Hidden Assassin

Chapter 47

Chapter 47 – Brief Interlude
TL: Milaryn
Edit: IlkonEbi

“Elope?” Jiaming’s jaw dropped, and the world grinded to a halt.

“Well, since the situation has come to this, at this point in time, apart from eloping, what else can we do? Besides, I had already planned on leaving.” Yahan ran to her wardrobe and started looking for clothes. Jiaming closed his mouth with a snap and sighed, “Then don't say elope. Elope is something that a cheating couple would do. You want to leave in secret, but that doesn't involve me, so hurry up and change already…”

“Don't peep on me.” Yahan took some clothes and entered the bathroom, but soon stuck her head back out, “Also, don't do anything to my stepmom.”

“Oh please…” Jiaming wanted to hit her for implying such a thing as Yahan smirked at him. Shortly after, she came out in her changed outfit.

“A swimsuit?!”

“Yeah, there's a small pond under my window. If I didn't change, how would we get out?”

“We’re going out by climbing!”

“Climbing on the walls? But I'm afraid of heights…”

They looked at each other in exasperation, before Yahan quietly harrumphed and returned to the bathroom. Shortly after, she changed into a set of black workout clothes. However, her outfit had a white stripe, and it was quite eye-catching in the darkness.

“Hmm, I have my ID card, my passport, and my bank card. What else do I need to bring… There are these few diaries, and also these two books because I hid some money in them. Wah, what are you doing? These are my favorite pair…”

Jiaming had taken a brush used for calligraphy and started scrubbing on her clothing. Shocked, Yahan tried to move away, but before she could, the white stripe started to turn black. “I don't care if you like it or not, white doesn't blend in with the darkness. Also, is there something wrong with your brain? It's fine to bring money, but why are you bringing your diaries? Do you need to bring your pillow as well?”

“I have thought about what to bring… I'm not stupid.” Yahan glanced at Jiaming, “That year when I received Cambridge's admission letter, my family did not allow me to go. I secretly arranged for a visa, took a small amount of money with me and left for the UK. The time spent there had been difficult, and those few diaries were written when I was there. These “Diaries of Surviving In A Foreign Land” are filled with tears and bitterness and are very significant to me, I have to keep them.”

Seeing that Jiaming continued painting on her clothes, Yahan briefly revealed an expression full of pain and bitterness. She hurriedly snatched the brush from him when it reached her chest and continued painting the stripe herself. Jiaming sat on the side, flipped through her diary, and casually asked, “The one on your bed is your father's second wife?”

“Yeah, my stepmom,” Yahan nodded, “But she treats me quite well. She used to be a less-known celebrity and, once she entered the family, she was quite content and didn't cause any trouble.”

The two of them casually chatted as Yahan finished turning her clothes black. She pushed her window open and looked around for a moment, before sneakily turning back to Jiaming and gesturing at him.

“The two bodyguards have just passed by, but are we really going to climb outside?”

Below her room window was a small ornamental pond and there would be no problems swimming in it. However, when she looked around outside her window, she did not see anything that seemed climbable. Since she was afraid of heights, she quietly suggested, “Um… I think we should swim instead…”

“Idiot, go stand on the railing first.”

“Stand… on the r-railing?” Yahan pointed at the railing by the window in disbelief. Just thinking about it made her dizzy, “I'm going to fall for sure…”

“I'm telling you to stand on it! Of course I have a plan, ugh, just wait.” As Jiaming said that, he went to get a towel from her room, “Stuff this in your mouth, it'll muffle your screaming… Just relax, I guarantee nothing will happen to you. The time is tight now, can you please hurry up? Are you going to wait until the bodyguards come back, before going onto the railing?”

Yahan took two deep breaths before her mouth clamped down on the towel, and she tied it around her mouth. She looked at Jiaming, barely concealing her bitterness. When he saw her look, he smirked, “Now you seem really similar to that girl in the video… Oh, I forgot, to prevent you from moving too much, I'll have to tie you up.”

Yahan narrowed her eyes in anger and aimed a kick at Jiaming. As her temporary wrath decreased some of her fear, with one hand on Jiaming's shoulder, she clambered onto the railing. Before she could stand properly, a rope shot past her ear, her body was suddenly lifted up, and the two of them went flying downwards.

For a split second, Yahan fell into a state of panic. The towel was tightly covering her mouth so only a muffled scream could be heard. The reflective surface of the pond flashed across her eyes as the wind whistled sharply in her ears. Before she had a chance to close her eyes, her trembling legs had already reached the ground.

