Hidden Assassin

Chapter 59

Chapter 59 – Mediation Match (End part) 
TL: Milaryn
Edit: IlkonEbi

How… how shameless...

The audience was completely silent. Han Gangcheng gritted his teeth and spat out, “You… You actually spat on me…”

“Huh?” Jiaming seemed faintly startled, “Were there any rules against spitting? You can spit on me too!”

“You…” Han Gangcheng was filled with righteous indignation, “Don’t you have any competitive spirit?!”

Many people agreed with his shout, and it seemed that the whole audience was on his side. Jiaming helplessly spread his hands, “Competitive spirit? Please, you guys forced me to do this match. I never promised anything.”

When he said that, the audience was slightly stunned. It was true that even though this was called a “competition”, the members of the martial arts club could not consider this to be an official competition. They just wanted to beat up that brat on stage in order to humiliate him and make him lose his pride. Dongfang Wan, who was sitting near the stage felt somewhat embarrassed, because this competition was not something Jiaming had agreed on. She had been the brash one who had agreed to it on his behalf. Now that she thought about it, she was not even on familiar terms with him, and since she had made a decision for him, it was somewhat unreasonable.

But then she changed her mind and felt somewhat annoyed. It was just a mediation match, it was not like there was another way to resolve the situation.  She frowned as she watched Gu Jiaming, feeling irritated.

“I’m going to kill you!” In the arena, Han Gangcheng finally could not take it anymore and threw himself at Jiaming with all his might. Chen Guxia rubbed his forehead as he watched the fight, not knowing what to expect next from the kid.

“Huh... Student Han is obviously infuriated. Even though the result is good, that tactic used seems a bit…”

He was a martial arts expert, but he was also a member of Ancestral Awakening. Being picky during a competition is fine, but when it came to life and death situations, as long as one survived, any tactic could be used. He was currently evaluating the competition partially as an martial arts expert, and also partially as someone who would do whatever was necessary to survive. This other side of him also understood that student Gu Jiaming had been cornered to such an extent that his actions were excusable. His opponent wanted to humiliate him, so Jiaming did not feel any qualms about using that kind of tactic. Chen Guxia could not help but smile weirdly at Yahan as he turned to look at her.

“Teacher Zhang, how does student Jiaming act usually…”

“Oh, haha… He usually doesn’t like to get into fights. If there’s no way to avoid it and he’s forced to fight, he… he usually panics… haha…”

“Ah, so it’s like that. He seems to have a good character and his temperament does not appear to be that bad. Since it’s hard for him to not panic, as long as he gets the right guidance…”

Hearing that Chen Guxia still did not seem to have given up on teaching Jiaming martial arts, Yahan felt slightly anxious. She internally chided that brat for playing around with his opponent. He could have done something else, but he chose to spit on him instead. Not only was that disgraceful, it made her feel dirty as well. Jiaming might have as well just defeated him with two or three punches or kicks and be done with the competition already.

At this moment, the competition seemed to have reached its climax, or perhaps one could say that Han Gangcheng’s mental state had already reached its peak. Jiaming not only managed to dodge every wave of attack, but he even managed to escape further away from him as well. In response, Han Gangcheng kept attacking him non-stop by trying not to give him any breathing space at all.

Under this frenzied wave of attacks, Jiaming’s dodging did not seem as miraculous as before. Sometimes it seemed that he was unable to avoid the attack and a few attacks did land on him before he could escape. Even though his posture was still very orthodox, he was slowly being beaten, and almost everyone in the audience believed that he would lose any moment now. The entire stadium was filled with cheering for Han Gangcheng.

“You can do it!”

“Faster, faster! Don’t give him any room to escape!”

“Hit him harder! Hit him!”

Amidst the cheering crowd, two girls tightly clenched their fists in worry as they nervously watched the fight; A dodge, another dodge, a block, good, Jiaming you can do it, hang in there… On the stage, Han Gangcheng ferociously assaulted Jiaming. As some of his punches were now landing on Jiaming, he had finally grown complacent. Two of his attacks landed on Jiaming’s arms while his third punch missed. He immediately stepped back and followed up with a spinning kick. As long as he attacked fast enough, that brat would not be able to keep dodging for long. Even if he kept his guard up, Han Gangcheng figured that he would be able to outlast his opponent as long as his attacks landed, and he would be able to grind him down. Dodge, dodge, keep dodging, let’s see how long you can keep it up...

Every minute and every second of the fight passed intensely. The whole stadium was resounding with cheers for Han Gangcheng; as Shasha did not want to appear weak, she stood up and loudly shouted, “Jiaming, you can do it! Jiaming! Jiaming, go, go, go!” Unfortunately, her voice was easily drowned out by the rest of the audience.

An attack, a dodge, another attack, a block, so close! You can do it! By this point, Jiaming’s situation had become rather difficult, while Han Gangcheng continued with wave after wave of fierce attacks. It seemed that the mood of the audience was one with Han Gangcheng, as they wholeheartedly encouraged him to chase after the retreating opponent. Han Gangcheng’s daily training also started to show its effect during this ten minutes of never-ending powerful and nimble attacks. It was getting increasingly difficult to react to this storm of attacks…

Amateurs were captivated by the fierce action, while the experienced watched for their skills and abilities. The audience as a whole thoroughly enjoyed the scene however. The members of the martial arts club admired Han Gangcheng, and even Chen Guxia could not help but praise him, “Yes, this is the result of hard-work and daily training. Not bad at all. Being capable to continuously attack for more than ten minutes means that his stamina and body are well trained and his movements are skillful. The fact that student Jiaming has been able to evade for so long is impressive, but I’m afraid he might not be able to last any longer…”

However, as soon as Chen Guxia finished speaking, the originally animated audience suddenly fell into a deep cold silence. The people that were in the midst of cheering fell quiet as they could not believe their eyes…

In the arena, Jiaming had made a move once again. This could be considered the first time he made a proper move, because it was an extremely orthodox move. He acted in the midst of Hang Gangcheng’s flurry of attacks. Han Gangcheng had been so caught up in the fact that Jiaming was only dodging and retreating that he was completely caught off guard when Jiaming kicked out.

In fact, everyone found it completely unexpected.

In the ring, Han Gangcheng’s legs trembled, and he stumbled back. He painfully covered the area in between his legs. His eyes rolled back, and he slowly leaned back, hitting the ground. He was in such agonizing pain that his mouth warped into an exaggerated ‘O’ shape and it seemed like his soul was about to fly out...

Oh~ Oh~ Oh~

It seemed like he was hearing the song of heaven right now...


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