Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017: Parting to Meet Again

The twelve peak Spirit Beast images already looked very solid, each guarding a direction. However, that did not help. They all cried miserably. After all twelve Spirit Beast images died, the azure blue palace descended.

In that instant, the mountains of the huge Profound Water Island crumbled, the city collapsed, and countless tall buildings toppled over.

“The Primordial Emperor Treasure Sea Monarch Palace!”

Xiao Chen revealed a mildly startled expression. Now, he knew who was attacking. He saw the entire thing clearly. The Sea Monarch Palace did not actually land. Instead, it just hovered above Profound Water Island.

If the Sea Monarch Palace really landed, the entire Profound Water Island would sink into the ocean.

An ancient mutated beast, the Thousand Feathered Snake, leaped out of the water with Yao Yan standing on it. Then, she looked at Xiao Chen and smiled at him. After she put away the Sea Monarch Palace, she sank back into the sea.

When everything regained its calm, the Profound Water Sect’s Sect Master looked at the ruined Profound Water Island, his face drained of blood and his eyes filled with horror.

This was the result even after the other party held back. If the other party had not held back, the consequences would have been too horrible to imagine.

Such a startling commotion attracted all the factions and cultivators within five hundred kilometers. When they saw this scene, they were all startled.

“This was the result of the Merfolk Race’s Empress making a move. How tragic! The entire Profound Water Island got reduced to rubble.”

“A Primordial Emperor Treasure is really strong. It is unblockable.”

“I heard that nine Martial Emperors of the Merfolk Race sacrificed themselves to suppress and assimilate the Item Spirit of the Sea Monarch Palace. This allowed their Empress to completely control the power of the Primordial Emperor Treasure. Using it in combination with other Emperor Grade Secret Treasures, she can fight against Sovereign Martial Emperors.”

“The Profound Water Sect set its sights on the Azure Dragon King and wanted to snatch away the Holy Spirit Vein. Empress Yao Yan must have attacked because of that.”

“I believe she did it to scare others. The Azure Dragon King currently holds many treasures. There are many people eyeing them. If others want to make a move, they will look at the fate of the Profound Water Sect and reconsider.”

“However, the effects might not be that good. This might hold some deterrence near the Chaotic Demonic Sea, but once Xiao Chen truly enters the Heavenly Starry Ocean, it would be hard to say.”

The overwhelming might of a Primordial Emperor Treasure nearly exterminated the Profound Water Sect. Everyone immediately discussed it, chatting endlessly.

Up in the sky, Xiao Chen felt very touched. He was carrying a lot of treasure and was indeed a tempting target.

Yao Yan might be able to help this once, but the road was still long. Just a few powerful quasi-Emperors, and the situation would not look good for the Dragon’s Gate’s warship.

Even though this group of people had extraordinary backgrounds—very frightening ones—there was never any lack of people willing to risk danger for treasures.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen did not know what the plans of the Sea Monarch’s old guards were. The danger of this journey was much greater than he expected.

“Xiao Chen, now that this Empress made a move on your behalf, the next part of your journey should be much smoother,” Elder Qin said softly.

Xiao Chen smiled and did not reply to that. After muttering for a while, he said, “Senior, I made a decision.”

After hearing Xiao Chen’s decision, Elder Qin’s expression fluctuated. In the end, he said, “That is fine as well. It is a rather good choice.”

Since Elder Qin agreed with a nod, Xiao Chen felt more assured and released his bated breath.

When the two returned, they did not mention anything about what they saw.

Xiao Chen stopped cultivating and started on something that he thought of doing previously. He took out the Rank 10 Spirit Beast blood that he and Jin Dabao obtained earlier; then he took out an extremely precious Superior Grade Astral Core, crushed it into fine crystalline powder, and infused the powder into the Spirit Beast blood like it was starlight.

With an unflinching gaze, he crushed Superior Grade Astral Cores, which were worth cities, one by one, turning them into powder and infusing them into the Spirit Beast blood.

When the Spirit Beast blood turned completely golden, Xiao Chen stopped. Then, he took out sheets of paper and a brush. The paper was made of beast skin filled with Spiritual Energy and refined by a special method.

The deep-blue brush was even more precious. He had purchased these at the Supreme Sky Sect during his shopping spree.

That was right. Xiao Chen was preparing to use these to make talismans for laying formations.

One of the main reasons he had bought a large number of Astral Cores was laying formations. Having a conferred land was like starting a sect; he needed formations to protect it.

The Compendium of Cultivation contained many formations, but Xiao Chen had not mastered many of them. He had only set up an illusion formation and the Ninth Heaven’s Thunder Formation, which he had used to start a great slaughter at the Xiao Clan.

This was because Xiao Chen could not find any extra time to learn them. At this moment, the situation was dire, so he did not intend to use other formations.

The Ninth Heaven’s Thunder Formation was very powerful. As long as he could raise the quality of the materials for the talismans and use his memories of the talisman left by the Thunder Immortal Ancestor, he could make this formation stronger—likely into one that exceeded his expectations. He would layer nine Ninth Heaven’s Thunder Formations, and that would be sufficient to block quasi-Emperors from barging in.

As for stopping a Martial Emperor, given that Xiao Chen was a half-baked formation master, that would be asking too much.

After taking out paper and brush, he burned his Magic Energy and started making talismans.

Although Xiao Chen had not made talismans in a long time, the one he was making was the purple Lightning Talisman in his sea of consciousness. He could complete it in one breath without much thought.

The tip of the brush gave off a bright light flashing with electricity. A dazzling radiance appeared on his forehead. Even through the Sea Monarch Headscarf, the mark on his forehead was clearly visible.

