Hidden Assassin

Chapter 66

Chapter 66 – Going In Through the Backdoor
TL: Milaryn
Edit: IlkonEbi

“Ah, sorry for interrupting the two of you…”

Jiaming did not know whether to laugh or not, because shortly after, the criminal let go of the young girl, pointed the dagger at them instead, and shouted, “Move aside! Let me through!”

Lingjing naturally understood that they had just interrupted a robbery and felt the urge to step in. However, the man was holding a sharp dagger, and while Lingjing had learned martial arts that allowed her to deal with blades, it was only in theory and her mind was blank because of the panic. Jiaming fiercely pulled her aside and waved the flashlight in his right hand around seemingly in distress, blocking the dagger the man was holding. But if someone like Chen Guxia was around, he would have noticed that the beam of the flashlight shone directly into that man’s eyes. The man was also brandishing his dagger around, but due to the flashlight, it did not reach Lingjing, avoiding an otherwise dangerous situation.

Fortunately the man forced his way past the two of them and escaped from the alley. It seemed that he was not very experienced at robbing people.

“Jiaming, are you ok?” Lingjing recovered from her previous panic, turned around, and grabbed Jiaming’s right hand, inspecting it nervously. Jiaming only smiled, “I’m fine. We should check up on her though.”

The two of them walked towards the other side of the alley and saw a young girl groping along the ground, seemingly searching for something. Lingjing tilted her head and quietly asked, “Is she blind?” Jiaming shone the flashlight on the ground and noticed a pair of round glasses, “Nope, looks like she’s short-sighted.” Lingjing smilingly stuck her tongue out at Jiaming, then went to retrieve the pair of glasses and placed them on the young girl’s face. At that moment, Jiaming felt that the girl seemed somewhat familiar.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah, he wanted money, but I didn’t have any on me… I came out unscathed due to you guys.” The girl in glasses nodded her head in thanks, then when she saw Jiaming, she exclaimed, “Cousin Jiaming?”

“Huh?” Lingjing looked at the two of them doubtfully, “You guys know each other?”

Jiaming frowned for a bit, then suddenly laughed, “We met… last year during Chinese New Year… Xu… Yiting?”

“Ah, I didn’t think that cousin Jiaming would remember me…” the girl happily nodded.

Actually, the two of them were connected by a thread of fate. The Huang family and mansion were large, and Xu Yiting was similar to Lingjing's family. They had some relatives in the Huang family and would only visit once a year for greetings during the Chinese New Year. Even though Jiaming lived at the Huang mansion, the older he grew, the less time he spent there, so he had only met Xu Yiting once — during her visit earlier last year. This was because her father had instructed her to come along when greeting the Huang family. Even Jiaming had only remembered her because his assassin training gave him impressive memory, so it was a surprise that she remembered him.

After they recognized each other, explaining the situation became much simpler. After school, Xu Yiting had visited a classmate, and on her way home, there was an attempted robbery. It was lucky that Lingjing and Jiaming had managed to interrupt that attempt. After further conversation, they discovered that she was also a first year attending Sacred Heart Institute and was in Class 2.

Pushing along the bicycle, the three of parted at the end of the street. Once Xu Yiting was far away, Lingjing smirked before playfully punching Jiaming on the shoulder, “You only met her once last year, and you still remember her. Did a pervert like you take a fancy to her?”

“How could that be… You and Shasha would cut me, also she's not even pretty…”

“She's quite pretty without her glasses.”

“I didn't notice…”

The next day in the afternoon, when Jiaming knocked on Yahan's office door, the stern-looking beauty was in the middle of coldly rejecting a male teacher, “I'm sorry, I have an appointment on National Day. Maybe next time.”

“Yahan, you're joking, right? You didn't make any appointments on October 1. I've already tried asking you so many times. I definitely obtained these difficult-to-obtain tickets for a luxury cruise through my own power. If you don't want to go with me, these tickets would be wasted…” 

Jiaming had seen this male teacher before. He was one of the teachers that had visited Starlight Secondary School a while back. He remembered that his name was Xu Mo, and he was the second young master of a foreign sea freight shipping corporation. He also remembered mentioning that Yahan was his bride-to-be, but based on Xu Mo’s current expression, it seemed he had forgotten all about it.

“I am very sorry, but I do in fact, have an appointment during National Day.” Yahan kept up her cold, uncaring front and straight up rejected him, “A student is here. Teacher Xu, let’s talk about this another time, ok?”

Sigh, another time then.” Xu Mo nodded his head, “I will wait for you to change your mind before October.”

Jiaming closed the office door behind Xu Mo as the latter left. Yahan took off her glasses and loosened her shoulders, a troubled expression on her face. Jiaming sighed, “Oi, when he passed by me just now, I heard the sound of a heart shattering into pieces.”

“Oh yeah? Such a pity… Oh right, hurry up and get over here. I can’t pass this level in this game…” On the computer monitor, there was a screen with proper report on the top, while behind it was the screen of a paused game. Jiaming curled his lip in disdain, “I don't care if you die at that level. I came here this time, because I have something I need your help with and wanted to use your backdoor.”

“Oh?” Yahan's eyes glittered as of a moon that had previously been hidden by clouds had revealed itself, and grinned, “Hehe, you finally came to use my back…” She paused, the two of them realizing something was not right. She flushed prettily, coughed twice to hide her embarrassment, and said, “Hmm, speaking of that. What is it? If it's something only I can do, hehe… I refuse to help.”

“So childish…” Jiaming rolled his eyes at her, then took out a piece of paper from his pocket. “You know a few days ago, Shasha mentioned about wanting to make her own club? We found the fifth member yesterday, and the paperwork has been signed and filled in. I'm too lazy to find another teacher, so came to find you here. Please process it.”

“Eh, what kind of club did you want to make?”

“No particular purpose. We came up with a random name, the club had been made on Shasha's whim.” He pushed the application towards her, and she skimmed through it, “Huh, Xu Yiting… That girl's related to the Huang family, right? Apart from you, they're all girls. Name of the club… Um, cough, cough, cough…”

Seeing the name, Yahan suddenly choked on something and clutched the table. She kept coughing and gasped for breath. After a long while, with tears streaming down her face, she looked up and laughed incessantly, “You… you pervert! You did it on purpose…”

“That's why I said this was an anyhow club. You can say it's a sci-fi novel research club or something…”

Jiaming spread his hands in surrender. The name of the club was: The Future of Ultra-advanced Technology and the Development of Sustainable Resources of Earth - Crisis Prediction Rescue Team.

The goal of the club was: We predict any major crisis that the Earth will face, we are the frontier in leading the development of science and technology, and we maintain world peace…


1/2 chapters (next release is May 17). 

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