Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1082

Chapter 1082: Dragon Revealing Mirror and Dragon Subduing Platform in Hand

Xiao Chen successfully left the Treasure Master’s residence without encountering any danger or commotion. Hence, Zi Ying, who was behind him, heaved a great sigh of relief.

After all, no matter how arrogant the Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor’s people were, they would not openly make a move in Cloud Treasure City.

However, before Zi Ying could smile, she saw a group of unwelcome people not far away the moment they left the boundaries of the Treasure Master’s residence.

The surrounding area turned quiet. Clearly, the Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor alerted the bystanders beforehand and cleared them out.

Shi Feng showed a pleased expression as he led three Small Perfection quasi-Emperor old men forward. Then, he said arrogantly to Xiao Chen, “Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen, is this in any way surprising? I already said the Azure Underworld Fruit is only temporarily entrusted to you.

“You think you can get away by leaving the auction location in advance?”

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Urgent footsteps resounded in the surroundings. Several cultivators wearing the Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor’s uniform appeared on the roofs and walls.

All of these people were Martial Sages, and they held bows, crossbows, and all sorts of Ancient Demonic Energy Cannons. They surrounded Xiao Chen, exuding surging murderous intent.

Zi Ying’s expression changed slightly in surprise. She had not at all expected that the hidden force of the Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor in this Cloud Treasure City was unusually large.

Her voice quivered somewhat as she exclaimed, “Shi Feng, are you crazy? To think that you dare to attack in Cloud Treasure City! Are you really not afraid of offending the Treasure Master?”

Shi Feng smiled and said, “Everyone has their value. I believe that the Treasure Master can make the correct decision between the second largest faction of the Northern Sea Alliance and a genius past his prime.

“The same goes for you. If the Nine Cauldron Merchant Association wants to continue doing business in the Northern Sea, then shut up right now.”

Zi Ying felt frustrated. Now she finally understood what Xiao Chen said. At the moment, she was completely incapable of remaining neutral and pleasing everyone.

“Beat him up; use a lot of force. Show him what pain is. Show him that he cannot go everywhere unhindered, just because he was conferred the Azure Dragon King.”

Shi Feng’s rage from the scene in the auction blazed. Despite him declaring his identity, the other party still had not given him any face, making him lose face before so many honored guests.

This had made Shi Feng look like a fool. No matter what, he could not swallow this frustration.

At this moment, Shi Feng could no longer endure. He could not be bothered to speak any nonsense; he just wanted to vent his frustration. Otherwise, he would be unable to calm himself down.


Without saying anything, the three quasi-Emperors behind him attacked at the same time. Not daring to be careless, they immediately led with their killing moves.

Clearly, these quasi-Emperors wanted to severely injure Xiao Chen at lightning-quick speed to forestall possible accidents.

The quasi-Emperor in the middle executed a Sword Technique. He thrust his sword out as he became one with heaven, piercing through space and creating a powerful and mighty mysterious phenomenon.

Of the two old men at the left and the right, one used a staff and the other, a spear. Their moves were very powerful as well, not inferior to the attack of the old man in the middle.

With the three of them working together, the sky changed color instantly. The night scene trembled, appearing extremely horrifying.

Xiao Chen nudged Zi Ying, sending out an irresistible force and moving her one kilometer away in that instant.

Now, with nothing hampering him, he could make his move at his leisure. First, a sword appeared in his hand.

When Xiao Chen took one step forward, he flashed nine times, making nine swords appear. As plum blossoms fell, he took a total of nine steps and thrust out with eighty-one swords.

When Zi Ying in the distance saw this scene, she instantly felt shocked. This Profound Martial Technique was clearly the Changing Plum Blossom Sword.

The Sword Technique from the nine jade strips that Xiao Chen sold to Zi Ying was precisely the Changing Plum Blossom Sword.

She guessed that Xiao Chen had made copies of the Profound Martial Techniques that he sold her for himself.

However, Zi Ying would never have guessed that as a bladesman, Xiao Chen could already use this Sword Technique with all the proper forms and even the spirit of it. There was nothing wrong with his execution.

The eighty-one swords all contained some kind of changing profoundness to them. This counter dismantled the mighty Sword Technique of the old man in the middle. Then, Xiao Chen kicked him back.

It was not over yet. The sword in Xiao Chen’s hand disappeared, replaced by a staff. He grasped the staff with his right hand and spun it around three times.

The howling wind gave off a rumble that resembled thunder in the air. When Xiao Chen stopped, the wind and thunder ceased abruptly. Then, their latent power clashed with the staff-wielding old man.

“Bang!” The old man’s staff shattered. Wind and thunder erupted, blasting the old man back and causing him to vomit blood.

Thunder Wind Staff, another one of the nine Profound Martial Techniques. Zi Ying gaped, rendered speechless.

After knocking away an old man with the staff strike, the weapon in Xiao Chen’s hand changed again. In the time it took for a spark to fly, he spun around and launched another attack.

A purple thunderflame flowed along the spear. The spear strike that Xiao Chen sent out contained a strong might, which seemed like it could pierce through even space.

The final old man’s spear clashed head-on with Xiao Chen’s attack. Then, it burst apart from the top down.

The flames spread and surged out, filling the sky and not extinguishing. It was like the heavens were on fire at this moment.

A fierce flame burned continuously in the sky, lighting up the night sky and turning it bright.

This was another one of the nine Profound Martial Techniques, the Heaven Burning Spear Technique!

Zi Ying was already stunned into silence. The Xiao Chen before her completely surpassed her imagination.

In an instant, he had defeated three Small Perfection quasi-Emperors. Furthermore, he had done so using the weapons that his opponents excelled at.

Aside from the Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen, Zi Ying simply could not think of any other person capable of this.