For seven days straight, Xiao Chen locked himself up in the room and made a total of three thousand talismans. This was sufficient for laying eighty-one Ninth Heaven’s Thunder Formations.

Initially, he had intended to refine just nine sets of talismans. However, after further consideration, he felt that it was better to play safe. With eighty-one formations linked to each other, even if a peak quasi-Emperor wanted to barge in, they would have to reconsider.

Ignoring the fatigue that showed on his face, Xiao Chen took out some paper and another brush. Then, he wrote down the key points of laying down the Ninth Heaven’s Thunder Formation.

He had finished making the talismans, all of them containing Magic Energy. Now, it only required someone to grasp the key points of these talismans and formation and leave their essence blood on it. After that, they just needed to lay down the formations as written, and they could easily set up a grand formation.

Xiao Chen called in Lan Shaobai and Jin Dabao. Then, he passed the talismans for the formations to them and explained to them the key points. Given their talent, he only needed to say it once for them to understand most of it.

Doubt appeared on Lan Shaobai’s and Jin Dabao’s faces. They felt that Xiao Chen had more to say.

Since the day Xiao Chen dealt with the Profound Water Sect’s people, he had locked himself up in the room. Clearly, something was up.

Before the two of them could say anything, Xiao Chen informed them of his decision.

“I intend to separate from the group temporarily. You will bring my official documents and medallion to Heavenly Star Island. In at most two years, but at least half a year, I will rejoin you, after I advance to quasi-Emperor.”

After Xiao Chen said this, Lan Shaobai and Jin Dabao revealed stunned expressions. Evidently, these words had come as too much of a shock.

Lan Shaobai was very meticulous in his thinking. After some consideration, he guessed Xiao Chen’s concerns. He nodded and said, “You worry that you are too big of a target and will bring danger to us?”

“Mostly that. However, partly because I want to as well.”

The danger of this trip far exceeded Xiao Chen’s expectations. He only just crossed the Chaotic Demonic Sea, and he already suffered an attack from a quasi-Emperor. Even the Profound Water Sect’s Martial Emperor wanted to take action.

Of course, the situation with the Profound Water Sect’s Martial Emperor was an exception. Regular Martial Emperors would not ignore their status and make a move for just a Holy Spirit Vein.

The Holy Spirit Vein of the Profound Water Sect was about to be exhausted. The sect needed a replacement, which was why its Sect Master had resorted to this.

However, this was just the beginning. Xiao Chen did not know what kind of danger there would be after they entered the Heavenly Starry Ocean. There might even be traps around Heavenly Star Island.

As long as he left, the people who wanted his treasures would naturally not make a move against Lan Shaobai and the others.

Lan Shaobai and the others had extraordinary backgrounds. They had high statuses in the Asura Race. Without sufficient benefits, even a quasi-Emperor would not be foolish enough to offend this group of people.

So, the group split up. Jin Dabao and the rest would go to Heavenly Star Island first and develop the place.

As for Xiao Chen, he would conceal his cultivation and identity. He would go in another direction and search for the Despair Throne. At the same time, he would immerse himself in cultivation and return after he advanced to quasi-Emperor.

He carried valuable treasures and did not have the ability to protect them for now, so he would handle things in a low-profile manner. Such was the norm in the cultivating world.

When the two heard what Xiao Chen had to say, they did not express any objection. This was currently the best solution to the problem.

After the two agreed, Xiao Chen called over Yue Chenxi and the others. He looked around in his Universe Ring, then took out several good Secret Treasures that others would kill for and gave these items to them.

Then, of the thirty-eight Peak Spirit Veins, Xiao Chen kept ten for himself and gave the rest out.

He also handed the King medallion to Lan Shaobai.

“Senior Brother Xiao Chen, you can leave assured. We will definitely help you develop Heavenly Star Island,” Jin Lin, who worshiped Xiao Chen to an exceptional level, said in support.

“I will wait for you to return. I’ll be sure not to return it to you in shambles,” Lan Shaobai added seriously.

The others came forward and offered their blessings to Xiao Chen, not giving him any pressure. When they put themselves in his shoes, they knew that he would feel bad about it.

Before reaching his conferred land, Xiao Chen already had to leave. He had just been conferred the Azure Dragon King and surely did not feel satisfied at all.

With this group of people around, Heavenly Star Island was bound to develop. There was no need to say any pretentious words. Performing a cupped-fist salute, Xiao Chen said, “I will take my leave, then. I will return another day. By then, I will be a quasi-Emperor.”

That night Xiao Chen left immediately, leaping into the sea and sinking into the water.


Half a month later, the Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises regathered, having already found out that Xiao Chen was not on the Dragon’s Gate’s warship. Now, without any clue to where he was, they were furious.

The seven of them had worked together to amass a huge force. Not only had they made use of all the people they could muster from their own clans, but they even spent a lot of money to rope in many pirates, inviting over many quasi-Emperor experts.

Wanting to show Xiao Chen the consequences of offending the Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises, they had shamelessly planned to teach him an unforgettable lesson at a location where he would definitely pass on the way to Heavenly Star Island.

However, who could have imagined that after putting in all that effort, they would not be able to find the person they sought?

It was like holding in so much enthusiasm at the approach of the enemy, and just as they were about to be able to vent their energy, this sudden news arrived. They had no choice but to endure their frustration.

“Damn it! This Xiao Chen is really crafty. He is even giving up on his conferred land,” the youth in purple dragon robes growled.

“Qiuyu, what should we do now? Xiao Chen is not there. There is no value in attacking the people on the Dragon’s Gate’s warship,” one of the Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises asked Huan Qiuyu. The others all instantly cast their gazes at Huan Qiuyu as well, who was wearing black dragon robes.

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