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Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1368

Chapter 1368 (Raw 1358): Impending Danger

The second move of the Flawless Saber Technique was based on the Dragon Subduing Slash. However, this time, Xiao Chen had new understandings and perspectives.

The crucial part was Xiao Chen’s Vital Qi.

When one’s Vital Qi reached five thousand tons of force, one could naturally materialize a dragon, allowing it to surge in their bodies and let its roars ring out in all directions.

This was a natural mysterious phenomenon and did not need one to focus on it. With a thought, this mysterious phenomenon could appear, resulting in a dragon dancing wildly.

This second move was a result of Xiao Chen seeing the Heaven Punishing Corpse God send out one thousand Dragon Force by twitching his five fingers and Ying Zongtian easily foil the attack with one palm strike.

At that point, Xiao Chen thought about whether it was possible to subdue one hundred Dragon Force with one saber strike.

After that, he made several more deductions, perfecting it and suiting it to himself.

First, Xiao Chen used his Vital Qi to create dragons, forming a very realistic mysterious phenomenon, materializing flying True Dragons with unparalleled berserk auras. Then, he used his powerful Mental Energy to complete the scene, making this mysterious phenomenon hard to differentiate from reality.

Next, he brought out his Primordial Energy to infuse it into the True Dragons and make the mysterious phenomenon appear real—and even more tyrannical and ferocious than True Dragons.

Finally, Xiao Chen brought out the Flawless Saber Dao, using his body as a saber to suppress and subdue the one hundred True Dragons. He used the aura and momentum of the True Dragons and the sturdiness of the saber. The more ferociously it erupted out, the stronger the might of the saber.

This simple saber strike applied his Vital Qi, Mental Energy, and Primordial Energy to the limits.

For the past half month, a rare period of peace for Xiao Chen, he spent most of his time creating and perfecting this move.

One would see explosions suddenly erupting from the calm lake. Five huge dragons charged out from the water under Xiao Chen’s feet. When the dragons roared, another five huge dragons came out from behind him. In an instant, ten dragons flew around him.

Xiao Chen simulated the True Dragons that he once saw in the Distant Sea Dragon Grave.

At the same time, he burned the Magic Energy in his sea of consciousness. Ten dragon souls suddenly formed from Mental Energy.

With a thought, the ten dragon souls flew out of his forehead and entered the mysterious phenomenon of the ten True Dragons.

Instantly, the True Dragons seemed to attain perfection. The huge dragons materialized by Vital Qi gained souls, becoming very lively. This was especially so for their eyes. They carried a natural Dragon’s Might. Others would not dare to look directly at them.

Xiao Chen drove the Primordial Energy in his Heart of an Emperor. Then, he held his two palms together, each of which contained five strands of Primordial Energy.

The strong Primordial Energy infused into the mysterious phenomenon of True Dragons, becoming like blood flowing in the bodies of these True Dragons.

“Splash! Splash!”

All sorts of fish in the lake leaped out of the water in a fluster, resulting in an uproar of splashing as all the fish in the surrounding ten kilometers escaped.

The water rippled, and huge waves soared into the air in the wake of strong Spirit Beasts fleeing far away at the lake bottom after sensing a threat.


One of the ten True Dragons flying around suddenly charged at Xiao Chen, baring jaws and claws, roaring endlessly.

Xiao Chen narrowed his eyes and saw that this True Dragon mysterious phenomenon had scales covering it; there were even fangs and tongue in the dragon’s mouth.

Even though he knew that he had materialized this True Dragon mysterious phenomenon himself, there was a fluctuation in his mind, a feeling like this True Dragon was really going to eat him up.


With a casual wave, the ten True Dragon mysterious phenomenon vanished, turning into strong winds and scattering in all directions. The berserk aura and the horrifying Dragon’s Might disappeared; everything returned to its previous calm.

Xiao Chen muttered and said softly, “It is too slow. I have to execute the three steps simultaneously before turning my body into a saber and subduing the dragons with it. Otherwise, the success rate won’t be high.”

The progress was not that smooth. However, managing to use the past half month to figure out the general direction was still pretty good. Now, it was just a question of practicing and familiarizing himself with the move. Now, with just ten dragons, he could already bring out such a strong aura.

Xiao Chen wondered how mighty it would be when he could bring out one hundred, one thousand, even ten thousand dragons.

He looked up. The night sky was dark; there were no stars nor the moon. A suppressive feeling lingered without scattering. He had some matters weighing on his heart and was not in a very good mood.

No longer inclined to cultivate, Xiao Chen gently pushed off the lake surface while carrying the sword box on his back.

