Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1136

Chapter 1136: The Pride of the Purple-Clad Marquis

The faction of the Purple-Clad Marquis’s line was also a Rank 9 sect. However, its accumulations were much more than these Rank 9 sects’.

If these Rank 9 sects banded together, they could only barely deal with the Purple-Clad Marquis’s faction. Furthermore, the Purple-Clad Marquis still had the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace supporting him.

Seeing this scene, these old men could not help entertaining bad intentions again. The Purple-Clad Marquis came personally with a hostile expression. Something big must have happened. Xiao Chen was probably in trouble, and another variable would be added to the mix for Heavenly Star Island.

“The ancient Golden Crow. Brat, you really have overwhelming Luck to be able to subdue such a mythical Holy Beast. I’ll cut to the chase. You should know why I’m here. You should be prepared for this already,” the Purple-Clad Marquis said unhurriedly as he glanced at the ferocious-looking golden Little Yellow Feather on Xiao Chen’s shoulder before looking at Xiao Chen.

Having already calmed down from his initial panic, Xiao Chen asked indifferently, “What kind of conflict could such a major character as Senior have with me? It is best for Senior to just speak your mind. This junior will listen.”

The Purple-Clad Marquis did not say anything to that. However, those old men were all startled. To think Xiao Chen dared to speak to a Greater Heavenly Martial Emperor that way!

If the Purple-Clad Marquis wanted to, he could kill Xiao Chen in an instant.

The two’s strength differed greatly like cloud and mud. Before the Purple-Clad Marquis, all tricks, Martial Techniques, or wills were just like fleeting clouds.

“Indeed, you caught on to the fact that I dare not kill you.”

Who could have imagined that the Purple-Clad Marquis would end up laughing after he heard Xiao Chen’s words, looking incredibly at peace? However, his expression turned cold after a while. He said frostily, “However, if you don’t let go of your pride before a Greater Heavenly Martial Emperor, you will just be seeking suffering for yourself.”

As the Purple-Clad Marquis spoke, his expression turned colder. The entire Heavenly Star Island started trembling along with his words. The clouds seemed to lower and press down as if the sky descended.

By the time the Purple-Clad Marquis finished speaking, immense pressure had surged towards Xiao Chen, making the air feel nearly solid. Everyone could feel the Purple-Clad Marquis’s overwhelming rage. Out of fear, they did not even dare to breathe heavily.

Indeed, the Purple-Clad Marquis could not kill Xiao Chen. However, he could make a move to teach him a lesson, beating him up. As long as Xiao Chen did not die, the Purple-Clad Marquis would not get into too much trouble.

By showing such an attitude, Xiao Chen was indeed just seeking trouble for himself. The group of old men thought, He is simply seeking death.

When seeing a Greater Heavenly Martial Emperor, one should show humility. How could one be so casual? That was simply too disrespectful. Any consequences would be a result of his own actions.

Despite the horrifying atmosphere, Xiao Chen still gave no indication of backing down. He said in a neither-servile-nor-overbearing manner, “If you have something in mind, just speak it straight. This junior will listen and give a reply to the best of my ability. However, if you wish to use your status and strength to try unreasonably to teach me a lesson, I, Xiao Chen, am not that easy to bully.”

“Hahaha!” The Purple-Clad Marquis burst out in laughter as if he had heard something hilarious. He said, “If not for the Thunder Sovereign supporting you, I could squish you to death with one finger like killing an ant. How am I not able to bully you?

“I’ll be straight. You killed my—the Purple-Clad Marquis’s—son. Although I cannot kill you now, if I don’t beat you half-dead, it will be hard for me to swallow this.”

With a flip of Xiao Chen’s hand, a golden plume feather appeared between his fingers. Then, he displayed the blazing aura within it.

A golden Solar True Flame formed a dense pillar of fire soaring into the sky from Xiao Chen’s body and piercing through the clouds. The dazzling light was exceedingly bright, throwing the surroundings into darkness in contrast. It looked like this blazing pillar was the only source of light in this world.

“This is…”

The expression of the Purple-Clad Marquis, who was preparing to make a move, slowly turned grave as he stared at the golden plume feather between Xiao Chen’s fingers.

This commotion also shocked the onlookers. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen was planning to fight a Martial Emperor. Was he crazy?

The Purple-Clad Marquis was a Greater Heavenly Martial Emperor. He was capable of leveling the entire Heavenly Star Island with one thought. However, he felt an inordinate threat from that small feather.

His gaze shifted to the Golden Crow, and he noticed it had two similar golden plume feathers. Then, he suddenly understood.

The Purple-Clad Marquis now understood what was in Xiao Chen’s hand. His heart sank as he said softly, “Solar Plume Feather, the protective measure passed down in the Golden Crow Race. Xiao Chen, you really surprise me. To think that the Golden Crow Holy Beast would actually give you something so precious!

“However, if you think that that thing can scare me, you are too naive. I guarantee that if you dare to make a move, you will be the one suffering in the end.”

Bathed in the golden fire, Xiao Chen said indifferently as he held up the golden plume feather, “That’s right, I may end up suffering. Even if I use this Solar Plume Feather, I will just barely be able to injure you. As for myself, I will lose a life-protecting trump card and still get beaten half-dead. No matter what, I will lose.

“However, there are some things in this world that I cannot give up just because I will suffer. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Your son came to my Heavenly Star Island to cause trouble, killing the citizens of my Heavenly Star Island, injuring my brothers, and humiliating my friends. I do not regret his death!”

The moment Xiao Chen said that, it caused an uproar. The eight old men felt their legs go soft. Now they understood why the Purple-Clad Marquis was so angry.

