Hidden Assassin

Chapter 67

Chapter 67 – Hacker
TL: Milaryn
Edit: IlkonEbi

Jiaming had had a part in the naming as well. He fully expected the name to be rejected or to be changed when the application was passed to Yahan; however, not only did she nearly suffocate from laughing, but she lay limply on her chair for quite a bit before saying, “Haha… that’s great! I don’t think you guys would be advertising this club, and since it’s only a few of you, I will think of a way to push this application through. However, this won’t be processed until after National Day, so this… Future of Ultra-advanced Tech... hahahaha…”

Seeing that the usually elegant beauty —not counting her image at school— clutched her stomach while laughing like a hyena, Jiaming huffed and unceremoniously dumped her onto the floor. He then sat in the vacant seat and started playing the level that she was stuck on in that game.

Still holding the application form in her hands, Yahan sat on the wooden floorboards, laughing non-stop while hanging on the armrest of the chair. The floor was clean and only Jiaming was around, so she did not really care about her image. Once she had her fill and finally stopped laughing, she sat up languidly, like a newly awoken puppy, and watched the computer monitor.

“Huh? Is that what you need to do to pass it?”

“How did you do it?”

“I sent more people there to deal with it…”


“What’s up? Am I wrong?”

“I’m not talking to an idiot…”


Yahan felt wronged by his accusation and watched him as he skillfully played the game. She started asking questions again after a few moments but got a reply along the lines of, “People with IQ under 80 don't have a say” or “Shaddap, stupid”. If someone were around to see them, they might have mistaken them for a pair of very close siblings. After a while, Yahan suddenly asked, “Hey… do you guys have any plans for National Day since it's a seven day holiday this time?”

“Dunno, depends on what Lingjing and Shasha say. Most likely we'll return home for a bit. The Huang family usually gathers and has a family dinner.”

“Our family is the same as well. Any plans for after National Day dinner?”

“Oh, I don't know then. Lingjing and Shasha mentioned something about working part-time at the supermarket to help with bagging things, but I don't plan on allowing them to go. There's no need to do such tiring things…”

“Your families have money, why are the three of you trying so hard to earn it? Did you guys just want to test your own abilities? Also, you clearly are able to…. Forget it, I'm not going to talk about you. You're abnormal.”

“It's not about testing our abilities, it's more like experiencing something new. As long as it's not too tiring, and they have fun doing it, they can do whatever they want.”

Yahan turned silent for a moment. She had originally wanted to ask if the three of them would split up eventually, but ended up not asking anything. She took out a few pieces of fine stationery paper from her bag and smiled, “If you don't have any plans, I have a few cruise tickets here. They are for a three-day luxury cruise on 'Dream Star’ during the National Day celebrations. The boarding date is October the 2nd. Let's go together with Lingjing and Shasha as well.”

“Oh?” Jiaming took a ticket from her, then reached into his pocket and fished out two more tickets to compare. Yahan’s eyes widened in surprise, “Y-y-y-you… Where did you get those?”

“Hehe…” Jiaming smiled carefreely, “I took them from that Teacher Xu just now. Since he wasn't able to invite you, then he doesn't need these two tickets. It seemed like a big deal — the tickets looked quite difficult to buy. I originally wanted to secretly sell them and keep the funds for family uses. But since it turned out like this…”

Yahan looked conflicted as Jiaming happily took two more tickets, “Ok, I'll let the girls know. If they don't want to go, then we can sell them off. We wanted to buy a computer anyway. Are these tickets expensive?”

“Xu Mo’s two tickets would cost around three thousand each. I got my tickets due to my family’s influence though, so they're the highest tier you could get. This cruise trip is where the upper echelons of society would show up, so they would probably sell for more than ten thousand on the black market. I was only able to take four tickets at once due to my status at Sacred Heart Institute, y-y-you…” Yahan rolled her eyes at him, “You’re telling me you want to sell them, are you even worth my attention?”

“Be good.” Jiaming patted her on the head as if comforting a small dog. Yahan smacked his hand away with a huff, “Don't pet my head! You disrespectful brat…”

While the two of them argued, Jiaming had already cleared the level and returned to the Windows 95 desktop. He spotted an icon and quietly exclaimed, causing Yahan to stand up and present it like it was a treasure, “Oh that's right, last time you asked about accessing the internet. I called someone over the other day and they installed it on my computer. I just turned it on and didn't get a chance to use it yet. I'm not that familiar with it so you should teach me.”

“Haha, with your zero IQ, it's too difficult for me to teach you…”

“You brat!”

