Hidden Assassin

Chapter 55

Chapter 55 – To Evaluate
TL: Milaryn
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The soccer ball flew high into the air and with another boom, the tall male student fell to the ground. His body was twitching and his nose was bleeding profusely. The sight of him was extremely devastated and pitiful. The laughter suddenly died out like a hand had pressed down on it, and the dozen or so people stared in shock at their companion. The two girls were so shocked that they had even screamed.

“Uh… I'm sorry, I wanted you to catch with your hands… Why did you… uh…” Jiaming’s expression was one of innocence and helplessness, “Why did you use your face?”

Seeing that the tall male student had been reduced to such a sorry state, Lingjing rubbed her sore cheek, trying to hold back her laughter. When Shasha saw that they had gained the upper hand, she only brandished the wooden beam and no longer moved forward. The fallen student's companion pointed at Jiaming, looking like he was about to rush at him, "You…"

"You what? You wanna come over here and try something else?!" He had only moved forward slightly, but  Shasha raised the wooden beam, blocking him with it.

At this time in the afternoon, bored students who were taking a stroll in the school plaza and were attracted by the commotion going on. The male student shrunk back in front of the wooden beam before pointing at Jiaming again, “This isn't over! If you're a man, come over here. I won't be hitting a girl!”

As he spoke, Shasha had already swung her wooden beam over and smacked his hand, causing him to grit his teeth in pain and retreat a few steps, “Yeah, it's not over. Who's scared of a sissy like you?”

She said as she wielded the wooden beam full of killing intent. That male student ended up being smacked in the arm twice and once on his leg. At the same time, Jiaming and Lingjing were afraid that she would lose her advantage so they followed her closely. Suddenly before Jiaming shouted, “Shasha, be careful!”

A figure suddenly rushed towards Shasha with a flying kick!

It was a perfectly standard Taekwondo kick! Shasha subconsciously blocked it with the wooden beam and it broke in the middle with a loud pa sound.

As the figures crossed, three bodies fell in different directions: Shasha was sent tumbling backwards, Jiaming toppled forward onto the ground after ramming into the attacking figure, and the student that executed the beautiful kick went flying as well. Jiaming had crashed right into his waist — his weakest spot. His lower abdomen violently collided with a nearby street light post before he finally fell to the ground, completely winded and clutching his stomach while rolling around, his face clenched in pain...

The spectators were stunned and their faces were filled with trepidation. The male student that had attacked earlier was called Lu Jianchuan and was currently in his second year of high school. He did not have a powerful background, but could be considered an expert in martial arts so he did have some influence at school. He was proficient in Taekwondo, Judo and several other local martial arts, as he would also not be careless if he got into a fight with more than ten students.

When he acted, the knowledgeable spectators thought that the three of them — or at least the boy — would most likely lose. The spectators thought that the fierce flying kick had been beautifully executed as it had broken the wooden beam, but no one knew that the boy would be able to rush forward that quickly. It was just a clumsy, awkward collision and the lamppost just so happened to be there as well. Thus, a miracle that resulted in this tragedy was created.

That kick from Lu Jianchuan had actually only lightly landed on Shasha, and when she clambered up, she eyed the broken beam apprehensively. Seeing Jiaming struggling to stand up, she had to hold back the urge to kiss him a few times. It was true that even though Jiaming usually seemed schmaltzy, when it came to an important moment, he would be the most reliable one.

Seeing that Jiaming had blocked the kick for her, Shasha could feel herself sweetly melting inside, and was momentarily distracted from starting a fight. However Jiaming was not feeling the same, when he stood up, he instantly threw himself at the Lu Jianchuan who was lying on the ground. This martial arts star did not even have a chance to take a breather when Jiaming suddenly grabbed onto his hand. He knew that it was a dangerous moment, so he struggled with all his might. Soon after, his dozen or so fellow companions finally arrived.

“What are you doing…”

“Let go of him…”

By the time the closest two reached out to pull Jiaming away, both Lingjing and Shasha had already reacted and kicked them away. Immediately after, a heart-rending miserable shriek resounded in the school plaza and an even more tragic sight greeted the observing people. A horrified feeling bubbled up. After a somewhat ridiculous sight of arm wrestling, Jiaming directly broke Lu Jianchuan's right index finger.

Lingjing and Shasha were somewhat shocked when hearing this pitiful cry as well. A few days ago at the martial arts hall, father Ye had unintentionally talked about an actual combat technique. He had said that if it was possible, breaking someone’s fingers was a very practical method, but he also mentioned that one had to be very agile and it needed to be a preemptive strike. Who could have guessed that Jiaming not only learned how to apply that technique, but he had even taken the opportunity to strike when the opponent was unable to resist and broke that person’s finger.

“You schmucks, who else wants to come over here?!”

