Hidden Assassin

Chapter 50

Chapter 50 – The Awakening of Adolescence

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As Starlight Secondary School was established in the most complicated area of Jianghai City, the school’s security was not a joke. Even if these three knew a little martial arts, they would not have been easily able to achieve such results. These results were all due to Jiaming secretly changing the flow of the fight and thus, the end result as well.

He did it by picking up the legendary hidden weapon — a wooden stool, which seemed quite harmless. In the midst of the chaos, the two gorgeous girls attracted everyone’s attention. Their punches, kicks, and swings seemed to all hit, forcing the security guards to retreat. On the other hand, the two girls seemed to be able to easily dodge all of the guards’ attacks and this was because most of them were blocked halfway by the wooden stool.

All the people present, including Lingjing and Shasha, did not have a strong and deep understanding or experience of actual fighting. However, the security guards had completely ignored Jiaming, and under his secret orchestration of the incident, the security guards ended up in a pile on the staffroom floor shortly after. The two girls had not gotten hurt at all, and the spectating crowd all stared in wide-eyed wonder, impressed beyond belief. This situation led to the Ye Martial Arts School gaining a lot of business — something the three of them had not expected at that time.

After the fight, Lingjing pulled on Shasha's hand and calmly left the staffroom. Shasha waved her baseball bat threateningly while glaring viciously at the bald headmaster and Jiaming only shook his head and smiled as they followed her out. When Jiaming reached the door, he turned back and said, “Why did you bother… everyone already knew you accepted a bribe for one of the free slots. You should be more generous and sincere. Now that this incident has occurred, we'll see who has the last laugh.”

As this had all occurred during school hours, the three of them decided to leave early under the watch of the crowd as the students pointed and gossiped about what had happened. Lingjing pulled Shasha along, while Jiaming strolled behind the two of them with his hands in his pocket. Not long after, they left the school building. On that June afternoon, the sun shone brightly and the trees casted motley shadows on the silent school grounds as three of them made their way to the exit. When they reached the school gates, Shasha turned back to look at Jiaming and pouted while shooting glances at Lingjing who still had not said a word.

Jiaming only shrugged and then sighed, as he did not know how to console Lingjing at this point. He did not feel that there was anything wrong with their so-called 'living together’ situation even though the school considered it a serious matter. After thinking for a bit, he increased his pace to catch up and patted Lingjing on the shoulder lightly. This would have originally been a normal interaction for the three of them, but at that moment, Lingjing shuddered and suddenly stopped.

“Ah, Lingjing, I think…” Feeling Lingjing’s reaction, Jiaming was about to retract his hand, but her hand suddenly reached out and grabbed onto his.

This young lady’s hand was delicate and exquisite, and even though they had held hands many times before, this was the first time he felt her gentle and soft palm this distinctly.

“Jiaming, we should ignore them…” Lingjing faintly said as she choked back her sobs. Then she used the back of Jiaming's hand to lightly wipe away her tears, “We should still remain as before…”

“Oh, of course…” Jiaming smiled, relieved, and started walking in front.

“Let's go to the villa,” Shasha said. Seeing that Lingjing had finally said something, she also brightened up, “That baldy, I will beat him to death next time!”

“First, we should go on a shopping spree, because we're celebrating tonight!” Tears wiped away, Lingjing also started smiling, and the three of them held hands with each other as they left the school grounds.

That night was the first time they had such an extravagant party. Shasha had withdrawn all her savings from the bank and the three of them went on a shopping craze, buying all sorts of things they could not even name. When evening arrived, the kitchen became quite lively, and they spent around two hours to fill up the large dining table with all sorts of dishes. Many cans of beer and a mountainous pile of snacks were scattered on the tea table as the television broadcasted the weekday comedy drama.

The two girls’ moods were at an all-time high as they joked about ways to plot revenge on the baldy. They were gulping down beer like juice, and the two of them sometimes combined together to force beer down Jiaming's throat. Since they were that excited, Jiaming was naturally willing to entertain them. In the depths of his heart, the faint stirrings of an unknown feeling arose. To him, this was unusual — something he had not felt before.

He naturally knew why the two girls were acting like this. Originally, no one had mentioned anything, even though the two girls knew they were now considered grown up. If they had been three girls, it would not have mattered, but because Jiaming was a boy, and they were all adults, how could they remain as innocent as before? If no one said anything, the three of them would have continued on as usual, but now that someone had pointed it out, those words left a thorn behind in their hearts. The awkward awakening of puberty, filled with springtime and the rainy seasons of youth, even though a bit late, had finally arrived for both Lingjing and Shasha.

