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Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1015

Chapter 1015: Azure Dragon Medallion, Immortal Legend

The blue-robed quasi-Emperor’s forehead lit up as he threw a palm strike. A bright light exploded out behind him as his Heavenly Laws surged, preparing to enter the void to force out Lan Shaobai.

When this energy struck Lan Shaobai, he vomited a large mouthful of blood.

“The spatial talent of the Asura Race is really difficult to deal with. If I allow you to grow some more, I won’t be able to do anything to you. However, you can die now!”

The blue-robed quasi-Emperor locked down space with his Heavenly Laws. Lan Shaobai could no longer flee. It looked like this quasi-Emperor’s palm strike would land on Lan Shaobai, and the consequences would be dire.

Just as the blue-robed quasi-Emperor’s palm wind hit Lan Shaobai, an incredibly enormous shadow shrouded the world.

A great wind blew. It was a legendary Holy Beast, the Kun Peng, with its wings spread out and covering the sky.

Xiao Chen transformed into a Kun Peng and flung out his arms, spreading his wings. Then, he threw a punch, charging over to the front.

The intent that he materialized consisted of only one word—hatred. Hating the sky for being too low, hating the low sky, only hating the sky for being too low and not allowing me to fly high enough!

Xiao Chen executed the Kun Peng Fist. He soared up, spreading wings. Although he attacked later, by using the might of hatred, he intercepted the blue-robed quasi-Emperor’s attack on Lan Shaobai.

How strong was a quasi-Emperor’s attack? It stirred up winds and clouds, moving the world.

A large amount of water billowed up, giving rise to a storm. A strong force barreled out, the subsequent waves tossing the surrounding warships into the air and sending them tumbling over.

Even the Dragon’s Gate’s warship became airborne, but it did not roll over.

After punching, Xiao Chen retreated a hundred steps on the water. With each step, he dissipated some of the force from the clash. Waves rose and fell. The fluctuating energy could easily annihilate a city.

The Heavenly Laws merged with the world. By lifting his hand, this quasi-Emperor could stir up winds and clouds. The person before Xiao Chen should be what Elder Qin spoke about: a quasi-Emperor that had already begun building the bridge.

However, it was clear that this quasi-Emperor had not reached Small Perfection yet. He had only built the foundations of the bridge. The bridge did not even span a small part of the vast chasm.

Otherwise, when Xiao Chen’s Kun Peng Fist collided with his palm strike, Xiao Chen would not have suffered only minor injuries.

Even so, this was not someone whom Xiao Chen could defeat. The other party had not used much of his strength.

After Lan Shaobai survived this attack, he looked at Xiao Chen in gratitude. Then, he stood next to Xiao Chen and sent him a voice transmission, Xiao Chen, this person is a bona fide quasi-Emperor. We probably need to get Elder Qin to make a move.

There is no rush. Let’s test out the real situation behind this person first. I suspect that they did not send just one quasi-Emperor.

The quasi-Emperor saw Xiao Chen move back a hundred steps and dissipate the impact. However, Xiao Chen did not appear significantly injured.

“Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen!”

The blue-robed quasi-Emperor squinted and quickly guessed Xiao Chen’s identity.

Xiao Chen looked straight at the quasi-Emperor, but he sent his Spiritual Sense out into the surroundings, capturing every single detail of the enemy warships.

Suddenly, his thoughts stirred. He saw the injured Yao Chen speaking to four great grandmaster-level Martial Sages in low voices on the King Grade warship.

Without his expression changing, Xiao Chen asked, “Since you know who I am, then why do you dare to block my way? Does the Profound Water Sect really not care about the Martial God Palace at all?”

The blue-robed quasi-Emperor said, “Don’t worry. I know my limits. As long as I do not actually kill you, it will be fine. This place is far from them. What can the Martial God Palace do to my Profound Water Sect?

“Of your congratulatory gifts, we only want the Holy Spirit Vein. Furthermore, we will compensate you with ten million Black Astral Coins.”

When Lan Shaobai heard this, he mocked, “Ten million Black Astral Coins to buy a Holy Spirit Vein? Are the brains of the Profound Water Sect’s people all short-circuited?”

