Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121: Dangerous Situation

“City Lord, how come we do not see the Island Master, Lord Azure Dragon King?”

For the sake of differentiating Xiao Chen’s and Lan Shaobai’s titles, in the system that Mo Chen set up, Lan Shaobai was the City Lord, managing all the major and minor matters, while Xiao Chen was the Island Master, maintaining mystery and deterrence.

Naturally, Lan Shaobai could not tell this group of outer sect elders the truth, that Xiao Chen and Mo Chen both went to the Dragon’s Gate’s secret realm. Even he did not know when they would come out or whether they would be in any danger.

If these outer sect elders knew, it would definitely affect their morale and fighting spirit.

Right now, the main reason these outer sect elders had the courage to fight the allied troops of the eight factions was Xiao Chen’s existence.

Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen! Just these five words were enough to instill a strong fighting spirit.

Lan Shaobai said, “The Azure Dragon King is in closed-door cultivation. If he is fortunate, after he comes out, he will be a Great Perfection quasi-Emperor. Without even needing us to make a move, he will be able to deal with this group of people by himself. Even if he is not that fortunate and cannot break through, he can rush over at any time.”

Due to force of circumstance, Lan Shaobai had no choice but to make up a reason.

Xiao Chen was in closed-door cultivation and was very likely to break through to Great Perfection quasi-Emperor. With these words, the outer sect elders immediately became excited.

Just as a Small Perfection quasi-Emperor, the Azure Dragon King was already boundlessly powerful. If he managed to advance to Great Perfection quasi-Emperor, that would be extremely incredible.

Lan Shaobai smiled and led the group of people to the yard of the City Lord’s Residence, where seven different-colored, dragon-shaped King Grade warships waited, the warships that Xiao Chen snatched from the Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises.

There was also a warship with Azure Dragons carved on it that was even more eye-catching. That was the king of all the King Grade warships, the Dragon’s Gate’s warship.

“As far as I know, the eight factions have only one King Grade warship. We can deal with that. Although there are many other warships, they are all Sage Grade warships. The ones you have to deal with are those two-hundred-odd Sage Grade warships.”

Lan Shaobai honestly shared the news he obtained with the group of outer sect elders.

Seven King Grade warships against two-hundred-odd Sage Grade warships. The odds of victory were even. However, Lan Shaobai offered a high enough reward to make these outer sect elders eagerly risk their lives. With such a mindset, the odds of victory would naturally be higher.

Looking at the seven warships rising to the sky, Lan Shaobai said to Xiao Yu, “I’ll leave Heavenly Star Island to you. After you receive my signal, activate the Dragon’s Gate’s Heaven Locking Formation. Our lives and deaths are all in your hands.”

Xiao Yu nodded and said, “Elder Brother Shaobai, rest assured. Xiao Yu will not disappoint you.”

Lan Shaobai patted Xiao Yu’s head. This little princess had matured while on Heavenly Star Island. If the Clan Head saw this, he should be delighted.

“Let’s go, then. We can’t let Elder Qin wait at the satellite island for too long.”

From the moment he received the information to making the various arrangements, drumming up morale, and devising the battle plan, Lan Shaobai handled everything superbly. While Xiao Chen was not around, he managed Heavenly Star Island properly. He made it such that no one got rattled as a result of a strong enemy charging at them.

“Come, let’s go and test out these eight factions. Not even to mention snatching our territory, these bastards actually intend to snatch the main island and chase us out. I, Lan Shaobai, want to see what they look like!”

With their bellies filled with rage, the group of inner sect elders, who knew that Xiao Chen had entered the Dragon’s Gate’s secret realm, had a do-or-die mentality as they boarded the Dragon’s Gate’s warship.

Raise the sails and set off. Fight for the Dragon’s Gate. Even if I die, I will have no regrets.

The Dragon’s Gate’s warship led the seven dragon-shaped King Grade warships through the clouds.

After about seven or eight minutes, they reached the front of the seventh satellite island and met up with Elder Qin. The eight warships brought all the elite cultivators of Heavenly Star Island out and formed a tight formation.

“They are here!”

Not long after, an armada radiating strong murderous intent appeared at the horizon, traveling on the waves.

There were three hundred warships gathered—a large number compared to Heavenly Star Island’s eight warships. While there was a striking difference in the visual effect, the eight warships of Heavenly Star Island overwhelmed the other side with their aura.

The reason was that the eight warships were all bona fide King Grade warships. Any one of them was stronger than the other side’s flagship. Furthermore, there was the unrivaled King Grade warship, the Dragon’s Gate’s warship. It was impossible for them to not have a stronger aura.

With seven outer sect elders on the seven warships, none of the Heavenly Star Island cultivators felt any fear at all. Instead, they displayed strong morale.

Clearly, the eight factions had not expected the insignificant Heavenly Star Island to bring out eight King Grade warships. An uproar broke out in all the warships of the eight factions.

How could the eight factions fight this? The disparity was an entire grade. They could only try to overwhelm the enemy with numbers. However, many would end up dying.

This was starkly different from the easy massacre the eight factions expected.

The upper echelons of the eight factions had to send representatives to pacify the people before they managed to slowly calm down this uproar.

Clouds and winds stirred; waves surged up. The seawater rose and fell endlessly. A vast and empty sea lay between the two armadas.

The other side’s Metal Blood Warship left the group and headed forward.

