Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186: Quasi-Emperor-Level Ferocious Beast

At the Outstanding Talent Summit Meeting, Xiao Chen had successfully obtained an authentic Profound Martial Technique. Furthermore, he also received thousands of Essence Stones, enough to sustain him until he reached peak Great Perfection quasi-Emperor.

After ten days, Xiao Chen gained a rough understanding of the Medial Grade Profound Martial Technique.

He discovered that this Medial Grade Profound Martial Technique was extremely hard to comprehend.

This Medial Grade Profound Martial Technique was called Thousand Year Hegemony Establishment. It was boundlessly tyrannical and touched upon the will of kingship as well as some of the mysteries of the state of time.

Even among the current Primes, no one comprehended the state of time. Naturally, Xiao Chen did not, either.

When he finished reading the secret manual, it was as he expected. This Martial Technique was made by a Martial Emperor of the Ancient Era, the most glorious era of the Martial Epoch. That period had streets filled with Martial Sages and as many Martial Emperors as there were clouds.

Xiao Chen estimated that he would take at least one month to understand the meaning of the words in the secret manual. After spending another five days, he would achieve some superficial comprehension. After practicing for half a month, he might be able to use it as he pleased.

If Ba Tu and Ba Yan, or even Zhao Feng, who also obtained Medial Grade Profound Martial Techniques, found out about this fast comprehension speed, tears would fill their faces.

Zhao Feng had spent two months before he could barely execute that Medial Grade Profound Martial Technique. However, he could not control it freely.

Its true might was not as strong as the Inferior Profound Martial Technique that he was very familiar with.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Suddenly, strong winds blew from the front. These winds were like knives, even appearing to tear through the air and moving extremely fast.

Xiao Chen put down the secret manual and squinted. He saw a flock of large, metallic birds twenty kilometers away, flying towards him en masse.

He checked with his Spiritual Sense and found these birds to be quasi-Emperor-level ferocious beasts. Even after ten kilometers, the might of the wind their wings kicked up grew instead of weakening.

“How problematic!”

There were too many strong winds. An ordinary quasi-Emperor expert would not be able to avoid getting injured when surrounded by all these sharp winds.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. Two lights flashed in his eyes—one golden and one white. The Solar True Flame and Lunar True Flame both flew out at the same time. Then, they started chasing each other.

Soon, a massive Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram appeared in front of the war chariot.

All the wind knives flying over struck the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram and completely burned away. Then, Xiao Chen put away the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram and summoned Little Yellow Feather out of the Immortal Spirit Ring with the wave of his hand.

Little Yellow Feather flew towards the flock of ferocious birds. When these huge birds got close, they would not be any threat to Xiao Chen, so they were perfect for Little Yellow Feather to practice on.

After that, Xiao Chen did not bother to check on how Little Yellow Feather was doing. He took out the sea chart and felt somewhat depressed. He discovered that the sea chart only showed up to the Black Sea and nothing after that.

The Human-Demon Sea was at the edge of the oceanic world. The region between the Black Sea and the Human-Demon Sea was mostly very huge, desolate seas.

Few sea charts of the Heavenly Starry Ocean accurately mapped out this large, desolate sea region.

Xiao Chen could only figure out a rough direction and try to pinpoint his location later. So he entered the flood dragon war chariot and resumed his travels.

For the next ten days, all he saw was the vast desolate sea and some scattered deserted islands. Occasionally, he ran into ferocious beasts.

Xiao Chen saw all sorts of things except humans. He started to suspect that the flood dragon war chariot was moving too fast, resulting in his going the wrong direction.

If he was moving too fast in the wrong direction, by the time he reacted, he could very possibly be heading away from his destination.

On this particular day, after Xiao Chen finished a cultivation session, he tossed aside a completely drained Essence Stone. When he opened his eyes, he happened to see a group of cultivators. Joy immediately appeared on his face.

He had not seen anyone for over twenty days. One could easily imagine how he felt right now.

Xiao Chen directed the four quasi-Emperor-level flood dragons towards that group of people.

These people were quasi-Emperor experts. The leader was a gray-robed middle-aged man who appeared experienced. His cultivation already reached Consummation quasi-Emperor. When he saw Xiao Chen coming over with the flood dragon war chariot, he waved his hand, cautiously instructing his group to make preparations.

“Friends, there is no need to worry. I do not have any evil intentions. I just want to ask for directions.”

Xiao Chen stopped the flood dragon war chariot five kilometers away and stated his intent, to avert possible conflicts.

“What a strong war chariot! The four flood dragons are all quasi-Emperor-level.”

“It is probably a King Grade war chariot at the very peak, very impressive.”

“Big Brother, that fellow seems to be only a Great Perfection quasi-Emperor. Furthermore, he is alone.”

As Xiao Chen sized up these people, they sized him up as well. When they saw the flood dragon war chariot, their eyes all lit up.

That strange look appeared in the gray-robed middle-aged man’s eyes as well. However, after he considered Xiao Chen, he quickly calmed down and reined in his rash subordinates.

“This is the Dragon Grave Sea. Might I ask where you are from?” the middle-aged man said while performing a cupped-fist salute. This posture represented his good will, sort of an unwritten courtesy between cultivators.