A Holy Spirit Vein was one of the foundations of a Rank 9 sect. Without a Holy Spirit Vein, a sect could not be a Rank 9 sect.

A Holy Spirit Vein was worth cities. If taken to the Starry Heavens for sale, the starting bid for it in an auction would be at least twenty million Black Astral Coins.

Now, the Profound Water Sect had declined to the point where they possessed only one Holy Spirit Vein. Furthermore, that Holy Spirit Vein had been around for a long time. If the sect did not obtain a new Holy Spirit Vein, its ranking would fall to Rank 8.

Once the Profound Water Sect’s Sect Master passed away and its quasi-Emperors no longer existed, it would fall further in rank to Rank 7.

Hence, the Profound Water Sect was extremely interested in the Holy Spirit Vein that Xiao Chen had, and risked offending the Martial God Palace by trying to snatch it.

As for the ten million Black Astral Coins, it was just a joke, like they were giving alms. That was all.

The blue-robed quasi-Emperor did not get agitated. Winds and clouds churned up behind him for thousands of kilometers. As he looked at Xiao Chen, he said, “Azure Dragon King, have you considered it? I believe you are a smart person and know what to choose.”

Xiao Chen said without any hint of politeness, “Are you joking? The Holy Spirit Vein is a congratulatory gift from a Prime Martial Emperor of the Kunlun Continent, the Spirit Fox King. You are just a mere insignificant quasi-Emperor, and yet you dare to try and snatch the treasure of a Prime? I think you are tired of living.”

“In that case, that means you are not willing?”

The blue-robed quasi-Emperor’s face sank. Killing intent brewed in his body as he unleashed a strong aura at Xiao Chen and Lan Shaobai.

“Do your best. If an insignificant quasi-Emperor like you can push us around, then there is no need for us to go to Heavenly Star Island.”

Xiao Chen took out the Azure Dragon Medallion. In an instant, it forced back the blue-robed quasi-Emperor’s aura—and even the winds and clouds behind him.

With one glance, it looked like half the sky fled miserably at the sight of this medallion.

Lan Shaobai immediately felt the immense pressure on him ease. He could not help but send a voice projection, Xiao Chen, I did not expect you to have such a treasure. If we can suppress his aura and add in Ye Feng and Xiao Yu, the four of us working together won’t need to fear him at all.

There is no need. Let the two of them wait on the warship. This fellow is dragging this out. Let’s see what tricks his side has.

The moment the Azure Dragon Medallion containing the Azure Emperor’s saber light appeared, it was like the Azure Emperor had arrived, filling the place with vast might.

The Azure Emperor was a distant legend, a solid piece of an epic recounted through the ages, as well as someone who retained immortal fame through ten thousand years. He was the strongest person since the Ancient Era; no one could defeat him.

Time would not wipe away the legend of the Azure Emperor. As word of him spread, it would become even more solid, becoming an epic, a myth.

Under pressure from the Azure Dragon Medallion, the blue-robed quasi-Emperor actually took three small steps back before he stabilized himself. Then, the winds and clouds behind him turned chaotic, unable to settle down, ready to scatter like smoke at any time.

“Azure Dragon Medallion!”

The blue-robed quasi-Emperor was alarmed. He had not expected Xiao Chen to have such a treasure. His expression sank as he thought, I have to deal with him quickly. Otherwise, if this aura lingers, I will not be able to do anything to this brat.

“Humph! No matter how many treasures you have, they are all insufficient before absolute strength. Mountain Collapsing Imprint!”

The blue-robed quasi-Emperor moved both his hands, a clump of light weaving between his ten fingers and forming a golden Mountain Collapsing Imprint. At close inspection, it looked like it was dragging a mountain.

The quasi-Emperor roared, and the Mountain Collapsing Imprint surged violently towards Xiao Chen.


Before the imprint arrived, the water below Xiao Chen’s and Lan Shaobai’s feet sank, forming a huge hemispheric pit in the vast sea.

