Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 409

Chapter 409 - Develop the Chinese Medicine!

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Editor: EllisBLV13

“Qin Feng, something’s wrong with Yan Yan. Quick! Carry her downstairs. I’ll get her to the hospital right away!” Chang Xin was bathed in sweat due to her nervousness.

“What kind of illness does she have?” Qin Feng sat beside the bed and placed two of his fingers on Hua Yan’s wrist.

Hua Yan struggled, but to her dismay, the pain had sapped all of her energy. She could not do anything but allow Qin Feng to touch her wrist.

After he felt her pulse, Qin Feng smiled. “There is nothing wrong with Hua Yan. She’s just having diarrhea.”

Chang Xin and I have eaten the same meal, why did only Hua Yan get diarrhea?

Qin Feng suddenly understood.

So, the powder she poured into my glass was a laxative.

“Don’t worry,” Qin Feng smiled smugly. “ She’s fine! It’s just somebody has done too many of virtueless things. Even God could not stand it and gave her a light punishment.”

If Hua Yan had the energy, she would have fought Qin Feng. She finally realized that Qin Feng must’ve switched his glass of juice with her own.

“Qin Feng, can you please stop fooling around at this urgent moment?” Chang Xin angrily stared Qin Feng. She pushed Qin Feng away and went forward to take Hua Yan to the hospital herself.

Qin Feng stopped her attempt and calmed her.

“Don’t act so edgy, Xin Xin. This is nothing. I can cure her myself. We don’t have to rush her to the hospital.”

Previously, Qin Feng saved the life of Dean Liu who had a heart attack with his miraculous Needle Manipulation Technique at the affiliated hospital. As such, Chang Xin was quite confident in Qin Feng’s art of healing. Since Qin Feng stated that he could cure Hua Yan, Chang Xin felt she did not have to worry anymore.

“Please stand outside first, Xin Xin. Hua Yan will be cured shortly.”

Chang Xin felt worried and looked at Qin Feng. “I warn you not to do anything bad to Xin Xin.”

“Do I looks like a villain to you?” Qin Feng seethed in anger.

Chang Xin measured Qin Feng from his head to his toe for a couple of times. Anxiety still lingered in her heart as she spoke to Hua Yan, “Yan Yan, I’ll be waiting outside the room. Yell as loud as you can if this brat does something to you. I’ll come to your rescue.”

Chang Xin left the room. She even closed the door for them.

The smile on Qin Feng’s face broadened, greatly angering Hua Yan.

“Legend has said that it takes constant vigilance to stave off evil, and the evils we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear.”

“Get out of this room! You disgust me!” Hua Yan pushed down on the excruciating pain in her stomach and stared fiercely at Qin Feng.

Although Qin Feng kept bickering with Hua Yan, he pulled out his silver needles.

The silver needles were of different size and lengths. Qin Feng laid them neatly on the bed.

“What-- What are you doing, Qin Feng?” Hua Yan was scared and curled her body into a ball on the bed.

Diarrhea drained Chang Xin of her strength. She had a feeling that she had stepped into a wolf lair, powerless and defenseless against Qin Feng’s torture.

“What am I going to do? Would you believe me if I told you that I’m going to give you a tattoo?” Qin Feng rolled his eyes. Then, he pulled Hua Yan into his arms.

Hua Yan began to struggle for all her worth in Qin Feng’s arms. However, her struggle did little against Qin Feng’s great strength. He calmly placed his palm on Hua Yan’s shoulder while using his another hand to tore open her nightgown and revealed her flat without any fat underbelly.

“If you dare to touch me, I swear I’ll have my revenge even if it’ll cost me my life!” Hua Yan eyes were filled with water, and panic rose inside Chang Xin.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. You women really do have wild minds. You people always fantasize that I’m going to deflower you. Let me tell you something, you think too much, little girl.” Qin Feng spanked Hua Yan’s bottom and continued coldly, “Behave yourself. You’ll be responsible for your own death if my silver needles pierce the wrong acupoints.”

As he spoke, he stuck three silver needles around Hua Yan’s belly.

