Hidden Assassin

Chapter 63

Chapter 63 – To Accumulate Happiness
TL: Milaryn
Edit: IlkonEbi

“That’s because they said that my piano playing was very soulful and people could resonate with it. The piano teacher there also said that I still had a lot of room to grow and would teach me.”

Wearing a newly bought female suit, a white tie and a pair of low heels, Lingjing circled the living room twice, letting Shasha evaluate her. They currently did not have a full body-length mirror, so it was inconvenient; however, they could still ask someone else to check their outfit.

Once Shasha nodded in approval, Lingjing excitedly ran to the kitchen. Jiaming was the only one there at that time, as Lingjing had been trying clothes on. The kitchen also did not have any strong ventilation other than an old-fashioned fan, and the whole kitchen was filled with smoke and a strong pepper smell.

“Jiaming, what do you think?” Carefully standing by the entrance of the kitchen, Lingjing did a cute twirl. Jiaming washed his hands, came out of the kitchen to take a look, then smiled, “These are just clothes we bought in the interim so the quality isn't very good. I've never seen you so excited even when you used to wear better clothing.”

“How is it the same? These are work clothes for my first job!” Lingjing stopped moving her head, and Jiaming reached over to smooth her long black hair back into a simple ponytail, “Does that look better?”

“If you're pretending to be a boy, you should learn from Shasha. She wears a ponytail every day.”

“I'm not pretending to be a boy!” Shasha yelped indignantly as she tried to strangle Jiaming. He dodged left and right while smirking and fixing Lingjing's hair, “My bad, I'm wrong! Shasha’s not pretending to be a boy. You’re very chic, ok! Since Lingjing is going to be a pianist, she needs to have a certain aura! Tying a ponytail would give her a clean and steady appearance — just like a powerful woman! Of course, she is but a miniature version of that right now.”

Lingjing kept her head still, allowing Jiaming to fiddle with her hair while giggling at Shasha’s antics. Shasha managed to hit him a few times before laughing, “Clean and steady appearance, huh? I’ve always thought that you aren’t very sharp. Lingjing, we should have him grow out his hair so he can tie it back into a ponytail!”

“We should,” Lingjing agreed instantly.

“My two queens, please forgive me… Ah, the vegetables are going to burn. They’re gonna burn! Shasha please forgive me…” Using the excuse of burning vegetables, Jiaming hurriedly changed the topic. He only had ordinary looks and was not considered handsome, but if he were to grow out his hair and have a ponytail, he would definitely be laughed at. He did not care what other people thought about him, but he did not want to deliberately make himself into a clown.

Seeing that Jiaming was in a rush to escape the current predicament, the two girls smirked and returned to the living room to discuss buying a television. The two of them felt that improving their home even a little bit was bringing them closer to their dream future. They were not worried about any hindrances, or about how people would view them, as they were still students. Their life was like a simple and comforting raising game, and every day was a new discovery, full of hope and dreams.

After they finished their dinner, Yahan, who was still in her school dress-up, came over to visit. She was one of the few that had been notified about Lingjing being able to find a job, and she also knew that Lingjing was a genius at playing the piano. She was surprised, however, that Lingjing was able to get a job so easily.

Speaking of which, every time Yahan visited the three of them at their home, she felt that there was something strange going on. She knew how well the three of them got along and that originally they were only living together two days a week. However, now that they were living together every day, the two girls seemed to act like newlyweds when discussing their home situation. She felt awkward, and also felt an unspeakable kind of embarrassment around them because the three of them were no longer children. She wondered if they would become a polygamous family if they continued carefreely along this path… 

Yahan came from a wealthy family, so she knew that there were men that had mistresses or even blatantly have a couple of wives. However, this little family had neither prestige nor wealth… Of course, she did not doubt Jiaming's ability, and she thought that he did not have this type of inclination. It almost seemed that he just wanted to have a low-key life, but this family had somehow included Jiaming...

In the end, this was a relationship that was revolving around Jiaming… Yahan also discovered that she was being somewhat strange recently. Every time she saw how happy the two girls and Jiaming were at their apartment, she could not help but feel that something was wrong with her. She did not know whether what she felt was worry, anxiety, or that they were getting along a little too well and it made her feel left out. 

At night, Yahan offered Lingjing a ride to her job at the western restaurant. During the drive, Lingjing and Shasha discussed buying a bicycle. It was not that they did not have money, they just did not want to wastefully spend it on things because they already had to put a lot of effort into decorating their new home.

Lingjing had a job at a western restaurant called “Nordic Fantasy”. It was actually part of a large hotel and was luxuriously furnished with beautiful decorations. That night, when Lingjing had been buying things, she heard flowing piano sounds and she stopped by the glass wall to listen for a while. It just so happened that the restaurant manager happened to come out and was discussing with his employees about the need to find another pianist. Lingjing gathered up her courage and asked about it, expecting to be ridiculed, but that manager’s interest had been piqued, and he let her try out. In the end, he hired her on the spot and even figured out the work schedule with her so that her study time did not conflict with work time. Lingjing considered the manager to be quite a good person.

As they stopped in front of the hotel, Lingjing brought the three of them to the back door of the restaurant. A man was standing by the entrance talking to some other employees. This twenty-four or twenty-five-year-old handsome man was wearing a well-fitting suit and had a striking demeanor. This was Manager Zhang of the western restaurant.

After waving goodbye to Yahan, Shasha, and Jiaming, Lingjing greeted Manager Zhang and followed him into the restaurant through the back door after. Not long after, her figure could be seen on the other side of the glass wall, inside the restaurant, where she was waving at them playfully and sticking her tongue out at them…


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