Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016: Seventy-Two Spirit Universe Formation

When the blue-robed quasi-Emperor saw Xiao Chen leap out of the water and wipe his blood off again, he could not help but feel frustrated. Xiao Chen was clearly significantly injured, but his combat prowess remained undiminished.

“Damn it! If not for the Azure Dragon Medallion, if this brat’s physical body were just slightly weaker, I would be able to severely injure him in one move!”


Just as the blue-robed quasi-Emperor felt frustrated, a sword light suddenly appeared to his right. This sword light was resplendent and dazzling, lighting up the void.

This gave the blue-robed quasi-Emperor a feeling of danger. So, without even looking, he hastily made to move away.

However, the quasi-Emperor did not realize there was a silent, cold light behind him. In the instant he tried to move, it pierced through his protections and stabbed into his back.

Blood flowed out, and the energy in the sword erupted ferociously. However, the sword only stabbed in by about two or three centimeters; it could not enter any further.

Lan Shaobai felt slightly stunned. He quickly let go and retreated in a flash, trying to return to the void.

“How dare you injure me? You are seeking death!”

The blue-robed quasi-Emperor had not expected that a junior would actually manage to harm him. He turned around and attacked in rage, striking Lan Shaobai right before Lan Shaobai could return to the void.

“Pu ci!” Lan Shaobai vomited a large mouthful of blood. This palm strike shattered the bones in half of his body, severely injuring him.

Yue Chenxi, Xiao Yu, and Ye Feng quickly flew over from the warship and caught Lan Shaobai. Then, they infused Quintessence into him and tried to stabilize his injuries.

“Instant of Glory!”

The moment the blue-robed quasi-Emperor turned around to attack Lan Shaobai, Xiao Chen, who was previously defending passively, finally made his move.

His long hair and azure robes fluttered. As he moved about in circles, various scenes appeared: a splendid bright moon, fifty kilometers of peach blossoms, the blazing summer sun, flying dry leaves, drifting winter snow, and flickering dragon images.

As Xiao Chen moved, each circle he made created a mysterious phenomenon. All sorts of wonderful scenes suddenly manifested, layered over each other. Finally, he attacked with his saber.

The many bright lights gathered into the saber, forming an extremely bright saber light known as glory. He unleashed it in that one instant, but it lasted for eternity.

The blue-robed quasi-Emperor was preparing to take another step forward and throw another palm strike to kill Lan Shaobai. But his heart sank suddenly as he sensed an extremely dangerous aura.

The blue-robed quasi-Emperor wanted to flee, but he discovered that space seemed to be locked down in this instant. The many scenes froze space.

Even as a quasi-Emperor, he required at least one second to struggle free.

However, this one second allowed this Instant of Glory to injure him severely while he was unprepared.


The saber light heavily struck the blue-robed quasi-Emperor, and all sorts of light exploded out, materializing a vast scene of majestic glory. The bright moon flared, the spring thunder roared, the blazing sun fell, various scenes followed after.

Before Yao Chen’s and the others’ eyes, Xiao Chen’s saber strike sent the blue-robed quasi-Emperor, who had suppressed Xiao Chen from the very start, flying one kilometer away. They all gaped in disbelief.

When the quasi-Emperor landed on the water, a pillar of water shot up into the air, looking very majestic and magnificent.

“How can this be? That saber of his actually knocked away a quasi-Emperor,” Yao Chen said in shock, his mouth hanging wide open.

The great grandmaster-level Martial Sages preparing to rush over and help the quasi-Emperor were all stunned by this scene and forgot what they were about to do.

One saber strike, Instant of Glory, knocked away a quasi-Emperor.

“Damn it. I will definitely kill you today. No matter who comes from the Martial God Palace, no one can save you. Azure Dragon King, die!”

The blue-robed quasi-Emperor went berserk. He unleashed his full strength, not holding anything back. He even used a secret technique to raise his strength temporarily.

