Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1110

Chapter 1110: Overjoyed at Unexpected Good News

Xiao Chen gently patted the center of the bed, and it protruded out. Removing the expensive and soft Spirit Beast fur on top revealed a small, exquisite table.

He took off his shoes and socks before sitting cross-legged on the bed. There was a small ring handle under the table. When he pulled on it gently, cold air came from inside.

He discovered several wines hidden in an icy drawer, kept there for some time already.

The drawer looked very small without a lot of space in it. However, in reality, it was quite commodious. Leng Shaofan had specially invited a Martial Emperor expert to carve a small spatial formation there as well as an ice formation. This drawer was a cold wine cellar.

A careful look turned up countless rare wines of all sorts, several of which Xiao Chen did not even know the names of. However, just based on their packaging, they were clearly extraordinary.

Leng Shaofan was a fellow who truly knew how to enjoy himself. However, these were all Xiao Chen’s now.

“Hey, this fellow unexpectedly stockpiled quite a lot of Thousand Year Flame.”

Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up. Unexpectedly, he found ten bottles of Thousand Year Flame in the wine cellar. He could not help but be overjoyed.

He already consumed all the Thousand Year Flame he obtained from Mo Chen long ago. Now that he suddenly saw the wine that he liked so much, he could not help revealing a smile.

Xiao Chen reached back and gently tapped a few times. A small, collapsible wall cabinet appeared with many delicate wine cups arranged inside. Below them were several tea sets made of thousand-year-old precious jade.

He took out a Thousand Year Flame and searched around. He discovered that none of the wine cups in the cabinet were suitable for drinking the Thousand Year Flame. So, he got his own purple crystal cup from the Universe Ring.

After that, he slowly poured himself a cup. The wine looked extremely beautiful in the purple crystal cup, very pleasing to the eye.

Ao Jiao flew out of the Immortal Spirit Ring and looked around the chariot’s interior curiously. She smiled and said, “This chariot is pretty good. Its speed and defenses are excellent. Most importantly, its accessories are very exquisite too, allowing one to stay in it comfortably.”

Xiao Chen felt very pleased with his spoils of war. As he swirled the purple crystal cup, he had a faint smile.

Ao Jiao eyed the cup with interest. Under Xiao Chen’s somewhat astonished gaze, she poured herself a cup. Then, she copied Xiao Chen and slowly swirled it.

Faint sparks emerged from their wine cups. Soon, flames flew out and formed two golden-bright and dazzling Golden Crows. Then, the two Golden Crows started chasing each other in the rather vast interior of the chariot.

Once the Golden Crows disappeared, Xiao Chen picked up his wine cup and drained the Thousand Year Flame in one go. He felt an incredibly pleasant sensation, and the aftertaste lingered for a long time.

Sitting across him, Ao Jiao took a sip, and a flush instantly bloomed on her cheeks. Her very lovely and young-looking face appeared very charming.

“It turns out that this is what wine tastes like!”

Xiao Chen put down the wine cup and sank into deep thought. With several Holy Spirit Veins in the Immortal Spirit Ring, Ao Jiao’s strength improved as the days passed, and her changes were becoming increasingly obvious.

Ao Jiao had body temperature and could drink wine as well as many other things. However, such things were unprecedented for an Item Spirit since ancient times.

All the same, she seemed to enjoy these changes. Naturally, Xiao Chen felt happy for her, as long as there was no other price to pay. In the future, when he advanced to Martial Emperor, he would personally go and ask that old Item Spirit in the Azure Dragon Palace.

“Flap! Flap!”

Little Yellow Feather, who had enough fun outside, flew inside excitedly. When it saw that Ao Jiao’s wine cup was still filled with a lot of wine, it quickly landed in front of the wine cup and started drinking with its small beak.

This startled Xiao Chen, and he quickly tried to stop Little Yellow Feather. Ao Jiao smiled and forestalled Xiao Chen, saying, “Let it be. This wine is quite delicious.”

“The aftereffects of this wine is rather strong. Most people can’t drink even one cup. It is best not to drink this if you are new to drinking.”

The flushed Ao Jiao wobbled. She said somewhat drunkenly, “Is that so? Hehe! I was wondering, why is my head so dizzy? So dizzy…”

Before she finished speaking, she collapsed onto the bed and fell into a deep sleep.

After drinking the Thousand Year Flame, Little Yellow Feather became extremely excited, chirping continuously.

As it flew in the air, it spread its wings out to their maximum extent. Then, all its golden-yellow feathers turned completely red. It opened its beak, and a flame quickly accumulated there.

This sight frightened Xiao Chen. If Little Yellow Feather went crazy, it would burn up this entire war chariot for sure.

“Plop!” The excited Little Yellow Feather suddenly ceased moving, falling onto the bed. It was like a dead fish as it lay belly up, not reacting to anything at all.

Xiao Chen smiled helplessly and checked on Ao Jiao. Asleep, she looked especially beautiful. The words “big-boobed loli” from his previous life truly applied to her.

If he continued looking at Ao Jiao, he might even start to entertain evil thoughts. After verifying that she was just asleep and there was nothing wrong with her, he poured himself another cup of Thousand Year Flame. Then, he closed the bed curtains and stepped out.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The chariot cabin was very stable like it was traveling on flat ground. After Xiao Chen came out, he immediately felt the speed and the howling winds.

The four deep-sea flood dragons moved very fast, splitting wind and waves as they pulled the war chariot, advancing rapidly.

The might equivalent to quasi-Emperors’ deterred ferocious beasts of the sea from appearing rashly.

