Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1089

Chapter 1089: Geomaster Beiming Feng

“This is tolerable. I consider it a pass. Also the Azure Underworld Fruit. Your mind is not damaged; don’t tell me that you used it already. Take it out as well.”

Xiao Chen’s expression changed as he held back Ao Jiao, who was about to explode in rage. He said calmly, “I will have to apologize, then. I have indeed used it already. Old Sir, if there is anything else you want, just say it all together. I have ten million Black Astral Coins, one Holy Spirit Vein, the Sea Monarch Crown—an Emperor Grade Secret Treasure—the Beautiful Mountain and River Painting, which is damaged Immortal Equipment…”

Xiao Chen did not like owing favors, especially to people he did not like. If he could pay it off, he would do so as soon as possible, not letting such a favor linger.

He listed the many precious treasures that he possessed, but Jiang Tian was not interested. He interrupted impatiently, “Don’t take out such broken treasures. This is really laughable. I only want the Azure Underworld Fruit.”

Xiao Chen’s expression changed. All of the items in his hands were things that could prompt quasi-Emperors to fight to the death for them, yet this fellow actually said such things.

Then, Jiang Tian glanced at Ao Jiao and said in understanding, “So, it turned out that your Item Spirit refined it. No wonder you are unable to take it out. Based on your expression, it seems like you don’t feel that the things on you are all broken items. Country bumpkin child, you have yet to see the world. I can’t be bothered to speak any further with you. I will return your Dragon Revealing Mirror. Now, you need to help me with something to repay this favor.”

Xiao Chen did not know what was going on. What exactly was this Jiang Tian planning? He could not figure it out at all.

Xiao Chen did not take the Dragon Revealing Mirror. He frowned and said, “I do indeed have to return this favor. However, I still have something important to do, and time is limited. If Mister Jiang is just going to annoy me endlessly, I can only put this favor aside. I’ll take my leave first.”

Jiang Tian smiled coldly and said, “Important things? You think that you learned a small part of the Paradise Secret Canon, and you can use it to subdue the Spirit Veins hidden in the world, to gather the resources for your cultivation?

“Indeed, you do have some advantage. You are as strong as a Great Perfection quasi-Emperor, so you do not need to work with a cultivator and can subdue a Spirit Vein by yourself. However, if that is what you are thinking, you are too naive.”

Xiao Chen turned around and looked at the other party with a grave expression. “What do you mean?”

Jiang Tian smiled and said, “I am very sure that you skipped over the first part of the Paradise Secret Canon, the part that does not have any practical relation to Dragon Seeking Arts. Otherwise, you would not ask that.”

Xiao Chen’s heart sank. The contents in the first part were all meaningless records and had nothing to do with Dragon Seeking Arts. He indeed just read the introduction and skipped over the rest of it.

It was not that he could not focus, but he did not have much time to spend on those noncrucial parts.

“Senior, if you have anything to say, just get to the point.”

Jiang Tian did not reply to that. Instead, he continued speaking with a cold expression, “Pick up your Dragon Revealing Mirror and obediently come do something with me. Otherwise, not to mention becoming a Martial Emperor in five years, if you are going to go about the way you are, you might not even survive a year.”

Ao Jiao muttered, “Acting all mysterious.”

Jiang Tian simply ignored Ao Jiao. He looked at the silent Xiao Chen and demanded, “Do you really wish to die so much and are still in a hurry to subdue the Holy Spirit Vein fifty thousand kilometers away? It is just a Holy Spirit Vein. I’ll just give you one. How’s that?!”


Heavenly golden rain fell from the sky. A Roaming Dragon flew out from Jiang Tian, soaring into the air and calling wind and rain. This was a bona fide Holy Spirit Vein.

Xiao Chen made his decision and directly swallowed this Holy Spirit Vein into his stomach before closing his eyes to refine it.

As he refined the Holy Spirit Vein, the thousands of spots of light that formed his Heavenly Seal slowly densified, starting to appear more solid.

