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Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1344

Chapter 1344: Decision Made

The days slipped by. Soon, nearly half a month had passed.

Now, Xiao Chen held the Bright Jade Fan and entered deep thought for a long time.

He opened the fan, and it gave off bright lights and melodious song echoing in all directions and lingering for a long time.

The melodious song was like Yue Bingyun describing her situation in Xiao Chen’s ears, evoking various scenes in his mind.

The graceful bearing of this girl continuously appeared in Xiao Chen’s mind. He felt the pain and grief in Yue Bingyun’s heart.

She was begging Xiao Chen to help her once and not let this happen.

However, his purpose in going to the Lunar Palace was to obtain the Lunar Palace’s help, to prevent them from siding with the Deity Dao Union. If he caused trouble during the Divine Weapon unveiling ceremony, he might end up bringing about the opposite of what she wanted, giving Tian Youxi and the others an opportunity.

This was also why Xiao Chen wanted to bring Mo Chen with him. He was afraid that he would act rashly.

“Big Brother Xiao Chen, we are ready to depart,” Mo Chen said softly after opening the door and entering.

Almost half a month had passed. If they still did not depart, they would not make it on time. Mo Chen had urged Xiao Chen to depart a few times already, but he would say that there was no rush.

However, if they still did not leave now, they would be late.

Xiao Chen put away the Bright Jade Fan and remained silent for a long time before saying, “Let’s go.”


Three days later, the majestic Bright Moon City appeared like a moon in Xiao Chen’s field of vision. The sky and the sea in all directions were filled with cultivators heading for the Lunar Palace.

Without needing to guess, these people were here to attend the Divine Weapon unveiling ceremony. They all wanted to try their luck and see if they could draw the Cloud Moon Saber.

Both Xiao Chen and Mo Chen wore conical hats with white veils hanging from the brims, which covered half their faces and prevented others from recognizing them.

“There are really a lot of familiar people.”

Xiao Chen took in his surroundings and revealed a faint smile. He saw Ye Chen, whom he had not met for a long time. This fellow flew quickly towards the city gates alone. Many people recognized Ye Chen immediately, knowing that he was the Young Alliance Chief of the Northern Sea Alliance.

However, Ye Chen did not stand out today and stir up much discussion.

There were too many outstanding talents coming to this Bright Moon City. With just a casual glance around, Xiao Chen also saw Di Xinhan and the Heavenly Province Academy’s Holy Son.

Now was not the time to greet them; Xiao Chen could not expose his identity yet.

Just at this moment, Mo Chen extended her hand and pointed. “Look, that seems to be the Divine Daughter, Tian Youxi.”

Xiao Chen looked in the direction that Mo Chen’s finger indicated. A golden warship flew through the sky. It did not land at the city gates but entered the city directly.

A pretty, white-haired girl stood at the bow of the ship.

Xiao Chen could somewhat make out this girl’s countenance. However, just this silhouette alone made him sure that she was the Divine Daughter, Tian Youxi.

“Who are the two at the side? Why do they look so familiar?”

Xiao Chen noticed that there was one person on either side of Tian Youxi. They looked familiar, but he could not quite place them. Their auras were extremely dense and heavy.

When did these two people appear at Tian Youxi’s side? Xiao Chen immediately felt some restraining fear in his heart.

This time, many unexpected things might happen at the Divine Weapon unveiling ceremony. The matter of the Lunar Palace’s Holy Daughter was simply unexpected for too many people.

Before the crowd’s envious gazes, the Deity Race’s warship flew into Bright Moon City from above without any obstructions. They did not enter by the crowded city gates, slowly vanishing from Xiao Chen’s sight.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Just at this moment, the drumming of rapid hoofbeats came from the sea, along with the shriek of cold wind blowing. The ambient temperature suddenly dropped, and a cold front suddenly arrived, chilling everyone.

Xiao Chen looked back and saw a handsome man with a frosty face on an icy horse. As he rode on this icy horse, snowflakes drifted down along his path.

“It’s Young Master Bie Xue, the Young Master of the Ice Sea. Unexpectedly, he is here as well.”

“His father, the Ice Sovereign, is already unrivaled in the comprehension of the will of ice. He rules the entire Ice Sea, which is no weaker than any of the Immortal Holy Lands.”

“The charm of the Holy Daughter is really irresistible to everyone.”

