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Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1382

Chapter 1382 (Raw 1373): Xiao Chen’s Death

Xiao Chen’s physical body had already undergone four improvements. Now facing the Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign’s gigantic finger attack again, he had some resistance.

This attack did not cause him to fail, even though the damage was considerable and he tumbled down the bloody, fiery road.

As the fire burned, all sorts of pain from his various injuries assaulted him, bringing unbearable torment. He gritted his teeth and did his best not to cry out.


Xiao Chen ferociously stabbed the Lunar Shadow Saber into the Emperor’s Road, quickly stopping his descent.

Then, as though he had a premonition, he suddenly swung his body to the left. The moment his front foot left the ground, that gigantic finger landed again—right where he had been.

When the gigantic finger landed, it generated a strong shock wave. However, the entire Emperor’s Road did not budge at all, not even shaking.

“He dodged?” the Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign exclaimed with some shock. To guarantee absolute speed, he had sacrificed a significant portion of its offensive power. However, Xiao Chen still managed to dodge.

In reality, Xiao Chen had no way of detecting the other party’s attack trajectory. He had dodged entirely on instinct.

Within the blazing fire, Xiao Chen spread out his Taiji Saber Domain and executed the Fish Dragon Art.

His figure flashed as he continued forward, step by step. He did not feel discouraged at all. He had only one thought in his mind: walk, no matter how bad the situation, continue to walk, and never give up hope.

Within one breath of time, Xiao Chen returned to where he had been before he fell.

He looked up and saw that he had climbed more than one-third of the ten thousand steps already. If there had been no interference, he could have gone further.

Xiao Chen raised his foot and decisively dragged his injured body to the next step.

The instant Xiao Chen moved his feet, boundless fire lit up on the bloody steps. There were even three ferocious Fire Spirits amid the flames.

These Fire Spirits were as strong as Martial Emperors. Furthermore, they did not have a physical body and were extremely hard to deal with.

As Xiao Chen dealt with the burning of the fire, he fought with these three Fire Spirits. At the same time, he needed to keep an eye out, paying attention to his surroundings for the gigantic finger that the Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign might send out at any time.

The immense strain on his body and mind fatigued him incredibly.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Chen’s saber intent surged. After killing the three Fire Spirits with much difficulty, he tried to move on to the next step.

“Damn it!”

The gigantic finger descended again, Xiao Chen frowned and was forced back three steps.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

This time, the Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign attacked continuously, forcing Xiao Chen back for a total of five steps.

In this period, Xiao Chen moved forward and backward. Every step was very difficult. His progress on the Emperor’s Road slowed down significantly.

“Damn, this is too shameless—a proper Deity Sovereign actually using such means to deal with a junior who is undergoing his tribulation.”

“However, you have to admit that this move is really exquisite. He does not have to worry about getting too close and implicated by Xiao Chen’s Great Tribulation of wind and fire. At the same time, he can exhaust Xiao Chen, easily dragging things out and causing his death on this Emperor’s Road.”

“That’s right. One’s stamina is not infinite. Under such strong pressure, there is the possibility of his mind or his body crumbling.”

Xiao Chen’s movements on the bloody Emperor’s Road looked very simple. However, in reality, he faced tremendous pressure at every moment.

Outside Meteor Trail City, the many watching cultivators discussed this situation, pitying Xiao Chen. They felt like they could understand his difficulties, shaking their heads and sighing.

At every moment, Mo Chen paid attention to Xiao Chen’s tribulation. Seeing such a scene, she felt out of her wits and anxious.


A melodious ‘clang’ rang out. It was Yue Bingyun flying forward and blocking an attack for Mo Chen.

“Don’t get distracted. What we can do now is help him kill a few Deity Dao Union Martial Emperors. If we are injured here, we will only throw his mental state into chaos.”

Yue Bingyun, who held the Wind Shadow Sword, showed worry on her face as she explained to Mo Chen.

Indeed, there was no margin for distraction on such a chaotic battlefield. Mo Chen nodded and said thank you before she stopped looking at Xiao Chen.

However, Mo Chen still could not put down the worry in her heart.

The Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign revealed a relaxed smile. Now, he was no longer in a rush. The feeling of controlling the rhythm was always the best.

If the Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign kept dragging things out like this, after another seven or eight minutes, Xiao Chen would definitely burn to death on the Emperor’s Road.

No matter how persistent or determined one was, the physical body was not made of iron.

Who could block the Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign?

Ying Zongtian, the Myriad-Law Fiend Master, the Cyclic Astral Lord, and the Spirit Fox King tried charging again, wanting to break through the Heaven Punishing Corpse God’s blockade.

