Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174: Astonishing Explosive Power

A strange look flashed in Yue Bingyun’s eyes as she asked, “Why is your first brother looking for Xiao Chen? It can’t be that it is purely to challenge him, right?”

Ba Tu scratched his head and replied, “I’m not sure, either. I think First Brother received an invitation and intends to bring Xiao Chen along. He should be testing Xiao Chen’s strength out now.”

While the two spoke, Xiao Chen and Ba Yan quickly started fighting.

Compared to other cultivators, Ba Yan’s moves appeared extremely simple and crude. There was no storing of power. The moment he raised his hand, he punched.

“Raging Inferno Burning Clouds!”

This move took inspiration from the raging inferno. The moment Ba Yan moved his feet, a surging sea of fire instantly spread out.

“What astonishing explosive power!”

The other party’s explosive power mildly surprised Xiao Chen. Furthermore, this move did not require any storing of power and could be executed with a thought, entirely at Ba Yan’s disposal.

Xiao Chen did not dare to be careless. His figure flashed as he executed the Great Perfection Thunder Dragon Steps. His figure appeared like a dragon as he took seven steps forward.

With every step, one or two electric dragons appeared under his feet, roaring with their heads raised to the sky and baring claws and jaws.

After seven steps, twelve berserk electric dragons had appeared behind Xiao Chen. At this moment, he instantly drew his Lunar Shadow Saber and clashed with that fist with its astonishing aura.

The two’s auras clashed in a straightforward head-on collision. When the saber light and fist met, a loud explosion kicked up dust.

However, when the dust settled, the onlookers found that Xiao Chen had taken five steps back and Ba Yan, ten.

“What is this Saber Technique? It is extremely fast, and yet it can explode with such might.” Ba Yan appeared somewhat shocked.

Xiao Chen held up his saber, standing upright. He replied, “This is the Thunder Dragon Chop. It is a Saber Technique I formed after refining the Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique that I self-comprehended in the past. This is something I recently came up with. It looks like this chop is quite powerful.”

Using the Thunder Dragon Steps as the foundation and coupled with the Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique, this Thunder Dragon Chop was a new move that Xiao Chen developed in the Blood Sword Sovereign’s cave.

Without the advancement of the Thunder Dragon Steps, there would not be such a move. Based on today, this move was rather mighty.

“Haha! Interesting. Take another punch from me! Fist Subduing Rivers and Mountains!”

This punch took inspiration from the will of rock. It was not as ferocious and explosive as the will of fire. However, the aura of this Fist Technique was even more tyrannical, wanting to subdue thousands of kilometers of rivers and mountains.

As Ba Yan soared in the air, the mysterious phenomenon of rivers and mountains for thousands of kilometers manifested beneath his feet. With this punch, the great mountains and great rivers all submitted.

While this move was not as ferocious as the previous one, the aura that it released was not inferior. The tyrannical air that it displayed put even more pressure on Xiao Chen.

“This is good timing.”

This move roused Xiao Chen’s competitive nature. He laughed loudly and pushed off the ground ferociously with one foot. Instantly, a multitude of Azure Dragon images flew out of his body.

The ten thousand Heavenly Laws in Xiao Chen’s body all turned into dragon images, creating a spectacle of ten thousand dragons soaring in the air and roaring together.

As he chopped down with his saber, he executed the Subduing Dragon Profound Slash, forming an azure saber light that connected the sky to the ground.

Gaping, Ba Tu exclaimed, “Damn! They are going all out!”

Yue Bingyun also felt some shock. However, she was much calmer than Ba Tu. She said, “Don’t worry. It is just a simple exchange. The two of them know their boundaries and will not bring out their full strength.”

The punch, containing the power of the thousands of kilometers of rivers and mountains that submitted, smashed into the azure saber light.

“Ka ca!” Cracks appeared on the surface of Ba Yan’s fist. Then, a cloud of dust puffed out from his fist. Xiao Chen’s saber had broken his protective rock-attributed energy.

However, the might of Ba Yan’s punch was equally astonishing. A small but clear crack appeared on the saber light where the fist landed.

“That’s enough! That’s enough!”

Seeing his protective Quintessence break startled Ba Yan, and he quickly backed off. Then, he looked at Xiao Chen, no longer daring to underestimate him.

This was the first time someone of his generation managed to break his defense through his Fist Subduing Rivers and Mountains.

In the first move, Ba Yan already fell short. In the second move, his protective rock-attributed Quintessence broke. If they still proceeded with a third exchange, he would have to bring out a killing move, which he had no intention of doing.

The two moves were extremely conclusive, allowing the two to gain a better understanding of each other’s strength.

After the two clashed, although Ba Yan clearly lost, he still maintained his graceful bearing. In the first move, he brought out a horrifyingly explosive power that he could use as he pleased. Xiao Chen only surpassed it after taking seven steps with the Thunder Dragon Steps and winning by a small margin with the Thunder Dragon Chop.

The second move, Fist Subduing Rivers and Mountains, subdued thousands of kilometers of mountains and rivers. This was the first time that someone nearly broke Xiao Chen’s Subduing Dragon Profound Slash.

Actually, Xiao Chen was filled with anticipation for the third move. If he guessed right, the third move should merge the will of fire and the will of rock. After circulating the tenth layer of the Flame Rock Art, it would form a horrifying killing move.

He estimated that perfectly executed, it would be as strong as a Medial Grade Profound Martial Technique.

However, it was really unfortunate that Ba Yan backed off at the last moment.

“Not bad! Haha! It looks like Ba Tu was not mistaken. You are even stronger than he described.”

Ba Yan walked over while laughing loudly. He did not bear any grudges over being inferior to Xiao Chen. His face was filled was a broad smile.

