Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 412

Chapter 412 - Glove with Phosphor Powder

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Qin Feng slapped Gao Tian Yao twice, and the man could not defend himself. Liu Jie then suspected that Qin Feng was a martial artist and not an ordinary one but one with otherworldly strength.

“I’m the one who asked the question first, so answer to my question,” Qin Feng picked up his cup and gestured to Liu Jie as he drained it in one gulp.

Liu Jie hesitated. After he weighed the pros and cons, he finally opened his mouth and said, “You are right, Professor Qin Feng. My level of strength is almost on the same level with that of Gao Tian Yao. However, I have more battle experience than him, and I have the confidence to defeat him.”

“Then why don’t you do so?” Qin Feng raised his brows.

“Because the Gao family behind Gao Tian Yao was the head of the five small family clans in the provincial capital. The Liu family I am from is at the very bottom of the hierarchy. I’m afraid that I might bring tragedy to my family should I fight with Gao Tian Yao,” Liu Jie said dispiritedly.

“Wow! So you’re the descendant from one of the five small family clans!” Qin Feng’s mouth quirked. He had never imagined that the down to earth and humble Liu Jie was a rich young master as well!

“Oh, please don’t flatter me, Professor Qin Feng. My family is poor. The only good thing about my family is that most of the descendants of my family are very good with martial skills. However, we don’t have many resources,” Liu Jie said as his face reddened.

“Professor Qin Feng, you have to be a very powerful martial artist given that you effortlessly slapped Gao Tian Yao twice. You must have accepted some level 4 missions or above from the Martial Artist Alliance!” Liu Jie suddenly changed another topic and looked excitedly at QIn Feng, “How hard were the missions?”

He had just broken through Stage 4 inner qi, and he wished to accept some level 4 missions from the Martial Artist Alliance as training. However, he worried that the mission would be too difficult for him, and he would not be able to complete them, so he hoped to get some advice from Qin Feng.

Qin Feng was stunned by Liu Jie’s barrage of questions, What is a Martial Artist Alliance? And what is a level 4 mission?


As they were talking, the room to the private room was shoved opened from outside.

A tall, pretty young woman carried their food inside. Her expression was as calm as water, and her voice was melodious.

“Sorry for the bother. Your food is here.”

“Qiao Shi Shi?!” Qin Feng exclaimed. The pretty young woman was Qiao Shi Shi. She works as a waitress here?

Qiao Shi Shi retained her usual calm composure even after she saw Qin Feng and Liu Jie. One by one, she placed their foods on the table lightly. Then, she slightly bowed and said, “Please enjoy the meal.”

Qiao Shi Shi came and went like a gale of wind. Her perfume lingered in the private room after she left and caused Liu Jie’s chubby face to blush bright red. He became as shy as a little girl.

Qiao Shi Shi carried one dishes after another into Qin Feng’s private room. Most of their food arrived, so only one fish soup was left.

“Sorry for the interruption. Here is your fish soup.”

The soup bowl was huge, and it was hard for Qiao Shi Shi to carry. She staggered under the weight of the heavy bowl.

Her face was pale and beads of sweat oozed out of her forehead. Frowning, she struggled her way towards the table. By the time she placed the bowl of fish soup on the table, her legs failed her, and she fell directly toward Qin Feng.

“Ah! Watch out!” Qiao Shi Shi screamed. She was afraid that the searing hot soup might drench Qin Feng.

Qin Feng was fast. He moved before Qiao Shi Shi warned him. He caught the bowl of fish soup with his one hand and successfully pushed the huge bowl back into its position. He did not even split a single drop of soup.

At the same time, he wrapped his other hand around Qiao Shi Shi’s small waist, and with a small push, he completely locked her into his embrace.

Her soft breasts pressed hard on Qin Feng’s pec contorting them into two unknown shapes.

“Ah! Release me!” The always in tranquility state Qiao Shi Shi finally showed her clumsy side.

However, her clumsiness was short-lived as she soon returned to her usual calm and composed demeanor.

Qin Feng released her. However, her intoxicating body fragrance teased his nostrils. He gave in to his desire and took a sniff near her neck. She smelled really good, and apparently, her perfume could revitalize a person’s spirit. Qin Feng felt refreshed!

Qiao Shi Shi seemingly ignored Qin Feng’s wretched action and calmly retreated to a side.

“Sirs, I’m very sorry for what has happened, and I hope that you will not take any offense from the accident. If there is nothing else I can assist you with, then I’ll excuse myself. I wish you a wonderful meal, sirs.”

Qiao Shi Shi prepared to leave, and Qin Feng pulled her wrist, “Please, wait. Don’t leave. Stay, and eat with us!”

“I’m a waitress, and I’m prohibited to eat during my working hours,” Qiao Shi Shi turned down Qin Feng’s offer calmly.

“I think you know best why you fell. You have not eaten anything since this afternoon. You’re weak now, and if you continue to work with your current state, I bet you’ll somehow drop a dish again. It will do more harm to your work than eating during your working hours.”

Qin Feng ignored Qiao Shi Shi’s resistance. He pulled her to a chair and gave his own bowl to her. Then, he shoved a lot of meats and vegetables into the bowl until it became a small mountain.

“Eat now. Finish it before you go to work.”

Tilting her head, Qiao Shi Shi looked at Qin Feng with her star-like, glassy eyes. Her long and slender eyelashes fluttered as a veil of mixed emotions flashed across her eyes. However, she remained silent. She slightly bowed her head, chewed carefully, and swallowed slowly the food before her. Even the way she ate was eye-candy.

