Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1234

Chapter 1234: Revealed Dictatorship

The memory of the various half-step Martial Emperors on one knee, bitterly holding on, flashed through Xiao Chen’s mind. On the opposite end were the expressionless Martial Emperors coldly watching them, as if examining goods.

Xiao Chen thought about his path towards Martial Emperor. It seemed very similar to that of this group of half-step Martial Emperors.

Advancing to Martial Emperor within five years was also like a hope that might not even exist for Xiao Chen. Since ancient times, there never had been anyone who advanced to Martial Emperor from quasi-Emperor within five years.

What this relied on was also stubborn tenacity, enduring the cold gazes of millions of people without wavering, while believing and persisting.

Xiao Chen only managed to pull his thoughts back to reality after a long time. Then, he released a drawn-out sigh. “Who says that I don’t understand?”

Footsteps resounded. The Dragon Slayer Yi Ling led the five Martial Emperors over to the pavilion once more. Xiao Chen stopped speaking to Wang Yuzhu and walked over together with the half-step Martial Emperors.

Yi Ling said, “Let’s get this clear first. In this operation, we are in charge. All the treasures found, except the divine medicine for treating the hidden injuries from the Great Tribulation of wind and fire, will go to us first. If there are any items that these Martial Emperor seniors do not care for, the seven of you may split it among yourselves. Is there anyone who objects?

“If you have any opinions about this, you can say it. These seniors and I will not make things difficult for everyone.”

Wang Yuzhu and the other half-step Martial Emperors shook their heads to indicate no objections.

Furthermore, even if they were more courageous, these half-step Martial Emperors would not dare to try snatching the things that Martial Emperors wanted.

Xiao Chen hesitated and did not rush to say anything.

Yi Ling smiled faintly. He appeared to be rather interested in this mysterious masked youth. He asked, “What’s wrong? You object?”

Xiao Chen nodded to indicate yes.

The expressions of the Martial Emperors changed. Old Hong even shouted coldly, “If you object, then just get lost. We do not need you.”

The red-haired Martial Emperor seemed to think highly of Xiao Chen’s strength. He held up his hand and stopped Old Hong. Then, he said, “Let him finish first. If you have any other opinions, as long as it is not overboard, we can accommodate you.”

Xiao Chen said, “If I find any treasures by myself, I would like the rights to those first. As for the others, I do not have any opinions about it.”

The red-haired Martial Emperor and Yi Ling exchanged glances. After a silent conversation using voice projection, they discussed it further with the other Martial Emperors.

This request is not considered overboard. He can just have the treasures that he discovered himself.

Besides, I do not believe that his eyes are better than ours.

Right. Even if he has the ability to obtain the treasure, he will not be able to get out alive. If there are any valuable treasures, it will still be ours in the end.

Upon hearing what the others said, Old Hong remained silent in tacit agreement.

After some more discussion, Yi Ling said, “Very well. We agree to your request. Is there anyone else with objections?”

The half-step Martial Emperors had not expected these Martial Emperors to actually agree to Xiao Chen’s request. They immediately felt some regret. However, they already agreed earlier, so they could not go back on it.

“Good. I will speak about the other things now. This collaboration can be considered mutually beneficial; no one is making a loss. In this operation, we have the rights to get you to scout ahead. You will have to obey all our commands. If you disobey them, you will deal with the consequences on your own. There is still time for you to give up. Otherwise, after we enter the Distant Sea Dragon Grave, you will not even have the chance to feel regret anymore.” Although Yi Ling spoke indifferently, his tone seemed rather cold.

The six half-step Martial Emperors and Xiao Chen did not choose to give up. If they would regret, they would not have come in the first place.

Following that, Yi Ling started sharing information about the Distant Sea Dragon Grave as well as some things to pay note to. However, Yi Ling did not tell Xiao Chen and the others the purpose of this operation. He probably did not intend to tell these people the purpose in advance.

Xiao Chen did not really care. His purpose was just to go and take a look. He had no particular goal. If anything went wrong, he could just use the Cycle Banner to charge back out at any time.

However, now, Xiao Chen seemed to gain another purpose: to see what kind of trump card Yi Ling had to earn the nickname Dragon Slayer and the qualifications to speak equally to a group of Martial Emperors.

Originally, Yi Ling’s identity as the Young Treasure Master was already very mysterious. Now, this Yi Ling appeared to be connected to the Distant Sea Dragon Grave, with which the Dragon’s Gate seemed to have a tight connection. Could all this be as simple as a coincidence?

From the first moment Xiao Chen saw Yi Ling, he had felt a deep fear. If he could not find out the reason for it, he would forever have a shadow in his heart.


Just after the morning sun rose and lit up the sky, Yi Ling discussed with the red-haired Martial Emperor and decided to depart immediately.

Xiao Chen could tell that Yi Ling and the red-haired Martial Emperor were the leaders in this operation. The other four Martial Emperors did not have much authority. As for the members of Xiao Chen’s group, needless to say, they did not have any authority at all. They were merely cannon fodder used for scouting.

If Xiao Chen and the half-step Martial Emperors were lucky, they would be able to come out alive. Even if they did not find the divine medicine, they would still benefit greatly.

If they were unlucky, losing an arm or leg would be a minor matter. It was possible that they would not even keep their lives.

Yi Ling took out his golden war chariot and ferried the group of people to the area where the Distant Sea Dragon Grave was at lightning-speed.

