Hidden Assassin

Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – Deciding to Elope
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“Uh, haha… Little Mom, what did you want to say to me… Haha, that is…” Seeing the woman sit on the edge of the bed, Yahan’s heartbeat increased even more. Even though Jiaming was only hugging her thigh, he could feel her heartbeat thump loudly like a drum. Since she was feeling guilty, she subconsciously shifted away from where the woman was sitting and her leg crooked under Jiaming’s armpit, hooking him closer.

This stupid woman…

Originally, it had been quite an erotic situation, but now, Jiaming’s neck and chest were being squashed by Yahan’s legs and he was having some difficulty breathing. It was true that he had trained his body, but that did not mean that his neck had been trained to be as hard as steel and it was also very stuffy under the blanket.

Meanwhile, oblivious to what was going on under the covers, the woman continued talking, “Yahan m’dear, we know you don't like Wenli, but your father has already decided. Please stop being angry at him… Little Mom knows you don't like to hear this, so please don't get angry…”

“Fine, haha, I won’t be angry…”

Yahan was not aware of Jiaming’s situation, only where she was placing her body and pressed closer against Jiaming. So when Jiaming struggled slightly without any effect, he followed the curve of her thigh and directly touched the beauty’s plump and firm buttocks. Yahan’s muscles tightened in surprise and her leg subconsciously pressed down harder on Jiaming’s neck. Left with no choice, he roughly grabbed down on her butt.


“Hmm? Yahan, what’s the matter?”

“Ahaha, nothing… Little Mom, please continue...”

Previously, whenever they talked about Liu Wenli, Yahan would instantly flip out. However, seeing that her attitude was like this today, her stepmother thought that she had given up after being locked up for two days. Thus, she continued, “Your father knows that it’s not fair to you, but even though the relationships and marriages nowadays are all about freedom of choice, it’s actually rare to find successful ones. Since you came back from overseas, you can’t bear to stand the whole ‘get married first, and then nurture the feelings’ idea between the two of you. However, you can gradually get used to it…”

Under the blanket, after Jiaming had grabbed her, Yahan was slowly adjusting her body. One of her hands reached down to cover her ****, while the other hand reached for Jiaming’s head and sharply tugged at his hair. Her legs ended up curling tighter around Jiaming, preventing him from making any additional movements. However, Jiaming shoved her hands away and scratched at the bottom of her feet, hoping that her legs would loosen instead.

The blanket trembled as a fierce but small-scale battle happened under it. At the other end of the bed, the woman continued speaking, oblivious to the trembling blanket.

“Your father also does feel somewhat sorry, so you know that race car that you were eyeing before? You previously said that you would buy it with the money you earned, but your father has decided to buy it and gift it to you. I know you’re obstinate, but it is your father’s apology, so you should just accept it. Also, your father gave me the jewelry case that your mother had left behind for safekeeping. Now, it can be used as part of your dowry; do you want me to bring it now, or should I give it to you tomorrow? ...Ahhh, these are the signs of the love that your parents are passing on to you; every time Little Mom sees it, I admire it so much…”

“Ah, well… tomorrow… we can talk tomorrow… Little Mom… if there’s nothing else… ah, haha…”

“Yahan, just what is up with you?”

“Haha, nothing…”

“Why is the blanket moving so much?”

“Um, um… I’m sorry, Little Mom, but I recently got athlete’s foot… it’s just very, very itchy…”

Under the blankets, the two’s battle was at a fever pitch. Yahan’s legs were basically strangling Jiaming, while Jiaming did not dare to struggle too hard. However, after Yahan had pulled out some of his hair, it hurt enough that he finally butted back at her.

The two of them felt fluffy hair at the same time...

Then… the world quieted down...

The fluffiness that Yahan felt was Jiaming's hair, as to Jiaming… well...

Jiaming instantly went still, while Yahan also suddenly lost all strength in fighting back. Shortly after, Yahan's embarrassed voice could be heard, “Ahaha… it's fine now… it's not itchy anymore…”

Then, hearing her stepmother quietly exclaim, it seemed that she had accidentally sat on something, and the TV turned on.

“Ah! It hurts… It feels good… Master… save me…”

Even though Yahan had turned off the TV, she did not have a chance to turn off the VCD player. When the TV turned on, an explosive scene instantly appeared. Apart from the couple's sounds broadcasted on the TV, the atmosphere had frozen in the room. The two of them looked at each other awkwardly, before her stepmother brandished the remote and forced a smile, “Ah, haha… that… um… I didn't see anything… nothing at all…”

“Uh, yeah… nothing, haha…”

Since the video did not have any characteristics of Liu Wenli at that moment, her stepmother thought it was just a regular porn video. She pressed a button on the remote control and turned off the TV again. To pretend that everything was fine, she sat down on Yahan's bed again and reached out to pat the blanket a few times.

“Haha, that… Yahan… Huh, what is…”

With a ‘whoosh’, a black shadow suddenly rushed out from under the blanket. Yahan’s stepmother did not even have a chance to react before something knocked her on the back of her head and she lost consciousness. When Yahan confirmed that her stepmother had actually fainted, she suddenly aimed a kick at Jiaming, while Jiaming viciously aimed a kick at her at the same time.

“Why did you go and do that…”

“You stupid woman, what were you trying to do…”

The two of them quietly shouted at each other at the same time, while Yahan’s tone sounded slightly violated. “I… I treated you like a friend, and only thought you were slightly perverted. Yet you actually did this kind of thing to me…”

She felt wronged, but Jiaming did not back down, “Tell me, what did I do to you? I also have a question for you, I spent so much effort to come and save you, but you actually want to kill me!”

“When did I want to kill you?!”

“Don’t you know that your legs were crushing my neck?!”

“I just wanted to bring you closer so you could hide better!”

“Bring me closer?!” Jiaming brutally kicked her thigh, as Yahan also gave her all and kicked him away, “You think that I’m just here to look at your sexy, beautiful legs? Those two things nearly strangled me to death!”

“Well, you shouldn’t have done that…”

“What could I have done then? Should I have announced myself when climbing into your room to show you a video? I warned you, and then you strangled me even harder!”

“When did you warn me!”

“I put my hand up there to warn you that if you continued strangling me, I would grab it!”

“You just wanted to cop a feel! I feel violated!”

“You were trying to murder me, of course I would’ve grabbed you!”

Jiaming did not care much about naked bodies, so he really did not feel any concern at all. The two of them continued heatedly countering each other, and shortly after kicking each other again, they quieted down. She asked, “So what are we going to do about her…”

Yahan kept an eye on him as she started putting on some sexy lingerie. Jiaming tilted his head to the side and declared, “None of my business!”

“If she doesn't leave the room, someone will come looking for her in a bit.” She bitterly continued, “Also that VCD… Unfortunately there's no way I can broadcast it. My family’s projector is used for movie films, so the VCD has to be converted to a film reel before it can be shown.”

“Are you kidding me? How is your family that behind the times?”

“Those old fogeys like watching movies in their original form and projecting them in the courtyard all the time. What can I do about it?!”

“F*ck… I guess I'll have to convert the VCD into a movie film reel, but how do you want to solve the current situation?”

“No idea…” Yahan racked her brains before looking foolishly at Jiaming, “The only thing we could do is elope…”


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