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Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1342

Chapter 1342: Deliberately Complicating a Situation

Xiao Chen thought for a moment and then smiled. “I guess that it has something to do with that Transcendent Divine Weapon?”

For Mo Chen to establish a connection to the Lunar Palace and even end up with a Bright Jade Fan, the Lunar Palace must have sent people to ask for her help in refining the Transcendent Divine Weapon.

Mo Chen possessed the Book of Heavenly Works. Her skill in refining was extraordinary. Aside from this, Xiao Chen could not think of any other reason.

Mo Chen smiled faintly. “You are rather clever. I was not the one who refined the Transcendent Divine Weapon. I merely assisted from the side, using the Book of Heavenly Works to help control the flame’s temperature and allowing the weaponsmith to focus on forging.”

Xiao Chen understood. Mo Chen spoke humbly, but she definitely provided significant help. Otherwise, the Lunar Palace would not have given her a Bright Jade Fan.

With the Bright Jade Fan, she could get the Lunar Palace to do one thing for her; it represented them owing her a favor.

Of course, this favor referred to ordinary matters. The Bright Jade Fan could not make the Lunar Palace support the Dragon’s Gate.

“Back then, it was the Holy Daughter Yue Bingyun who personally came looking for me. I originally hesitated and did not agree. However, she seemed to have expected today’s situation and repeatedly begged me to help and then pass this Bright Moon Fan to you.”

Mo Chen happily revealed the truth of the matter.

Xiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat. Did Yue Bingyun really manage to calculate matters to this extent?

Probably not. He did not believe that anyone was that incredible. She just wanted to give me a chance to go to the Lunar Palace.

Whether that is the case or not, this Bright Jade Fan is indeed of great help to me now. 

Xiao Chen carefully put away the Bright Jade Fan and started pacing the room, thinking of how to deal with the Lunar Palace’s people.

With the other Holy Lands, he had held some confidence of convincing them. Only this Holy Land posed a problem.

“Big Brother Xiao Chen, actually, there is no need to be anxious.”

When Mo Chen saw Xiao Chen frowning in deep thought, she gave some advice. “Actually, the anxious one should not be you but the group from the Deity Dao Union. Big Brother Xiao Chen, you already convinced the various Holy Lands, but they convinced only the Divine Dragon Palaces of the four seas.

“You currently hold the advantage in the Heavenly Starry Ocean. Why the need to put so much pressure on yourself?”

Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up. When he heard Mo Chen’s words, he immediately felt enlightened, seeing things in a new light.

When Mo Chen saw Xiao Chen’s frown ease, she continued, “Sometimes, when you look at the problem from another angle, you will find that the situation is completely different. Right now, you should not see yourself as the underdog. Right now, your momentum in the Heavenly Starry Ocean is flourishing, and your reputation is at a high. The underdog is the Deity Dao Union.

“If they are unable to convince the Lunar Palace, they will suffer a great defeat in the Heavenly Starry Ocean. They will have an even harder time destroying the Supreme Sky Sect and will end up paying a higher price. You have already disrupted their rhythm.”

Xiao Chen’s eyes glittered as he nodded. “That’s right. Go on.”

Feeling encouraged, Mo Chen continued analyzing, “As long as the Lunar Palace remains neutral, Big Brother Xiao Chen has already succeeded. However, the Deity Dao Union must obtain the Lunar Palace. Otherwise, their plans for the Heavenly Starry Ocean will be a complete failure.”

Smiling, Xiao Chen said, “You are right. Why must we get the Lunar Palace to support the Dragon’s Gate? We just need them to remain neutral.”

After Mo Chen’s explanation, Xiao Chen’s thoughts immediately opened up. The most important thing was that his mental state underwent a complete change.

“Many thanks. If not for your words, even if I could enter Bright Moon City, it would still be useless. Rather, it might have made things worse,” Xiao Chen said sincerely after he calmed down.

This was just like when the Deity Dao Union sent an assassin after Xiao Chen. That had ended up helping him out, instead. If he went to the Lunar Palace without a good mental state, he might very well end up helping the Deity Dao Union.

When he thought that, Xiao Chen felt a chill run down his back. He had nearly made a huge mistake.

“Oh, right, I still have not asked you. What is that Transcendent Divine Weapon?” Xiao Chen asked out of curiosity.

He had known that the Lunar Palace wanted to forge a new Transcendent Divine Weapon. Back then, Yue Bingyun had told him about it.

The Startling Wind Zither’s place in the tenth rank on the Divine Weapon Ranking was too dangerous; it could be pushed off at any moment. The Lunar Palace needed to make a new Transcendent Divine Weapon.