Lan Shaobai wondered what the other side was planning. As he stood on the Dragon’s Gate’s warship, he waved his hand to get the Dragon Gate’s warship to proceed forward to block the other party. At the same time, he shouted, “Halt! This is Heavenly Star Island, the conferred land of the Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen, whom the Martial God Palace’s Thunder Sovereign favors!”

Mockery came from the Metal Blood Warship. Chen Ming laughed coldly and said, “Who are you to speak? Get the Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen to speak to me directly. Don’t try to use the Martial God Palace to pressure me. This only shows your cowardice; it won’t induce any fear in us.”

“Scram now, and our eight factions can leave a path of life for you subordinates of the Azure Dragon King.”

“That’s right. Be wise and go away quickly. Otherwise, Heavenly Star Island will be washed in blood for sure. None of you will be able to get away.”

The two flagships confronted each other on the surface of the sea. The leaders of the eight factions behaved very arrogantly, trying to gain back the momentum. However, their efforts did not seem effective.

The people on the Dragon’s Gate’s warship all smiled coldly, not evincing any fear of this group of quasi-Emperors at all.

While Lan Shaobai spoke, he carefully sized up the enemy and was a little surprised not to see the people of Black Flame Island. He wondered what Zhuang Zhenghe was up to.

At the same time, the various faction leaders quickly communicated with each other, discussing in whispers on the Metal Blood Warship.

“The other side’s morale is very high. That can’t do. Later when we engage each other, we will end up paying a huge price.”

“We need to think of something to suppress them. It is really unexpected that this insignificant Heavenly Star Island has eight King Grade warships.”

“Sect Master Chen, you make the decision!”

Naturally, Chen Ming knew how important morale was when two armies clashed. He looked around and thought of an idea. He looked at the people on the Dragon’s Gate’s warship and said, “You must be Lan Shaobai, right? If you want us to leave, that is possible. We will send out three people from each of our sides and have three matches. The side with two victories will win. Whoever loses will go away!”

“You bunch of young upstarts, aren’t you all very arrogant? Do you dare to agree?!” one of the old men from the eight factions’ side purposely used his energy to amplify his voice, making it echo for five kilometers around and allowing everyone to hear him clearly.

“That’s right. It’s not like our Western Sea has no rules. Whoever is stronger is right. If you are not capable, then don’t occupy a good land like Heavenly Star Island. Go back to the Kunlun Continent!”

The final shout incited a reaction in everyone in the eight factions’ side. Everyone on the three hundred warships shouted, “Go back! Go back!”

Instantly, the other side actually managed to turn the situation around, boosting their morale. Given this, although the Heavenly Star Island’s side knew that even if the other side lost, they would not leave, they found it hard to reject the challenge.

Two victories out of three and the opponents were all quasi-Emperors. This was clearly just bullying, wanting to put this group of younger-generation cultivators at a disadvantage.

Chen Ming walked forward to the bow of the ship and looked at Lan Shaobai. Then, he smiled coldly and said, “What’s wrong? Do you not dare to? If you are not capable, then what are you doing at Heavenly Star Island? Scram!”

Yue Chenxi and the others on the Dragon’s Gate’s warship could not help casting their gazes at Lan Shaobai.

Lan Shaobai smiled faintly and said calmly, “I’ve finally seen what it means to be shameless. A group of people who have lived a few hundred years can actually still say something like that.”

Just when the crowd thought that Lan Shaobai would reject, he turned things around. He added coldly, “However, I’ll still agree to that. Even though I know this is a trick, I will still agree to it. You people will never understand what conviction is.

“If Heavenly Star Island is incapable, why do you eight factions still need to band together before you dare to come and attack? A huge battle is at hand, and you still want to play these little tricks to win back morale? This is truly an eye-opener for me, Lan Shaobai.”

Lan Shaobai’s vehement words flabbergasted Chen Ming’s group, who had not expected him to be so spirited.

Lan Shaobai was not done yet. He took the initiative to say, “Chenxi, you will represent our Heavenly Star Island and be the first to battle. Even if we are defeated, we must show them the bravery of our Heavenly Star Island, where even the females are far superior to this group of geezers!”

Lan Shaobai’s eyes filled with disdain. His words made the hearts of the many Heavenly Star Island cultivators all swell with hot-bloodedness.

That’s right. Our cultivation may not be high, no match for that of you old folks who have lived for hundreds of years. However, we are filled with passion and fervor, acting openly and righteously.

The instant Yue Chenxi heard what Lan Shaobai said, she jumped fearlessly to the surface of the sea. Her face remained calm as she looked at the other side. Then, she said in a cold voice, “Heavenly Star Island’s Yue Chenxi seeks your advice. Please do not be stingy with it.”

Originally, Chen Ming was planning to use this suggestion of having three matches—a clearly unfair matchup—to force Heavenly Star Island’s rejection and crush their morale. Then, they would seize the advantage and attack.

Who would have imagined that Lan Shaobai would immediately agree and even take the initiative to send out his representative first?

All of a sudden, Chen Ming was at a loss for what to do. He took two steps back and asked in a whisper, “Who is going up first?”

After waiting for a while, no one was willing to step up and be the first.

These old men were all very shrewd. They could tell that Yue Chenxi was a peak great grandmaster-level Martial Sage. Furthermore, her aura was very sharp.

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