As the struggle over the finger had been quite fierce, Jiaming was currently panting deeply and squatting over his fallen opponent. He was holding onto Lu Jianchuan’s right middle finger and waving it at the crowd of people as his index finger was at an awkward angle. Lu Jianchuan had a tough guy reputation at school, but now his face was covered in tears and he could not even speak up. His left hand shook and he was pathetically gripping his right arm.

When the situation developed to this point, there were a few people that could no longer handle it in the group. A few girls’ faces had turned ashen, while some of the male observers’ faces also showed feelings of unease. One of the male students in the group spoke up, “D-don’t be reckless, we’re all here just to study. This is just a trivial matter, there’s no need to be so extreme, fellow student.” 

“Trivial? Who had initiated this, huh?” Jiaming questioned as he looked at him.

“I’m sorry, I agree, it is our fault. We just saw those two beautiful girl students and we wanted to attract their attention. I really am very sorry.”

Hearing him say such words, Lingjing and Shasha both felt slightly embarrassed. Jiaming lightly snorted, let go of Lu Jianchuan’s hand then turned and left abruptly. The two girls naturally did not want to stay behind and be gawked at. They followed him, picked up the goose-yellow colored desk and continued walking towards their home. As the crowd gossiped and pointed at them, Lingjing quietly said, “I saw sis Yahan’s small car earlier. It was parked by the plaza and she was in it.”

“She was there and didn’t come help, what a disgrace,” Jiaming said.

“But, Jiaming, you were really awesome just now. Breaking that person’s finger was kinda dumb; however, if you hadn’t rushed up, I would’ve gotten kicked.”

“Since I was so awesome, what kind of reward do I get?”

“Let’s talk about it when we get home.”

“Oooh, Shasha you want it again…”

The three of them chatted with each other and peals of laughter could be heard occasionally as they disappeared into the afterglow of the setting sun. Back at the plaza, in the cheap small car, Yahan was currently expressing her doubts to a middle-aged man sitting in her back seat.

“Mr. Chen,  why didn’t you let me leave just now? When that kind of conflict between students occurs, teachers have the responsibility to step in.”

“Haha, isn’t it fine now? I just feel that that child… is quite interesting. Has he studied martial arts before?”

“Martial arts…” Yahan was startled but did not show it as she wondered if that old man had seen something. She only said, “Are you talking about the finger breaking? His name is Gu Jiaming, he has trained in martial arts before. He’s actually my junior brother, but it’s only at a regular martial arts hall. We have just learn some simple fighting techniques, and he is considered the stupidest student there. He only knows very standard moves and does not know how to apply the techniques. When forced to fight someone, he usually just runs away. Does Mr. Chen think there’s something special about him?”

As she asked this, she kept her unease in check and observed Chen Guxia from her rearview mirror. This middle-aged man was said to be a national martial arts expert. Since he was quite knowledgeable about qigong, was he be able to see something from Jiaming’s actions? As Chen Guxia still did not say anything, she continued, “I didn’t see anything. It just seems that his luck is rather good since he was quite clumsy.”

“No, it’s not luck.” Chen Guxia shook his head, “He acted with precision both times and grasped the situation quite accurately. If he usually runs away, we could consider him to be the type of person that can perform extremely well when he’s cornered. He has some good qualities, but doesn’t usually use them. If he were to overcome those inner obstacles, then he would definitely achieve great results. Oh, the school is starting a martial arts class, I could try to guide him…”

When Yahan heard him say that, she relaxed and the small car continued steadily advancing into Sacred Heart Institute. Jiaming did not have prophetic abilities, so he naturally did not know that this “martial arts expert” wanted to make him his disciple. When Jiaming returned home, his only concern at that moment was to satisfied his two young wives’ needs.

“Hey, I gotta ask… why are you so excited today, it’s not even night time yet…”

“That’s because… Jiaming, you were so awesome just now…”

“And Shasha and I found a good husband…”

They locked up behind themselves when they returned and jumped straight to bed. The young husband did his best to satisfy his two young wives. 


After a while, his expression turned somewhat distressed.

“Even though it makes me happy to hear you both say things like that, I haven’t eaten yet… I’m really hungry…”

“Ah… But we haven’t bought any groceries… and it’s already getting dark…”

“We were too excited to get home…”

“Forget it.” The young husband sighed, “We’ll just eat noodles.”

“Then… who’s going to cook?” Someone asked as they lazed around on the bed. The three of them looked at each other without moving. This scene was actually not a first, as the three of them were living a decadent married life. However, in the end, because it was two against one, the young man sighed and climbed off the bed. As he went to the kitchen to prepare dinner on his own, he heard the two young ladies giggle happily and his heart felt warm with comfort.


In case you don’t remember, Chen Guxia is that older guy with the shoulder wound a few chapters back… (:

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