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Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1519

Chapter 1519 (Raw 1500): Proud and Alone

It’s Xiao Chen!

The Bright Moon Empress’s eyes lit up, but they soon dimmed. Even she found these Immortal statues difficult. So what if Xiao Chen came? With eight Immortal statues, the Lunar Palace was still doomed to fall in this calamity.

“Xiao Chen is coming! Quickly, block him!”

At this moment, the Treasure Master’s people discovered the white-robed Xiao Chen, who was slowly approaching over the surface of the sea.

The cultivators controlling the Immortal statues sent a thought into the pearls they held.

The four Immortal statues chasing after the Lunar Palace’s group turned and flew towards Xiao Chen together.

The four Immortal statues that turned around charged over side-by-side, covering the sky and casting a huge shadow. The area around Xiao Chen plunged into darkness.

Not good!

The expressions of the Bright Moon Empress, Yue Bingyun, and the others immediately changed drastically. Four Immortal statues attacking Xiao Chen together, how was he going to deal with them?

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

However, the situation took an unexpected turn. Four loud reports reverberated in extremely rapid succession, sounding like they rang out at the same time, shaking everyone’s eardrums.

The four Immortal statues that charged over staggered back a few steps. With every step, huge waves surged up from the sea.

The white figure weaved through the Immortal statues. After Xiao Chen knocked back these four Immortal statues, he caught up with the Bright Moon Empress with a few flashes.

“Xiao Chen, you…” The Bright Moon Empress was incredibly shocked. She, too, could knock back four Immortal statues at the same time. However, she needed to use a killing move.

The Bright Moon Empress was far from capable of doing it like Xiao Chen, seemingly casual and relaxed. As she looked at the current Xiao Chen, she picked up an unfathomable aura coming from him.

“Senior, you should return to the city and make preparations. Move to Heavenly Star Island, and it will be fine.”

Xiao Chen had glanced at Bright Moon City. Its golden moonlight barrier was already significantly dimmer.

Since the Lunar Palace disciples in the city had lasted until now, they had to be greatly fatigued and would not hold out for much longer.

Xiao Chen was not confident of defeating all eight Immortal statues. He could only delay all the Immortal statues and help the Lunar Palace by creating an opportunity to escape easily, minimizing the deaths and injuries as much as possible.

After speaking, he gave Yue Bingyun a faint smile and a nod in greeting. Then, he turned around and slowly headed back.

With a somersault, Xiao Chen clashed with the four Immortal statues again. Only, this time, he was the one taking the initiative.

“Heartbreaking Stance!”

Without hesitating, Xiao Chen started with the trump card killing move for these Immortal statues—the Flawless Saber Technique’s Heartbreaking Stance.

This move focused on breaking the enemies’ hearts. To the Immortal statues, whose hearts were their weakness, it was remarkably effective.

The Seven Deadly Sins merged into one, and Xiao Chen’s heart tore. Intense pain spread throughout his body. In the time it took for a spark to fly, he sent out a saber light that many could not see.


The Immortal statue that was struck had its chest immediately shatter, a gaping hole appearing. It dropped to one knee as it fell straight into the seawater, kicking up a huge splash.

“What’s going on?!”

The cultivator from the Treasure Master’s Residence who was controlling the damaged Immortal statue was greatly startled. In his fluster, he no longer dared to let it continue fighting, so he had the other three Immortal statues surround and attack Xiao Chen.

Breaking one Immortal statue with one saber strike, this scene shocked and excited the Bright Moon Empress and all the cultivators and Lunar Palace disciples on the city walls after they saw it.

“It’s the Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen! He is here!”

“We are saved!”

Seeing Xiao Chen defeat an originally indomitable Immortal statue with one saber strike had hope surging up in these people’s hearts.

The Bright Moon Empress said decisively, “Let’s go. Quickly, return to the city and prepare to withdraw to Heavenly Star Island.”

Originally, the Bright Moon Empress had her doubts about Xiao Chen’s strength. After seeing that scene, she now unconditionally trusted him.

Among the group, only Yue Bingyun showed a pained expression in her eyes when she saw Xiao Chen use this move.

“Bingyun, let’s go.”

