Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 410

Chapter 410 - Forging the Ultimate Class!

Translator: BinBin

Editor: EllisBLV13


After a minute, thunderous applause filled the hall. A few female students were so touched that they cried.

“Handsome Professor Qin Feng, I, Ma Chao, put my faith in you! I want to learn true Chinese medicine from you. I want to expand and glorify the ancient medicine of China!”

“Professor Feng Feng, I want to learn Chinese medicine and acupuncture too. If someone tries to slander Chinese medicine, I’ll kill him with my silver needles!”

“The ancient medicine of China is number one on Earth!”


Rallying cries poured forth. The students who were not confident and were filled with hesitancy against ancient Chinese medicine were now all fired up. It was as if they were on steroids.

“Hehe! Professor Qin Feng indeed has some skills in inspiring people,” a strange voice drifted from the doorway. “You see, how lively they’ve become. People might think somebody has actually opened a casino on campus if they could not see this scene happening in front of me.”

Gao Tian Yao donned in a maroon color suit swaggered into the room, trailed by four tall and hulking minions. Five of them came from the physical education college, and they gave off a towering pressure to the students just by standing in the doorway.

“Yo! Aren’t you the head of our Provincial Capital University’s Four Young Masters, Gao Tian Yao? What happened to the face of your four buddies? Their faces are all bruised, yet they still have the courage to show themselves in public? This professor will grant you all full marks to compliment your courage!”

Qin Feng almost made Gao Tian Yao break his composure. He growled in rage.

The two hundred students in the lecture hall smiled behind their hands. They could only smile behind their hands because they were afraid of Gao Tian Yao.

“Who is Liu Jie? Come out now!” Gao Tian Yao passed Qin Feng as if Qin Feng wasn’t there. He stood in front of the podium and blocked Qin Feng’s field of sight.

He had not come to make trouble with Qin Feng. Instead, he would attempt to psych him out and ridicule him so much that he could not find a way out of his own embarrassment.

In the third row from the back, a stocky, humble, fat man rose to his feet.

He was Liu Jie. He lowered his head, not daring to exchange glances with Gao Tian Yao.

Liu Jie rose to his feet, Gao Tian Yao plastered a sly grin on his face and strutted toward Liu Jie.

The student beside Liu Jie hastily moved out of Gao Tian Yao’s way.

Gao Tian Yao arrived at Liu Jie’s side in a few large strides. He raised his hand and slapped Liu Jie’s face in front of the two hundred students.


The resounding slap continued to reverberate through the hall for a long time.

“Do you know why I slapped you, Liu Jie?” Gao Tian Yao asked emotionlessly as if nothing happened.

Liu Jie remained with his head down as five finger marks slowly appeared on his face.

He clenched his fist tightly, and his eyes went bloodshot. He almost exploded, but he refused to let loose his anger.

“Haha! Because I wanted to slap you!”


Gao Tian Yao slapped him again when he finished speaking. He laughed loudly.

His absolute despotism pricked the students’ heart. They hated him; at the same time, they feared his powerful background. Due to this, they could do nothing but swallow their hatred and not stand up for Liu Jie.

“Oh my, Liu Jie. Did you think I really didn’t know how you’ve longed for Qiao Shi Shi? I did not look for you previously merely because I didn’t want to dirty my hands. I looked for you now because a pestering fly pissed me off. He even had the nerve to hit on Qiao Shi Shi!”

As he spoke, Gao Tian Yao’s countenance suddenly darkened, and he shot a fiendish glare at Qin Feng.

“You see, Professor Qin Feng. This is the end of him longing for or hitting on Qiao Shi Shi!”

They exchanged glances, and a murderous intent filled the air.

The air seemed to be pervaded by a metal jarring sound. A storm was brewing between the confronting duo.

The students were so afraid that they held their breaths. Gao Tian Yao was too ruthless. He dared to enter a class, bring his men, and come for a student while, at the same time, threatening Professor Qin Feng.

As if he was a maverick, acting in his own way regardless of the law and of natural morality.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Qin Feng suddenly applauded. With a calm expression, he smiled, “Good, very good.

“It’s extremely rare to see a student that has mastered the skill of fronting to this extent at such a young age. Mr. Gao Tian Yao, you are to be praised. Every student has to master this skill; without it, you won’t be able to survive well in this world.”

Qin Feng stopped. He turned and cast a cold smile at Gao Tian Yao.

“But, you have to be strong enough to act pretentious; otherwise, you’d become a dumbass.”

Qin Feng’s humor once again dispelled the tense atmosphere. All of the students had to forcibly gulp their laughter.

They chided Qin Feng mentally, This Professor Qin Feng indeed is such an annoying fellow. Why did he have to crack a joke at this moment? We can’t hold it anymore!”

However, Qin Feng did not laugh. He stared severely at Liu Jie.

“Mr. Liu Jie, is it true that you long for Miss Qiao Shi Shi?”

Qin Feng’s sudden question confused everyone.

Liu Jie was stunned as well. He raised his head and looked at Qin Feng. After he kept silent for some time, he opened his mouth and said, “Yes, it’s true, Professor Qin Feng.”

“Do you think it’s a wrong deed to long for Qiao Shi Shi?” Qin Feng threw the second question at him.

Liu Jie’s originally lost and hazy eyes suddenly began to twinkle.

He said resolutely, “No. I’m not wrong.”

“Good! Excellent! I like Mr. Liu Jie’s answer.”

Qin Feng walked to the door as he clapped his hands. He closed the door and flicked a small lock shut. Then, he took his time walking toward Gao Tian Yao.

“Everybody in the university has the freedom to choose their desired partner. Loving somebody is not wrong neither is longing for somebody. Mr. Liu Jie longed for Qiao Shi Shi; should he be punished?”

