Hidden Assassin

Chapter 51

Chapter 51 – Starting From Today
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When Jiaming opened his eyes and felt a splitting headache, he faintly thought that something might have happened… 

He still had his clothes on, but some of them were torn open, and a deeply asleep Shasha was lying on his bare chest. Her developing naked female body was tightly hugging his chest; her bosom was tightly pressed against his body. When he eyed Shasha, he did not know how to feel about this situation.

Based on touch alone, he could tell he was not wearing pants and something was on his leg. After lying around in a daze for another ten seconds or so, he struggled to get up and a less developed naked female body swam into sight — it was a deeply asleep Lingjing. Her soft black hair was spread across his legs, and she was tightly hugging his thighs. This scene felt… somewhat strange.

Up to this point, he had never cared about the gender or the virginity of others, but now, when he looked in-between the two naked young ladies’ legs and saw what seemed to be blood on the carpet, he felt at a loss of what to do… 

Shasha was embracing him quite tightly and Lingjing showed no indication of loosening her grip as well. He shifted around slowly, wanting to sit up properly, but due to the blinding headache and decreased awareness, when he put his hand behind him, he knocked against an empty beer can, and—


“Huh…” Shasha jerked awake and shook her head as she woke, Lingjing also blearily looked up from Jiaming's legs before lazily saying, “Mmm… Shasha, Jiaming… good morning.”

Then, the two young ladies were suddenly came to a realization!

The three people's line of sight crossed as they looked at each other speechlessly. The strange thing was that no one screamed, and as Jiaming facepalmed, Shasha quickly retreated behind the sofa, grabbing onto a piece of clothing to cover her exposed body; Lingjing hid behind a vase by the wall, but was unable to find anything to cover her body, so she could only close her legs and cover her chest with her arms, ending up posing like those artistic naked statues. Jiaming found his pants and quickly pulled them on, even though he was not wearing any underwear.

The three of them, in three different locations, sat there in silence for quite a while when Ugly scampered into the living room from the second floor. He tilted his head and looked at his three masters, seemingly curious about what they were doing before running to Lingjing, who doted on him the most. He rubbed his head against her foot. Lingjing nudged him away, but the little cat refused to budge.

Jiaming and Shasha watched Lingjing and the little cat do their dance for a while before Lingjing’s soft voice —embarrassed, and at a loss of what to do— sounded in the living room.

“What… are we going to do…”

Just what could they do?

It was a good question, indeed. Since the situation had developed to this point, even Jiaming was not sure of what to do. If he decided to take responsibility, he would have to marry both of them. The three of them had known each other since they were young, and he would not be able to leave one of them behind. He was at a loss of what to do, and as the silence dragged on, Shasha suddenly sank down to the floor and started crying, “Lingjing, I’m so sorry…”

Jiaming thought it was somewhat strange that she said that. When Lingjing heard it, she also felt perplexed before remembering that she had told Shasha she liked Jiaming. Shasha had been giving her advice on that matter, but the situation had now developed like this... She wiped her tears away, “It’s fine. Shasha, we are still best friends.”

The room became silent once again, and only the little white cat continued wandering around Lingjing’s legs. Was this love or was this friendship? Jiaming had never experienced something like these emotions, so he could only silently contemplate. Since he did not have an answer, he was about to ask them to put some clothes on first, but Lingjing suddenly stood up.

The naked, pale young lady stood up without covering herself, gnawed on her bottom lip and wiped away her tears with her forearms. She went over to the naked Shasha and then pulled her up as well.


If one ignored Jiaming’s hidden manipulations, between the three of them, it looked like Shasha had the most influence due to her boisterous attitude. However, it was actually the gentle and steady Lingjing’s suggestions that they followed. Thus, Shasha doubtfully stood up, not rejecting Lingjing’s actions.

Pulling Shasha over, the two of them presented themselves in front of Jiaming, naked, without hiding anything. Lingjing continued to wipe her tears and said, “I also don’t know what we should do… but starting from today, you have to treat us well, you’re not allowed to bully us, and you can’t leave us; you have to be with us forever…”

Not knowing how to feel as well, with tears leaking out, and her desperately wiping them away at the same time, she said, “The three of us… we will be together forever…”


England, London, in an extremely messy small room.

The room was cluttered with computer screens, various machine lights faintly flashing in the dark, wires criss-crossed across the floor, used napkins, lunch boxes and empty packaging as well as various bags of trash. In the midst of this, a person was sleeping soundly on a similarly untidy bed.

Under the faint illumination of a computer screen, this person turned out to be a shockingly beautiful 18-19 year old young woman, with messy, long, black hair and an oval face. Her slim and slender fingers were sticking outside of the blanket and were holding… holding a rotating vibrator with the English words “Woman’s best friend” written on the packaging thrown to the side of her bed.


Suddenly, a small red light lit up by her bed, and loud screeching was broadcasted into the room. The woman on the bed subconsciously used the vibrator she had been holding to knock on the button and when the screeching stopped, she rolled over and stared intensely at the data flowing by on her computer screen.

“Fantastic, you’re here again!”

