Hidden Assassin

Chapter 51.5

0051.5 - Author's Note - Regarding Hidden Assassin, Regarding the Defloration
TL: Milaryn
Edit: IlkonEbi

Regarding the first time of the two lolis, when I discussed this idea with others, they said that it seemed too hasty. After I wrote it, people did, in fact, say it seemed rushed. Yeah, it may seem rushed, and as to why everyone said this, I could probably guess why. This is because, in many books, this defloration situation could be considered one of the highlights as a big climax. The process leading up to the moment is brilliant and then after that climax, it’s common to change to the next female character. This is an ordinary, regular type of plot point, but I did not wish for this book to follow this type of cliche. Even though this could also be considered as a self-insert novel, Banana has never been one of those safe authors and Banana hopes to put his own twist in it.

As to what kind of twist — I wanted to show another type of natural, comfortable feeling. These two girls, Lingjing and Shasha, had already made their decision to live together after losing their first time. Try imaging it: one boy and two girls, the three of them being high school students. During the time period when they go to school, they are living together, almost like a married couple. At school, they have to interact a certain way, but when they return home to the rented apartment, it is another way of life. Their life would definitely not be monotonous and the two girls would hope to mature quicker to handle society and handle the students at school. As to the teachers, there was a small incident and that is during the later time period of high school.

In addition, the power of the criminal underworld would move during this high school period as well. It would affect their school and home life and create a comfortable and stimulating atmosphere, which is what Banana is aiming for. Afterward, as the children finally mature, they would be able to finally experience true feelings of love. Of course, when the two girls finally do mature, it is the time I am waiting for, while at the same time, this part of the story reaches one of its climaxes.

I have said to people before that this novel does not have a complete outline yet, because the outline of the ‘Diary’ is too perverted and instead restricts my writing. The outline of this novel is not yet completely defined, the only thing that I can be sure of is that I want to write out certain kind of feelings. The high school period of this novel is the first important focus, so I will work hard on it!


Thus brings an end to this first arc.  

Next release is Tuesday, April 17.

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