Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1109

Chapter 1109: Absolute Strength

In the Immortal Spirit Ring, Ao Jiao urged on Little Yellow Feather, who had been bitterly cultivating there for the past year. It chirped happily and flew out quickly.

Little Yellow Feather spread its wings and radiated a dazzling golden light. A strong blast of might swept over the four deep-sea flood dragons as it glared at them. This scared the four deep-sea flood dragons into shivering.

In regard to the bloodline, the deep-sea flood dragons were not of a pure True Dragon’s bloodline. However, if they cultivated to the peak and successfully cleared their tribulation, they could transform into dragons.

On the other hand, Little Yellow Feather was a bona fide Holy Beast, an existence on the same level as a True Dragon. After the four deep-sea flood dragons saw it, they immediately felt an innate fear.

Leng Shaofan’s eyes lit up. He smiled and said, “It is actually a juvenile Golden Crow. Elder Cheng, quickly go and suppress Xiao Chen. After that, subdue this Golden Crow, so that we can use it as a guardian beast for my Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace.”

Obeying the order, the old man leaped up, sending a palm strike at Xiao Chen.

This palm strike seemed ordinary. However, it carried the puissant power of the world, using that power to suppress. This old man was using his cultivation to try and defeat Xiao Chen.

Under the pressure of this palm strike, Xiao Chen sank one kilometer together with the seawater around him.

Xiao Chen felt shocked. Although he had expected a Consummation quasi-Emperor’s strength to be extremely horrifying, he only realized that it was far beyond his expectations when he truly faced one.

With his current strength, he was no match for someone two cultivation grades above him. He could only cope by using the Sea Monarch Crown.

With a thought, the Sea Monarch Crown flew out of the Universe Ring and sat firmly on Xiao Chen’s head.

In that instant, a plethora of emotions surged up. These emotions were all from the Sea Monarch. Xiao Chen did not find this strange. He calmed himself, and all the various negative emotions vanished.

The old man on the surface who pressured Xiao Chen with one palm strike laughed maniacally. Just as he prepared to throw another palm strike and severely injure Xiao Chen, he was shocked to discover Xiao Chen suddenly flying up.

Along with Xiao Chen came the seawater that had been pressed down with him. Now, the situation reversed, and his aura surpassed the old man’s.

The old man saw the crown on Xiao Chen’s head, and a greedy look flashed in his eyes. “Do you think that you can fight against this old man while wearing the crown? Azure Dragon King, you are too naive. Before absolute strength, everything is but an illusion.”

Xiao Chen replied indifferently, “Those words are right. However, you are not qualified to say them. I will show you the mystery of the Sea Monarch Crown, the water domain.”

A huge image appeared behind Xiao Chen. That was the Sea Monarch, who ruled the oceanic world and could compete with the Azure Emperor ten thousand years ago.

A blue ring of light came from the Sea Monarch’s figure. The sky-blue water domain encased the area within fifty kilometers.

The air was filled with a blue barrier, like it was solid water, permeating every area of space. The old man felt that something was wrong. Be it his speed or the amount of the power of the world he could drive, it decreased significantly within the solid-looking barrier.

After testing for a bit, the old man relaxed slightly. His strength was only lowered by twenty percent. That was more than enough to deal with Xiao Chen.

The old man immediately laughed coldly, “In the end, you are just a Small Perfection quasi-Emperor. Even in this water domain, my strength is only weakened by twenty percent. It is still impossible for you to injure me.”

“Idiot! When did I say that you were the target?!”

Xiao Chen was not interested in the old man. While wearing the Sea Monarch Crown, he was like a fish in water in this water domain. He moved even faster than usual. His figure flashed, disappearing from the old man’s sight.

This startled the old man. He soon understood and looked in the direction of Leng Shaofan and the others. He only saw Leng Shaofan and the other three old men arduously walking on the surface of the sea, trying to escape the water domain.

Compared to the Consummation quasi-Emperor, the other three old men were even more suppressed, their strength decreasing by forty percent.

Leng Shaofan, whose cultivation was the lowest, was in an even sorrier state. His strength decreased by sixty percent—to the level of a Superior Grade Martial Sage.

With such strength, Leng Shaofan would be just like a child to Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen caught up in an instant and grabbed him.

“Young Master!”

The other three old men quickly launched themselves at Xiao Chen. However, he did not even bother looking. Carrying Leng Shaofan with one hand, he threw a palm strike at each of the three old men with the other, sending them flying.

Panicking, Leng Shaofan tried to activate the pendant at his chest, a lifesaving measure from his father. Once he activated it, even a Martial Emperor could not do anything to him.

However, how could Xiao Chen give Leng Shaofan the chance to do so? He clenched his right hand and heavily rapped Leng Shaofan on the head, interrupting his actions.

Hitting Leng Shaofan felt great. Since Xiao Chen returned to the Supreme Sky Sect after the King conferral ceremony, Leng Shaofan had been plotting against him.

Xiao Chen had long since wanted to vent his frustration. Now that he found this opportunity, how could he let Leng Shaofan off easy? After a few punches, Leng Shaofan’s head started to resemble a pig’s head. His face swelled up, no longer looking like before.

“Now, do you know who is the one that is not giving the other a chance to regret?” Xiao Chen asked indifferently as he carried Leng Shaofan.

Intense pain flared in Leng Shaofan’s face. He felt very aggrieved. He had not expected that after Xiao Chen wore the Sea Monarch Crown, the old man who was two cultivation grades higher would not be able to do anything to Xiao Chen.

