Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1112

Chapter 1112: Overwhelming Rage

Lan Shaobai, who was only a step away from quasi-Emperor, weaved through his opponents. However, there were too many of them.

With five quasi-Emperors surrounding Lan Shaobai, he immediately suffered a heavy attack when he got careless, causing him to vomit a large mouthful of blood.

After a few more attacks, Lan Shaobai could no longer move. The five quasi-Emperors captured him and tossed him to the back.


The purple-clad youth immediately went over and ruthlessly kicked Lan Shaobai, forcing him to his knees.

“Aren’t you really powerful? In the past, you and that old fellow did not show me any respect. Let’s see if you dare to talk back this time.”

The purple-clad youth ruthlessly kicked him again.

Xiao Yu cried worriedly, “Stop hitting him! Stop hitting him!”

The purple-clad youth turned around and laughed as he looked at Xiao Yu. He said, “This is the result of you working for Xiao Chen. You don’t know what’s good for you. I told you several times already, but you refused to scram. Now, you don’t even have that opportunity anymore.”

Lan Shaobai’s face swelled up, and blood leaked from a corner of his lips. Earlier, when the five quasi-Emperors surrounded him, he already sustained severe injuries. Now, he was being humiliated like this, aggravating his injuries further.

However, Lan Shaobai did not show any intention of begging for mercy. When he saw that this person wanted to make a move on Xiao Yu, he shouted coldly, “If you dare to try touching her, I guarantee that even the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace will not be able to protect you.”

“Since you are threatening me, then I will make a move on her. What are you going—”

Huan Qiuyu showed an uncertain expression. These two people were of unknown origin, and their Martial Techniques were very strange as well. He said coldly, “Enough. Stop messing around.”

The purple-clad youth seemed to harbor some fear of Huan Qiuyu. He did not dare to rebut and stopped trying to do something to Xiao Yu. However, he turned around and kicked Lan Shaobai again.

“You are stupid for working for Xiao Chen. Every time I come to Heavenly Star Island, you always stopped me. Today, I will return all of it to you.”

Huan Qiuyu glanced at the purple-clad youth. He knew that whenever the purple-clad youth went to Heavenly Star Island to cause trouble, Lan Shaobai and Elder Qin would teach him a lesson.

If the purple-clad youth did not vent his frustration, he would not feel at peace in his heart. Hence, Huan Qiuyu just let him be.

Now, the situation was in Huan Qiuyu’s control. He sent two of the seven Small Perfection quasi-Emperors to help with Elder Qin while the remaining five dealt with Mo Chen.

Both Mo Chen and Elder Qin were in great danger, at risk of being captured at any time. It would be difficult for them to try and leave now.

As long as the Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises captured these two, the plan would succeed. Then, they would be able to leave easily. When Xiao Chen returned to Heavenly Star Island, he would come and beg them.

Just at this critical moment, a rectangular wooden box flew over from a distance. It moved at an extreme velocity in the sky.

This box crashed heavily into the quasi-Emperor fighting with Elder Qin. This quasi-Emperor’s protective Law Energy shattered on impact.

With a loud ‘bang,’ this unremarkable wooden box instantly crushed this Great Perfection quasi-Emperor, breaking his bones and turning his body into powder.

After that, the wooden box fell straight down from the sky. The clouds churned continuously. It felt as if the wooden box brought the sky along with it as it fell.

The momentum of the falling wooden box was unblockable. The five quasi-Emperors fighting with Mo Chen sensed something wrong and hastily retreated. Now, Mo Chen was no longer surrounded.

“Bang!” The wooden box landed firmly on the ground. Then, a voice containing overwhelming rage reverberated everywhere. “None of you can even think of leaving today!”

The cold voice spread in all directions. The Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises could not understand what had happened, who was coming, or what stature that person held; they knew nothing at all.

Huan Qiuyu’s face sank, but he maintained his calm. He waved his hand to get the seven quasi-Emperors to withdraw. Then, they formed a defensive circle, protecting everyone within.

This greatly startled the purple-clad youth, who had been teaching Lan Shaobai a lesson. He quickly stopped and dragged Lan Shaobai into the circle.

“Qiuyu, what should we do? Who is this person?”

“What should we do? The Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace’s Great Perfection quasi-Emperor actually died in an instant.”

The rest of the Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises were all scared silly. Panicking, they all asked Huan Qiuyu for directions.

Huan Qiuyu felt a headache coming. He hoped that it was not that person returning. Otherwise, there would be no more chances. He shouted, “Friend, where are you from? You even dare to kill the elder of the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace. Do you not want to remain in the Western Sea anymore?”

“Huan Qiuyu, where do you think I come from?”

A white figure descended at lightning speed. He stood on the wooden box and glared at Huan Qiuyu’s group coldly.

“Big Brother Xiao Chen!”

“It’s really Xiao Chen! Xiao Chen is back!”

Xiao Yu and Yue Chenxi, who were captured by the Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises, revealed expressions of joy as they shouted excitedly.

Xiao Yu even started tearing up. She said, “Big Brother Xiao Chen, quickly chase away this group of people. They bullied Elder Brother Shaobai and beat him up until he is unrecognizable.”

Xiao Chen glanced at Lan Shaobai. Lan Shaobai was riddled with wounds, palm prints and footprints covered his body, and slap marks dotted his face. Murderous intent filled Xiao Chen’s heart like a blazing scarlet flame.

Xiao Yu was rather kind. Even at this point, she only said to chase them away. However, how could it be so simple?!

The person who attacked Lan Shaobai had to die. There was no other choice.

