Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009: One with Heaven

As a peak great grandmaster-level Martial Sage, one could already start converting their Heavenly Sage Laws to Heavenly Laws.

However, when compared to First Elder Han Qinghe, these people were clearly much weaker. They had just started refining their Heavenly Sage Laws and had yet to convert any of these into Heavenly Laws.

The seven people who sat on both sides all stood up suddenly. Their gazes were as sharp as knives as they tried to pierce through Xiao Chen and completely see through him.

The black-clad old man stroked his sparse beard. His face was red with vigor; his spiritedness did not seem old at all. He was not surprised at Xiao Chen’s abrupt appearance as if he had expected it.

The black-clad old man said, “Naturally, I have no problem with exchanging moves with you. However, if you lose, you have to hand over the Sea Monarch Crown.”

The other six smiled coldly as they waited for Xiao Chen’s reply.

Something seems off with the situation. It is like these old things are purposely agitating you into fighting, Ao Jiao warned from the Immortal Spirit Ring.

Xiao Chen thought about it for a bit and agreed that something felt off.

“What’s wrong? The so-called Azure Dragon King does not have that courage?” the green-clad old man mocked with a cold expression on his face.

Ao Jiao softly reminded, You better be more careful.

It’s not a problem!

When strength reached a certain level, one could use force to break through technique. No tricks or plots would help.

As of now, Xiao Chen was already confident of sweeping through anyone within the great grandmaster-level Martial Sage realm with force. He wanted to see what tricks these people had.

He raised his head and directly agreed. “If you lose, please leave the Supreme Sky Sect and never appear in front of me again.”

“Don’t worry. You definitely have no chance of victory. Just remember what you said. Prepare to hand over the Sea Monarch Crown!”

The black-clad old man laughed and walked out the palace doors. After climbing some steps, he arrived at an open-air platform in front of the palace.

The other six looked at Xiao Chen as they walked past him as if they were waiting to see a good show.

The old man walked to the center of the platform and finished his preparations, waiting to unleash his stored energy. He became like a great hidden dragon, biding his time for the moment to leap up and defeat Xiao Chen in one move.

Xiao Chen stood still one hundred meters away. The moment he stepped down, he completely calmed himself down. There was no joy or grief; he was calm and steady as still water.

Let’s see what sinister traps and tricks you have for you to behave so unbridledly.

The black-clad old man’s lips curled up, revealing a cold smile. A berserk dragon roar came from his body, and his eyes turned red.

The old man’s aura suddenly soared, all the way until it broke through to quasi-Emperor.

“Hehe! Our seven colored Marquises have the Berserk Dragon Art, a secret technique left by the Sea Monarch. It can raise our cultivation realm by one grade temporarily. Now, I am a quasi-Emperor. I will decide this match in one move, defeating you like the worm you are!”

The winds and clouds stirred, shaking up the platform’s surroundings. The aura of a quasi-Emperor surged out in all directions, instantly blanketing the entire inner city.

All the Supreme Sky Sect disciples in the inner city revealed shocked expressions. Why was a quasi-Emperor projecting his aura across the inner city?

Furthermore, the killing Qi was so heavy. Could an enemy have infiltrated the inner city? Figures shot up, heading for the source of the aura, quickly rushing over.

A quasi-Emperor was a person with influence wherever he went. Normally, one could not encounter a quasi-Emperor.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Soon, more than a hundred disciples stopped about the walls around the palace. When they saw the black-clad old man facing Xiao Chen, surprise appeared on their faces.

Unexpectedly, the newly conferred Azure Dragon King, their Senior Brother Xiao Chen, was going to fight a quasi-Emperor.

A strange look appeared on Shui Lingling’s face. When she was about to step in to put a halt to this, Han Qinghe stopped her. “Don’t panic. Such a false quasi-Emperor will not be able to block Xiao Chen’s path.”

“But based on this aura and strength, he is no different from a quasi-Emperor. He will surely be able to fight with the strength of a quasi-Emperor.”