Qin Feng stopped about half a meter away from Gao Tian Yao. They were both about the same height. They exchanged glances at the same eye-level while releasing powerful auras into the air.

“Answer my question. Should Liu Jie be punished for longing for Qiao Shi Shi?” Qin Feng peered straight into Gao Tian Yao’s eyes. His voice was cold.

“He’s guilty as long as I exist!” Gao Tian Yao released his full aura like a cactus showing off its spikes. He was not intimidated by Qin Feng’s terrifying essence.

Smiled, Qin Feng said, “Interesting. In my very honest opinion, I don’t think Liu Jie should be punished.”

“Hmph! Whatever.” Gao Tian Yao tilted his head high and looked provocatively at Qin Feng, “Your opinion does not matter to me. I’ve slapped him. What can you do about it?”

“Hmm, there is nothing I can do. I’ll just pay you back blow for blow.”


Qin Feng finished his sentence, and the hand that had been clasped behind his back suddenly moved.

The air stream around him distorted releasing a small explosion.

Astonishment struck Gao Tian Yao hard. He knew Qin Feng was a martial artist, so he kept his guard up at all times. However, he realized how powerful Qin Feng was after Qin Feng made his move.

Qin Feng was as fast as lightning. Even Gao Tian Yao, a Stage 4 inner qi expert did not have the chance to parry his attack.


The sound of slapping echoed through the lecture hall. The students’ eyes almost popped out of their sockets in astonishment.

It happened too quickly. They merely blinked, and in the next second when they opened their eyes, five finger marks had appeared on the right side of Gao Tian Yao’s handsome profile. It was very offending to the eyes.

The two hundred students felt like they were dreaming.

Gao Tian Yao had crowned himself head of Provincial Capital’s Four Young Masters ever since he enrolled as a student in Provincial Capital University. It was always him who tortured the students and beat the lecturers. This was the very first time everybody saw Gao Tian Yao beaten by somebody.

So… Gao Tian Yao is not invincible after all!


Qin Feng did not go light on him. His slap disheveled Gao Tian Yao’s hair. Gao Tian Yao gasped, and his eyes blazed as a storm brewed in his soul.

“The f*ck-- you slapped me? Do you believe--”

“No, I do not believe in you,” Qin Feng cut him off.

In the next second, Qin Feng raised his hand. A wild gale rose, and Gao Tian Yao’s left profile faced the same fate as his right profile and swelled.


Rumor said that the sound of slapping a person’s face was very enticing and pleasing to the ear. The students were finally able to experience that pleasure. All of them were so excited that they wanted to undress and run naked across the university.

Professor Qin Feng is too handsome! They praised Qin Feng as a handsome lecturer because they could fawn over his features, but now they really felt Qin Feng was indeed a handsome lecturer from the bottom of their hearts!

“Young Master Gao!”

Gao Tian Yao’s four minions regained their senses after Qin Feng slapped Gao Tian Yao twice. They charged toward Qin Feng and surrounded him.

“How dare you slap our Young Master Gao, brat? Are you looking for death?”

“What a naive, loutish fellow. Young Master Gao, give us an order. Do you want to claim his arms or his legs?”

The four minions were arrogant. They spoke like they really would chop off Qin Feng’s limbs. Qin Feng ignored them and offered a sly grin at Gao Tian Yao instead.

Gao Tian Yao was stunned after receiving two slaps from Qin Feng. He could not understand how a Stage 4 inner qi prodigy like himself could not even defend himself against a single one of Qin Feng’s attacks.

Just how strong is he?!

“F*ck off! I, Liu Jie, will fight you if you dare to lay your finger on Professor Qin Feng!” Liu Jie dashed from his seat to Qin Feng’s side and stared ferociously at Gao Tian Yao’s group.

“What the f*ck! Our medical college is not one to be trifled with! I, Ma Chao, am not afraid of you either!” Another young man sitting near the window on the last row rose to his feet and rushed to Qin Feng’s side.

“Gao Tian Yao, I might as well tell you now, since you’re here,” a beautiful voice wafted from the first row. “I don’t have any feelings for you. Please stop pestering me.”

Donning a white jersey, Qiao Shi Shi walked to Qin Feng’s side.

It had been merely a few minutes and already four people had joined Qin Feng’s rally stunning Gao Tian Yao and his four minions.

“Handsome Professor Qin Feng, you’re right! Everybody in the university has the freedom to choose their desired partner. It’s not wrong for Liu Jie to long for Qiao Shi Shi!”

“This is the lecture hall for the medical college. Who gave you people, students from the physical education college, permission to show yourself here, huh?”

“I’ll kill those who bully my Professor Feng Feng!”

“Everybody, stand up! Those who still wish to be Professor Qin Feng’s student and still regards themselves as a student of the medical college, stand up now! Let’s drive away these tyrants!”


One student after another rose to their feet. Everybody was heated up as if they were on steroids. They arrived at Qin Feng’s side and glared at Gao Tian Yao and his four minions.

In merely two minutes, Qin Feng’s rally went from four against one to forty against four!

It was a spectacular sight that would take away your breath. It was almost impossible for one to bear when so many people stared at you. Fear coursed through Gao Tian Yao’s four minions and made their legs weak.

“Ding New mission from the Hedonist Sovereign System: forge the medical college into the ultimate class in Provincial Capital University.

“Time period: six months!

“If Host Qin Feng clears the mission, the system will reward Host Qin Feng 20,000 Hedonist Points and the limited hero, Ouyang Feng, from the Elysium of Heroes. If the mission fails, 40,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted, and the system will reclaim one of the heroes from Host Qin Feng!”


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