When a few of the passing loose cultivators saw the mark of the Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace, they distanced themselves far away, not daring to block the flood dragon war chariot. Hence, Xiao Chen traveled very fast without anything to hinder his way.

“It’s been half a month already. We should arrive at Heavenly Star Island in another three days!”

At this moment, Xiao Chen felt very anxious. He wished he could immediately appear on Heavenly Star Island.

Looking at the time, Xiao Chen had been away from Lan Shaobai, Jin Dabao, and the others for a year and a half already. When he left, he had not expected to take such a long time. To think he was so optimistic that he believed he would return in half a year!

Who could have imagined that after Xiao Chen left, he would end up staying away for such a long time and even run into several difficulties?

The affairs of the world were truly unpredictable.

Life was unpredictable. No one knew what the future held. Fortune and disaster were hard to differentiate. Good and bad became increasingly difficult to distinguish.

Xiao Chen wondered how Lan Shaobai and the others were doing in Heavenly Star Island. Originally, he thought that after he left, no one would make things difficult for them.

However, the news that the Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace gave him made him worry and pessimistic.

“Those Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises had best not go overboard. Otherwise, I will return the favor to them a hundred times over, make them pay with their lives!”

Xiao Chen swirled the wine in the cup he held. When the flame soared into the air, murderous intent appeared on his face. He ferociously flung his right hand to the side. The purple crystal cup shattered, the wine splattering everywhere and turning into sparks.


In the Azure Dragon King’s conferred land in the Western Sea, Heavenly Star Island:

Workers were currently constructing a winery in a vast, empty region. After it was completed, Mo Chen would be able to concoct all sorts of wines using the recipes she had. Then, Jin Dabao’s merchants could bring them to the Black Sea.

Not only would this provide good jobs for the ordinary people of Heavenly Star Island, but the wine sales would also bring the merchant association plenty of profits.

Not far from the construction site, Mo Chen directed the workers. Her eyes, which were visible through her veil, sparkled with excitement despite her obvious fatigue.

“Haha! The progress is pretty good; it is rather fast.” Lan Shaobai walked over with a smile.

Mo Chen smiled faintly and handed the matters she was dealing with to a rather aged man. After adding some instructions, she walked over, asking, “You have good news for me?”

Lan Shaobai nodded and replied, “Yes. I just received word that Xiao Chen defeated all the various outstanding talents with one move each at the Four Seas Hero Gathering half a month ago. Then, he managed to obtain the Dragon’s Gate’s mountain tablet. He should be arriving soon.”

The news came rather late. However, this was inevitable. The Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises sent people to block off all routes in front. Thus, any information they obtained came from the Black Sea through Jin Dabao.

Joy flashed in Mo Chen’s eyes. However, she did not seem overly excited, appearing extremely calm as she nodded gently.

“Why don’t you seem surprised at all, nary a hint of shock?” Lan Shaobai asked, feeling curious.

Mo Chen replied gently, “This is something expected. What is there to be shocked about? However, I did not imagine that Xiao Chen would defeat everyone with just one move each.”

Mo Chen always had faith in Xiao Chen, never doubting that he would bring back the Dragon’s Gate’s mountain tablet.

Lan Shaobai thought it over carefully. From the moment he first met Mo Chen, she had declared her firm belief that Xiao Chen would definitely bring back the Dragon’s Gate’s mountain tablet. No wonder she seemed so calm now.

When Lan Shaobai received the news, he had been excited for the longest time, so excited that he recorded this matter in that Azure Dragon Bamboo Scroll of his.

“I thought that you found a suitable place for me to construct a refining pavilion. It looks like I was happy for nothing. However, this news is pretty good as well. At least now, I know how much longer until Xiao Chen rushes back.” Mo Chen followed up with a smile.

Her mentioning this matter gave Lan Shaobai a pang.

Mo Chen was much more capable than he had expected. She was much more experienced in managing the various matters of the island than he was.

Furthermore, she was very capable in so many other fields. Just thinking about it made him feel defeated. Refining Secret Treasures was her main trade. The Book of Heavenly Works only improved her excellent skills; it was like giving a tiger wings.

However, without even having to mention refining Secret Treasures, her other skills would already make others sigh in admiration. Alchemy, brewing, formations, astrology, medicine, management, and many more, she was well versed in all of them.

Mo Chen was also no stranger to Lan Shaobai’s specialty—history. She could discourse with him on various matters of the Martial Epoch and even showed a good understanding of them.

After she arrived at Heavenly Star Island, she helped him with the matters he was originally supposed to do, giving everything a once-over. Furthermore, she even did them better than him, allowing him to relax a lot more.

Lan Shaobai had never managed such a large territory before. He had been holding on bitterly all the while. With Mo Chen’s help, he finally got everything on track.

However, some moments were problematic for him as well, like now. Mo Chen wanted to build a refining pavilion. Naturally, he was overjoyed. However, after selecting several good spots and being rejected, he felt a headache whenever she raised this matter.

Lan Shaobai smiled embarrassedly and said, “The refining pavilion needs to be constructed somewhere with Earth Flame. There were several such places on Heavenly Star Island. However, none of them caught your interest. I’m really helpless here.”

Mo Chen said seriously, “If it were ordinary power, then just choosing a random location would be fine. However, I am now practicing the Book of Heavenly Works and can refine King Grade Secret Treasures in large volumes. If the grade of Earth Flame cannot keep up, I won’t be able to do that, so it would be pointless.”

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