Qiao Shi Shi continued to savor her meal as Qin Feng and Liu Jie stared at her. When Qiao Shi Shi almost finished her meal, Qin Feng gave her another bowl of fish soup and urged her to finish the soup.


Five hulks slammed the door open with a terrible grin.

Their eyes were filled with lustful desire when they saw Qiao Shi Shi.

“Haha! I was wondering where the little beauty had gone, so you’re hiding in here. Yo! What’s going on here? Why is the waitress allowed to eat during her working hours? Who is going to serve this brother?!”

The leader of the group was a red-haired young lad. He staggered across the room, and his body was soaked in booze. It was obvious that he had a few drinks.

With a wretchedly sly grin on his face, he drooled at Qiao Shi Shi’s well-toned body physique and teetered toward her.

“Hey, cutie! I’m drunk. Come and support me; otherwise, if I fall down, hehe… you’ll be the one to be blamed!”

“Sir, you’re drunk. Please return to your room, and don’t simply walk around. You might disturb other customers,” Qiao Shi Shi replied calmly.

The red-haired young lad’s smile broadened. He crossed the room and arrived in front of Qiao Shi Shi. Then, he placed his nose near Qiao Shi Shi’s delicate face and took a few deep breaths. He looked like a hound sniffing its prey.

“Tsk, Tsk! I’ve heard the story that women have the fragrance of virginity. I don’t believe it at all, but now I believe the story after I have smelled this cutie’s perfume!”

Red-hair stared at Qiao Shi Shi’s ample bosom without the slightest scruples. He drooled and continued to stick his nose around Qiao Shi Shi’s body making his four minions even more restless.

The four minions could not hold their desire anymore; they all charged to Qiao Shi Shi’s side.

With a lecherous gaze, they asked, “Big Brother, what is the fragrance of virginity? I want to have a sniff too!”

“Haha! Cutie, you really smelled good especially your breasts. I could even catch the scent of milk from it!”

“Haha! Four, I think it’s that you want to eat the cutie’s breasts!”

These five people were not respectable men, to begin with, and they were now even worse after they had a few cups of beers. Their words were intolerable to the ear, and Liu Feng was greatly angered by them. If it wasn’t for Qin Feng blocked him, he might’ve rushed the group of beasts and beat them down.

“Please move aside, sirs. I still have to work,” Qiao Shi Shi retained a calm demeanor. She was not affected in the slightest.

She was as calm as a pool of water as if nothing in this world could raise a ripple in her heart. She remained the same as her usual self even though she was teased.

“Cutie, why do you still have to work here? You don’t earn much from this job. Follow us. These brothers will arrange a better job for you tonight!”

“Yeah, it’s a cushy job. You just need to follow us back to our home and serve us well. After that, we can give you whatever amount of money you want.”

Red-haired man and his group did not let Qiao Shi Shi go. They surrounded her in a circle. Among the four, two of his minions could not hold themselves anymore and extended their filthy hands to grab on Qiao Shi Shi’s breasts.

“Hey! Stop screwing around. Can’t you guys tell that this girl is under this young master’s protection?” a laugh echoed through the room. The five people stopped and turned their attention to Qin Feng.

“Yo, yo! Who is this? You don’t have the quality to act pretentious in front of me. Get lost now while you can; otherwise, I’ll make you crawl out from this room!” the red-haired man cast a fiendish cold glare at Qin Feng.

His four minions surrounded Qin Feng as well.

“So it appears that we can’t settle this the peaceful way,” Qin Feng indifferently shrugged his shoulders. He was not affected by their threats. Then, he smiled, offering a devilish grin, “Seems legit to me. I don’t plan to go easy on you guys either.”

A dense, cold aura erupted from Qin Feng’s body as soon as he finished his speech pressuring the group so much that they had a hard time breathing.

The five of them glared ferociously at Qin Feng, but none of them dared to make the first move. After a good while, a skinny man from the group shattered the standoff. He yelled and charged at Qin Feng.

“F*ck you! I’m going to kill you now!”

As he rushed at Qin Feng, he pulled out an iron glove from his pocket and put his iron glove like a peacock showing off its beautiful tail.

Then, he swung his glove in front of Qin Feng and flaunted.

“Did you see this, kid? We’re professional hoodlums. We fight using iron gloves!

“Did I scare you off? Ha, Ha, Ha!”

The skinny man laughed brazenly. Meanwhile, with a faint smile, Qin Feng waved his hand and an iron glove appeared from thin air onto his fist. The glove was silver-white in color and shrouded in an orange radiance. It was far more stylish than the skinny man’s glove.

“Wow, wow, wow! What the hell is that thing? You own an iron glove as well? What’s more, it glows?! Did you scatter some phosphor powder on it?” the skinny man’s eyes glistened with a coveting twinkle as soon as he saw Qin Feng’s Winter Iron Glove. He fell in love with Qin Feng’s glove at the first sight.

At the same time, Liu Jie and Qiao Shi Shi sensed the aura coating around Qin Feng’s Winter Iron Glove. Their faces were veiled with a myriad of emotions because they never expected that Qin Feng owned much spiritual equipment.

If their memories did not fail them, Qin Feng showed his treasured sword to teach Fang Ming and his group a lesson.

“Big Brother Tian, Big Brother Tian! You see it? This fellow puts some phosphor powder on his iron glove. Why don’t we copy him and put on some phosphor powder on our gloves as well? It will be so cool when we go to a fight next time with each of our gloves glistering with different colors!” the skinny man had forgotten about his given mission and yelled happily to his big brother with the red hair.

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