What a strong force! Furthermore, this was while the blue-robed quasi-Emperor’s aura was being suppressed. If not for the Azure Dragon Medallion’s suppression, the sea would have soared into the air.

Xiao Chen was startled in his heart. A quasi-Emperor was strong indeed. Even a quasi-Emperor that had not yet reached Small Perfection held an absolute advantage in strength.

“I’ll take this on. You find an opportunity to attack!”

Shock was shock. However, Xiao Chen did not have any fear at all. On the contrary, he evinced excitement on his face.

Long ago, a quasi-Emperor could squish Xiao Chen to death with one finger. To him then, they were distant existences.

Now, when Xiao Chen faced a quasi-Emperor, although he sighed at the strength of his opponent, he no longer felt like victory was impossible.

With a flip of his wrist, the Lunar Shadow Saber appeared in Xiao Chen’s left hand. He gripped the hilt with his right hand, and with the aid of the Azure Dragon Medallion, his aura soared, surging through the clouds in the air.

Lan Shaobai’s figure flickered, disappearing into the void and leaving no traces behind as he wandered there.

The Mountain Collapsing Imprint moved with lightning speed, appearing like a mountain containing Heavenly Law Energy. It flared and pressed down towards Xiao Chen.


In the time it took for a spark to fly, a saber light quickly flashed. As Xiao Chen drew the saber, a bright moon appeared. Night suddenly fell.

The saber light shattered, and Xiao Chen moved back once again. However, the bright moon remained, hanging in the sky and merging with the night, perfectly flawless.

The blue-robed quasi-Emperor’s face sank. He had not held back with his Mountain Collapsing Imprint. However, based on the night sky and the bright moon, his opponent could still fight.

“Azure Dragon Medallion!”

The blue-robed quasi-Emperor squinted and noticed the azure-colored medallion hovering in the air. If not for that medallion, given his aura, how could Xiao Chen’s mysterious phenomenon remain?

Amid the surging sea, Xiao Chen leaped out of the water, moving like a dragon. Saber hums filled the place, forming countless saber winds, as he flew over the water.

The blue-robed quasi-Emperor stepped forward and sent out a palm wind. Endless mountains formed in the air, manifesting the might of a ring of mountains.

The quasi-Emperor threw a palm strike, and the mountains howled, sending Xiao Chen, who shot out an attack, flying again.

Xiao Chen’s body flipped twice in midair. After wiping the blood from a corner of his lips, he revealed a smile.

Xiao Chen clearly understood his own physical body. After refining the dragon marrow, his peak Rank 4 Sage Body already surpassed the physical bodies of many quasi-Emperors.

This gave him the capital to face a quasi-Emperor.

After attacking several times, the quasi-Emperor still failed to land a solid blow on Xiao Chen. All the Profound Water Sect disciples and great grandmaster-level Martial Sages watched in shock.

Just how strong was Xiao Chen? Even a quasi-Emperor could not take him down quickly.

“Mountain Collapsing Imprint!”

“Mountain Flipping Imprint!”

“Mountain Coiling Imprint!”

The blue-robed quasi-Emperor attacked several more times but could not beat Xiao Chen. His expression turning gloomier, he moved his hands continuously and sent out three imprints in rapid succession.

Each imprint could make the sea surge, containing horrifyingly boundless force. The large pit in the sea became three incredibly immense waterspouts soaring into the sky.

For these three consecutive strikes, Xiao Chen did not contend head-on, nor did he use any techniques to break them.

The gap in strength was too vast. He only sent out a screen of sabers to defend with all his might, then let his physical body endure the rest.

Xiao Chen did not use his powerful moves—Flawless Four Seasons, Flawless Bright Moon, and Subduing Dragon Profound Slash. He did not even intend to use his trump card, Instant of Glory.

Within cultivators of the same cultivation and even those once or twice stronger, these moves were sure to kill.

However, before a prepared quasi-Emperor, even if Xiao Chen could injure him, it would just be a light injury with no significance whatsoever.

So, either he would not use them at all, or when he used them, he had to injure the other party severely, inflicting significant damage.

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