Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1095

Chapter 1095: Young Master Qingshu

The fervor in Lu Hao’s eyes did not disappear. However, he said with some unreconciled feelings, “Unfortunately, one must cross this Twenty-Four Bridges before one can have Miss Qingxuan remove her veil and gain a chance to meet with her alone.”

Looking at the bridge, even if Long Fei’s strength was at quasi-Emperor, he had difficulty proceeding. It looked like he would be defeated at any moment. It was clear that Lu Hao stood no chance whatsoever.

Qi Wuxue whispered, “Actually, this little brother has an item that can make Fang Qingxuan not only remove her veil for Brother Lu but also play the flute for Brother Lu alone.”

Lu Hao looked suspiciously at Qi Wuxue and asked, “What item?”

“It is the holy medicine of the Yinyang Paradise—Wondrous Joy Aphrodisiac. With this item, as long as you find an opportunity to meet with Fang Qingxuan, Brother Lu can definitely smoothly obtain this girl.”

Shock flashed in Lu Hao’s eyes. Clearly, he had heard of the famous Wondrous Joy Aphrodisiac before.

However, after the shock passed, Lu Hao started scolding loudly, “You dirty fellow, despicable, obscene. Scram!”

When Qi Wuxue saw Lu Hao rage, his expression turned flustered as if he was frightened. He quickly said, “Little Brother knows his mistakes! Little Brother knows his mistakes! This little brother will take his leave.”

“Hold it!” Lu Hao shouted in a deep, cold voice, stopping Qi Wuxue.

Then, he demanded with a righteous expression, “Hand over those dirty goods. If it stays in your hands, you will definitely end up causing harm to a girl. Hand it over to this young master.”

Qi Wuxue appeared depressed and clearly reluctant. Lu Hao said coldly, “From the first look, I could tell that you come from an unrighteous faction. You are indeed not a good thing. Quickly hand it over; I have to destroy such dirty things.”

Qi Wuxue took out a jade bottle with an extremely unwilling expression. Lu Hao immediately grabbed at it and asked suspiciously, “This thing is really the Wondrous Joy Aphrodisiac?”

Smiling and appearing like a harmless beast, Qi Wuxue stretched out his hand and shot out some hidden energy from it to dislodge the cap on the bottle. Then, he said, “Whether it is real or not, Young Master Lu just needs to smell it to know.”

When the bottle cap opened, a fragrance immediately wafted out. On hearing Qi Wuxue’s words, Lu Hao involuntarily took a heavy sniff.

It was like Lu Hao became addicted. After the first sniff, he could not stop. Soon, his face turned red, and his entire body heated up. His mouth was dry, and it felt like his body was on fire.

This startled Lu Hao back to his senses, and he tossed away the jade bottle. He looked at Qi Wuxue and exclaimed, “You cheated me!”

Qi Wuxue laughed loudly and walked over. Then, he easily suppressed Lu Hao, whose rationality was on the verge of collapse. He asked, “How can I be cheating you? I am just fulfilling Young Master Lu’s wishes. Don’t you want to see this Miss Fang Qingxuan? I am helping you here.”

After that, Qi Wuxue lifted Lu Hao and flung him towards Fang Qingxuan, who was on the bridge. The medicine had already taken effect on Lu Hao, making him lose all his rationality. Now, his desires completely dominated him.

After seeing Fang Qingxuan, Lu Hao became like a ravenous tiger seeing prey. He increased his speed in the air, the wretched smile on his face showing his desires as he flew towards Fang Qingxuan.

This scene immediately shocked everyone on and around the jade bridge to the extreme. Someone actually dared to try to take advantage of the leader of the Lunar Palace’s Jade Ladies in public.

Fang Qingxuan, who was busy playing the flute, had not expected such a move. When she saw the lewd smile on Lu Hao’s face as he flew in the air, the flute music stopped.

A cold light flashed in Fang Qingxuan’s eyes as she set down the flute. Then, she drew her sword with her right hand and used the flat of the blade to smash Lu Hao’s face, sending him into the river.