Yahan huffed enraged and ran over to pinch his cheeks, while Jiaming reached out with both arms to hug her waist. Used to his actions, Yahan switched to viciously smacking him on the forehead and the two of them wrestled each other on the chair. Jiaming’s expression changed briefly and his hand, that had been on the mouse, clamped down by Yahan, suddenly slipped out of her grasp. He broke through her two-handed defense and directly clutched her neck.


At that moment, Yahan honestly felt like a defenseless baby in front of him. A second later, Jiaming seemed to realize that he had briefly lost control and gently loosened his left hand and placed it on the keyboard. He stared closely at the open window on the computer monitor and said, “I’m sorry, please excuse my manners. There's something wrong with your computer, someone's currently invading it with unusual means…”

He did not say what unusual means they were, but hearing his calm tone, Yahan was somewhat pacified. Fixing her hair, which had been messed up by their fight earlier, she nudged him over and sat on the chair as well, “Invading? Is it… a hacker?”

“I'm proud that you know what a hacker is.”

“I was an exchange student. I’m not a primitive!” Yahan angrily smacked him on the back again. When she looked back at him she was shocked by his movements. His hands furiously flew over the keyboard akin to a phantom and the clicking sounds coming from the keyboard seemed to never end. On the computer monitor, black windows flickered in and out, and Jiaming stared intensely at the screen with a lopsided smile on his face. Yahana nervously asked, “So… what's the situation? Is it serious?” 

“I'm looking into it, so it won't be serious. Relax.”

“If I knew there were hackers, I wouldn't have connected to the net. A lot of the school’s information is stored here and also the questions for the next exam. Oh right, who's the hacker? Is it a student?”

“Leave it to me, your exam questions won't be taken. It was a good thing I made some preparations last time and was alerted when someone invaded… Hmm, they should have only recently arrived in Jianghai City — maybe a day or two ago. If the security of your office had not been so tight, they wouldn't have chosen to remotely access your computer. Let me guess… it should be that dummy… You can't see me, you can't see me…”

As Jiaming was chanting 'You can't see me’, his smile became vicious, and after a while, his hands finally left the keyboard and he directly unplugged the network line, “I see you didn't die from depression...”

“What happened just now?”

“Just a small matter. I'll come help you with your computer tomorrow, but you probably shouldn't use the internet. I'm afraid I'm going to have to take care of some matters over the next few days…”

“Is it dangerous? Is it related to that hacker? W-what did he want to do? My computer doesn't have any incredible information…” Yahan looked at Jiaming anxiously, but he waved the network line in his hand in response, “Relax, nothing's going to happen. If I guessed correctly, it should be a group of broke Thai men. I'll handle it — nothing's going to happen to you.”

“Who says I’m worried about me? You’re the one I’m worried about. Don't give me cheek!” Yahan seethed, while Jiaming seemingly blanked briefly, before giving her an ‘OK’ gesture. He then grinned mischievously and prepared to escape, but suddenly turned back to say, “Oh right, this luxury cruise… Will Chen Guxia going to join it?”

“Teacher Chen… I heard he was getting one ticket for sure. Why?”

“Nothing much, just asking…” Jiaming waved and disappeared through the door before Yahan could ask anything else.

On the other side, in a rented apartment somewhere in Jianghai City. When Jiaming yanked out the network line, a young man with a crew-cut, wearing a suit, threw his mouse away and cursed loudly. On the sofa nearby, a charmingly naked young woman was painting her toenails. She looked up smiling, “What's the matter, Naga?”

“Nothing, my luck is terrible. When I had finally managed to connect successfully, the internet cut out…”

“Hehe, did you get discovered?”

“There was no indication of me invading. Also, the other side never reacted — they were only playing a game. The internet cutting out should be a coincidence, tsk…”

“I told you we didn't need to do such troublesome things. Boss Tank didn't want to do anything at the school. Once the cruise ship enters the open ocean, we can take care of everything in one go. We have to make it spectacular, so that the Japan headquarters doesn't look down on our Asia division.”

“And I have also said before that a frontal assault is a stupid plan. Assassins aren't warriors — we should be using a safer method to handle this!”

“Ok, ok, Naga!” The naked woman went around, lightly draped herself over his back and shoulders, and sensually whispered next to his ear, “Let's not talk about these troublesome things. We can… do more meaningful things instead…”

Then… they started doing more worthwhile things…


2/2 chapters (next release is May 20). 

Meaningful things if you know what I mean ;)

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