Hidden Assassin

Chapter 40

Chapter 40 – Sisters
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** Please note that some names are being updated from ch0 to currently, sorry for the trouble. (Pei Luo Jia changed to Peroka) **

“Miss, you became a policewoman at your age? How amazing!” A curious Lingjing had returned to Jiaming’s side while he was still contemplating how to react.

“Eh? Haha, call me Auntie! Does Auntie still look young? Good child, Auntie's always had a baby face since I was young and likes it best when people call me young, hehe, hehe…”

Jiaming’s expression froze on his face as he saw this fake policewoman try to cover up after Lingjing’s question. If this woman had come with an ulterior motive, then she was failing terribly because she seemed kind of silly and did not seem like an assassin at all. Maybe someone had escaped from the psychiatric ward of the hospital and came to cause trouble?

“Um, cough cough, so my young friend, Gu Jiaming. Please think back to what happened that night, and then we shall start.”

Jiaming nodded his head.

“First, what is your name…”

“...” Jiaming’s expression was also slightly stupefied at this point. Did this lady cross over into her past self as well? Her act of pretending to be dumb was even more brilliant than his act was. With one look at Jiaming, the female cop seemed to realize that she had asked an unnecessary question. Face flushing, she stammered, “Um, that is… that was a regular procedure question, and better to have you answer it so that it’s proper. Ok, let’s start.”

“Gu Jiaming.”

As the two of them went through the follow-up questions, even though the policewoman seemed like a phony, the procedures were prim and proper. It seemed that she was familiar with the police way of questioning and note-taking, but even if she were looking for any errors or any additional details, she naturally would not be able to glean any from Jiaming’s statement.

“Ah, so it was like that.” After asking the key questions for the investigation, the policewoman tapped her notebook with her pen a few times and asked, “There are a few less important questions I would like to ask, it's like this…”

The following questions were extremely nonsensical leading Jiaming to listen incredulously. Not only were they such a huge contrast from the official questions, when he looked at her, all flushed from excitement, he could not help but think, ‘This woman, was she just enjoying the feeling of asking questions… Was she actually crazy?’

As he answered her questions, when she was particularly concentrated with one of them, he suddenly asked, “Miss, do you go to Starlight Secondary?”

“Oh, no, I go to Sacred Heart Institute…” That institute received foreign funding and took on the name ‘Sacred Heart’, but it was actually one of Jianghai City's aristocratic schools. With this one answer, Jiaming slapped his forehead and whistled in response. The policewoman, Lingjing, and Shasha all suddenly blinked at the same time

Being played around with by this young lady for more than an hour, shame on me! 

“Um, that is… hehe, actually sis here is in the work-study program, um… The police station was running short on staff today…” 

This high school student pretending to be a policewoman was in the middle of trying to explain the situation when the hospital room door suddenly opened. A policewoman that looked quite similar to her entered the room, and when she saw the young lady by the patient’s bed, she bellowed disbelievingly, “MU ZHENZHEN?! YOU… YOU STOLE MY UNIFORM AND WORE IT.”

“Ah, Sister, I saw that you were too busy, so I wanted to help you out. Coming to the hospital to take notes is too troublesome for you. Besides, I’m planning to take the exam for police school. This can be considered practical experience…”

“Troublesome?” The policewoman scowled ferociously at her, seeming like she was about to bring down the sword of justice on her, “You think taking notes is a small thing? You even dared to steal and wear my uniform! Don’t you know that you are breaking the law by wearing a police uniform to trick people?! Also, you have a gun, where did it come from?!”

“It’s the replica gun you got for my last birthday.” Mu Zhenzhen shrank back at the face of her sister’s fury, “Ugh, Sister please, I won’t do it next time. I won’t do it again…”

“YOU BETTER NOT! Strip right now!”

“Ah? Strip right here?” Mu Zhenzhen looked around disbelievingly at the four people in the hospital room. Jiaming had just taken a sip of water and spat it back out onto the blanket, unable to hold back his choked laughter. He hurriedly patted down the wet area while Lingjing and Shasha both blushed at her words.

The policewoman seemed to realize that this was not a good place for her to strip, so she paused her berating briefly before continuing, “Why not here? A few children can’t watch you undress? It’s fine if you wear it at home, but now you’re wearing the police uniform to trick people!”

“But…” The female high school student clutched at her collar, “Sister, I didn’t bring a change of clothes.”

“...” Stunned, the policewoman resentfully shook her head before saying, “I guess you can change when you’re home. Give me your notes and let me take a look.”

Mu Zhenzhen respectfully handed over the notes she had taken to her sister. After her sister read through it and nodded her head slightly, she could not refrain from asking happily, “Sister, how did I do?”

“It’s fine, I guess. But what is with this last section of nonsense? If someone saw it and thought I wrote it, they might think that I was crushing on this Gu Jiaming!” She smiled at Jiaming and nodded at him briefly, before staring strictly at her younger sister.

“Hehe.” Mu Zhenzhen stuck out her tongue in response, “It’s because I know that the last section is useless, that’s why it’s on the last page. You can get rid of it, ok?”

After giving her the stink-eye, the policewoman finally went to Jiaming’s bedside, “Ah, hello there. My young friend Jiaming, I am Mu Qingqing. I hope you remember me as I was at the factory last time and today I was supposed to take your statement. However, since Zhenzhen already asked all the questions, it’s not necessary to do it all again. I would like to go over some things with you though, is that ok?”

Jiaming nodded before listening to Mu Qingqing repeat some of the previous questions. The truth was, this was just routine procedure, and the answers Jiaming responded with were basically the same. She stood up, smiled good-naturedly at him, before turning to look steelily at her sister and slapping her on the head, “Let’s go, time to go home!”

“Ouch, Sister, why you gotta hit my head? You’re going to make me stupider.”

“Are you even able to get dumber?”

“Poor me… after Father passed away, Sister, you’ve always abused me… Once you get married, I’m definitely going to get chased out of the house and forced to sleep on the streets.”

“It’s because I was too kind to you…”

The two left in a bustle of noise, giving off the feeling that the two sisters were very close as their voices disappeared down the corridor. Inside the hospital room, Jiaming and the girls finally burst out laughing.

The next day after having given his statement, the Tsukichi clan finally sent someone. However, it was not Tsukichi Kaoru’s relative; rather it was one of the Tsukichi clan’s housekeepers in charge of foreign affairs. He had originally wanted to transfer Tsukichi Kaoru to a better environment for her recovery; however, she rejected his suggestion. As a result, he ended up paying the hospital a larger sum of money to have the special care nurse increase her attention on taking care of Kaoru. Then, he told her that Amau Masanori would be arriving in the next few days to pick her up to return to Japan.

Those arrangements were well within Jiaming’s calculations. In the original timeline, without his involvement, after that pervert old man tortured Tsukichi Kaoru for a while, Amau Masanori would end up saving her. The Amau clan was an important part of Japan’s metahuman organization “Takamagahara”. Masanori was the eldest son of the Amau clan, and because of that situation, he ended up being engaged with Tsukichi Kaoru. However, Jiaming knew that the two of them did not have any feelings for each other because once Kaoru returned home, she would lock herself in her room. When Jiaming infiltrated the Tsukichi clan eight years later to prepare for Peroka’s attack, Tsukichi Kaoru would commit suicide in her room. Now that he thought about it, that time was about when it would be getting close to her wedding date to Amau Masanori.

However, due to the changes in this timeline, this would naturally be set on a different direction now. Just what would happen in the future? 

Well… it’s unrelated to me anyways… Jiaming thought calmly that night.


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