Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1097

Chapter 1097: Night Visit by Qingxuan

Long Fei and Qi Wuxue had arrived at Bright Moon City earlier. They were more fortunate than the rest, having managed to rent a quiet and graceful courtyard.

The three chatted together, speaking of events that transpired after they parted and of their fortuitous encounters.

By rights, Long Fei and Qi Wuxue should possess pretty good Luck. After they visited some of the forbidden lands of the Eastern Sea, they received a reasonably good harvest.

Long Fei, whose talent was quite good in the first place, had a more determined personality than Qi Wuxue and succeeded in breaking through to quasi-Emperor three months ago.

Xiao Chen also shared his encounters in the Heavenly Starry Ocean briefly. Then, he expressed his gratitude to Long Fei for the clue to the Despair Throne.

“It was just a small matter. I was truly unable to take out anything appropriate, so I used that to bluff my way through.”

When speaking of this matter, Long Fei actually smiled embarrassedly and told Xiao Chen not to be so courteous over it.

Qi Wuxue interjected, “Oh, right, Xiao Chen, didn’t you obtain your conferred land? When are you going to bring us over to take a look?”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “After this Four Seas Hero Gathering, the two of you can come with me to Heavenly Star Island.”

After thinking for a while, Long Fei said, “I’m afraid that I can’t go.”

Xiao Chen understood. Long Fei just broke through to quasi-Emperor and required a large amount of resources to reach Small Perfection quasi-Emperor. He needed to rush back to the Corpse Race and get the support of his Clan.

At such a young age, Long Fei was already a quasi-Emperor. His future in the Corpse Race would definitely be bright. The Corpse God Palace would no doubt devote a large amount of resources to nurture him.

Qi Wuxue smiled and said, “You finally achieved success. Who knows, maybe the First Disciple of the Heaven Punishing Corpse God will be no match for you now.”

Long Fei remained silent for some time. Then, he shook his head and said, “It’s not that simple. Aside from me, the younger generations of the Corpse God Palace all went to the Astral Battlefield, which allowed them to grow very fast. The Heaven Punishing Corpse God’s disciple advanced to quasi-Emperor half a year ago.”

Xiao Chen had known about the younger generation of the Kunlun Continent going to the Astral Battlefield. However, his knowledge was limited.

He did not know any of the specifics at all.

After listening to what Long Fei said, it seemed like the Corpse God Palace also had territories in the Heavenly Starry Ocean, allowing him to obtain news easily.

Xiao Chen asked, “Did the younger generation of the Kunlun Continent’s five domains all go to the Astral Battlefield?”

Long Fei sighed, “They all went. However, that is not exactly a good place. The news that I obtained said that more than half the outstanding talents that went to the Astral Battlefield died there, never to come back.

“The high-ranked Demons have innate talents, and their talent for combat far surpasses ours. Perhaps only the Deity Race and some of the ancient races can face them head-to-head.

“That’s right. There is one thing that you need to pay note to.”

Xiao Chen asked out of curiosity, “What thing?”

Long Fei said seriously, “Your old enemy, Di Wuque, is the one growing the fastest in the Astral Battlefield. Since his debut, he had never been defeated. However, after you defeated him, he truly matured.”

Xiao Chen raised his wine cup and took a sip. He said, “That is fine with me. I hope that one day, I will be able to fight fairly with him.”

During the King conferral ceremony, Di Wuque had taken advantage of the situation to attack while Xiao Chen was occupied with the descendants of the other Prime Martial Emperors.

At that time, Xiao Chen relied on Ao Jiao’s sudden appearance to turn things around. In the end, the two still had not fought to their satisfaction.

Qi Wuxue ranted, “Some Holy Scions of the Heavenly Starry Ocean! They are truly frogs in wells. They think that they are so incredible and better than the outstanding talents of our Kunlun Continent. In the end, they amount to nothing much.”

Clearly, he still bore a grudge against the Heavenly Province Academy’s Young Master Qingshu for having threatened him.

Long Fei smiled and said, “You can’t say that. In terms of the average, the outstanding talents of the Heavenly Starry Ocean are indeed slightly weaker than the peak outstanding talents of the five major races of the Kunlun Continent.

“However, there will always be someone exceptional anywhere. Don’t ever look down at them. I can tell that the Holy Scions of certain Immortal Holy Lands, as well as the disciples of some big clans, are not weak at all. You can’t underestimate them.”

Qi Wuxue knew that Long Fei was right. However, he still felt upset. He said in an aggrieved manner, “Brother Xiao, you have to help me teach these outstanding talents a lesson in the Four Seas Hero Gathering in three days—especially that Young Master Qingshu. If he comes to the Primal Chaos Domain, let’s see if he dares to be that arrogant.”

Xiao Chen simply smiled without speaking. Suddenly, he raised his eyebrows and put down his wine cup. “Someone is coming.”

Long Fei found this strange. “Who would come to this place? Are they looking for Brother Xiao? Should Wuxue and I take our leave first?”

Xiao Chen shook his head. He looked at Long Fei and said, “There is no need. The ones to take our leave are Wuxue and I. Your Miss Qingxuan is here.”

“What! Fang Qingxuan is here?! I’ll go and receive her! I’m going now! Hehe!”

Upon hearing Xiao Chen’s words, Qi Wuxue reacted even faster than Long Fei, showing no intent to leave at all.

On the other hand, Long Fei seemed rather calm. Baffled, he said, “That can’t be!”

Long Fei understood himself well. He had used a trick to cross the Twenty-Four Bridges.

Furthermore, when he gave out his engraved medallion, Fang Qingxuan had not said that she would come.

Soon, Fang Qingxuan arrived at the yard together with Qi Wuxue.

