, “Since you know already, I shall not hide it anymore. Just speak, why are you looking for me? If it is about the Guiyi Marquis, I have nothing to say.”

Ying Yue took out a female sculpture made of wood. The girl was wearing golden armor; her pretty face was in high spirits. The exquisite workmanship of the sculpture made it look like a real person, like it was a miniature Ying Yue.

Xiao Chen panicked even more in his heart. He did not expect it to actually be the thing he feared. Ying Yue really came because of this matter. However, if it was just this sculpture, Xiao Chen would not be afraid.

“Very exquisite sculpture, it looks uncannily like a real person. I wonder who carved it. Hey, it seems to look exactly like you.” Xiao Chen started to critique this sculpture as though it was none of his business.

Ying Yue picked it up and fiddled around with it gently. She smiled as she said, “I also want to know who carved it. Everyone in the Imperial Capital’s upper society has them. Everyone seems to have one. It cost me a hundred Spirit Stones for one.

“I really did not expect this to be so valuable, to be worth this much. If I’m lacking in money in the future, I can go look for this sculpture for help.”

It was actually so expensive! One hundred Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. Damn it, seems like I was still taken advantage of by that damn fatty, Xiao Chen’s expression changed slightly as he cursed Jin Dabao in his heart.

“What’s wrong with you? Your complexion seems off,” Ying Yue smiled gently.

Xiao Chen covered it up and laughed out, “Nothing, just feeling a little depressed.


Suddenly, Ying Yue smashed her palm on the stone table. Her horrifying aura was released. When this aura and her voice merged together, Xiao Chen was startled despite himself.

“How long are you going to pretend? To think you are still not admitting to it.” Ying Yue’s complexion suddenly changed and she took out another wooden sculpture.

The face of this wooden sculpture was the same as the earlier wooden sculpture. However, there were fewer clothes on it; it only had a thin bra on.

However, this was not the key part. The key part was that the protruding areas on its chest had already been worn down. A perfect sculpture had been turned into something like this.

Xiao Chen could no longer sit still. He felt like crying in his heart, as he had truly overestimated the fatty’s morals.

Even after Jin Dabao begged Xiao Chen for a long time, Xiao Chen was not willing to carve this for him. However, as he was lacking in Essence Light Arrows, he had no other choice but to carve one for him.

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