Looking at the clock on her computer, it was 3:21 am — in other words, the middle of the night. After a few moments, her fingers flew across her keyboard akin to those of a professional pianist, occasionally whistling in appreciation. Around five minutes later, a few English words appeared on her screen, and the naked and perfectly shaped body sat up from the bed.

“You have lost. The time is five minutes and nine seconds.”

Sighing deeply, the young woman’s fingers brushed past the vibrator on her bed, but she did not show much interest in using it. Instead, she grabbed it and threw it at the wall. After a moment, her eyes flashed briefly — on the computer screen, another set of words had appeared, “Kelly Founîmes, female, 19 years-old, finished high school education, graduated from…”, it seemed to be filled with her personal information.

“You are finally willing to contact me. Who are you?” She responded, and then added, “You must be a stunning beauty?”

“I have some money I need you to take care of.”

“Money management? I can’t even take care of myself, and you want me to take care of your money? How much? What for?”

“Seven billion USD, manage it how you will. I don’t want or need to know what you will do with it.”

“Seven billion…” Distressed, the young lady counted it out on her fingers before responding, “Do you want to buy me? Do you think that's enough?”

“I only hope that, if a certain situation arises, you would use your full ability to assist me then. Of course, I'm also hoping that time will never come.”

The girl frowned and deliberated for a bit, before finally typing 'OK’. “You think of a way to transfer the money over and it's your responsibility if I get it or not. Also, one month later, once I improve my firewall, come attack it again.”

She received no further response. The young woman reflected on the situation on her bed. Starting from last year, a mysterious person had continuously attacked and penetrated her firewalls. The hacker's skill was unbelievable, and they had never reached out to her until today. But, when they had finally initiated contact, it was to gift her seven billion US dollars? Just what was wrong with them? Afterall, she was only good at using her brain.

She really hoped that the mysterious person was a beauty… after a moment, a strange smile appeared on her face.

Of course, the current Kelly Founîmes would never know what kind of person she would have become in the future had that hacker not appeared.

Pushing aside his keyboard, Jiaming also revealed a strange smile. In his memories, he had the following information regarding this young lady:

Kelly Founîmes, in the criminal underground she was referred to as the woman of destiny. In 2001 she joined Europe's largest hidden organization, Lyra Tenebris, and by relying on her supreme intellect she easily became that organization's number one think tank. She had authority that was second only to one of Lyra Tenebris’ leading members, the 'Empress’. This young woman had an astonishing gift. With her wide range of interests, as long as she set her mind to it, she could miraculously complete the task to perfection. In his previous timeline, when they were dealing with Lyra Tenebris, just facing this one person's intellect had almost caused Peroka to collapse.

Peroka had deep enough roots to withstand it, but when Lyra Tenebris was uprooted and the Empress had been sieged and killed, Kelly was still able to continue living easily. She single-handedly contacted China’s Ancestral Awakening, North America’s Creation of Miracles and Wisdom of Heaven — the type of organizations that could counter-attack Peroka. During that period, Peroka had planned and executed 47 detailed assassinations against her, but not one succeeded.

She was a genius, and she was also a lesbian; or more appropriately, she was a pure homosexual. She hated men, but at the same time it was said that she had never slept with any women; she professed she liked women, but it was reported that she had an extreme dislike for sleeping with anyone, so she had never touched another woman. Her motto was ‘homosexuality isn't shameful, but shameless homosexuals are not beautiful’.

As an assassin, the feeling of security was a must. Previously, Jiaming had been on his own, so even if anything happened, he could handle it. But now that there were two people he needed to protect, it seemed prudent to prepare in advance. He did not know how this hidden chess piece could function in the future, but… it could become a pleasant surprise...

As he leaned back on the chair, lost in thought, soft footsteps could be heard, and two young ladies, each wrapped in a towel, appeared. Their faces were flushed and had somewhat unnatural expressions. Lingjing spoke up, “Um… we finished showering. Shasha said… she's still tired, so she wants to sleep for a bit. So… um, the bath is ready and I'll help set out your clothes, so you should go clean yourself…”

“Ok.” Jiaming nodded, and the two girls, who had just lost their first time, rushed upstairs. Jiaming smiled helplessly before turning off the computer and headed towards the bathroom...

Two days later, Starlight Secondary School’s bald headmaster received another bribe. The unusual activity in his bank account and some ironclad evidence appeared on the Municipal Bureau of Education Bureau Chief’s desk, while several newspapers also obtained this information at the same time. There was a huge report on this and the headmaster was arrested. Thanks to Yahan’s connections, the news about the fight of Jiaming and the other two with the teachers and the security team was suppressed. Around ten days later, when exams started, by relying on Yahan, it was quite simple for them to gain the qualifications to enter Sacred Heart Institute.

At the same time when the bald headmaster had been exposed, a small storm arose among the world’s criminal underground. The cause of this storm was the seven billion USD that had disappeared without a trace from a Swiss bank account of the world's strongest assassination organization, Peroka. Even though Peroka had the theft investigated by several of its departments spread around the world, they were unable to find any clues.

Then as July arrived, a financial crisis erupted and spread across Southeast Asia, starting from Thailand. During this time, in a villa by Jianghai City’s shore, three not-yet-fully-grown people ignored society’s norms and started properly living together…


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