Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122: The Scheming Fu Lianyun

The leaders of the eight factions were confident of defeating Yue Chenxi. However, they would no doubt incur significant injuries in the process. Hence, no one was willing to be first.

After the buck got pushed around for a while, the Lianyun Gang’s Fu Lianyun whispered, “Sect Master Chen, how about you go first? Given Brother Chen’s strength, you can definitely deal with her in two or three moves.”

When Chen Ming heard that, he could not help shouting in anger, “Screw you! That Lan Shaobai really hit it on the nail. Even after living for a few hundred years, you all still can’t match up to a little girl’s courage. If I go now, then who will deal with the Supreme Sky Sect’s elder? Are you going to do it? Stop wasting time. You go!”

Now that things had reached such a point, Fu Lianyun had no other choice but to go.

Fu Lianyun’s figure flashed, and he landed on the surface of the sea. Then, murderous intent flared in his eyes as he looked at Yue Chenxi. He could only end this battle right away. The longer this dragged on, the more variables there would be.

I have to think of a way to end this quickly. Fu Lianyun hurriedly came up with a plan. He said, “Don’t say that I’m bullying the weak. This old man will let you have three moves first, to give you a chance to defeat me.”

“Is that so? In that case, I will really have to thank Senior. However, do not regret it!”

Fu Lianyun smiled and said, “I will regret? Little girl, it will already be pretty good if you don’t regret it. After the three moves, I will defeat you with one move.”

Yue Chenxi did not reply to this. Her expression turned serious as she started circulating her energy for the Morning Sun Fist.

The red clouds of sunrise surrounded Yue Chenxi, lingering without scattering. In an instant, her figure became vague and blurry, difficult to see. The dense red clouds made it all look impossible to unravel.

Fu Lianyun stopped smiling, and his expression turned grave. He sent out his Mental Energy and could not find Yue Chenxi’s figure despite the very bright sky.

What’s going on? With my cultivation, I actually cannot see through this mysterious phenomenon?

This girl is very impressive. Fortunately, this old man retained some cleverness. Otherwise, I might really end up making a joke of myself in this first match.

Fu Lianyun collected himself and calmed down. He circulated his Heavenly Laws at full power and drove the power of the world.

Clouds and winds surged; waves roared on the sea. Splashes of water occasionally shot up to the sky as if mines had exploded.

Fu Lianyun fully unleashed the aura of a quasi-Emperor. He did not appear careless at all, slowly suppressing Yue Chenxi with his aura, waiting to take the upper hand completely when she charged over.

He raised his aura without any haste, carefully preparing for the moment Yue Chenxi appeared and attacked.

The sound of the splashing waves resounded everywhere. In the next instant, the red dawn clouds that filled the place scattered as a bright light exploded forth.

This bright light was very piercing, catching the people watching the battle off guard. Their eyes felt like needles were piercing them, inflicting incredible pain.

What is appearing?

When everyone’s eyes recovered, they finally saw that the one that leaped out was Yue Chenxi herself. She was like the rising sun radiating a bright light as it broke free of the sea, sweeping away the final bits of darkness before dawn.

The blazing sun was unblockable. As Yue Chenxi punched, everyone clearly saw her suppressing Fu Lianyun’s aura slowly. As the rising sun broke out of the sea, the degree its aura flourished seemed outrageous.

This caught Fu Lianyun somewhat off guard. Yue Chenxi actually managed to suppress his aura. In his rush, he could only use his palm to block.

However, Fu Lianyun felt confident that with his cultivation, despite the suppression of his aura, he could still block the blow.

Fist and palm collided. An immense screen of water soared up around the two, concealing the sun and blocking everyone’s view.

When the water fell back down like rain falling from the sky, everyone saw an incredible scene: Yue Chenxi actually pushed back the strong quasi-Emperor Fu Lianyun by one kilometer with her punch.

Because of the might of this punch, Yue Chenxi’s aura grew even more ferocious. The light shining from her body became even more dazzling like she was really the great sun; one could not look at her directly.

Back when Yue Chenxi sought advice from Xiao Chen, he pointed out the strength and weaknesses of the Morning Sun Fist.

How majestic was it when the morning sun gave off the first light of the day? How strong was the energy from the morning sun when it first broke through the darkness?

The strength of the move was clear with one glance, but its weaknesses were equally clear as well. Its follow-up was insufficiently strong.

If the user did not defeat or severely injured the opponent with one punch, then the aura would be immediately drained.

The idea that Xiao Chen gave Yue Chenxi was the addition of the state of gentle water into this punch to provide continuity. The aura would not be exhausted at the very start; instead, it would proceed to rise.

This allowed the initial rising sun to transform to the blazing sun of noon when its aura was at its most ferocious. When the might of the blazing sun started to decrease, it would slowly settle down like when water slowly filled up a container.

When the sun started to set, the aura that had been setting for a long time would undergo one final eruption.

Sunrise, noon, and sunset: three phases. At the highest level, one could cycle through them continuously, no longer needing to worry about being too forceful and draining all the aura.

Of course, Xiao Chen only pointed out the direction. How to alter the circulation and add in the state of gentle water was entirely Yue Chenxi’s accomplishment. After all, no one in this world was more familiar with this Fist Technique than her.