It turned out that Xiao Chen had killed the Purple-Clad Marquis’s son; the son of a Martial Emperor had died in his hands.

Despite killing the son of a Martial Emperor, Xiao Chen not only showed no intentions of begging for mercy, but he even defied the Purple-Clad Marquis. No wonder the Purple-Clad Marquis wanted to teach Xiao Chen a lesson, declaring he would beat Xiao Chen half-dead despite his status.

“I am not in the wrong. The one in the wrong was your son. Even though you came personally, it is impossible to extract an apology from me, Xiao Chen. Wrong is wrong and right is right. If you make a move on me, I am willing to play along till the end. I believe your enemies would be very happy to see a heavily injured Purple-Clad Marquis.”

Xiao Chen did not show any fear in the face of danger. He stared straight at the Purple-Clad Marquis and spoke with reason, neither servile nor overbearing.

Xiao Chen did not consider himself a hero or behave arrogantly. However, there were some things that he needed to be firm on. Some beliefs could not waver.

He could not lose his principles and bow his head in apology just because the other side was a doting father. His lofty and unyielding character did not permit him to do so.

Xiao Chen’s saying those words created a misperception for some reason.

Despite being a Martial Emperor with a surging aura, the Purple-Clad Marquis seemed to somehow lose out to Xiao Chen in momentum.

Lan Shaobai, who was at the side, felt his blood rush. A flame blazed in his heart as he faced the Purple-Clad Marquis’s strong aura. He put in full effort to step forward and say, “Xiao Chen, it is really worth having a brother like you in this age.”

Then, Lan Shaobai turned to the Purple-Clad Marquis and said loudly, “Purple-Clad Marquis, your son died because of me. If you want to humiliate Xiao Chen, you will have to step over my dead body first. You are very clear about what happened, whether it was right or not. In the future, a senior of my Asura Race will definitely come and seek justice as you have!”

Lan Shaobai had to struggle to say all this. Speaking even one word before the might of a Martial Emperor required an all-out effort through clenched teeth.

However, Lan Shaobai needed to say it, to pour out what was on his mind.

Xiao Chen killed the Purple-Clad Marquis’s son because of Lan Shaobai. Now, when a Martial Emperor arrived, Xiao Chen took all the blame, but he did not lower his head or bow, defying the Martial Emperor instead. He, Lan Shaobai, was definitely not a coward, either.

“Me too. Purple-Clad Marquis, if you want to humiliate Elder Brother Xiao Chen, you will have to step over my—Xiao Yu’s—dead body first.”

“I, Jin Lin, am willing to fight to the death!”

“I, Yue Chenxi, will not stand by idly while you try to humiliate Senior Brother Xiao…”

“There is me as well…”

The pillar of fire soaring into the sky from Xiao Chen’s body was like a lamp lighting the way in the darkness. It gathered all the people of Heavenly Star Island. All of them showed rage on their faces, looking at the Purple-Clad Marquis without fear.

The number of people gathering increased. Aside from the cultivators of Heavenly Star Island, the ordinary people came out as well.

The people gathered in dense packs, staring coldly at the Purple-Clad Marquis in the darkness. Everyone was of one heart, willing to help Xiao Chen out in this calamity. When their voices rang out together, the sound fueled a hot-bloodedness surging in their bodies.

To the Purple-Clad Marquis, these people were just like ants. As long as he wanted, he could easily kill all of them, leaving none alive.

However, the Purple-Clad Marquis had never experienced such a lineup before. Since the moment he started on his path of cultivation, he had never seen such a scene. It shook him to the bone.

What kind of person could cause millions of people to step out into the darkness, willing to die without care for themselves?

The eight old men were dumbfounded. They had not expected that after a Martial Emperor appeared, so many people of Heavenly Star Island would step out.

The expected scene of the Purple-Clad Marquis beating Xiao Chen half-dead did not happen. Instead, the atmosphere was suppressed by Heavenly Star Island, rendering these old men speechless for a long time.

Of course, the Purple-Clad Marquis could not possibly kill all these people. He was not an evil cultivator. He was not bereaved to that extent.

However, such a situation completely surpassed the Purple-Clad Marquis’s expectations. When he came back from the Starry Heavens and received news of his son’s death, he only wanted to go to Heavenly Star Island to do something for his son, to ruthlessly teach Xiao Chen a lesson and beat him half-dead, to force Xiao Chen to apologize and compensate for it.

Unexpectedly, such a scene occurred.

“Xiao Chen, you are really excellent. This Marquis has to admit that you are truly deserving of your rise and fame. However, you should know that even if you have ten times the number of people, it is just like fleeting clouds before a Martial Emperor.”

The Purple-Clad Marquis continued after a pause, “If I want to hurt you, no matter how many people are in the way, they will not be able to stop me. If you apologize and provide compensation today, I, the Purple-Clad Marquis, will keep my word. I will not seek trouble for you again in the future and just take it as my son being incapable.”

This statement greatly startled the eight old men when they heard this. Xiao Chen actually managed to force this Purple-Clad Marquis, who swept through the Western Sea, to compromise. If word of this spread, no one would believe it.

Xiao Chen’s white robes appeared golden and dazzling in the fire. He countered calmly, “Since I’m not in the wrong, why should I apologize? Any senior who has managed to advance to Martial Emperor is worthy of my—Xiao Chen’s—respect. This includes Senior Purple-Clad Marquis.

“However, I’ll still say the same thing. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Xiao Chen has always upheld this principle in my life and will never change this. Even if I die, I will not regret it. If you want to attack, Xiao Chen is willing to play along.”

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