“It is a set of saber and sword—one saber and one sword. Although they are two Divine Weapons, the two can merge into one. Furthermore, since they share the same origin, taken together, they can be considered a Transcendent Divine Weapon.”

Xiao Chen understood this. A set of weapons could be seen as one. The Seven Deadly Sins he had were the same.

Mo Chen continued, “One is the Wind Shadow Sword, and the other is the Cloud Moon Saber. The shadow of the wind and the moon of the cloud. Wind and cloud merge into one, showing the shadow of the moon. This Transcendent Divine Weapon uses five different states and requires two of the Lunar Palace’s Profound Martial Techniques to use. It possesses an extremely horrifying might and currently ranks first on the Divine Weapon Ranking!”

Xiao Chen asked casually, “What if they can’t work together? What will happen?”

Mo Chen said, “Since they are a set, if they can’t work together, their might will naturally fall greatly. They might not even be as strong as ordinary Divine Weapons.”

Even though Xiao Chen just asked this casually, an unexpected piece of news caught him and Mo Chen by surprise three days later, sweeping throughout the entire Heavenly Starry Ocean like a strong wind.

The Lunar Palace sent out news saying that as long as one could draw the Cloud Moon Saber during the Divine Weapon unveiling ceremony, one could enter the Lunar Palace and take the Holy Daughter as a wife.

When this news spread out, all the men in the entire Heavenly Starry Ocean immediately went crazy.

In the Lunar Palace, ordinary female disciples could marry, but the Holy Daughter could not. As the Lunar Palace’s Holy Daughter, she enjoyed attention from the world, being aloof. However, she had to abandon her desires and endure inexplicable loneliness.

Being able to marry a Lunar Palace female disciple was the dream of every man in the Heavenly Starry Ocean.

As for the Holy Daughter, that was something that everyone could only think about but never fulfill. Unexpectedly, now, all one had to do was draw a saber, and they could marry the Holy Daughter.

This news was like a bomb going off in the deep sea, quickly propagating far and wide. It soon overwhelmed the news of Xiao Chen convincing the various Holy Lands.

Xiao Chen had seen the prestige of the Holy Daughter in the Heavenly Starry Ocean when he first arrived in the oceanic world. Her status was high not only among the world of cultivators but also among ordinary people. The ordinary people revered her like she was a celestial fairy descending upon the world. They did not even imagine being able to marry such a person.

This news stunned Xiao Chen and Mo Chen when they heard it.

Such an unexpected matter was beyond everyone’s imagination.

Mo Chen looked at Xiao Chen and said, “Tell me, did you know about this long ago? Otherwise, why did you ask me what if the two weapons cannot work together?”

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly. “It really was just a casual question. If not for you, I would have no idea at all what the Transcendent Divine Weapon is.”

Mo Chen smiled. “It was just a casual remark. There is no need for you to be so nervous. From the looks of things, it is likely that no one in the Lunar Palace could make the Cloud Moon Saber recognize them as its master.”

A Divine Weapon recognizing a master was something very strange. Some Divine Weapons would easily recognize a master as long as one was strong enough.

Some Divine Weapons, such as the Seven Deadly Sins that Xiao Chen possessed, required a cultivator to share certain ideals with the Divine Weapons. Otherwise, one could never receive the Divine Weapon’s acknowledgment, regardless of one’s strength.

“Is this necessary, sacrificing a Holy Daughter for one Divine Weapon?”

Xiao Chen felt somewhat confused. Then, he looked at the Bright Jade Fan in his hand and thought of something.

Mo Chen said, “You don’t understand. This saber-and-sword set is the top Divine Weapon. The Lunar Palace used tens of thousands of years of accumulations to bet on it. It is something that they prepared specially for the imminent calamity. It is impossible for them to give up on it, and this solution is all they could think of.

“Furthermore, I suspect that the Lunar Palace has the means to control the person that the Divine Weapon acknowledges as its master.”

However, Xiao Chen did not hear what Mo Chen said. As he stared at the Bright Jade Fan, he entered a daze.

Is this the situation that Yue Bingyun expected?

Yue Bingyun probably anticipated that no one within the Lunar Palace could make the Cloud Moon Saber acknowledge them as its master. Even after repeated advice, the Lunar Palace still proceeded and forged this set of Divine Weapons.

Hence, Yue Bingyun gave Mo Chen the Bright Jade Fan to pass to me. Could this be my chance at the Divine Weapon unveiling ceremony?

After the unexpected opportunity, what I see is not a glimmer of hope but great billows deliberately complicating the situation.

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