Without the flute music, the other twenty-three white-clad ladies’ killing dance immediately lost a certain charm, and its might decreased significantly.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Long Fei swung his folding fan. Starlight filled the sky, and a white bone incarnation manifested behind him. It appeared stern and cold.

The large white bone incarnation’s hands moved quickly, flustering the twenty-three white-clad ladies. Their formation disrupted as they hastily tried to deal with this attack.

Long Fei narrowed his eyes, and his figure pierced through the chaos, knocking the white-clad ladies off the jade bridge one after another.

Qi Wuxue picked up the jade bottle and said with a broad smile that reduced his eyes to slits, “My treasure, you succeeded once again.”

Xiao Chen walked over and said indifferently, “Hand me the jade bottle.”

When Qi Wuxue heard this, it stunned him. He chuckled and said, “Why, Brother Xiao, I did not know you had such interests as well.”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “I’m different from you. I’m just planning to research this in the spirit of critiquing it.”

Qi Wuxue tossed the jade bottle over and said with a smile, “Brother Xiao is Brother Xiao indeed. The moment, you speak, you set yourself apart from that crappy Heavenly Province Academy disciple.”

After that, he stepped closer and said, “In the future, if you have good stuff, remember to pass some to this Brother Qi to research as well, so I can also research it with the spirit of critiquing it.”

Xiao Chen removed the bottle cap and took in a huge whiff. Then, he looked at Qi Wuxue and said, “This is just an intense aphrodisiac, not the Wondrous Joy Aphrodisiac.”

Qi Wuxue was dumbfounded as he watched from the side. He was stunned for quite a while, not having expected Xiao Chen to dare to breathe it directly. He could not help but acknowledge Xiao Chen’s superiority. “You are awesome. Naturally, this is not the Wondrous Joy Aphrodisiac.

“The Wondrous Joy Aphrodisiac is the holy medicine of the Yinyang Paradise. Being an aphrodisiac is only one of its effects. Most importantly, it can regulate Yin and Yang, making up for deficiencies. Combined with the dual-cultivation Cultivation Techniques of the Yinyang Paradise, it shows wondrous effects.”

As Qi Wuxue spoke, Xiao Chen took another whiff.

Now, Qi Wuxue fell aghast, stunned once more. He did not know what Xiao Chen was trying to do.

“Brother Xiao, don’t do anything foolish. Although this is not the Wondrous Joy Aphrodisiac, it possesses a pure aphrodisiac effect that is even stronger and more tyrannical than that of the Wondrous Joy Aphrodisiac. I do not have an antidote for it,” Qi Wuxue warned anxiously.

Who could have imagined that Xiao Chen would only turn slightly red? He did not manifest any strange changes.

Xiao Chen closed his eyes and circulated his energy. Then, azure smoke appeared above his head. After a while, he opened his eyes, recovered back to normal.

He looked at Qi Wuxue seriously. “Brother Qi, although these unorthodox methods are effective at times, they don’t always work on everything. Before absolute strength, everything is empty.

“You can use this occasionally but do not get entranced with this Dao. Otherwise, one day, you will die on account of these unorthodox Dao. After one has reached Small Perfection quasi-Emperor, these aphrodisiacs and poisons will not be able to pose any danger.

“With the power of Heavenly Laws, one can dissipate these medicinal fluids as one pleases with a thought. One can decide whether to let these things take effect or not, and they can easily incapacitate their opponents after that.”

This advice startled Qi Wuxue awake. He understood what Xiao Chen meant. Treating him as a friend, Xiao Chen had used the most practical example to tell him not to use these unorthodox methods anymore.

It was also a reminder for Qi Wuxue to never use such methods on experts of Small Perfection quasi-Emperor and above. Otherwise, the other party would retaliate, and he would suffer badly for it.

Seeing Qi Wuxue enter deep thought, Xiao Chen knew that he had achieved his purpose.

During the time in the Sea Monarch Palace, Qi Wuxue’s cultivation had been on par with Long Fei’s. However, now, Long Fei already advanced to quasi-Emperor, but Qi Wuxue was still a great grandmaster-level Martial Sage.

The two had been hanging out with each other since then. Why was there a difference? It was definitely not because Qi Wuxue’s opportunity had not arrived yet. Instead, it was because he had lost himself a little in these unorthodox Dao.