Huan Qiuyu’s expression instantly turned extremely unsightly. He could not understand how Xiao Chen had come back so soon. Speak of the devil!

Suddenly, the roars of four dragons boomed behind the Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises. Huan Qiuyu turned his head to look, and his face lit up with joy. That was the Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace’s flood dragon war chariot. Leng Shaofan came personally; they were saved!

However, before Huan Qiuyu’s smile could fully form, he saw the four flood dragons charging through with ferocity and biting many of his people to death, driving them forward.

Huan Qiuyu turned pallid. He finally realized why Xiao Chen managed to rush back so fast. This fellow snatched Leng Shaofan’s flood dragon war chariot.

Even Leng Shaofan lost to Xiao Chen. When this thought appeared in Huan Qiuyu’s mind, he broke out in a cold sweat.

Back when Leng Shaofan sent Huan Qiuyu the message, he emphasized several times to take action quickly without delay. In the end, because Huan Qiuyu had to entertain the Great Perfection quasi-Emperor of the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace, he wasted one day.

It was this one day that brought disaster upon Huan Qiuyu.

The Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises had already heard of Xiao Chen’s fame and deeds. They knew that Xiao Chen defeated the various outstanding talents with one move each during the Four Seas Hero Gathering.

Without a peak Consummation quasi-Emperor here, even if everyone in the Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises’ group worked together, they would not be a match for Xiao Chen.

Now, the flood dragons blocked off the Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises’ line of retreat while Xiao Chen stood in front. Earlier, they were still very cocky and arrogant. Now, they found themselves in a situation where they could neither advance nor retreat. Their faces all turned ashen.

“Xiao Chen, you better wise up, hand over the Sea Monarch Crown, and let us go. Otherwise, your three friends will die!”

Under stress, the purple-clad youth grabbed Lan Shaobai and shouted threats.


Xiao Chen did not bother speaking nonsense. He pushed off the ground and shot forward like an arrow, moving at lightning speed. Before the purple-clad youth could see him clearly, he already landed in front of the purple-clad youth. Then, he placed a finger on the purple-clad youth’s forehead.

Xiao Chen moved exceedingly fast. To the purple-clad youth, this speed was no different from teleportation.

“Clang!” The purple-clad youth’s hand lost strength, his weapon instantly dropping to the ground. After that, he toppled backwards with a finger-sized hole in his forehead bleeding continuously. However, he showed no signs of life anymore.

After Xiao Chen killed this waste with one finger, he continued to weave through the crowd at lightning speed, simply untouchable, and quickly rescued Xiao Yu and Yue Chenxi.

After gathering the three, Xiao Chen released his aura at full strength. This strong aura immediately knocked back the group of people that finally reacted and were preparing to attack.

Several of the weaker cultivators even vomited blood and went flying back when this aura blasted out.

“Get on!”

Xiao Chen gently tossed the three onto the flood dragon war chariot that happened to fly over.

Having rescued his people, Xiao Chen no longer needed to hold back, so he quickly attacked. As he said, those who attacked would definitely die.

He already killed the purple-clad youth with one finger. The Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace’s Great Perfection quasi-Emperor was also dead. The seven Small Perfection quasi-Emperors had to die as well.

Xiao Chen moved lightning-fast, not restraining himself at all. The seven Small Perfection quasi-Emperors with surging auras were no match for him whatsoever, not lasting a single move. They could not even run before he killed them.

The city walls were crowded with Heavenly Star Island’s citizens, who had heard the commotion and came.

When these people saw the seven quasi-Emperors who frequently harassed Heavenly Star Island die one by one at Xiao Chen’s hands, this spectacle shocked them all.

Then, some people started talking, saying that this person who attacked was the Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen, the true master of this conferred land. When the citizens heard that, all of them felt excited.

Soon, only Huan Qiuyu and the other surviving Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises remained alive. Aside from Huan Qiuyu, who was considerably calm, the rest shivered in fear, nearly kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy.

These people were already terrified early on. After Xiao Chen landed, he had not even said a word. He only killed, nothing else.

Not only did Xiao Chen kill all the quasi-Emperors, but he also did not show any mercy to the Purple-Clad Marquis’s descendant, slaying him directly.

Originally, the Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises thought that Xiao Chen would factor their fathers being Martial Emperors into his decision and not dare to kill.

However, this line of thought was wrong. Xiao Chen did kill and without even saying a word, showing nary a hint of fear.

Sweat ran down Huan Qiuyu’s forehead. Under the tremendous mental pressure from Xiao Chen’s gaze, he broke down and begged, “Xiao Chen, please let us off. I guarantee that we will not cause any more trouble for Heavenly Star Island.”

“Right, right, right! I guarantee that the line of the Blue-Clad Marquis will not appear.”

“My line of the Red-Clad Marquis will not appear, either.”

Xiao Chen did not bother looking at the others. He only stared at Huan Qiuyu and said indifferently, “Huan Qiuyu, remember what you promised today. I will say this only once. If you have any grudges, come straight at me. Do not make a move on my friends. Otherwise, no matter who you are, I, Xiao Chen, will make you pay with your lives!”

When the others heard this, they could not help shivering. Seeing the corpse of the purple-clad youth, they did not dare to doubt Xiao Chen’s words at the risk of their lives.

“Many thanks for not killing us. We will leave now.”

After receiving Xiao Chen’s pardon, the remaining Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises felt relieved of a heavy burden. They quickly stood up and prepared to leave as far as they possibly could. They no longer dared to remain near Heavenly Star Island. Unless they fled home, they would not feel safe at all.

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