Hidden Assassin

Chapter 70

Chapter 70 – Car Thief
TL: Milaryn
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The weather had been gloomy ever since morning, and Bai Nana sat on the bed, feeling like something was wrong.

Or she felt like something was going to happen and it was making her grumpy.

This temporary team of five consisted of four men and one woman. They were all first class assassins in Peroka’s Asia division and the leader of team this time was a madman codenamed “Tank”. The leader of the Asia division wanted the assassination this time to be spread far and wide as a terrorist attack. This plan of attack seemed stupid, but considering the position of the Asia division within Peroka, even if this incident seemed ill-advised, they would do it regardless.

The original plan was to have a bunch of armed people take over and the school, and kill at least a few tens of people. By doing so after the mission was complete, the news of this incident would spread far and wide; however, after discovering the news about the luxury cruise trip, the plan had been changed. Along with Chen Guxia, a lot of Jianghai City’s wealthy citizens would be there, and at that time, robbing or sinking the cruise ship would definitely be a much more prominent incident.

A plan was a plan though, and Peroka’s Asia division was located in Thailand. The members of group of five that had to carry out the operation all came from different countries: Bai Nana was Chinese; Boss “Tank” was Russian; nicknamed ‘Venomous Serpent’ Naga was Thai; codename Hawkeye was a Japanese sniper; and the remaining member was a Jew from Israel. Naturally, with this many nationalities, even though their skill was top-notch, they all had different views, and it was somewhat awkward for them to get along. The fiercest dispute on how the assassination mission should be handled was between Naga and Tank.

As for Bai Nana, even though she excelled in silent assassinations, she would not be stupid enough to argue with anyone about the assassination plan. What she found annoying was that even though there were four men, not one of them was normal. Tank was only interested in developing his muscles, Hawkeye was cold and distant like a homosexual, and even though that Israeli made beautiful bombs, it seemed that he was only interested in examining how many bombs he could fit in you. In the end, Bai Nana could only use Naga as a temporary bed partner, but his problem was that he was too normal.

When it came to matters of rolling around in bed, she enjoyed a rougher stimulation — to dominate or be dominated, like letting a man tie her up and be whipped or using wax and crying and begging… or she could do that to a man as well and she would still enjoy it. There were just too few normal people in the world… 

Still feeling irritated, she decided to go for a walk.

The summer had just passed, but the summer heat had not yet dispersed. That was especially true for that day, as the weather was gloomy and humid. She strolled through a few shopping malls, watched the crowd going back and forth, but she was feeling more and more bored. As she stood there alone, in the streets, the feeling in her lower abdomen suddenly resurged like a gushing fountain… She did not think she had that much blood, but she kept involuntarily looking down, thinking that her tampons would be soaked through. However she felt even more depressed when she realized it was just an illusion, because she would rather it soak through instead of drip blood all over the streets… 

That damn dark cloud, those damned pedestrians, this damned city, the whole damn earth, the damn female body… Was it that difficult to ask for something interesting to happen? Every month during those few days, she felt as if she was slightly crazy. Deep in thought, she turned a corner and it took her a moment before she suddenly burst out laughing.

She was in one of the team's previously arranged retreat points, and a black escape car was parked on the side. Since it looked like it was going to rain, and there were not a lot of pedestrians on the streets, a youth that seemed extremely confident in his abilities was currently standing next to that black car. He had taken out an iron wire and slipped it in through the window, while furtively looking around.

It seemed like her prayers had been answered and something interesting was finally about to happen…

Shortly after, driving the car at an unhurried pace.

“Let go of me, you damn woman, what are you trying to do? Take me to the police station! It's not like I was doing anything! Hey, let go of me! This isn't the way to the police station, what are you doing…”

Hands and feet tied up, the youth struggled in the small car’s backseat, nervously yelling obscenities in a voice tinged with some fear. This largely improved Bai Nana’s mood; she was quietly humming tunelessly while driving along. She was not supposed to act outside of the mission, as it might affect their future movements. However, she was not killing anyone and was only having her fun; since this boy was stealing cars, he definitely would not dare to make a fuss. The only problem now was to find a quiet location, then she could do the things she wanted to do.

She did not know a lot of quiet areas in Jianghai City so she just turned to drive along the coast. There were not a lot of cars on the highway so she drove even faster, the young man's cursing filling her ears.

“...You pervert! What are you laughing about? Just what are you planning?! I was only stealing a car… You might as well drop me off at the police station or you're not getting away! I'm warning you, my uncle's part of the triad, if you do anything to me, I'll get people to rape you a hundred times! ...You STD-riddled woman won't find another man ever again… I bet that you get four big aunts a month and they last a week each time… Your dad had already dumped you down the toilet before you were even born…”

The young man was being foul-mouthed while trying to struggle back to his feet in the back. Seeing that, Bai Nana suddenly stomped on the brakes, and the youth went flying forward between the two front seats, knocking his head on the windshield. The next moment, she heavily stepped on the gas and the car leapt forward at a high speed. The young man's body twisted painfully and landed in the front passenger seat. The woman's charming laughter filled the car.

“You… crazy…” the youth uttered in pain, bitterly cursing her. Shortly after, the ringing of a cell phone came from Bai Nana’s small purse. She retrieved a cell phone half the size of a brick and answered, “Hello?”

“Something happened; we've been discovered by the police. Everyone's on the move. Meet at the assigned point.”

“Ok, I'm using car no.2 to get there…”

As she answered the phone and took her attention off the boy, he took the chance to throw himself at her even though his hands and feet were still tied up. He had launched himself at her face mouth open, planning to bite her. She moved her cell to the side to avoid him, but then a sharp pain came from breast. The young man had managed to viciously bite the peak of her breast. She was not wearing a lot of clothes due to the hot weather, and she was not even wearing a bra, so the pain shot straight through her body down to her lower abdomen and she felt another gushing feeling, causing her hand to tremble on the steering wheel.


“What's going on?”

“Uh… nothing. Now that things are happening… I'm really happy…”

Her cheeks flushed and her voice was close to a groan, but the person on the other side knew her bad habits and did not think much of it. Hanging up on the call, she slammed the cell phone down on the back of the young man’s neck and the young man’s body went limp.

Pulling up her short skirt, she retrieved the pistol that was strapped to a holster on her thigh. She paused momentarily, then got distracted with the gushing feeling in between her thighs and slowly returned the pistol back to it’s holster. She increased the speed on the car again and a charming smile appeared on her face.

“Nevermind, before they arrive, we can have some fun first…”

Of course, what she did not know was that this unfamiliar boy in front of her clearly knew all her preferences, her habits, what appealed to her and even her physiology and frame of mind. Without a doubt, if she had not paused with the gun in her hand, she would have definitely realized that something else was going on…


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