Hua Yan’s body trembled as waves of scalding inner qi surged in her belly. It was a very peculiar feeling, and much to her shock, her stomachache began to fade.

Seeing that Qin Feng really was treating her illness, Hua Yan finally calmed down.

However, Hua Yan was beaten by her embarrassment when her waist was exposed to Qin Feng. She refused to exchange glances with him.

Suddenly, Qin Feng closed his eyes and moved his hands nimbly in the air.

The silver needles moved as if they were graced with life. They swirled around Qin Feng’s fingers and fell one after another precisely in Hua Yan’s body.


After the last silver needle landed, the remaining thirteen silver needles on Hua Yan’s body vibrated.

Seeing this sight, Hua Yan couldn’t help but exclaim,

“Needle Manipulation Technique! You know Needle Manipulation Technique. I can not believe that you are not only a martial artist, but you’re a shaman as well!”

A malicious intent flashed across Qin Feng eyes. He stared viciously at Hua Yan, “You knew for a while that I’m a martial artist? And what is a shaman?”

Hua Yan had just regained some of her energy, but she still couldn’t withstand Qin Feng’s barbarous and powerful aura. It suffocated her.

“I knew about it since the incident at Chong Qing hot pot restaurant. You used inner qi to fight, so I deduced that you were probably is a martial artist. A shaman is a very special type of person. A shaman can cultivate inner qi, and at the same time has high proficiency in the art of healing. To put it more bluntly, a person who can use the Needle Manipulation Technique could consider himself as a shaman.”

Qin Feng understood. He smiled with a wickedly sly grin and continued his question. “Then, beautiful Hua Yan, do you know what a pharmacist master is?”

Hua Yan stunned. Myriad of expressions washed over her face before her expression settled into calmness, “I don’t know.”

Hua Yan’s answer thrilled Qin Feng, and his smile broadened. He knew Hua Yan was a pharmacist master; otherwise, the system would not have asked him to help Hua Yan to become a Rank 6 pharmacist master. Since this young woman refused to say, then he would not force her.

A shaman was tasked to heal the injuries and possessed the skill to save lives from the jaw of death. Meanwhile, a pharmacist master could grow spiritual plants and refine magical pills. There was a huge gap of difference between these two professions.

“You’re all good now. Go to the toilet later, and sit half an hour on the toilet bowl. After that, you will be back to full health.

“Oh, before I forget. Don’t disclose my identity as a martial artist to anyone or try to investigate my background. Only then can we stay under the same roof in harmony.”

Qin Feng withdrew all the silver needles from Hua Yan’s belly. Before he left the room, he turned around and said, “And don’t try to prank me next time. In the end, you’re the one who will suffer the most.”

Qin Feng left her room afterward. Hua Yan threw a pillow after Qin Feng out of anger, and she almost hit Chang Xin as she entered the room.

Chang Xin waited for a while in Hua Yan’s room and after confirming she was fine, she then returned to her own room to rest for the night.

Due to the unforeseen circumstances, Qin Feng had to cancel Hua Yan’s training session. The night had fallen, but Chang Xin still couldn’t go to sleep as she was engulfed by the flame of her anger. Since she could not sleep, she then went to check on her garden outside of the villa.

Hua Yan was shocked as soon as she reached her garden.

She realized that she had lost yet another two of her most precious Hundred Flavor Grasses. Now, she had only three Hundred Flavor Grass left in her garden.

Hua Yan trembled in anger. She made a decision not to go to class tomorrow and kept watch over her garden. She wanted to catch the naughty kid who dared to uproot her precious spiritual flowers and plants. Suddenly, as she turned around, something near the garden caught her attention.

It was a string of fuzzy large-sized footprints. A grown man’s footprints. A twinkle glistened in Hua Yan’s eyes as she began to understand everything.

“You bloody bastard! Don’t let me catch you; otherwise, I swear I’ll kill you!”


Provincial Capital University: Medical College Lecture Hall.

Donning a holy white shirt and a pair of black trousers, Qin Feng picked a spot where the sun fell and stood with his hands clasped behind his back.