It looked like this Ba Yan was truly a battle maniac, a person addicted to fighting regardless of victory or defeat.

“First Brother, how is he? Is Xiao Chen strong enough to accompany you to that gathering?” Ba Tu asked as he walked over with Yue Bingyun.

Ba Yan nodded and replied, “Naturally, he can. However, Brother Xiao Chen will have to agree first.”

Xiao Chen felt confused, so he asked, “What gathering?”

Ba Yan took out an invitation letter and explained with a smile, “I don’t know who sent the invitation. It is a small gathering of the successors of the thirteen Great Bandits. I received it the moment I came out of closed-door cultivation. Hehe! It should be someone who wants to test the might of my fist.”

“About this…I don’t seem to be a descendant of a Great Bandit,” Xiao Chen said with a frown. He felt that this gathering did not have much to do with him.

Ba Yan said, “You have not figured it out yet? Even a ruffian like me can understand it. This gathering is probably organized to test everyone’s strength before the Outstanding Talent Summit Meeting. Given this, do you still think that it has nothing to do with you?”

Outstanding Talent Summit Meeting!

The Outstanding Talent Summit Meeting again. Xiao Chen already heard mention of this several times already. However, he had been busy with the repair and restoration of the Dragon Subduing Platform, so he still did not know what the Outstanding Talent Summit Meeting was.

“Could it be that you still don’t know about the Outstanding Talent Summit Meeting even after being in Dark City for so long?”

Seeing that Xiao Chen still showed a somewhat confused expression, both Ba Yan and Ba Tu were surprised.

Xiao Chen smiled abashedly. “I really don’t know about this Outstanding Talent Summit Meeting. I came to Dark City for other matters and am preparing to leave in three days.”

“Ba Tu, tell him about it. I originally thought that he came because of the Outstanding Talent Summit Meeting.”

Ba Tu thought for a while, organizing the information in his head. Then, he explained, “The Outstanding Talent Summit Meeting is an event jointly organized by the factions of the thirteen Great Bandits. The purpose of this event is to increase the competition between the various outstanding talents. This event is held once every five years and can be considered a test. Anyone with an Outstanding Talent Token can register for it. The competition is very intense and cruel.

“There are prizes for the top ten, and the prizes for the top three have the highest value; they would be able to obtain a large number of Essence Stones. The first rank can also obtain a Medial Grade Profound Martial Technique and enter the Dark Blood Pond once to strengthen the physical body.”

Essence Stones? Medial Grade Profound Martial Technique?

A gleam flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. Both of these things held a fatal attraction for any quasi-Emperor.

No wonder this Outstanding Talent Summit Meeting drew so many people. No wonder so many foreign cultivators were coming to obtain an Outstanding Talent Token.

“What do you think? Do you still think that this gathering has nothing to do with you?” Ba Yan asked with a smile. Then, he continued, “Many people want to rely on their connections to go, just like Ba Tu. However, I’m not even going to bring him.

“The ones going this time will be the strongest experts of the Great Bandits’ descendants. Without a certain level of strength, one will only be humiliated.”

Xiao Chen made his decision very quickly. He said seriously, “Many thanks, Brother Ba Yan. When are we departing?”

“Great. We will leave now. After being in closed-door cultivation for more than half a year, my bones have already gotten soft. It is time for me to meet those old friends.” A strong desire to fight burned in Ba Yan’s eyes as he put away the invitation and led Xiao Chen away.

Since some finishing touches still needed to be done in the Dragon Subduing Platform’s repair, Xiao Chen could only leave them to Yue Bingyun, giving her some instructions before they left.

Fortunately, Yue Bingyun did not decline but gladly accepted.

This made Xiao Chen somewhat curious. Given Yue Bingyun’s strength, she should be capable of attending the Outstanding Talent Summit Meeting. However, she did not seem interested.

Ba Yan led the way as the two flew around the city without any fear. With the Outstanding Talent Token in hand, they did not need to care about the rules of Dark City prohibiting flying in the city.

Along the way, Ba Yan engaged Xiao Chen in conversation. Perhaps it was because of their bloodline, but those of the line of the Flame Rock Sovereign all seemed somewhat carefree, showing no restraint when they spoke.

“Hehe! Xiao Chen, what exactly is your connection to the Holy Daughter? Thanks to you, a Lunar Palace’s Holy Daughter has graced our Flame Rock castle for the first time.” Ba Yan seemed to be the same as Ba Tu in this aspect, both of them extremely gossipy.

Xiao Chen could only helplessly explain everything. However, Ba Yan still did not believe him.

“Hehe! Let’s not talk about that for now. We have arrived!”

After traveling for a while, the two arrived at a restaurant in the inner city. The decorations of the restaurant gave off a strange charm, and the furniture appeared especially sturdy.

“This is the famous Conflagration Restaurant of Dark City. The entire restaurant is made of divine materials. Furthermore, there are restrictions laid in it. Even if one causes a commotion inside, it will not damage the restaurant. This is a place that the Black Sea cultivators love.”

Ba Yan had gone to the Conflagration Restaurant many times before and was very familiar with it.

He entered the Conflagration Restaurant, taking great strides. The originally noisy hall fell silent as nearly everyone focused their gaze on Ba Yan.

“Damn! This battle maniac is out of closed-door cultivation!”

“Quick, move! After being stifled for more than half a year, who knows whom he will vent on?”

Chaos immediately broke out in the hall. The randomly placed tables and chairs were immediately dragged aside, opening a path for Ba Yan.

Xiao Chen laughed involuntarily. “It looks like you are rather famous here.”

Ba Yan pouted and said, “This is boring. I sure miss the first time I came here. I really got to fight to my heart’s content then. Now, the cultivators of the Black Sea are turning increasingly gutless.”

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