The wind and clouds suppressed to a corner by the Azure Dragon Medallion started to gather behind the blue-robed quasi-Emperor once more.

“You are just a quasi-Emperor that has not even reached Small Perfection, yet you dare to speak such arrogant words? Get down!”

A cold snort rumbled in the sky. Elder Qin, who had been watching quietly, finally made a move. His figure flashed and blocked the blue-robed quasi-Emperor, who had leaped up.

“Great Perfection quasi-Emperor!”

A look of horror flashed on the blue-robed old man’s face. Before he could turn around, Elder Qin knocked him down in one move. Now, he suffered more injuries on top of his already severe injuries. Unable to endure, he vomited large mouthfuls of blood.

Elder Qin turned around and stretched his hand to the water. Formless energy transformed into a hand and entered the depths of the sea. After a while, he pulled his hand back.


Seawater shot everywhere as Elder Qin pulled out a ferocious, mountain-sized sea creature with the upper body of a bull and many tentacles like those of an octopus.

The tentacles of this beast lashed the surface of the water repeatedly. Each time it struck, it did so with tremendous force. The impacts echoed loudly, and the sea shook, kicking up large waves.

After seeing this, Xiao Chen felt somewhat afraid. This was probably the backup plan that the Profound Water Sect had prepared. This Spirit Beast’s aura was equal to that of a quasi-Emperor.

The four great grandmaster-level Martial Sages behind Yao Chen vomited blood at the same time. They exclaimed in horror, “The Guardian Spirit Beast is no longer under control.”

“Let’s go!” Yao Chen said helplessly after they lost the advantage. Then, they controlled their King Grade warship and left quickly.

The ten-odd Profound Water Sect warships that came with a ferocious momentum all fled in different directions.

The blue-robed quasi-Emperor, who had fallen into the water, did not appear again, escaping somewhere.

Elder Qin was still fighting that sea creature in the air. Bloody wounds appeared on the Spirit Beast as he beat it up to the point where it could not fight back.

When the winds died down and the water had calmed once more, a gigantic corpse floated on the sea surface. Everyone on the Dragon’s Gate’s warship all heaved a sigh of relief.

Jin Dabao happily descended together with Lord Jiu, and they started to dismantle the sea creature’s corpse. This was a bona fide Rank 10 Spirit Beast. The materials that could be harvested from its body were all incredibly valuable.

Xiao Chen felt excited and helped Jin Dabao collect the Spirit Beast’s blood. After getting it all, he returned to the warship to check on Lan Shaobai’s injuries.

“Haha! I won’t die. Xiao Yu, don’t cry.” Even though half of Lan Shaobai’s body was wrapped in bandages soaked in medicinal liquid, the smile on his face did not fade.

Xiao Chen took a look. Lan Shaobai was indeed severely injured, but he was in no danger of dying. After recuperating for a while, he would make a full recovery.

“Hey! Are you alright?” Xiao Yu asked quickly when she saw Xiao Chen arrive.

The others also expressed their concern. They had seen Xiao Chen take on several of the blue-robed quasi-Emperor’s attacks head-on earlier.

Xiao Chen smiled to indicate that he was fine, which everyone found strange.

Before he could explain, he noticed that Elder Qin’s complexion was off. He went over to the side and asked, “Elder Qin, are you injured?”

When Elder Qin heard this, he smiled and replied, “He is just a quasi-Emperor that has not reached Small Perfection. How could he injure me? However, your troubles are not over yet. Take a look there.”

Elder Qin’s eyes were much better than Xiao Chen’s. When Xiao Chen looked ahead, he saw only fog covering the area ten kilometers in front and could not make out anything.

He shaped his Spiritual Sense into a straight line and continuously extended it for about fifty kilometers. Finally, he saw a figure on the surface of the sea heading towards the Dragon’s Gate’s warship, walking over at a measured pace.