The spots of light no longer looked weak like they did before. The silhouette of the dragon-shaped Heavenly Seal looked more distinct, significantly raising Xiao Chen’s cultivation.

After a while, Xiao Chen opened his eyes and picked up his Dragon Revealing Mirror from the surface of the sea. Then, he looked at the strange Jiang Tian and said, “I’ll come with you.”

“You are rather bold. Well, otherwise, it would be useless to bring you. Come with me to meet a few people first.”

Jiang Tian turned around expressionlessly and left. Xiao Chen quickly caught up and asked, “Meet whom?”

“Real Geomasters.”

Real Geomasters?

Xiao Chen felt somewhat confused. The many Geomasters around earlier considered Jiang Tian to be the strongest Geomaster. When the Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor invited Jiang Tian over, all the Geomasters lost their will to compete.

Such a person definitely lived up to his reputation. However, now this person was saying he was going to bring Xiao Chen to meet with real Geomasters. Could there be even stronger Geomasters?

Xiao Chen could not suppress the questions in his heart. He found this development very strange. He could not help feeling curious about this unpredictable Jiang Tian.

“Senior, aren’t you known by others as the strongest Geomaster? Could it be that you are still not considered a true Geomaster, and there is someone stronger than you at seeking dragons and fixing veins?”

Jiang Tian mocked, “That group of Geomasters merely calls themselves Geomasters. They are not true Geomasters, not even comparable to someone half-baked like you. To think they have the gall to call themselves Geomasters!

“I never said that I was the strongest Geomaster. Later, after we arrive, restrain yourself and do not speak. You do not have the right to speak there.”

Jiang Tian’s words always contained an air of arrogance. Xiao Chen did not want to submit in his heart, but when he thought about how polite the Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor’s Manor Lord was to Jiang Tian, he had no other choice but to submit.

The circle that the other party came in contact with was much higher than Xiao Chen’s, so he could only learn a lesson from this.

Xiao Chen possessed pride in his bones. However, it was not something he flaunted rashly with arrogance. He always showed respect and understood enduring and learning, carefully treading the path of cultivation.

For now, he would just watch to see what Jiang Tian wanted to do.

Furthermore, Jiang Tian had said that Xiao Chen was too naive earlier. Xiao Chen needed to figure out exactly why.

Xiao Chen asked, “Very well, I will not ask about that. However, I already agreed to your terms. Now, you can tell me what we are going to do, right?”

“If you can give me the Divine Grade Black Patterned Gold and the Azure Underworld Fruit, I won’t care where you go. Since you can’t produce them, then don’t ask. When we arrive, someone will naturally tell you.”

Jiang Tian continued to walk with great strides as he replied without even looking back.

Never mind. Since he does not want me to ask, I shall not. Xiao Chen just blindly followed behind Jiang Tian. While he was at it, he took some time to examine the fourth segment of the Paradise Secret Canon on confinement.

The main thing about confinement was using all sorts of practical secret techniques of the Paradise Secret Canon with the wave of one’s hand. When practiced to a high level, the techniques allowed one to change the sky and land with a single gesture.

In order to practice this series of secret techniques, one first had to cultivate the Paradise Divine Art. This Cultivation Technique was split into seven layers.

The cultivation of the Paradise Divine Art required the activation of the Heavenly Eye and needed it to reach a certain level.

Xiao Chen asked himself, Have I reached a level of the Heavenly Eye yet where it is readily at my disposal?

I can open and close the Heavenly Eye as I please and focus its sight into a line to see something even farther away. I can also use the Heavenly Eye to differentiate real from fake.

I should have already met the cultivation requirement of the Paradise Divine Art. It is time to make my preparations to cultivate it.

Jiang Tian, who was in front, turned his head to take a look behind. He saw that Xiao Chen did not relax even when traveling. It seemed like Xiao Chen was actually making full use of his time by cultivating.

No matter how much Jiang Tian looked down on Xiao Chen, it was really rare to see such patience and determination in the younger generation.