 “Ugh, we… did we actually get down here like that?” She ripped the towel off her mouth and sat on the ground, stunned, staring first at the small pond, then back up at her window. Jiaming had hooked a rope around the window’s railing and then they had swung down from there like Spiderman.

“Let’s go already.” Jiaming retrieved and packed away the rope, then smacked her on the head. She understood it was not the time to sit around, so she stood up in a hurry.

As they weaved their way through the ornamental thicket, Yahan thought back to what had happened just now and continuously bombarded him with questions, “Jiaming, how do you have that much strength…”

“Does that rope have a hook? Is it like the ones on television?”

“Did you start receiving special training when you were young?”

“So at the camping trip last time…”

“Shut up—” Jiaming was at the end of his patience and smacked her heavily on the forehead. However, when he saw Yahan clutch her stomach, he asked doubtfully, “What’s the problem?”

“Do you even need to ask?” Yahan kicked him on the butt, “It was all because of your shoulder digging in just now!”

“Haha, who told you not to stand firm. When I jumped up, your body lowered a bit. No wonder I felt that it was so soft, haha… Oh... shhhhh…”

Yahan was about to retort angrily when she was interrupted by his ‘shhh’ and was yanked backwards by him. The two of them hid in a section of the garden’s short shrubbery as two burly suit-wearing men patrolled past.

Naturally, those two men were Yahan’s family bodyguards. They looked like they were on patrol; however, as they drew near, they sat down on a stone bench in the garden. The two of them talked for a bit, then suddenly, the man sitting on the left tugged on the hand of the man sitting next to him, and the burly man sitting on the right gently leaned on the other man’s shoulder.

When the two hiding in the bushes saw this, they turned to stone!

Jiaming and Yahan looked at each other's paling faces with an identical expression of not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

One minute, five minutes, ten minutes passed and the two burly men continued to lean on each other, whispering sweet nothings. Yahan felt like she was close to combusting from embarrassment; when she saw Jiaming’s weird smiling expression, she could not help but pinch him firmly a few times. Her eyes hinted at him to hurry and think of a way for them to get out of there, but Jiaming only raised his hands and shrugged helplessly. Suddenly, it seemed that there was a change in the situation with the two men in front of them.

“You want to do it here?”

“Relax, no one is going to come here…”

“But we're still at work, we shouldn't…”

“Don't be afraid.”

“If someone actually comes, they'll see us…”

“Then we should go over there.”

Hearing the two burly men speak so coquettishly to each other made Yahan gag. Subsequently, one tugged onto the other, while the latter half-willingly let himself be dragged along towards the shrubs where Jiaming and Yahan were hiding. Yahan suddenly felt a sharp pinch on her left ear as Jiaming pulled her closer and quietly whispered something.

“Did you hear that?”

“What? Don't speak nonsense.”

“But I definitely heard something…”

Yahan finally could not stand it anymore and popped up from the short shrubbery. Even though the two bodyguards were homosexuals, they were still professionally trained and instantly jumped into a defensive stance. Yahan lowly exclaimed, “It’s really unexpected that the two of you are gay!”

Since it was the biggest secret between the two of them, hearing it said out loud made them freeze temporarily. During that fleeting moment, a black figure flashed out and resolutely knocked their heads together.

Then he grabbed their lapels and gently lowered the two of them to the ground. Yahan eyed them and asked, “You knocked their heads too hard and they're bleeding; they're not going to die, are they?”

Jiaming dragged the two unconscious bodyguards deeper into the short thicket and rolled his eyes at her, “Stop nattering away by my ear, it's nauseating!”

“Go die already.” Yahan could not hide her smile, but when she looked at the two burly men, she felt goosebumps all over. Jiaming continued saying, “I once heard an extremely perverted person say, ‘homosexuality isn't shameful, but shameless homosexuals are not beautiful’. I think I finally understand what that means.”

Jiaming thought of Lingjing and Shasha and definitely felt that that pair was a lot more comfortable to think about…

After this brief interlude, the two of them scaled over the outer walls without any further incidents. When the Zhang family finally discovered the fainted woman in Yahan's room, they immediately notified the police. However, by the time they received their orders to search for the missing Yahan, Jiaming and Yahan had already long since escaped far away and disappeared into the vast darkness of the night.


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