Xiao Chen put away the flood dragon war chariot and arrived before the group of people in a flash. Then, he reciprocated the cupped-fist salute. “I came from the Dark Sea. What kind of sea region is this Dragon Grave Sea? I have never heard of it before. How far is it from the Human-Demon Sea? Could you tell me in more detail?”

The gray-robed man smiled and replied, “The Dragon Grave Sea is just a small sea region. It is normal to have never heard of it. However, I’m pretty sure that you must have heard of the Distant Sea Dragon Grave, one of the eight great forbidden lands, before.”

Distant Sea Dragon Grave. Dragon Grave Sea.

Xiao Chen’s eyes immediately lit up in speculation. He said, “Could it be that the Distant Sea Dragon Grave, one of the eight great forbidden lands, is in this Dragon Grave Sea?”

The gray-robed man nodded and explained, “The Dragon Grave Sea got its name from the Distant Sea Dragon Grave. Our group is planning to go to the Distant Sea Dragon Grave and adventure. If you want to go to the Human-Demon Sea, your direction is correct. However, you still have a very long way to go.”

Xiao Chen thanked the middle-aged man and asked, “Can you sell me a sea chart? I am willing to pay a high price for it.”

Unexpectedly, the middle-aged man shook his head in rejection.

Just when Xiao Chen was feeling confused, the middle-aged man pointed in a direction and said, “Just head another five hundred kilometers that way, and you will see a group of islands. It will be very cheap to purchase a sea chart there. There is no need to spend so much money buying it from me.”

When Xiao Chen heard that, his impression of this middle-aged man automatically improved. “I am Xiao Chen. Would you be willing to give me your name? In the future, if we meet again, I will definitely thank you again.”

The gray-robed middle-aged man smiled faintly and answered, “I am Liu Hao. There is no need to continue thanking me. It is just a little assistance.”

After Xiao Chen departed, the companions of the gray-robed man immediately asked excitedly, “Big Brother Liu, why did you just watch as that fat lamb got away?”

“Indeed. Just that flood dragon war chariot alone is worth several million Black Astral Coins already. It is much better than us trying our luck at the Distant Sea Dragon Grave.”

“It is just one Great Perfection quasi-Emperor. There are so many of us, and Big Brother is a Consummation quasi-Emperor. What are we afraid of?”

The gray-robed old man’s expression turned serious as he retorted in a cold voice, “You are very short-sighted. Just the expression of this person alone made it such that I did not dare to underestimate him. He already heard your comments and still dared to come by himself—which means that he is someone that we cannot handle.”

Seeing that some people in the group were still unconvinced, the gray-robed middle-aged man could no longer be bothered to dissuade them. This group was put together at the last minute, and no deep friendship bound them. Since there were some people with other intentions, there was no point in forcing the group to stay together.

“Those of you who want to leave the group, just scram. It would be better than your thoughts being fickle when we get to the Distant Sea Dragon Grave and harming everyone in the end,” the gray-robed old man said coldly.

The moment the gray-robed old man said that, some people immediately made up their minds. Without saying anything more, these people quickly flew in the direction that Xiao Chen had taken.

After these people were far away, Liu Hao said indifferently, “There is no need to care about them anymore. They are already dead people.”

His certain tone made the people who remained feel a chill down their backs.


After putting away the flood dragon war chariot, Xiao Chen flew in the direction that Liu Hao mentioned. An hour later, he finally saw the silhouette of a group of islands.

That was right. It was indeed a large number of islands densely clustered together.

Looking down from the sky, one would discover that this group of islands formed the outline of a coiling dragon.

Usually, there were not many islands in the desolate seas. Now that Xiao Chen saw so many islands, he revealed a gratified smile. Finally, he no longer had to worry about traveling in the wrong direction and getting lost.

Suddenly, he frowned. He looked at the sea under him, then made a strange expression.

However, after Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense reached the sea bottom, his expression eased with relief.

Although he had not spoken with that gray-robed old man for long, his instinct told him that the gray-robed man was rather cautious and quite experienced.

While the gray-robed old man was also greedy, he could control himself very well, knowing whom he could not afford to offend.

Xiao Chen had noticed some people shadowing him at the bottom of the sea. At first, he found it strange that the gray-robed old man changed his mind and followed him. However, when he got a clear look at the three people, he understood what had happened.

Xiao Chen’s lips curled up into a smile. He stopped moving immediately, disinclined to waste any time with this trio. So he circulated all the Law Energy in his body and made the first move, smashing a palm strike onto the waves.

A resplendent bright moon like that of fire exploded in the sea, kicking up huge splashes and sending water surging out for fifty kilometers around.

The moment Xiao Chen decided to make a move, he executed the Thousand Year Flame. The bright moon exploded in the sea, carrying his lofty aspirations and striking up thousands of layers of waves that soared into the clouds.

A few miserable shrieks rang out as three figures leaped out of the water. These three figures were covered in wounds, and blood flowed continuously from the corners of their lips.

Although the strong explosive power of the Thousand Year Flame diminished before it struck the three, it caught them off guard. They were still thinking about how to sneak-attack Xiao Chen when the Thousand Year Flame found them unprepared and inflicted severe injuries on them.

This unexpected attack forced these three to give up on robbing Xiao Chen. Horror appeared in their eyes as they tacitly split up and fled.

Since Xiao Chen already made a move, he had no intention of letting these three people go. Those who wanted to prey on him had better be ready to pay the price.

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