Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1272

Chapter 1272: The Azure Dragon King’s Grace

Today’s matter was something that tested the endurance of one’s heart. First, Xiao Chen killed a Martial Emperor in a dreamlike fashion.

Closely following that, Xiao Chen announced a piece of news that could shake the entire Kunlun Realm.

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “How can words spoken be taken back? Do the few of you intend to gang up and kill me? However, even if you kill me, the words spoken cannot be taken back.”

Xiao Chen’s white robes fluttered in the wind as he held his saber in his hand. His clear eyes shone like stars or gems. As he stood on the arena, he faced the aura of seven Martial Emperors. However, he did not seem flustered at all.

Xiao Chen’s grace and elegance made the people who were leaving the plaza reluctant to look away.

Some people revealed a fiery light in their eyes as they muttered to themselves, “If I could have just ten percent of the Azure Dragon King’s grace in my lifetime, it would be worth it already.”

“Calm, dedicated, at ease, and tyrannical. If not for the problem of having to advance to Martial Emperor within five years, the Azure Dragon King’s life would be perfect and flawless.”

“Even if he fails in advancing to Martial Emperor, the Azure Dragon King’s grace would definitely be indelible. I have never seen a youth who could be so at ease when facing seven Martial Emperors.”

The manifestation of the air of a king resulted in many people not wanting to leave. As they looked at Xiao Chen, their eyes filled with awe.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Footsteps rang out as Mo Chen, Lan Shaobai, and the others arrived at the same time and stood behind Xiao Chen. At the critical moment, they chose to stand behind him.

Even though they might not be strong enough, they displayed their intent in its fullness.

“Are you going to be stubborn to the end?” the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace’s red-clad old man asked in a low voice filled with threat.

Xiao Chen retorted indifferently, “What do you mean stubborn? I am merely reestablishing the sect of my ancestors. As a man of the Xiao Clan, everything I am doing is normal.”

Lan Shaobai wanted to calm the situation down, so he tried to explain. “Seniors, please do not misunderstand. The Azure Dragon King has no ambition to rule the world by reestablishing the Dragon’s Gate. He is just fulfilling his responsibility to his ancestors.”

“Is it your turn to speak here?” Rage blazed in the red-clad old man’s heart. Previously, he could not find an outlet to vent it. Now that he saw Lan Shaobai speak, he launched a claw attack regardless of right and wrong.

A berserk dragon roared ferociously, and the red-clad old man’s clothes flapped from its startling aura. When he sent out the claw attack, it was like a True Dragon peeked out of the void and extended a dragon claw, looking extremely horrifying.


A gentle breeze blew in the air. The red-clad old man had just taken one step and found a saber scabbard right before his throat.

Naturally, the person who acted was the Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen. With merely a casual move, he silently broke the red-clad old man’s powerful attack.

The old man froze there, not daring to move.

Xiao Chen twisted his wrist, making the Lunar Shadow Saber spin as he pulled it back. Only now did the gentle breeze blow at the red-clad old man’s hair, causing it to rise and fall gently.

Horror flashed involuntarily in the red-clad old man’s heart. Staring at Xiao Chen, he retreated one step.

This fellow did not defeat Bai Feng so easily by relying on luck.

The other six Martial Emperors had the same thought, which had them all automatically take a step back together. With this one step back, their strong momentum from earlier seemed to fall short of Xiao Chen’s.

The so-called air of a king was not dependent on who shouted the loudest or whose momentum was the strongest.

Instead, it was something like presence, intangible but capable of making the opponent unconsciously feel like they stood a step lower.

Where did this presence come from? Naturally, it came from the heartfelt confidence that one had actual measures on hand.

Otherwise, if it was only a bluff, an expert would be able to see through it with just a few words. One would end up having one’s face ruthlessly trampled on.

When the tens of thousands of people outside saw this scene, they understood why Xiao Chen could be so at ease. It was because he never feared these seven Martial Emperors in the first place. While these people saw the First Heaven Martial Emperors as remote existences, Xiao Chen had never cared for the seven from the start.

When an ant shouted arrogantly at an elephant, why would the elephant lower its status and get angry with the ant?

“On the twenty-eighth of this month, we will hold the Dragon’s Gate’s reestablishment ceremony as scheduled. If Seniors have some time, do drop by. We will receive you all with the highest honors.”

As the seven Martial Emperors retreated, Xiao Chen did not show any arrogance on his face. Instead, he spoke calmly while performing a cupped-fist salute.

Under certain situations, performing a cupped-fist salute meant that one was sending off the guests.

“Don’t worry. At that time, the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace will definitely arrive on time. We will even give you a big present!” the red-clad old man said through gritted teeth. Then, he flung his arm and left in a rage.

After the Martial Emperors’ momentum was overwhelmed, suppressed in presence, although they were not willing, they had to admit that they were no longer qualified to speak equally with Xiao Chen.

As for trying to come out on top of Xiao Chen, that went without saying.

The Martial Emperors flung their arms in rage and left one by one, still showing hostile expressions. Clearly, this matter would not be laid to rest with just this.

Far away in a pavilion in the city, three Martial Emperor elders of the Lunar Palace, the Myriad Fiend Island, and the Yinyang Paradise entered deep thought when they saw this scene.

These three people could be considered neutral parties. They originally just wanted to watch this duel that shocked the entire circle of Martial Emperors.

Unexpectedly, the truly explosive news was the words that Xiao Chen said after the battle.

Compared to the news of the Dragon’s Gate’s reestablishment, the storm that the battle kicked up was nothing.

“The air of a king is plainly visible. At such a young age, he already possesses such presence. How can the Holy Masters just believe what he said and not fear him?” the Fiend Race cultivator from the Myriad Fiend Island sighed as he shook his head.