Flying off like a bird, he went to Yue Bingyun’s room alone in the darkness.

Then, he silently entered without knocking on the door. Yue Bingyun, who was in the room reading, was startled.

“Young Master Xiao, what are you doing here at this hour?”

The moment Yue Bingyun asked that, she suddenly blushed. Silently coming in during the middle of the night, a lone male and female. It was like…

With this thought, Yue Bingyun could not help blushing even harder. Feeling conflicted in her heart, she lowered her head.

It was rare for the Holy Daughter to show such a bashful side, like that of a little girl. However, Xiao Chen was not in a mood to admire it. He said, “Miss Yue, sorry for intruding so late at night. Could you help me see how long I have left?”


Yue Bingyun immediately felt disappointment. It turned out this was what Xiao Chen was here for. However, she quickly concealed this emotion.

The meaning behind Xiao Chen’s words was unclear. Others would not be able to understand it. However, Yue Bingyun instantly made the connection.

The first to discover the problem of Xiao Chen’s physiological lifespan was Yue Bingyun. With the deadline of five years imminent, she was the best person to ask to check on it again.

When this matter was mentioned, Yue Bingyun immediately dropped her other thoughts, and her expression turned serious.

She placed her fingers on Xiao Chen’s wrist and started checking seriously.

Xiao Chen felt a cooling energy enter his marrows and move about his body. After this energy traveled through his entire body, Yue Bingyun’s expression turned somewhat unsightly.

“Young Master Xiao, I’m afraid you have only one month left. If you still cannot advance to Martial Emperor in one month, the hidden injuries deep in your bones will erupt. Your body will immediately enter a decline, and you will find it very hard to advance to Martial Emperor for the rest of your life.”

After some moments of silence, Yue Bingyun still spoke the words that she did not want to say.

“One month?”

Xiao Chen felt somewhat surprised. Previously, he estimated that he had at least two more months. Unexpectedly, there was only one month left.

Fortunately, I kept an eye out and came to ask Yue Bingyun in advance.

“Young Master Xiao had best leave the Supreme Sky Sect now and focus on clearing your tribulation. All the major characters are occupied with the Supreme Sky Sect at the moment. This is your best chance to clear your tribulation.”

After thinking for a while, Yue Bingyun gave her suggestion.

Xiao Chen turned silent. Originally, he had planned to wait until the Supreme Sky Sect was no longer in danger before quietly focusing on his tribulation.

However, now, the Supreme Sky Sect was in a certain kind of stalemate, and it looked like it would last for a long time.

I cannot wait any longer… 

Xiao Chen closed his eyes, and a scene immediately appeared before him. The Emperor’s bridge that crossed the great chasm was already complete.

The Emperor’s Door was far in the distance. He was only one step short of crossing the chasm and summoning out the Emperor’s Door.

Yue Bingyun continued, “As for the helpers from the oceanic world, you can hand the convening token to Mo Chen. When needed, Younger Sister Mo Chen can activate the convening token. As you already know, your individual strength cannot turn the tide of this war around.”

Xiao Chen was also a strong-minded person. After thinking for a while, he made a decision in his heart.

When he opened his eyes, determination flashed in his eyes. He nodded and said, “It looks like I can only do that. I can help the Supreme Sky Sect only up to this point. I think Big Brother Ying will understand. I’ll let him know about it tomorrow.”


When Yue Bingyun heard this, she revealed a smile. If Xiao Chen insisted on staying, she would not know how to persuade him.

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!”

Just at this moment, all the tea sets and porcelain ware suddenly shook for no apparent reason. “Ka ca! Ka ca!” Right after that, all the tea sets shattered into countless shards flying in the air.

Xiao Chen released his aura slightly, freezing the shards flying towards the two in the air.

“Come, let’s go out and take a look.”

The two’s expressions changed. After Xiao Chen spoke, he rushed out with Yue Bingyun.

“Whoosh!” The instant Xiao Chen opened the door, a red light blinded them.

When the two acclimated to this intense light, they were horrified to discover that it came from the sky of Meteor Trail City. Elder Ma said that this flame that would be visible everywhere would appear in Meteor Trail City only when it met with a great disaster.

“Oh no! Xiao Chen, the thing that you worried about happened,” Yue Bingyun said worriedly. Coincidentally, just as Xiao Chen made his decision, this thing happened.

When Elder Ma and Mo Chen rushed over, Elder Ma said anxiously, “Azure Dragon King, Meteor Trail City is in danger. We need to go over and reinforce them!”

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