Leng Shaofan clenched his teeth and said, “You win this time. However, after today’s matter, there will be no more chance of reconciliation between you and the Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace. I, Leng Shaofan, will not be able to share the same skies as—”


Xiao Chen hated such stubborn people. This punch knocked out several of Leng Shaofan’s teeth. Then, Leng Shaofan vomited some blood, preventing him from finishing what he wanted to say.

Wind howled. It was the Consummation quasi-Emperor charging over in rage.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and dodged gently, going far away and not clashing head-on.

Even with the water domain, he was not a match for that old man.

However, in regard to speed, Xiao Chen could easily outstrip him. The Consummation quasi-Emperor continuously charged at Xiao Chen, his eyes spewing flames of rage. Every time Xiao Chen dodged, he ruthlessly punched Leng Shaofan’s face in front of the old man.

This situation frustrated Elder Cheng, causing him to gnash his teeth. However, he could not catch Xiao Chen no matter what.

Xiao Chen had an excellent grasp of the situation as well. He knew that he could not kill this Leng Shaofan. Otherwise, the Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace’s Palace Master would destroy him indiscriminately, despite the pressure from the Thunder Sovereign.

Nevertheless, Xiao Chen could not just swallow his frustration. Thus, he kept punching Leng Shaofan in the face, although he used only an ordinary level of force.

Leng Shaofan cursed continuously. However, Xiao Chen did not get angry. For every curse, Xiao Chen punched him one more time.

Only when the Magic Energy in his sea of consciousness was about to run out did Xiao Chen send Leng Shaofan flying with a punch towards the Consummation quasi-Emperor.

With a backflip, Xiao Chen landed on the chariot that Leng Shaofan abandoned. While in the water domain, Little Yellow Feather had already completely subdued the four deep-sea flood dragons.

Xiao Chen felt extremely comfortable as he sat in the chariot. At a wave of his hand, Little Yellow Feather immediately got the four deep-sea flood dragons to take to the sky.

Little Yellow Feather swung the reins restraining the four deep-sea flood dragons. Then, it spread its wings and shot out four streams of flames at them. Feeling pain, the flood dragons immediately broke into a dash.

“Brother Shaofan, the journey to Heavenly Star Island is long and far. This Xiao will be borrowing your dragon chariot.” Xiao Chen’s carefree laughter came from the distance.

Elder Cheng was currently checking on Leng Shaofan’s injuries. He did not have time to bother with Xiao Chen, letting him ride off on Leng Shaofan’s favorite dragon war chariot.

“Young Master, are you alright?!” the old man carefully asked Leng Shaofan, whose head resembled a pig’s head, almost unrecognizable.

Leng Shaofan’s injuries were not heavy. However, Xiao Chen hit his head many times, rendering him dizzy and disoriented.

After a while, Leng Shaofan recovered and looked around. He asked in a slurred voice, “Where is my flood dragon war chariot?”

Elder Cheng thought for a while before telling the truth. “Xiao Chen snatched it away. He said he was borrowing it.”

After Leng Shaofan heard that, he could not help trembling with frustration.

In this trip, he truly made a fool of himself. A Great Perfection quasi-Emperor died, and he lost the flood dragons. However, what was even more unacceptable was that Xiao Chen had beaten his face up very badly.

However, there was no such thing as a chance after regret. No matter how much one regretted, it was too late. Xiao Chen had already taken the dragon chariot far away.


Xiao Chen had to admit that this flood dragon war chariot of the Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace was really comfortable.

These four flood dragons equal to a quasi-Emperor were like horses, obediently pulling the war chariot and running on the sea. Just the thought of it would already shock people.

When Xiao Chen tested its speed, the flood dragon war chariot was even faster than his Dragon’s Gate’s warship.

The reason was not difficult to understand. Before the Dragon’s Gate was destroyed, that warship was a mass-produced item. Although it was more powerful than most King Grade warships, it was ultimately a mass-produced item. It could not compare to an exquisitely crafted war chariot that a large sect put in their full efforts to build.

Most importantly, when this flood dragon war chariot moved, it did not need to use Astral Cores.

For the Dragon’s Gate’s warship to match this speed, one needed to power it with Medial Grade Astral Cores—which would cost a lot of money.

Xiao Chen did not feel any fear when using this chariot to travel around the Western Sea. This chariot was a symbol of the Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace. No faction would dare to offend them. Hence, his passage would be unhindered.

Upon close inspection, he noticed that this dragon chariot possessed many advantages.

There was no need to think to figure out what kind of expression Leng Shaofan was showing at this moment. Xiao Chen could guess that Leng Shaofan felt very depressed right now. He already told him not to regret his actions. However, Leng Shaofan had not believed him and still behaved so rashly. Ending up like that served him right.

As Xiao Chen sat in the war chariot, he examined its construction.

The war chariot was black in color with the insignia of the Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace carved on the protective railings on both sides. Xiao Chen had already erased Leng Shaofan’s mental imprint and replaced it with his own.

Now that Xiao Chen understood the war chariot much better, he snapped his fingers. The chariot gave off creaking sounds, and a roof appeared, firmly closing it up.

The formerly open war chariot was now enclosed. Those outside could not see who was sitting inside.

As for Xiao Chen, he only needed to part the curtains to look out.

With the chariot closed up, the area at the back folded, creating ample space. The long, soft bench that was originally there turned into a large, comfortable bed.

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