After Xiao Chen landed, he ferociously tossed the spear flickering with thunderflame forward.

The spear was like a bolt of lightning tearing through the night. It startled Shi Feng as he dodged hastily.

The tip of the spear stabbed into the ground, and the shaft vibrated and buzzed. Shock waves surged into the surroundings, and the retreating Shi Feng could not avoid them. When the shock waves struck him, he vomited blood.


In the distant Treasure Master’s residence, the First City Lord of Cloud Treasure City stood in a tall pavilion and saw everything. Feeling some regret, he muttered to himself, “If you really could become a Martial Emperor in five years, I would definitely choose you.”

Based on the situation outside, the First City Lord’s current choice was the Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor’s Young Manor Lord.

Otherwise, without the First City Lord’s permission, no matter how powerful or capable the Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor was, it would not be able to mobilize so many people on his watch.

The First City Lord waved his hand, and the people hidden in the shadows of the room withdrew after receiving orders.


Back where Xiao Chen was fighting with the Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor, numerous black-clad men descended from the sky and quickly surrounded the people from the Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor.

“Orders from the First City Lord: no personal fights are permitted within Cloud Treasure City. If anyone dares to make another move, we will kill them without further discussion,” someone announced coldly in the air.

This is really a timely appearance, Xiao Chen mocked in his heart. Since the First City Lord holds such power, then why did these people surround Shi Feng and his group only after I gained the advantage? While overtly, he remains neutral, not helping either side; in reality, he is still favoring the Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor’s side.

“Let’s go.”

Shi Feng wiped off the blood from his lips and glared hatefully at Xiao Chen before quickly leading the Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor’s people away.

Now, Shi Feng’s eyes no longer had the arrogance and ego of before. Now, there was only heavy fear when he looked at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen had defeated three Small Perfection quasi-Emperors in an instant—using the weapons that his opponents specialized in.

In regard to strength, Shi Feng knew that even one hundred of himself would not be a match for Xiao Chen.

After the Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor’s people left, the guards of the Treasure Master’s residence also retreated like the receding tide, as if they had never appeared at all.

The merchants and cultivators sent away by the Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor earlier came out from somewhere, crowding the small streets and turning it bustling again.

Zi Ying flew over and thanked Xiao Chen, “Many thanks for your move earlier.”

Xiao Chen said calmly, “Let’s go. That was just a small matter.”

“I have a question. Did you already learn all the nine Profound Martial Techniques that you sold to me?”

“Strictly speaking, I can’t be considered to have learned them. I can only barely execute them; I’m still a long way from reaching Great Perfection or mastering them, what more the states and profoundness contained within.”

Naturally, Zi Ying was not very satisfied with this answer. Her lips twitched as she said, “You are really humble. Those three have used the spear, staff, and sword all their life, yet they are still no match for a layman like you. What more do you want?”

Xiao Chen laughed but did not elaborate.

He was not being humble. He could defeat the three Small Perfection quasi-Emperors mainly because his Heavenly Laws far surpassed theirs.

His moves were mediocre at best. His main purpose was to use these three to test these moves. So far, it looked like their effects were pretty good.


“Senior, I’m really sorry, but I failed. I will not be able to help Senior obtain the Divine Grade Black Patterned Gold and Azure Underworld Fruit.”

Shi Feng performed a cupped-fist salute in apology after he led the Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor’s group back and rejoined the mysterious old man with the family name Jiang.

The old man with the family name Jiang did not change his expression; nothing could be seen on his face as he said indifferently, “It’s fine. I have my own ways. Also, I did not decide to help the Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor because of these two items.”

Shi Feng might be arrogant and obstinate. However, from start to end, he was extremely polite to this old man.

He was very much more respectful to this old man than to the few Small Perfection quasi-Emperors of his own clan.

“I understand. It is our great fortune that Senior rejected the Ye Clan’s invitation and is willing to come to my Sole Hegemon Mountain Manor. However, I did not expect such problems to happen with the gift that I was planning on giving Senior.”

Shi Feng took out a spatial ring and proffered it apologetically. “Here is five million Black Astral Coins. I hope Senior will accept this.”

The old man with the family name Jiang glanced at the ring and said, “I am old friends with your father. Little Friend, there is no need to be so polite. Let’s go. It is time to see your father. I wonder what kind of hidden dragon cave it is. He has not told me yet.”

“There is no need to care about the Azure Dragon King? I was still planning to send people to ambush him after he leaves the city,” Shi Feng said.

The old man with the family name Jiang waved his hand and said, “There is no need. If there are no surprises, his purpose in coming to the Northern Sea is the Ye Clan. You will have more chances to meet him.”

The old man still had something in mind, which he did not say. At that time, he should be able to figure out what Xiao Chen was going to use that Divine Grade Black Patterned Gold to refine.


Three days later, as arranged, Zi Ying had gathered all of the other divine materials that Xiao Chen needed.

He asked Zi Ying to prepare a quiet room, where he would refine the Dragon Subduing Platform and Dragon Revealing Mirror.

Hoping that he could succeed on the first try, Xiao Chen took out the Paradise Secret Canon and carefully read the third segment on snatching heavenly works several more times.

After that, he used some ordinary materials for some tests to gain experience.

In a practical setting, Xiao Chen realized that the refinement of the Dragon Subduing Platform was much more complicated than he had imagined. The amount of work needed far exceeded his expectations.

First, there was the platform, which was the most basic part. The platform still needed a Dragon Head Guillotine, a Dragon Calling Bell, a Heavenly Flame Snatching Dragon Hand, and many other parts.

The Dragon Subduing Platform was not just one Secret Treasure but an entire set of Secret Treasures assembled together. Each of the parts was extremely problematic to refine.

This gave the feeling that refining it impossible.

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