Shui Lingling still felt very worried. Who could have expected the Sea Monarch to have left behind such a secret technique that even a great grandmaster-level Martial Sage could raise his cultivation by one grade?

Han Qinghe smiled faintly and said, “Rest assured. He is not a true quasi-Emperor; he just looks it. The Berserk Dragon Art is such a heaven-defying secret technique. What he has is definitely only an incomplete copy. He will not be able to pose much of a problem.”

The black-clad old man felt slightly shocked. Even after he flaunted the aura of a quasi-Emperor, Xiao Chen’s expression did not change at all. Xiao Chen did not panic in the least bit, exposing no openings.

If this continued and the black-clad old man could not find any openings or weaknesses, he would have difficulty suppressing Xiao Chen in one move. However, he could not maintain the Berserk Dragon Art for long.

The black-clad old man’s Berserk Dragon Art was only an incomplete copy. If he used it rashly, he would suffer a significant backlash. The less strength he brought out, the weaker the backlash. However, the more strength he brought out, the more damage he would inflict on himself.

Naturally, the best result would be to find an opening and easily gain victory, taking back the Sea Monarch Crown. However, it looked like such expectations were unrealistic.

Damn it! I can only clash head-on.

However, just as the black-clad old man decided to stop searching for openings and use force to defeat Xiao Chen in one move, the silent Xiao Chen suddenly took one step forward.


When Xiao Chen took that step forward, fifty heavenly dragon images appeared behind him, roaring together.

One Dragon Force was five thousand tons of force. With fifty Dragon Force, the commotion caused would be tremendous. This step made the ground quake. Suddenly, the sky and earth shook violently; space rippled like water.

Thus, the black-clad old man got distracted for an instant. Seizing the opportunity, Xiao Chen dashed forward and threw a punch.

Xiao Chen’s azure robes fluttered as he charged. He was like a hidden True Dragon leaping out of the sea and soaring into the nine heavens.

Having just recovered his wits, the black-clad old man was horrified. He unleashed his stored-up state and mysterious phenomenon, a similar one to that of Xiao Chen.

Likewise, it was that of a dragon hiding, biding its time. A black dragon image revealed scarlet eyes behind the old man and roared towards the sky.

However, the black-clad old man was one step too late. Xiao Chen had gained the initiative. In this battle between two dragons, how could the black-clad old man be a match?

Furthermore, Xiao Chen had now been conferred the Azure Dragon King. He possessed great Luck; his dragon was now an Emperor Grade True Dragon.

Unparalleled king with boundless sharpness, the king of dragons.

In sharpness, in aura, he surpassed his opponent by leaps and bounds. With such exceptional power, the outcome was obvious.

The soaring black dragon leaped up about three meters before roaring in misery and scattering.

The dragon robes of the black-clad old man tore, and wounds riddled his body. His skin cracked and bled as he went flying back. With a loud ‘bang,’ Xiao Chen’s punch had shattered the black-clad old man’s body and broken all his bones. He almost died without a complete corpse.

With one punch, Xiao Chen emerged victorious. He looked up at the sky as he stood erect on the platform, radiating pride. His aura soared to the heavens.

The other fell to the ground, unable to move. He groaned in pain, his aura completely scattered.

Who was the dragon? Who was the worm? This was clear with one glance.

The other six old men had not expected such a result. Xiao Chen actually also knew a secret technique that could raise his strength temporarily. Based on his aura, it was even more exquisite than the black-clad old man’s Berserk Dragon Art.

“Attack together. This fellow just used a secret technique. He is definitely weakened. This is the best time!”

Murderous intent flared in the purple-clad old man. Working tacitly, the six had already prepared a strike. They unleashed their moves at the same time.

With such tacit cooperation, unleashing their strongest strike in an instant, no one would believe it if they were told that this attack was not premeditated.

The smiles on the faces of Han Qinghe and Shui Lingling froze. Clearly, they had not expected these six to dare to make such a move at the Supreme Sky Sect. How bold of them!