However, they could not do anything. That Deity Race ancestor’s attack surpassed that of a peak Prime; the injuries he inflicted on them were too severe.

Even if they worked together, they were not in the best state to deal with the Heaven Punishing Corpse God.

When the Heaven Punishing Corpse God saw the situation on the bloody road, he showed a relaxed smile. “The four of you had better give up. If you keep fighting, your cultivation might even get affected.”

When cracks appeared in the Heart of an Emperor, one should immediately work on healing them. However, these four kept fighting, not stopping for a moment.

If this continued, the cracks in their Hearts of an Emperor would only grow larger and eventually be beyond repair.

The Cyclic Astral Lord’s eyes flickered. His starlike eyes betrayed some hesitation.

“What should we do? Xiao Chen is not going to be able to hold on for much longer.”

The Cyclic Astral Lord looked somewhat anxiously at Ying Zongtian and said, “Quickly think of something. Did the Thunder Sovereign not give you any trump cards before he left?”

Ying Zongtian’s expression turned complicated. He said, “He did. However, we cannot use it now. It is not the time yet.”

Actually, Ying Zongtian was also hesitating. Should he use the trump card that the Thunder Sovereign left behind? However, the Thunder Sovereign had repeatedly instructed him not to use it until the very last moment.

The Myriad-Law Fiend Master said indifferently, “If you can’t use it, then don’t use it. Success or failure all depends on fate. We should just do our best.”

“That’s right. Our junior Xiao Chen has not even given up yet. We cannot give up, either. Xing Tian, you can forget about acting savagely.”

Infected by Xiao Chen’s spirit, the Spirit Fox King shouted and directly manifested his true body.

A jade-green Nine-Tailed Spirit Fox radiating an overwhelming Fiend’s aura roared at the Heaven Punishing Corpse God while its scarlet eyes stared coldly.

The Cyclic Astral Lord hesitated for a while before finally coming to a decision. He would continue to fight. He had already invested so much effort and resources. He could not bear to give up now.

A resplendent star chart slowly came out from the Cyclic Astral Lord’s palm.

Ying Zongtian waved his hand, and the Supreme Sky Sword shining with bright light appeared in his grasp.

The Heaven Punishing Corpse God’s expression changed slightly. He said gravely, “It looks like you are playing for real. In that case, I do not need to hold back.”

After he said that, a huge black ax appeared in his hand.


The mysterious phenomena in the sky above them underwent a startling change. The heavy clouds parted and roiled. When one looked up, one could see the stars, the sun, and the moon.

When the Saber Sword Two Sovereigns, who were fighting the East Mountain Ghost Monarch, saw this scene, they exchanged looks and said, “Let’s take out our full power as well!”

The moment they spoke, the Scarlet Firmament Space Sword and Coiling Monarch Time Saber crossed each other. A strong Saber Domain and Sword Domain merged, forming a unique saber and sword comprehension.

“Damn it! Do you really think that I’m afraid?”

The East Mountain Ghost Monarch’s face sank. He opened his mouth and spat out a Spirit Pearl. This transparent pearl had countless spirits floating in it, exuding rage and a terrifying baleful aura.


This was a Ten Thousand Spirit Pearl, which trapped the souls of more than ten thousand aggrieved souls. Using it, the East Mountain Ghost Monarch could gather ten thousand souls and form a will clone whose cultivation was similar to his.

This was the East Mountain Ghost Monarch’s absolute trump card. He would not use it unless he had no other choice.

“We will fight it out. The East Mountain Ghost Monarch is too overbearing!”

When the cultivators on the Supreme Sky Sect’s side in the chaotic battle under the blood clouds saw Xiao Chen’s situation, their eyes turned red, and they turned somewhat frenzied.

Even Xiao Bai, who was rather docile, showed tears in her eyes as she released a strong killing Qi, appearing very terrifying.

This originally cruel, chaotic battle immediately intensified.

Blood soaked the place as the storm of blood became even more violent.

“Is that of any use? No matter how unconvinced you are, before absolute strength, you will have to accept your end. Die!” the Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign said coldly and emotionlessly. Then, he moved his finger and suddenly used his full power.

Divine Might surged into the sky. The Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign predicted that Xiao Chen was already too weak to receive this finger attack.

The fatigued Xiao Chen showed a flash of despair in his eyes. He already had no way to dodge this finger attack.

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen was knocked back. His body started shattering slowly like it was made of glass. The aura of life quickly vanished.

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