After traveling for half a day, a lone island appeared before their eyes. Jiang Tian immediately went over, and Xiao Chen quickly followed after.

Xiao Chen now paid attention and carefully looked around. There was already an old man seated cross-legged on the island.

Upon hearing footsteps, that old man opened his eyes. Then, he sized up Xiao Chen, who was behind Jiang Tian. He smiled and asked, “Jiang Tian, since when did you start taking in disciples?”

Jiang Tian replied indifferently, “I already swore that I would not take in any disciples in this lifetime. I will not break the rules of Geomasters.”

“Haha! That is such a pity. You have no sons or daughters. Now, you don’t want to take in any disciples. Your lineage is going to be broken,” the old man said with a smile.

“Cut the crap!” Jiang Tian clearly did not wish to discuss this topic. Then, he directly said, “Let me make introductions. This is Xiao Chen, the Azure Dragon King that the Thunder Sovereign favors. He is the culprit behind the nine-star evil dragon being born this time.”

Xiao Chen felt that there was no place for him to speak here. Hence, he did not argue against that statement and just silently admitted it.

After that, Jiang Tian introduced this old man—Beiming Feng, a hidden Geomaster. Most people would not know this name.

After introductions were over, the two started chatting with each other, ignoring Xiao Chen at the side.

Xiao Chen did not say anything but just listened quietly. From the two’s conversation, he got a rough idea of what Jiang Tian wanted him to do.

After the nine-star evil dragon was born, it needed to find another dragon cave with a King Spirit Vein hidden in it to survive. Then, it needed to swallow up the original King Spirit Vein.

If that was all there was to it, it would not be a problem. What the two Geomasters were worried about were the nine-star alignment and the scarlet rain falling from the sky when the evil dragon was born.

The nine-star evil dragon had mutated and undergone a rebirth. Now, it was the legendary ten-star evil dragon. It would continue eating until it swallowed up all the King Spirit Veins of the entire Heavenly Starry Ocean.

Such a development would lead to a calamity. The evil dragon would become a threat to the three great source veins of the Heavenly Starry Ocean, possibly eliminating all the Spiritual Energy of the Heavenly Starry Ocean and turning it into a wasteland.

“It is that serious?” As Xiao Chen listened at the side, he could not help interjecting here.

Jiang Tian smiled coldly. “How do you think the Deserted Sea was formed? That is the precedent for this.

“In the end, you are the perpetrator of this disaster. Since you cannot take out the Divine Grade Black Patterned Gold and the Azure Underworld Fruit, just obediently help me seal away this evil dragon.”

Beiming Feng frowned and asked, “What can he help us with?”

“We can leave that Hou ghost to him to handle. Then we can deal with the rest,” Jiang Tian replied without much of an expression.

What the heck?! Xiao Chen had thought that Jiang Tian was interested in him because of the Paradise Secret Canon. He had not expected that Jiang Tian actually wanted him to deal with the Hou ghost.

Beiming Feng responded with a smile, “Right! He is indeed the only one who can handle that damned thing.”

Xiao Chen said embarrassedly, “Senior, you are kidding, right?”

When the Hou ghost passed, Xiao Chen could not even move. How could he deal with it?

Jiang Tian replied bluntly, “Back then, the Azure Emperor could kill the Hou when it was at the peak of its strength. Don’t tell me that as the Azure Emperor’s descendant, you cannot handle a Hou ghost that is only a soul?

“Don’t worry. Your body already endured the pressure from the fear and might once; the second time will be better.”

When Xiao Chen remained hesitant, Jiang Tian added coldly, “You have to block that Hou ghost at all costs. That fellow is an even bigger threat than the evil dragon.

“After this matter is done, I will help you obtain the Holy Spirit Veins you want. If not—I will tell you this clearly—you will definitely die trying to subdue the Holy Spirit Veins hidden at the bottom of the sea.”

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly. He was being blackmailed. Even if he wanted to disagree, he could not.

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