Long Fei quickly stood up and walked over. Then, he performed a cupped-fist salute before saying, “Unexpectedly, Miss Fang arrived as arranged.”

Fang Qingxuan smiled faintly and said, “No matter what, the rules are rules. Young Master Long broke the Jade Bridge Bright Moon Formation, so Qingxuan is just following the rules.”

After finishing, Fang Qingxuan removed her veil, revealing a nearly perfect face that one could not find any flaws in. Under the moonlight, she looked tranquil and serene.

This sight instantly stunned Qi Wuxue and Long Fei; they could not look away.

As Xiao Chen sipped his wine, he looked up to take a look. Then, he praised Fang Qingxuan in his heart. She was indeed a rare beauty who had her own unique charm.

The leader of the Lunar Palace’s Jade Ladies truly lived up to her reputation.

Long Fei regained his wits with a start. To cover up his fluster, he said with a smile, “Have a seat. Unfortunately, this courtyard is simple and crude; there is nothing good to entertain Miss Fang with.”

“You two continue chatting. Wuxue and I still have something to do, so we will be leaving first.”

Xiao Chen put down the wine cup with a smile and pulled away Qi Wuxue, who was reluctant to leave, giving Long Fei and Fang Qingxuan a chance to be alone.

After they left the two alone, Qi Wuxue sighed over and over again, “We gave away a great beauty to Long Fei for nothing. We sure lost out this time.”

Xiao Chen argued, “Actually, you should be more optimistic. If Long Fei can really get together with Fang Qingxuan, it would be easier for you to meet up with a Lunar Palace disciple.”

Qi Wuxue smiled and said, “The Lunar Palace has thousands of female disciples. However, none of them can compare to Fang Qingxuan. Wait, that’s not right; the Holy Daughter can. Unfortunately, the Holy Daughter cannot marry.”

They chatted and laughed as they returned to their respective rooms.

Xiao Chen still maintained his good habits. The moment he got to his room, he continued cultivating.

Now that he had reached peak Small Perfection quasi-Emperor, Holy Spirit Veins could no longer help him improve further.

After breaking through, Xiao Chen had ten thousand Heavenly Laws, which provided a solid foundation as a quasi-Emperor, comparable to that of an Ancient Era Emperor. However, this foundation was extremely massive, resulting in every breakthrough being much more difficult.

Xiao Chen required far more resources than ordinary cultivators.

This was a good example. Lacking a King Spirit Vein, if Xiao Chen wanted to break through to Great Perfection quasi-Emperor and form his Heavenly Seal, he could only rely on time to build up his accumulations slowly, making his breakthrough bit by bit.

However, what he lacked the most was time. As for a King Spirit Vein, not to mention whether he could find one or not, he knew that with his current ability, even if he found one, he would not be able to subdue it.

Hence, he could only place his hopes on the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation. Perhaps by relying on the momentum of breaking through to the eighth layer of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation, he could break through the bottleneck of Small Perfection quasi-Emperor.

However, the Lightning Tribulation that Xiao Chen would encounter when trying to break through the seventh layer to the eighth layer of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation would be extraordinary.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

In the middle of the night, knocks came from the door to Xiao Chen’s room. He stopped cultivating and opened his eyes. Then, he opened the door. The one who knocked was surprisingly the Lunar Palace’s Jade Lady Fang Qingxuan.

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “It is late in the night, but Miss Qingxuan came to my room instead of returning to the Lunar Palace. I wonder why?”

Fang Qingxuan smiled and said, “It looks like Young Master Xiao is not as cold and emotionless as rumored, still able to make such a joke. I am here to invite Young Master Xiao to accompany me back to the Lunar Palace.”

The Lunar Palace would be the bright moon in the sky. It seemed exceedingly distant for ordinary people; even honored guests from the Immortal Holy Lands rarely got to go there.

Xiao Chen felt curious, wondering if he heard wrong.

“In that case, I am truly honored!”

Xiao Chen agreed without hesitating. He always felt curious about the Lunar Palace as they could take out the Dragon’s Gate’s mountain tablet as a prize.

Since there was a chance to make a trip to the Lunar Palace, going was naturally the best choice.

As for danger, there was no need to consider that. If the Lunar Palace meant him harm, they would not need to resort to something like this in this Bright Moon City, where they had plenty of opportunities to kill him.

Fang Qingxuan asked out of curiosity, “Although the Lunar Palace has not invited any males in for a long time, you should not be someone who cares about that, so why do you feel honored?”

Xiao Chen smiled helplessly. This was an earnest lady, and he found it hard to converse with her. So he pointed forward, silently indicating that she should lead the way.

“There is no need. I have a jade talisman that can send us over immediately. Without this jade talisman, even if you were a Martial Emperor, you would not be able to enter the Lunar Palace.”

Fang Qingxuan’s words contained some pride. Then, she took out a Bright Moon Jade Talisman and looked at Xiao Chen, “Give me your hand.”

Xiao Chen eyed her doubtfully. Then, he extended his hand.

Fang Qingxuan grasped the jade talisman with her left hand and held Xiao Chen’s hand with her right.

After she activated the jade talisman, her body glowed. Then, their figures flashed, disappearing from their original spots.

This was not the first time Xiao Chen saw a talisman like this. Before he could feel curious, he felt a cool sensation. When he opened his eyes, he discovered that he and Fang Qingxuan were on a tall platform. Right below them was a complex transportation formation.

A female disciple stood guard at each of the four corners of the platform. When they saw Fang Qingxuan, they gracefully bowed, saying, “Greetings, Senior Sister Fang.”

Fang Qingxuan released Xiao Chen’s hand and waved off the few junior sisters. Then, she said calmly, “Follow me and don’t move around on your own.”

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