As Xiao Chen sat in the war chariot, he looked around casually. In speed, it was not much faster than his flood dragon war chariot.

However, in combat prowess, it was probably more than a level higher than his flood dragon war chariot.

The decorations of the golden war chariot, as well as the sculptures, were not just casually placed there for aesthetics. They all were purposefully arranged. With a thought, Yi Ling could activate a powerful killing formation.

There were also many other hidden formations that Xiao Chen could not understand. This war chariot was probably the reason why Yi Ling dared to move around the Dragon Grave Sea on his own.

The golden war chariot flew among the clouds for most of the day before slowly descending.

A white fog rose before everyone, covering a vast sea region and preventing them from seeing the interior clearly. The things inside appeared mysterious and unknown. This was the Distant Sea Dragon Grave where a Dragon King was buried.

It was unknown what dangers or temptations this great forbidden land contained.

“Young Master Yi, I heard that you previously went into the depths of the Distant Sea Dragon Grave once and managed to come out unscathed. We should not be under so much pressure with you around,” a hemp-robed old man among the half-step Martial Emperors said respectfully.

Yi Ling glanced at the hemp-robed old man and said indifferently, “Don’t think that it is that simple. If I was really as great as rumor says, I would not need to invite these seniors to come with me. Furthermore, the place we are going to this time has nothing to do with where I went previously. So it is like a new beginning.”

“Hu chi!”

Right after Yi Ling spoke, he put away the golden war chariot. Then, he looked at the sun in the sky. After verifying his bearings, he led the group directly into the fog.

When the group entered the fog, Xiao Chen discovered that there was actually land under his feet and not the sea that he expected.

Everyone lost all sense of direction in the thick fog. They could only see two hundred meters in front of them; past that, they could not see anything.

Xiao Chen was no exception. However, the moment he landed, he got a strange feeling. It seemed like there was something in the depths of the Distant Sea Dragon Grave calling out to him.

Ever since Xiao Chen’s Azure Dragon Martial Spirit transformed into a Yuanying, it had been in a deep sleep. Now, it suddenly opened its eyes inside the dantian, clearly strangely agitated and wanting to roar ferociously.

The instant the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit’s eyes opened, Yi Ling, who was leading the group, suddenly stopped.

Xiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat when he felt an extremely dangerous aura. He forcefully controlled the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit to close its eyes. Then, he circulated the Foundation Returning Art at its maximum, finally covering up the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit’s existence.

Yi Ling glanced back, looking around suspiciously. After a while, he slowly said, “Be more careful. I felt the aura of a Dragon Race earlier before it quickly disappeared. We have already been targeted. It might be a bone dragon, so be more careful.”

“That can’t be. We just entered the Distant Sea Dragon Grave. We’re not even in the periphery, yet there is danger already?” a half-step Martial Emperor exclaimed in shock.

The Martial Emperors felt somewhat confused as well. This development was extremely irregular. Usually, before entering the periphery, there would not be any danger.

Xiao Chen mentally heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Yi Ling had not discovered him. He now paid more attention. This Yi Ling surely has some kind of trump card that is a strong counter for the Dragon Race. I must figure out what it is.

At the same time, he also thought, It is good that I came here. This Distant Sea Dragon Grave definitely has a deep connection to the Dragon’s Gate and myself.

“You, go in front and scout the road ahead. Just follow the direction that Young Master Yi points out,” Old Hong said suddenly, wanting to put Xiao Chen at the very front.

Xiao Chen did not say anything, smiling coldly in his heart. This old fellow is really narrow-minded. The moment Old Hong heard that there was danger, he immediately sent Xiao Chen up to the very front.

However, that did not matter. Xiao Chen knew there was no danger now. It was just his Azure Dragon Martial Spirit that caught Yi Ling’s attention earlier.

Yi Ling, who was leading the way, agreed with Old Hong’s opinion. “I’ll tell you where to go; do not deviate. The breath of the Dragon Race is in this fog. It can obscure the sense of direction. If you go in the wrong direction, even a half-step Martial Emperor will not be able to come out easily.”

Seeing Xiao Chen go forward, the half-step Martial Emperors all revealed expressions of sympathy. This was the result of offending Martial Emperors. If there was any danger, they would pick you to scout ahead, using various means to cause your death.

“I’ll go with you,” Wang Yuzhu said.

A displeased look flashed in Old Hong’s eyes. He demanded coldly, “What are you showing off for? Did I tell you to go in front? Just obediently stay there. Now that we are in the Distant Sea Dragon Grave, you do not have the right to make decisions for yourselves.”

These words clearly displayed Old Hong’s attitude. He was picking on Xiao Chen.

“There’s no need. I can deal with this alone.”

Xiao Chen was confident and rejected Wang Yuzhu’s kind intent. Then, he asked Yi Ling for directions and continued walking forward.

“Pu ci!”

However, Xiao Chen did not get far—just about ten steps—when the ground under his feet suddenly split. Before he could react, a strong wind from the fissure blew him into the air.

A gigantic dragon claw extended from underground, grabbing at Xiao Chen, who was in midair. When seen from afar, Xiao Chen looked extremely insignificant before that gigantic dragon claw.

This was truly dangerous. Caught off guard, Xiao Chen ended up tossed into the air. When he looked at the tough dragon claw, which was more than ten times larger than his own body, flying rapidly towards him, he felt like crying but had no tears.

It turned out that Yi Ling had not sensed the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit in Xiao Chen’s body but this.

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