Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 257

Chapter 257: Final Battle

Underneath the Martial King realm, if one did not practice a special Movement Technique and was not expecting it, no one would be able to dodge it. What Liu Ruyue had said was not false at all.

“En! After becoming a Martial Saint, my state of thunder advanced further. After that, I comprehended this move. However, the Essence expenditure is huge. If I do not care about the consequences, I can execute this three more times at most,” Xiao Chen said honestly to Liu Ruyue.

Murong Chong was relentlessly simulating the odds in his mind of him being able to dodge if he were within a hundred meters.

The answer he got was quite startling; he only got a fifty percent chance of dodging. This move was able to kill the weak Blood Demon General in an instant. Given the might of this move, if it landed on him, he would die without a doubt.

That is to say, Xiao Chen had a fifty percent chance of killing Murong Chong within a hundred meters.

Murong Chong thought to himself, “I have to advance my state of wind. Otherwise, I do not have much chance of dodging this move.

This time, the Blood Demon General took nearly an hour to revive. However, the result was the same as earlier.

Before the red light shone down, Xiao Chen’s Purple Thunder True Fire blasted him into countless blood droplets again.

This happened another two times. The revival time of the Blood Demon General was longer each time. However, he was instantly killed by Xiao Chen before the red light could shine down on him.

Xiao Chen, who had used the Purple Thunder True Fire repeatedly, was completely drained of color; he was now incredibly pale. Liu Ruyue handed him an Inferior Grade Spirit Stone.

However, Xiao Chen had already recently used too many Spirit Stones. Regardless of the big fight in the forest or when piloting the silver warship, he had used too many. Xiao Chen’s Essence did not recover as fast as it had before.

His body had already generated a resistance to Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. Inferior Grade Spirit Stones used to be able to replenish all of his Essence instantly. Now, it was incredibly slow, almost having no effect.

Liu Ruyue asked worriedly, “Are you fine? If you can’t hold on, you can use the Divine Flame Talisman to leave first.”

Xiao Chen shook his head and tossed aside the Inferior Grade Spirit Stone in his hand. Then, he swallowed a Qi Returning Pill. He said, “It’s not a problem. The Martial Technique in the saber does not require Essence to use. I have to wait until he shows his true form before I make a move.”

You only have one chance… Liu Tianyu’s words echoed in Xiao Chen’s mind. Hence, he did not dare to make his move too early.

This time, the Blood Demon General was taking frustratingly long to revive. After four hours, there was still no activity on the palace’s rubble.

However, everyone did not let down their guard. Everyone knew that the Blood Demon General was not dead. Furthermore, Xiao Chen could not use the Divine Flame Talisman again. Hence, they did not dare to be careless.


Suddenly the entire sub-space started shaking for no apparent reason. To everyone’s astonishment, the scarlet full moon in the sky grew bigger and bigger; it was getting closer.

“The moon is falling!” The four of them exclaimed in reaction to it.

Without any hesitation, Xiao Chen sent out the silver warship in his right eye and jumped onto it. The others followed closely behind him.


Xiao Chen did not manage to fly far when a horrifying shockwave smashed into them. The silver warship was like a small boat on a huge wave, bobbing up and down.

With a thought from Xiao Chen, the silver warship started to become bigger. Eventually, it became a huge ship that was more than two hundred meters long and twenty meters wide before it stabilized.

At the same time, everyone saw the scene below them clearly. The instant the moon fell, the overhanging cliff was blasted apart, falling into the abyss.

However, that ‘moon’ was not actually a moon. It was a huge lump of meat with blood flowing around it.

Aside from the layers of blood around the scarlet-colored meat, there were many tentacles on its surface. They were all waving around, giving anyone who saw it the chills.

“Pu! Pu!”

The huge slab of meat started to squirm about continuously. After a while, it turned into a scarlet human-shaped monster more than two hundred meters tall.

A horrifying aura extended out from the monster. The entire space was filled with a bloody stench. All of them felt a huge pressure.

Yun Kexin said in a trembling voice, “Is this the true body of the Blood Demon General in this sub-space? The aura he gives off is almost like that of a peak Martial Monarch.”

“Ti da! Ti da!”

Blood dripped down continuously from the body of the Blood Demon General. As he looked at the silver warship, he said angrily, “I will kill you all. The ceremony I prepared for twenty years has been ruined by you ants.”


When Xiao Chen saw the full form of the Blood Demon General, he did not feel afraid. Instead, he had a calm expression. He pushed his feet off the warship and leaped into the air.

“Ye Chen! What are you doing?!” Yun Kexin and Liu Ruyue both exclaimed.

When the Blood Demon General saw Xiao Chen leaping towards him, his bloody face revealed a sinister smile, “How reckless. After forcing out my true body, no one in this space can kill me!”

After the Blood Demon General spoke, he raised his right hand, extending out his huge fingers. It was like a huge mountain swatting at Xiao Chen.

Suddenly a bright light lit up in Xiao Chen’s calm eyes. As the blood came nearer, the Lunar Shadow Saber was tossed into the air as he said coldly, “Die!”

