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Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1345

Chapter 1345: Chaotic Scene

Xiao Chen withdrew his gaze and soared into the air along with Mo Chen, heading toward Bright Moon City.

Immediately, all the cultivators around shifted their attention to the two, suspicion in their eyes.

“Who are these people? How come they dare to fly directly into Bright Moon City like those Holy Scions?”

“Could they be from somewhere far away and do not know the rules?”

“That’s impossible. Even if they do not understand the rule, they will not dare to barge into the Lunar Palace. They must be the outstanding talents of a Holy Land or perhaps they received an invitation from the Lunar Palace.”

“Just keep watching. If they are not Holy Scions, someone will definitely stop them.”

When Xiao Chen and Mo Chen approached the city, two pretty female Lunar Palace disciples immediately flew over and met them in the air. One of the two female disciples said, “This is Bright Moon City. If you do not have an invitation, would the two of you please enter by the city gates.”

Without saying a word, Xiao Chen took out the Bright Jade Fan and opened it.

Instantly, the fan gave off a bright light and melodious song resounding and lingering in the space around. Small waves surged up in the sea as if they were dancing to the music.

“Bright Jade Fan!”

Shocked exclamations rang out in the surroundings. Unexpectedly, this unremarkable-looking person actually flourished a Bright Jade Fan.

“This is really strange. Over the past thousand years, the Lunar Palace has given out less than ten Bright Jade Fans.”

“It looks like this Divine Weapon unveiling ceremony will be very eventful. The Bright Jade Fan has not appeared in over a hundred years already.”

Those who possessed the Bright Jade Fan were bound to have an impressive background. It would be hard to avoid shocking people when they saw it.


Xiao Chen closed the Bright Jade Fan. Then, the female disciples blocking his way moved aside.

The female disciples bowed, and one said, “So, it is an honored guest. We are sorry for the offense. May I ask if the two of you are here to attend the Divine Weapon unveiling ceremony?”

Xiao Chen nodded and replied, “Just here to join the excitement.”

“Please follow us.”

The two female Lunar Palace disciples did not leave immediately. Instead, they led the way for Xiao Chen, paying attention to his every need.

With the Bright Jade Fan, one could even meet the Lunar Palace’s Palace Master and make a reasonable request. Naturally, the Lunar Palace disciples did not dare to delay Xiao Chen in fear of being rude.

“I’m Ming Qiu, and this is my junior sister Hong Yan. Since you hold the Bright Jade Fan, we can bring you directly to the VIP seats,” the graceful girl on the left said. Her voice sounded like bubbling spring water, a charming dissonance.

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “Just leading the way is fine. We do not need VIP seats.”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The four traveled quickly as they flew in the air, passing many pavilions and streets—the envy of many cultivators, who were obediently walking on the ground.

Not everyone had the privilege of flying in Bright Moon City. Under normal circumstances, even Martial Emperors did not dare to do so.

After one hour, the four arrived at Bright Moon Plaza, the largest in the city.

The plaza was very packed with the figures of many cultivators. There did not seem to be any space at all.

“Since both do not want VIP seats, Hong Yan, go and arrange for two seats below.” The graceful girl gave out instructions with a soft voice.

Xiao Chen said politely, “Many thanks.”

“In that case, we will not impose on the two of you.” The two female disciples gracefully flew into the air and disappeared from Xiao Chen and Mo Chen’s sight.

After the two female disciples left, Xiao Chen pulled Mo Chen back quickly, and they mixed into the crowd.

There were all sorts of cultivators mingling in the plaza, so many that they were uncountable. Xiao Chen’s and Mo Chen’s attire did not stand out at all. After they mixed into the crowd, finding them would be like searching for a needle in the sea.

Xiao Chen had no choice but to be cautious. If anyone discovered his identity beforehand, he might get chased out; then, all his efforts would be for naught.

The many outstanding talents and the various Saber Sovereigns’ disciples all sat on VIP seats on the platform.

All of them looked very impressive, talking cheerfully with each other. While they spoke, they all displayed great confidence as they basked in the attention.

This was especially so for Tian Youxi and her group. They were the most eye-catching. All the various Holy Scions and Saber Sovereigns’ disciples paid attention to them.

Some of the Saber Sovereigns’ disciples even betrayed fear in their eyes as they looked over, withdrawing their arrogance somewhat.

Xiao Chen saw all this clearly from below the platform. Then, his eyes widened with enlightenment.