The figures of Han Qinghe and Shui Lingling flashed. They charged over without pausing to think. However, the other side already anticipated this. While the two were fast, they were still too slow.

The two could not help but feel anxious. With six peak great grandmaster-level Martial Sages working together, how could Xiao Chen dodge their attacks?

Six dragon images howled in the air. Amid this grave peril, Xiao Chen’s gaze sank. He did not panic in the face of the approaching danger. His feet turned as he retreated to the back of the platform.

Turn by turn, he moved continuously. His azure robes fluttered, his long sleeves spreading like flowers blooming. His fine black hair flew and whirled like a raging waterfall.

At this moment, Xiao Chen materialized the Flawless saber Dao at its peak.

A bright moon came out of his body. Petals of peach blossoms flew for fifty kilometers around. The summer sun blazed high in the sky. The autumn wind blew, bringing over fallen leaves. Snowflakes drifted everywhere. Azure Dragon images shot out.

There were many mysterious phenomena. With his every turn came a new scene.

By the time Xiao Chen had retreated until he could no longer move back, dodging until he could not, the attacks of the six had gotten very close.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen stopped moving. His eyes looked as clear as mountain spring waters. He held his Lunar Shadow Saber horizontal in front of him, his left hand grasping its scabbard, and placed his right hand on the hilt of the saber. This was the stance of the Azure Emperor’s Drawing the Saber.

In these few steps, he had fused all of the Flawless saber Dao into one, materializing a wondrous scene. Then, in the end, he would use the Azure Emperor’s Drawing the Saber and unleash all the explosive power of the Flawless saber Dao in the instant he drew the saber.

At some point in time, Shui Lingling’s figure stopped in the air. She squinted and looked at Xiao Chen with stunned eyes. What kind of Saber Technique is this?

Not only Shui Lingling but also Han Qinghe and the other Supreme Sky Sect disciples were all stunned by this wondrous Saber Technique. They all felt very curious.

How amazing will the saber light be when it is drawn?!

The six dragon images merged in the air. The killing moves of the six arrived in force, irrevocable. At this moment, Xiao Chen also drew his saber.

The blazing sun is lonely; the fallen leaves follow the wind; the moon bright like fire; snow drifting everywhere; peach blossoms scatter; endless dragon images…

Saber lights linked up. All sorts of mysterious phenomena appeared with this one saber. When Xiao Chen completely drew the Lunar Shadow Saber, the brilliance of it shook everyone’s hearts.


With the Azure Emperor’s Drawing the Saber, the Flawless saber Dao turned into a saber light and charged out. It instantly broke the killing move that the six cooperated to execute.

The saber light did not weaken, remaining as brilliant as before. It chopped through the six at the waist; however, they were not as fortunate as Di Wuque. It killed them on the spot.

Xiao Chen, was this the move you used to defeat the ten great grandmaster-level Martial Sages from the Deity Race back then? Ao Jiao asked in shock from within the Immortal Spirit Ring.

With this saber strike, Xiao Chen could be considered to have created his own Dao, leaving his name for thousands of generations.

Xiao Chen nodded gently. When he broke through the bottleneck of grandmaster-level Martial Sage and stepped into the realm of great grandmaster-level Martial Sage, at that instant, he entered an extraordinary state—a state of being one with heaven.

His thoughts had turned ingenious, his comprehension exceeding everyone else’s. All sorts of wondrous ideas and inspiration had consolidated all his special characteristics in that instant, creating this powerful unparalleled killing move.

Xiao Chen had previously entered such a state of being one with heaven very long ago. When cultivators broke through major bottlenecks, they all had the chance of entering such a state.

That was a state that could only be stumbled into but not sought. Even a Prime Martial Emperor could not enter it at will.

Being able to enter such a state resulted in many benefits, which had a lot to do with one’s accumulations and comprehension ability.

Rather than calling his comprehension of this move, which gave off a brilliant saber light, while in the one-with-heaven state a coincidence, it was more accurate to call it a natural progression under the right conditions.

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