A tiger was feared not because it ate humans but because it could eat humans.

The words of the Myriad Fiend Island old man pinpointed the nature of this world where strength ruled, where reason lay with the strong robbers. One was killed not for wanting to rule but because one was capable of ruling.

The world would absolutely not permit the appearance of a second Azure Emperor. They absolutely could not let the Dragon’s Gate get reestablished. The Dragon’s Gate’s reestablishment would only allow Xiao Chen’s Luck to grow even stronger.

Most of the Holy Masters were not willing to see such a thing happen.

The Lunar Palace always maintained a neutral stance. They would not express their opinions about anything right at the start.

At this moment, the female Martial Emperor that the Lunar Palace planted in Heavenly Dragon City showed some fluctuations in her expression.

Clearly, this female Martial Emperor was somewhat shocked at the news of Xiao Chen wanting to reestablish the Dragon’s Gate. Her thoughts had not settled yet.

When this female Martial Emperor heard what the Myriad Fiend Island old man said, she smiled faintly and commented, “The Myriad Fiend Island is at the very edge of the Heavenly Starry Ocean. It rarely interferes with the internal matters of the human race. Earlier, when the Azure Dragon King entered a state of Berserking Qi Deviation, you were also not in a rush to make a decision. I wonder if you can continue to remain indifferent about this.”

When Xiao Chen entered a state of Berserking Qi Deviation, that had been a rare opportunity to kill him. The value of Xiao Chen’s head was a great temptation to many cultivators. However, the Myriad Fiend Island old man chose not to take action in the end, opting to watch placidly.

However, this time, Xiao Chen’s words made it difficult for anyone to remain composed.

The Myriad Fiend Island Fiend Race cultivator smiled calmly. “There is no need for the Lunar Palace to worry about this. Actually, I’m even more curious about what stance the Lunar Palace will take. After all, the Azure Emperor had some dealings with the Lunar Palace ten thousand years ago.”

While laughing loudly, this Myriad Fiend Island Fiend Race cultivator quickly left this place, preparing to send word about the Dragon’s Gate’s reestablishment back to the Myriad Fiend Island.

“Humph!” A trace of rage flashed across the Lunar Palace’s Martial Emperor’s face as she left this place as well.

Only the mature beauty from the Yinyang Paradise remained. A flirtatious expression appeared on her face as she looked at Xiao Chen in the distance.

“Boundlessly graceful. What a moving sight! No wonder Susu nearly fell for him with just one glance. If not for him still being young, I would not dare to continue looking for long. What a pity.”

The Yinyang Paradise was famed for their dual cultivation methods. Their female disciples did not have a good reputation. However, no one knew that such a sect was the inheritance of a Distant Ancient sect that cultivated indifference. While it looked like they were unrestrained and loose, they actually could not fall in love.

Falling in love would harm the root of their cultivation, and they would suffer from a rebound.

When the three Martial Emperors left, there were no longer any Martial Emperors planted by the Holy Lands left on Heavenly Star Island.

Their departure clearly showed that these Martial Emperors intended to send word back to their respective Holy Lands in the shortest time possible of Xiao Chen reestablishing the Dragon’s Gate. After that, in less than three days, the news of the Dragon’s Gate’s reestablishment spread wildly throughout the entire Kunlun Realm.

This caused an overwhelming change.


Back in the arena, Lan Shaobai watched as the Martial Emperors all left before releasing his bated breath in relief. However, when he thought about how there would be even more Martial Emperors on the twenty-eighth, he could not help frowning again.

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change much. He handed over a name list that he seemed to have prepared long ago to Lan Shaobai. Then, he said, “This is the list of honored guests. I’ll trouble Brother Shaobai to send them an invitation.”

Lan Shaobai opened the name list and skimmed through it. Suddenly, he showed a stunned expression. As he looked at the various names on the list, he felt dumbfounded.

“Xiao Chen, are these honored guests really willing to come to Heavenly Dragon City?”

The Dragon’s Gate’s reestablishment ceremony was no simple ceremony. Attendance did not just mean they were here to offer congratulations. It also represented their stance, one of support.

As of now, Xiao Chen was on bad terms with the various Holy Lands. Few would be able to withstand the pressure and come.

Hence, Lan Shaobai’s question.

Xiao Chen said confidently, “There should not be any problems with at least half of them coming. Of this list, several of them owe me a favor. I believe my eye for people is not that bad.”

“Alright, I’ll go and make the arrangements!”

Lan Shaobai revealed joy on his face. As long as half the people on this list could come, Heavenly Dragon City would face significantly less pressure.

Xiao Chen turned his head to face Mo Chen. “There is still about half a month. I’ll leave the arrangements for the ceremony to you.”

Mo Chen nodded her head in a cute fashion. “Don’t worry. Just leave it to me. It is just a small matter.”

That was right. To Mo Chen, this was just a small matter. The major concern in her heart was how she could personally help Xiao Chen. However, Xiao Chen progressed too fast. Now, he could gain a suppressive victory over a First Heaven Martial Emperor.

As for Mo Chen, even with her fortuitous encounter with the Book of Heavenly Works, which allowed her to improve rapidly, she still could not compare to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen looked over his shoulder at the many friends behind him. Yue Chenxi, Jin Lin, and the others all showed worry on their faces. He smiled and said, “Let’s disperse and do what we need to do. This hurdle is not too difficult to clear.”

To Xiao Chen, this was indeed not the most challenging hurdle. It would be far from comparable to his Great Tribulation of wind and fire that would come later.

If Xiao Chen could not even clear this hurdle, then there would be no need for him to undergo his Great Tribulation of wind and fire. He should just scatter his cultivation and live an ordinary life.

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