Seeing that Yue Bingyun still had not moved, the Bright Moon Empress quickly called out. Yue Bingyun recovered her wits and gave Xiao Chen a profound look before following her master into Bright Moon City.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

With his advantage in Movement Techniques, Xiao Chen sped through the air, dodging the attacks of the three Immortal statues.

He could move about freely and easily amid the Immortal statues’ concentrated attacks.

Xiao Chen split off a portion of his attention to watching the four Immortal statues that were using Magic Skills to bombard Bright Moon City. Then, he entered deep thought.

Only Bright Moon City’s vast accumulations could withstand such an onslaught. If it were another Holy Land, the city would have broken after a while.

However, no matter how vast the accumulations were, it would eventually get drained.

Xiao Chen had to think of some way to attract the attention of those four Immortal statues as well. Only then would Bright Moon City have a chance to escape. Otherwise, with these Immortal statues continuously attacking, they would not be able to leave at all.

The Heavenly Snow Divine Flame appeared. It seemed like there was a small world within his palm, one with a cold wind blowing and snowflakes falling.


Xiao Chen waved his hand. Everywhere the Heavenly Snow Divine Flame passed, the sea became sealed in ice. The cold Qi spread out along the way, instantly freezing the four Immortal statues in the distance, holding them immobile.

“Damn it!”

The cultivator from Treasure Master’s Residence controlling the Immortal statues discovered the strangeness of this flame and found it extremely difficult to remove. He cursed reflexively.

With the cessation of the bombardment from the Magic Skills, Bright Moon City instantly turned quiet after all the loud explosions that reverberated in everyone’s ears.


The Bright Moon Empress looked at the white figure in the distance with gratitude. Then, she used this opportunity to remove the golden barrier protecting the entire city.

The Bright Moon Empress directed all her disciples’ energy into another formation. “Boom!” Bright Moon City soared into the air, flying among the clouds.

“What should we do? Bright Moon City flew away.”

The Treasure Master’s people all became very anxious. The Treasure Master’s instructions were that the three Immortal Holy Lands had to be defeated. However, after investing eight Immortal statues, they still let the Lunar Palace escape. They would not be able to account for this to the Treasure Master.

“Capture Xiao Chen. He alone will be enough!”

The leader glared at Xiao Chen, extreme hatred blazing in his eyes.

“Crack!” The four Immortal statues sealed in ice finally got rid of the Heavenly Snow Divine Flame on their bodies, recovering their mobility.

When Xiao Chen saw this scene, he found it unfortunate. If these Immortal statues were alive, his Rank 3 Heavenly Snow Divine Flame would have been much more effective than this.

However, that was fine. He had already accomplished his purpose. Bright Moon City had taken this opportunity to leave, the Lunar Palace escaping destruction.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Loud sounds came from the sea surface. Seven huge Immortal statues charged at Xiao Chen.

The strong pressure formed an overwhelming wave rushing at him.

Xiao Chen stood firmly on the sea, bobbing up and down along with the waves.

Bright Moon City, which was soaring away in the clouds, looked like an indistinct bright moon. The people of the Lunar Palace and countless cultivators stood on the city walls.

As they looked at the white-clad bladesman riding the waves, they felt that the back of the Azure Dragon King appeared lonely and insignificant before the seven Immortal statues.

As Bright Moon City slowly flew on, Xiao Chen’s image disappeared from these people’s sight.

However, that lonely and proud white figure on top of the waves would remain in the hearts of all of these people forever.

“Dao!” Xiao Chen shouted as he narrowed his eyes. Great Dao Energy spread out from behind him.

He radiated Dao Might, which halted the seven Immortal statues’ advance.

“Dao!” Xiao Chen shouted again, and the Great Dao Energy condensed into a point and soared up from behind him. He shone with boundless light, appearing like a powerful treasure saber.

Xiao Chen’s Dao Might intensified, turning sharper and brighter. From just pausing their footsteps, the seven Immortal statues all took half a step back.

“Whoosh!” The Seven Deadly Sins turned into seven beams of light and shot out.

The Great Dao Energy behind Xiao Chen infused into the seven Divine Weapons, making the seven saber lights incredibly resplendent and lighting up the sea region for five thousand kilometers around.

Even people in Bright Moon City, which was already far away, were startled by these saber lights.

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