“That is the Profound Water Sect’s Sect Master!”

Xiao Chen recognized this person with one glance. He had met the Profound Water Sect’s Sect Master before. Unexpectedly, for the sake of this Holy Spirit Vein, this Martial Emperor made a personal trip here.

With a flip of his hand, the Azure Dragon Medallion appeared once more. Xiao Chen’s expression turned cold.

If the other party came over to pressure Xiao Chen without care for his status, then Xiao Chen could only let the saber light in the Azure Dragon Medallion see the light of day again to guarantee that the Profound Water Sect’s Sect Master would never return.

“Hey, he stopped and is starting to flee,” Elder Qin said with surprise, his expression changing.

The distance was too far. Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense was also rather weak, so he could only see a vague image.

The Profound Water Sect’s Sect Master ran in panic as if an extremely horrifying existence were attacking him.

“Xiao Chen, come with me and take a look.”

Xiao Chen had the very same intention as well. He pushed off the deck and followed Elder Qin into the clouds.

Elder Qin, who was leading the way, said in a soft voice, “In a battle between Martial Emperors, the shock waves will be very vast. We will just watch from afar and not get drawn into it.”

Xiao Chen understood this clearly. A newly advanced quasi-Emperor of the Profound Water Sect could already pressure him to the point of suffocation.

No matter what sort of Saber Technique he had, before absolute might, it was all futile.

Before his strength reached a certain level, trying to break might with technique was just nonsense. Doing so was no different from speaking gibberish.

Xiao Chen already felt that way against an insignificant quasi-Emperor. How much more horrifying would a battle between Martial Emperors be?

However, the situation before the two’s eyes was remarkably different from what they expected. The Profound Water Sect’s Sect Master kept fleeing, flying with all haste.

The Martial Emperor tried to tear open space several times, but a puissant force blocked him.

It seemed like an extremely horrifying existence under the sea was pursuing the Sect Master, chasing him all the way to Profound Water Island.

Xiao Chen watched from a distance. The moment the Sect Master entered the Profound Water Sect, he immediately activated a grand formation for protecting the island. Spiritual light burst out from the surrounding islands, and layers of formations appeared, illuminating the place.

These formations constituted a complex formation, which even included twelve peak Spirit Beast images seated at certain points.

Space folded in layers; formations existed within formations. Each fold of space was a small world.

There was a saying, “Boundlessly vast, infinite, and endless.” This formation incorporated the laws of space. It was a grand formation that would only be activated at a crucial moment for the Profound Water Sect’s survival.

Once activated, this formation would consume an inestimable number of Astral Cores. A single Inferior Grade Astral Core was worth one thousand Black Astral Coins. That should give an idea of how expensive activating this formation was.

With this, the Profound Water Sect wasted millions of Black Astral Coins, and the number increased with every passing second.

“This is the Seventy-Two Spirit Universe Formation. It originates from the Cyclic Astral Palace and is very popular in the Heavenly Starry Ocean. Once used, it will form countless small worlds in space. It can even block a Sovereign Martial Emperor.”

Elder Qin was very well-informed, displaying his knowledge as he explained to Xiao Chen. “However, the formation of the Profound Water Sect has only twelve Spirit Beasts. While it would have no problem blocking a peak Minor Heavenly Martial Emperor, it would have difficulty repelling a Greater Heavenly Martial Emperor. A Sovereign Martial Emperor goes without saying.”

Xiao Chen had seen grand formations before. The grand formation outside the Azure Dragon Palace not only locked down space but even controlled time. It felt very incredible and was much stronger than this.


The two observed from a distance and chatted in soft voices. Suddenly, a palace appeared above Profound Water Island. This palace looked like a fish. As it soared into the air, it projected the Emperor’s Might of a Prime into the surroundings.

The palace was azure blue and had the horrifying might of a supreme Prime. As it descended, the formation’s layers of space shattered readily like withered branches.

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