The snow-white Lunar Shadow Saber immediately left Xiao Chen’s hands. It created a multi-colored light as it flashed in the air. It was so fast it made people wonder if they were hallucinating.

“Pu ci!”

The Blood Demon General’s huge body split in half down the middle. The mountain-like hand stopped and hovered one meter above Xiao Chen’s head.

There was no heaven shaking sound or exquisite lights. The Blood Demon General’s huge body was simply chopped silently in half. Then, it scattered like ashes and turned into a scarlet light, not leaving anything behind after that.

The night sky behind the Blood Demon General was like a black curtain with a long gash in it. It revealed emptiness that was darker than the night sky.

“Hu Chi!”

A bright light moved quickly from the boundless void; the Lunar Shadow Saber flew back into Xiao Chen’s hands.

In the next moment, cracks appeared non-stop in the dark red space. This was a sign that the space was collapsing. The Blood Demon General had died for good this time, and he would not revive again.

Of course, his real body in the Demonic World would not die, and would only lose some strength.

Xiao Chen turned around and returned to the silver warship. When he landed on the bow, he could not help but stagger. Liu Ruyue quickly went and supported him.

The amount of mental strength that the earlier saber strike exhausted was more than he had imagined. He seemed like he was close to collapsing.

“Liu Ruyue said, “Why are you so rash? After breaking the Blood Demon General’s ceremony, even if we did not kill him, our mission was completed.”

Xiao Chen did his best to focus. He smiled and said, “I am fine, don’t worry. This is not my strength. This was bestowed by your father. It just made me mentally exhausted.”

After Murong Chong heard Xiao Chen’s explanation, he heaved a sigh of relief. If that saber strike was Xiao Chen’s own strength, then that would be too horrifying.

Murong Chong estimated that almost no one in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion would be able to block that saber strike. The pure force of the saber strike was almost at the limit of what humans could achieve—it could even tear apart space.

“Pu ci! Pu ci!”

More and more cracks appeared in the space, they were spreading like cracks in glass. Before everyone could react, they discovered that their bodies had become like pieces of mirrors.

The entire space broke apart, and everyone’s consciousness went temporarily blank. When they regained consciousness, their bodies had already returned back to the Reincarnation Well.

Xiao Chen and all the other core disciples left in the sub-space all returned to the side of the Reincarnation Well.

When everyone saw their surroundings, their faces lit up with wild joy. They thought they were going to die; they did not expect to be able to survive.

The four old men guarding the Reincarnation Well revealed relieved expressions on their withered faces. Only the one leading them did not show any expression of joy. He said, “I wondered if we would be so lucky twenty years later.”

Not long after they came out, someone arrived to bring them back. Then, he summoned the Heavenly Wind Vulture to bring everyone back to the Heaven Viewing Platform quickly.

Xiao Chen sat cross-legged on the Heaven Viewing Platform and circulated his Purple Thunder Divine Incantation quickly. After experiencing battle after battle without resting, his mind and body were tired.

After two hours, when the Heavenly Wind Vulture was flying over Qingyun Peak, Xiao Chen opened his eyes and slowly stood up. He had already recovered some of his spirit.

Xiao Chen took out twenty Demon Cores from the Universe Ring and handed them to Liu Ruyue. He said, “Please help me turn in the mission. I have something I need to ask your father.”

Liu Ruyue received the Demon Cores and nodded gently.

Murong Chong watched as Xiao Chen jumped down from the Heavenly Wind Vulture. A smile appeared on his handsome face as he said to Liu Ruyue, “I did not expect you to accept such a disciple. However, I will defeat him miserably. I will show you that aside from me, no one can revitalize Qingyun Peak.”

A strong wind blew, causing some of Liu Ruyue’s hair to dance in the wind. Her charming face had a hurt look on it. She said, “I never intended for him to revitalize Qingyun Peak. He does not belong in Qingyun Peak, nor the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. He will be leaving someday.”

Murong Chong was mildly stunned. Then, he followed up, “In that case, before he leaves, I will give him an unforgettable experience.”

A look of anger flashed in Liu Ruyue’s face. She said, “Murong Chong! Don’t go too far!”

Murong Chong smiled gently, “Worry about yourself first. On the fifteenth of the next month, I will formally make an application to the Elders Assembly for the position of Qingyun Peak’s Peak Master. Hopefully, you can advance to Martial King before that.”

After Murong Chong spoke, he jumped off the Heavenly Wind Vulture without looking back. He gave off a piercing sonic boom and flew into the distance.


Up on Qingyun Peak’s summit, Xiao Chen landed firmly in front of Liu Tianyu. Like before, he was seated cross-legged on a rock, like an old man past his prime.

However, Xiao Chen did not dare to underestimate this person. He had a faint feeling in his heart that if he could leave the rock he was sitting on, he would be able to crush the entire Qingyun Peak with one hand; no one in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion would be his match.

Liu Tianyu looked at Xiao Chen and smiled gently, “What are you doing, rushing here instead claiming your rewards?”

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