As to Lingjing and Shasha, because they had been interacting with each other for so long, they both understood that this change could cause them to drift apart. Jiaming also did not have any good feelings about it either. Thus, at the request of the two young ladies, he brought out the beer and they all drank it without any reservations. His chance at a new life had only brought over his soul — his body was not the same as before, despite his physical training. He did not have any alcohol tolerance, so after a short while he started feeling tipsy. However, who cared about him, as long as the two girls were happy, getting drunk this one night was not an issue.

The three of them were very rowdy; they ate, drank, snacked, played games, and kept playing until they forgot about the time. In the living room, pillows and snacks were scattered everywhere. Jiaming had also relaxed a bit by this time and let himself use some of his nimble skills to deal with the two of them. Sometimes, he would be the one pouring beer down someone’s throat; at other times, he would be the one being pressed down by the two girls, beer poured down his throat until he could not breathe.

As midnight approached, the villa gradually became quiet, and a tragic film started playing on the television. The three of them rolled around on the carpet in the living room, various bags of snacks were scattered around them amidst empty wrappings and empty cans of beer. Shasha tried looking for more beer but did not find any, so she shakily stood up, “I… I’ve just remembered. Dad seemed to have dropped by yesterday… There should be a bottle in his room… A bottle of unopened red wine, hehe… It’s very expensive… I’ll go bring it down…”

After a bit, she wobbled her way downstairs with a bottle of red wine in one of her hands, and the other holding a video tape that she waved around, “Video… there’s nothing good... on the TV, Lingjing, let’s watch this…”

“We shouldn’t…” Lingjing struggled to get up from the floor, as she propped her chin on the back of the sofa, “That… No, no… we can’t let Jiaming watch it…” 

“Haha, I… It’s not like I haven’t watched it before… hehe…” When Jiaming, who was lying on the floor, caught sight of the video tape, he basically understood what it was, and snorted disdainfully at it. Shasha shoved the tape inside the player and said, “Who… who cares, he… He said… so what if we live together!”

Shortly after, the television started broadcasting AV scenes, and she poured red wine into rice bowls for the three of them. “I… I heard from my dad, to drink red wine, first, you have to smell it, then you have to shake it…” She used her nose to take a sniff, then used both hands to shake the bowl, causing wine to sprinkle all over the floor. Lingjing drank a mouthful, a charming smile across her flushed cheeks, “It’s so sweet…”

Jiaming naturally knew how to drink wine. When he looked at the rice bowl filled with red wine, he smirked, took the bowl and gently swirled it, “Shasha you idiot… this is how you swirl it, haha, dummy…”

“You dare to call me dumb…” Shasha kicked at him multiple times before tilting over and holding onto the wine bottle while shaking it, “You see… I can also swirl…” she said as she gulped down large mouthfuls.

“You… you’re wasting it…” Jiaming rolled his eyes at her, and took a sip of the red wine before frowning slightly, “This… the taste is kind of strange, but… it’s not poison…”

“My dad… left that behind… how could it be poison…”

If it was a normal situation, then Jiaming would have definitely easily identified what type of alcohol it was. Shasha’s father rarely visited the villa, but even if he did, he would do it when the children were not around. When he did visit, he would bring a lady over once in a while, talk about life and ideals, drink red wine and do similar activities. He had come over earlier in the morning and did not think that the children would be visiting today, so the red wine had not been hidden securely. Thus, Shasha ended up commandeering the bottle and it was shared between the three of them.

After finishing the bottle of red wine, the three of them fell into a state of drunkenness while the television continued broadcasting sounds of a woman’s pleasured moaning. Jiaming lay down on the carpet and then he blurriedly watched Shasha crawl over to him like a kitten.

“Jia… Jiaming… Lingjing likes you, and… I also like…”

After that moment, everything turned white and blank.

The long night quietly passed by, in the Liu family’s villa, the lights were brightly lit and the curtains swayed occasionally. On the balcony of the second floor, a small white cat named Ugly meowed plaintively at the moon in the night sky…


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Oh geebus, the title of this chapter was difficult to make it catchy enough from Chinese to English. Basically it was referring to an age phase – transitioning from the childhood naivety of a relationship between girls and boy to feeling quite aware of the complicated, mature and  *dokidoki* relationships between men and women.

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