The two beside Tian Youxi were the personal disciples of the East Mountain Ghost Monarch and the Heaven Punishing Corpse God.

In the many years he had not seen these two, their strength had increased a lot. Even a First Heaven Martial Emperor would not be a match for them.

Xiao Chen told Mo Chen about the situation with Xing Jue and Xie Zixuan. Mo Chen frowned. “It looks like it is going to be problematic this time. Unexpectedly, so many people came to the Divine Weapon unveiling ceremony. This is especially so for those Saber Sovereigns’ disciples. If any of them has a chance, they are likely to succeed in drawing the Cloud Moon Saber.”

Xiao Chen said softly, “I wonder how the Lunar Palace will arrange the order of the attempts.”

As the two of them discussed softly, the ethereal palace that appeared like a bright moon in the sky gave off a pale yellow light. It was pure and beautiful, even more beautiful than moonlight.

Along with the light, three female elders of the Lunar Palace, the Holy Daughter Yue Bingyun, and the Lunar Palace’s Vice Palace Master descended. With the group’s arrival, the crowd’s excitement surged to a new high.

Countless fervent gazes from all directions focused on Yue Bingyun. These heated gazes contained a desire that had previously been absent.

Yue Bingyun carried a sword on her back. Her eyes moved around nimbly as she swept the crowd with them.

She also sent out her perception but did not discover the person she was hoping to see. An indiscernible disappointment and hurt flashed in her eyes.

After bowing lightly, Yue Bingyun moved back and sat at the side.

When Xiao Chen saw this scene, his heart was slightly stunned. However, he endured the impulse to jump out.

Four Lunar Palace disciples stepped forward and slowly placed a scabbarded treasure saber on the platform.

Everyone immediately shifted their gazes from Yue Bingyun to that treasure saber. Without question, this was the Cloud Moon Saber. As long as one could draw the saber, one would be able to marry the Holy Daughter, something that many dreamed of.

“Since everyone is here already, I believe everyone knows that there are some unexpected surprises with the Divine Weapon unveiling ceremony. Anyone who can draw the Cloud Moon Saber and is willing to join my Lunar Palace may marry the Holy Daughter.”

The Lunar Palace’s Vice Palace Master had spoken the words that everyone was waiting to hear.

“So, it is true!”

“As long as one can draw that saber, one can marry the Holy Daughter. What is the background of this saber? To think that the Lunar Palace can actually bear to do this!”

While the rest discussed, the Divine Daughter, Tian Youxi, said, “May I ask Senior how the order of attempts will be arranged?”

The first to attempt to draw the saber definitely held the advantage. If that person succeeded, the people behind would surely feel regret.

However, with so many people here, no matter who made the first attempt, it would be hard to satisfy everyone with the order of arrangements. Conflict would inevitably ensue.

Yue Bingyun looked at Tian Youxi and smiled faintly. “It does not matter whether the person who draws the saber is male or female. If the Divine Daughter is willing to join my Lunar Palace, Bingyun can make the decision to let you be the first to try. Of course, if you really manage to draw it, you will have to abandon your Divine Son.”


Knowing that the Lunar Palace’s Holy Daughter was mocking Tian Youxi, the watching crowd erupted in laughter, embarrassing Tian Youxi.

Tian Youxi replied, “The Holy Daughter is truly unrivaled in both appearance and temperament. However, Youxi is a girl and is also engaged already. If Sister Bingyun does not dislike it, you can let me make the decision to choose the first person.”

Yue Bingyun glanced at Tian Youxi. Then, she looked at Xing Jue and Xie Zixuan, who were both raring to give it a try. Then, she asked coldly, “Do you think that is possible?”

Right after Yue Bingyun spoke, she suddenly threw a palm strike. There was a burst of energy, and the Cloud Moon Saber flew out ferociously. It was like an embroidered ball that turned into a golden light shooting towards the crowd in front.

[TL Note: Tossing of the embroidered ball, there are a few Chinese stories where the daughters of wealthy or influential families choose a marriage partner by tossing out an embroidered ball. The person who catches it would be the husband of the daughter. The reasoning behind it is to let fate decide.]

“Whoever is capable can be the first to try!”

Yue Bingyun’s declaration immediately stirred up the crowd. After being stunned for a moment, the many outstanding talents at the VIP seats quickly flew up and chased the golden light.

The many cultivators below the platform were even more excited. All of them charged into the sky, wanting to snatch that golden light.

The place instantly turned chaotic.

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