The Ice Sea was not large. Its name came from the fact that most of its sea surface was locked in ice as a result of year-round snowfall. Xiao Chen had heard of the Ice Sovereign before but never had any contact with him.

Furthermore, the Ice Sea was rather far from this Heavenly Starry Ocean. Hence, Xiao Chen had no intention to go to the Ice Sea.

He carefully sized up this handsome man, then nodded to himself. This person was rather strong and had many unique aspects.

Just considering cultivation, Young Master Bie Xue was already a Consummation quasi-Emperor and could undergo the Great Tribulation of wind and fire at any time to advance to Martial Emperor. However, it was clear that this person was rather cautious about this; he had apparently paused at Consummation quasi-Emperor for twenty years already.

“Young Master Bie Xue, unexpectedly, you are tempted by this Holy Daughter as well. However, when in the Storm Sea, it was love at first sight between the Holy Daughter and me. I think it is best you not go.”

The howl of intense wind rang out. A youth appeared with the wind behind Young Master Bie Xue. He possessed delicate facial features and looked rather handsome.

In contrast to Young Master Bie Xue’s frosty face and cold aura, this person possessed an unruliness like that of a berserk wind. His clear eyes glittered with a wild and manic light.

“Shi Feng, this lunatic showed up as well.”

[TL Note: This Shi Feng is a new Shi Feng with different characters used in his name compared to the previous few Shi Fengs.]

“He is the Storm Sea’s Young Master? This fellow is an old rival of Young Master Bie Xue. The way he does things is very extreme and crazy.”

Young Master Bie Xue rolled his eyes and said, “Fool, the Storm Stones that Miss Yue borrowed from your Storm Sea were all used in the Wind Shadow Sword. The Ice Eyes used in the Cloud Moon Saber were all obtained from my Ice Sea. Who do you think is more likely to be able to draw the Cloud Moon Saber?”

Shi Feng laughed, “Haha! Just wait and see. Miss Bingyun told me some of the Cloud Moon Saber’s secrets. Just wait and see.”

Xiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat. However, he did not hear the other words. He thought back to what Young Master Bie Xue said. Could it be that Yue Bingyun was friends with this Shi Feng and Young Master Bie Xue?

This thought made Xiao Chen somewhat uncomfortable despite himself. He did not know why, but he experienced a strange frustration.


Not long after these two left, rushed breathing rang out in the sky. Amid this sound was a sharp saber intent.

When Xiao Chen looked up, he saw someone flying over, looking like a powerful treasure saber. This person’s passage through the sky split the sea of clouds in half.

When Xiao Chen saw this person, he could not help exclaiming, “Wen Ziran!”

This was Wen Ziran, the personal disciple of the Saber Sovereign, Wu Xiaotian. In the many years that Xiao Chen had not seen him, the sharpness and saber intent of this person had become terrifyingly strong.

Wen Ziran flew in a line, disappearing in a flash as he entered Bright Moon City, moving as fast as the wind and lightning.

However, the saber intent that remained lingered for a long time as it spread in the air.

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!”

Sharp saber intent appeared once again, and nine figures turned up in the distance. As these people held up their sabers, they tore through the clouds and flew forward like sharp sabers.

The auras of these nine were all different—raging inferno, drifting snow, howling storm, flashing lightning…all different from each other.

The only similarity was that they all radiated an extremely strong saber intent. Just one look would make a person tremble in fear.

“There are so many disciples of Saber Sovereigns. Aside from the Saber Sovereign’s disciple, Wen Ziran, the personal disciples of the Inferno Saber Sovereign, Ice Saber Sovereign, Lightning Saber Sovereign, and the other Saber Sovereigns all rushed over.”

“It looks like the rumor is true. I’d heard that the Lunar Palace’s Palace Master personally sent out invitations to many Saber Sovereigns. Now, they are all here.”

“It’s over. We probably do not stand a chance anymore. With so many experts of the saber and outstanding talents, there will definitely be one that can draw the Cloud Moon Saber and marry the Holy Daughter.”

Discussions rang out nonstop. As the many cultivators spoke, they all appeared disappointed.

Previously, they all still held the illusion of hope, thinking they could gain some advantage. It looked like it was just wishful thinking now.

“It seems like this is going to be difficult to deal with!”

Under the hat, Xiao Chen frowned. He took out the Bright Jade Fan and glanced at it before easing his frown. No matter what, since Yue Bingyun made this request, he would lend her a hand.

He would draw the Cloud Moon Saber and wreck this ceremony!

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