Hence, Xiao Chen said something to remind Qi Wuxue and did not beat about the bush when doing so. At the very least, he had done something and did not just watch Qi Wuxue sink further into this.

Qi Wuxue recovered his wits and said, “Brother Xiao, thank you for your earlier kindness. Long Fei had been advising me about this all along, but I never took it to heart. Just now, I had a feeling like waking up from a dream.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. “It’s good that you understand. However, I do like what you did earlier. You said something but meant something else, playing a prank on that false gentleman. He deserves to be ruthlessly beaten up.”

Qi Wuxue chuckled and said, “This kind of sanctimonious people are all like that.”

“However, it seems like you allowed Long Fei to benefit from this. He is going to clear this special arena and possibly get a date with a beauty.” Xiao Chen changed the topic as he eyed the jade bridge.

Qi Wuxue laughed and said, “It’s not that easy. Fang Qingxuan, who is guarding the end, is the biggest obstacle. Her reputation of excellence at both sword and flute is not just for show.”

After defeating the twenty-three ladies and knocking them off, Long Fei finally arrived at the end of the jade bridge. Now, he faced the leader of the Lunar Palace’s Jade Ladies, Fang Qingxuan, who excelled at both sword and flute.

Fang Qingxuan held her sword up, raising her guard against Long Fei. She appeared cold, her true expression veiled.

Long Fei seemed somewhat infatuated as he looked at her. He smiled and asked, “Miss Qingxuan, would you be willing to go easy? When I was still in the Kunlun Continent, I had already heard of Miss’s name and have admired you for a long time.”

Fang Qingxuan replied in a melodious voice, “I’m grateful for Young Master’s favor. However, the rules are still rules. If Young Master can cross this bridge, Qingxuan will definitely keep her promises.”

Long Fei withdrew his smile and said, “In that case, sorry for this offense!”

Just at this moment, splashes appeared in the river below the bridge. Lu Hao, whom Fang Qingxuan had smashed into the river earlier, leaped out once more.

Lu Hao was drenched, and he appeared crazy as he launched himself at Fang Qingxuan. This left her with no choice but to take action again and knock him back into the water.

When Fang Qingxuan recovered her wits, she discovered that Long Fei had already taken advantage of this opening and crossed the bridge.

Qi Wuxue shouted, “Damn! It still ended up benefiting him.”

Long Fei turned around and said calmly, “Miss Qingxuan, I already crossed the bridge.”

Fang Qingxuan smiled faintly and asked, “Aren’t you embarrassed to say that? Don’t you feel that you took advantage of the situation?”

Long Fei was rather thick-skinned. He tossed out an engraved medallion and said without a change of expression, “I can only say that the heavens are helping me. Who could have expected that a normally prim and proper Confucian disciple would be such a beast? I hope that Miss Qingxuan will not stand me up tonight.”

Fang Qingxuan caught the engraved medallion and saw Long Fei’s place of residence on it. After glancing at it, she carefully put it away. Just as she was about to say something, Lu Hao jumped out of the river again. He was like an immortal cockroach.

Fang Qingxuan frowned slightly. As she prepared to throw a heavy blow, a figure suddenly flew over at an incredibly fast speed.

Then, this figure landed three palm strikes on Lu Hao’s chest. Lu Hao vomited a mouthful of black blood, and the redness on his face faded away. When Lu Hao looked at the new arrival, he said excitedly, “First Senior Brother, I was tricked.”

The one who came was the top expert among the Heavenly Province Academy’s disciples, the famous Young Master Qingshu.

Young Master Qingshu kept silent, bending over to inspect Lu Hao’s body. Only after that did he say indifferently, “Our Confucian sect has a righteous nature. We have an extremely strong resistance to such vile things. If not for your own heart’s impurity, you would not have fallen and lost your rationality so fast. This is your own fault.”

After saying that, he turned around and faced Fang Qingxuan. “Miss Fang, this time, the disciple of my academy offended you. If the Lunar Palace has any punishment for us, the Heavenly Province Academy will not object.”

As Young Master Qingshu spoke in a manner befitting the occasion, no one could find any problems with it.

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