Based on the situation, it was clear that the vague form of the brand-new Morning Sun Fist, which Yue Chenxi created in the past month, was already good.

This scene shocked the many quasi-Emperors watching from the Metal Blood Warship.

“Profound Martial Technique!”

“Old Fu is going to lose. He should not have gotten careless, giving the opponent three moves. Now he’s going to be in great trouble.”

“The might of a Profound Martial Technique is truly incredible. No wonder it is common for one not to be able to buy one at an auction even with sufficient money.”

Most of the quasi-Emperors frowned. The situation before them did not look good. Only Chen Ming smiled coldly and said, “Don’t look down on Fu Lianyun. This fellow is very shrewd.”

“What’s going on? Brother Chen, are you able to make out something?” The other leaders looked at Chen Ming in confusion. The situation in front was clear; Yue Chenxi had knocked Fu Lianyun back by one kilometer. If Fu Lianyun had to endure two more punches, he would definitely be significantly injured.

Chen Ming did not explain. He simply said indifferently, “Just keep watching, and you will understand. Prepare to initiate the attack when you see my signal.”

Yue Chenxi, who stood in the air, was now like the blazing sun, giving off a shocking amount of light and heat. A rainbow bridge appeared under her feet. As she walked on the rainbow bridge, she launched the second punch with an even more ferocious aura.

Fu Lianyun appeared grave. He concentrated all the Law Energy in his body on his right palm. Before they even clashed, the surrounding seawater could no longer hold up. Huge waves soared endlessly as a result of his energy.


Fist and palm clashed once more. This time, the aftermath was even bigger. A surging shock wave blasted the seawater out in all directions.

The surface of the sea became like mud with a huge layer shaved off it. A vast one-kilometer-deep whirlpool appeared in the seawater.

Fu Lianyun retreated continuously. Blood leaked out of a corner of his lips; he appeared significantly injured.

In the hands of Yue Chenxi, the Profound Martial Technique displayed extreme might. Even when the quasi-Emperor put in a lot of effort, he was still injured.


Jin Lin could not help shouting on the Dragon’s Gate’s warship. He said while laughing, “You can be pretentious all you want. There is still one more punch. Let’s see if you can continue to laugh.”

This greatly encouraged the group from Heavenly Star Island. Yue Chenxi significantly injured Fu Lianyun with two punches, showing everyone hope for victory.

When Fu Lianyun landed, he vomited a mouthful of blood. Then he said with a smile, “The might of a Profound Martial Technique is indeed extraordinary. Continue, there is still one more punch. I want to see what other tricks you can bring out. Remember, there is only one more punch.”

Yue Chenxi did not dare be careless. She knew that whether she could defeat her opponent or not would depend on this one punch. Afterwards, her opponent would not give her much time to store up power anymore.

She acted prudently, no longer holding back anything with this third punch. The light that she gave off slowly dimmed until it eventually turned scarlet like the setting sun.

For the sake of letting this punch reach its greatest might, Yue Chenxi did not rush to attack. Instead, she continued storing up her strength. This punch representing sunset was the Morning Sun Fist’s greatest move.

As long as she could completely unleash it, she was confident of defeating Fu Lianyun in one punch.

There was only one problem: she was not that well-practiced with this last move yet and could not use it as she pleased.

However, that was fine. Yue Chenxi’s opponent was generous and let her have three moves at the very start. Soon, he would know the consequences of being arrogant and understand what regret was.

“Hu chi!”

However, just as Yue Chenxi was about to execute this punch, Fu Lianyun, who had been on the defensive, suddenly erupted with strong killing intent, bursting forth with the full aura of a quasi-Emperor.

His dash made him look like a fleeting shadow. Within two or three breaths, he had nearly reached Yue Chenxi, who was about to execute her move.

Fu Lianyun actually broke the promise that he made, catching Yue Chenxi off guard at this critical moment. Before three moves passed, he suddenly made a move.

He did not give Yue Chenxi a chance to pull back before he attacked. Laughing sinisterly, he said, “Little girl, you are still too raw. In your next life, don’t just believe what anyone says.”

Fu Lianyun struck Yue Chenxi, who could not pull back in time. Her own Martial Technique rebounded on her, wreaking havoc with her meridians and causing her to vomit three mouthfuls of blood.

After that, she fell like a broken kite.

The scarlet sunset lost all its light.

This strange development instantly turned the situation around.

No one expected that an older-generation cultivator like Fu Lianyun would play such tricks. He had said he would give Yue Chenxi three moves but only allowed her two to catch her off guard and deal a fatal blow at the last move.

It would have been more or less understandable if he used such a trick to deal with a cultivator who was his contemporary.

However, he actually used it on a junior that was younger by more than two hundred years. This was absolutely despicable and flabbergasting.

As everyone looked at the weakened Yue Chenxi, rage burned in hearts of everyone on the Dragon’s Gate’s warship.

Lan Shaobai’s heart sank as he clenched his right fist tightly. Grinding sounds rang out as his teeth gnashed against each other. He had never been so angry before. Unexpectedly, an older-generation cultivator could be this despicable.


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