The lecture hall was once again fully occupied. There were even students standing in the aisles. All of them focused their gaze at Qin Feng with an excited expression.

“Wow, the number of students is increasing day by day. Seems like I’ll have to talk with the chancellor regarding raising my pay after the class ends.”

It was Qin Feng’s style to crack a joke before every class started. He was a joker by natural and he could easily amuse everybody including male and female.

“During the previous class, every student had the chance to learn and practice the ability to identify illness from reading faces. This was the “look” in the four ways of Chinese medicine: look, listen, question, and feel the pulse. Today, I’m going to teach you all another miracle skill in Chinese medicine. After mastering this skill, picking up girls and asking for a raise will no longer be a dream. You will be able to marry a rich, young, pretty woman and walk upon the road of success to the pinnacle of your life!”

Another howl of loud laughter echoed through the hall. After everybody had calmed down, Qin Feng then continued seriously, “The skill I’m going to teach you today is the skill of acupuncture. Don’t ever look down on these needles. With just a few needles, you can either save or take a person’s life.

“So you all should not laugh and should treat this class seriously. Remember, you’re walking on the line of saving or taking a person’s life!”

Qin Feng was well-versed in controlling people’s emotions. He could make people laugh and make people became serious in the next second.

Many students extended their doubts.

“Professor Qin Feng! Rumors have said that Chinese medicine is fading slowly, and most people do not believe in Chinese medicine. They prefer Western medicine since Western approach is faster and better at curing diseases and illnesses.”

“Handsome Professor Qin Feng, I heard the rumors as well. When I selected Chinese Medicine as my field of study, my family almost killed me! They even said that I’ve rebelled against them!”

“Nowadays, the practice of Western medicine prevails while the practice of Chinese medicine slowly fades away in the torrent of time. I doubt can we really find a job if we graduate as a Chinese medicine physician.”

Before becoming their lecturer, the medical college’s students would always skip the Chinese medicine class. They skipped one class after another without paying much mind to the previous lecturer. It was only because of Qin Feng’s humorous and interesting teaching style that so many students returned and attended the Chinese medicine class.

However, attending the Chinese medicine class was one story. The issue of whether Chinese medicine could help them find them a job in this era overladen with the worshippers of Western medicine was another story. Could they really earn their living by practicing Chinese medicine? It was a very serious and tough question.

“DingNew mission from the Hedonist Sovereign System: develop China’s traditional medicine. Make the name of Chinese medicine famous across the world.

“Time limit: unlimited!

“Reward: unknown!”


The notification system suddenly resounded in Qin Feng’s brain causing him to zone out for a brief moment.

It was the first time he had accepted a mission with unknown reward.

Qin Feng’s expression turned cold. He stared at the group of people with his deep-set eyes.

“The ancient medicine of China has a long-standing and well-established history. It’s broad, profound, and the essence of it is deep and sophisticated. How can Western medicine be mentioned in the same breath as our Chinese medicine?

“Those who say Chinese medicine has fallen into disuse, and that Chinese medicine physician can do nothing but spread lies, are merely ignorant fools. They neither know what Chinese medicine is nor what Chinese medicine can achieve. The very quintessence of the art of Chinese medicine is inconceivable. A true and experienced Chinese medicine physician can diagnose the illness and the cause of the illness by just reading and smelling. He can save a person from the line between life and death with just herbs or acupuncture.

“The Chinese medicine I teach is the profound art of healing. The ones who love Chinese medicine from the bottom of their hearts, and the ones who believe in me, can stay. Meanwhile, those who think Chinese medicine is beyond recall and that I’m just bluffing and spreading feudalistic ideas, you may leave now. Teaching requires destiny, and I only teaches the one willing to learn.”

As Qin Feng finished his speech, silence reigned over the lecture hall.

A myriad of expressions washed across the faces of the two hundred students. Qin Feng’s words were clear, simple, and easy to understand. He had made his stand clear, take it or leave it.

A single speech across the table from a wise man was worth ten years of study.

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