Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 407

Chapter 407 - I Won’t Give You the Chance to Say No When I’m Going to Beat the Hell Out of You!

Translator: BinBin

Editor: Nova1237

“Do you really wish to have me cure this student?” Qin Feng smiled like the Cheshire cat while looking at Fang Ming.

His smile was crooked, stunning Fang Ming. However, he cast aside his fear and braced himself. “Since Professor Qin Feng is so great at healing, of course you have to examine Fatty otherwise he might be in danger.”

“Well then, I’ll run a diagnosis on him!”

The students were thrilled that Qin Feng agreed to examine Fatty.

Previously Qin Feng had merely read faces and identified the illness without actually curing it. Although it was an eye-opener for the students, they all wished to see him actually cure the illness. Now their wish came true. Qin Feng was going to examine and cure Fatty.


A muffled sound echoed. Qin Feng single-handedly picked up 100 kg Fatty from the floor like a chick and flung him on the table.

He did not go easy on Fatty. He threw him just like he would throw a cabbage. Fatty’s back smashed into the iron table and it was painful. However, he could not scream as it might blow his cover.

“Yo! Seems like this student is seriously ill. I can’t cure him with a fling,” Qin Feng smirked.

The students were astonished. Could Professor Qin Feng cure his patient by throwing him around?”

“Professor Qin Feng, are you really a doctor? Don’t simply throw Fatty around the class otherwise, if his illness has worsened, you can’t abandon your responsibilities!” Fang Ming grumbled. He was worried.

“Healing and curing diseases is my specialty. I’ll show you what I’m made of today!”

Qin Feng smiled at the students before putting his hands on Fatty’s body. He felt his pulse, looked in his eyes, and examined his tongue.

Suddenly, Qin Feng’s expression turned serious.

“This isn’t good. Fatty is critically ill. He is in danger now and an immediate operation is needed!”

“Oh, please. Can you stop fooling around? Performing an operation here? You don’t even have a scalpel. Please stop bluffing.” Fang Ming squinted at Qin Feng. He knew that Qin Feng did it to force Fatty wake up on his own.

How could Fang Ming allow Qin Feng to go this far? He deliberately yelled loudly to comfort Fatty and encourage him to proceed with his acting.

“I indeed don’t have a scalpel here. But I’ve something that’s better than a scalpel.”

After Qin Feng finished speaking, an one meter longsword suddenly appeared in his hand.

“What the f*ck! Where, where did you get the sword from? What are you trying to do?” Shock hit Fang Ming like a tidal wave. Where can he hide such a long sword?

Fatty had kept his eyes closed the whole time so he had no clue what was happening around him. He could not use his eyes, but he could use his ears and they were sharp. He caught the minor changes in Fang Ming’s voice, which sent a pang of worry down his heart.

Previously, he forced his body to tremble, but he no longer needed to do now as his plump body trembled in fear.

“What to do? Of course it’s for operation purposes! I’ve come across this kind of illness before. He has lost a nerve in his brain. I’m going to open his brain with the sword, split the nerve in half, and reconnect it to the one he lost… After the lost nerve is fixed, he will be cured.”

Qin Feng said this in all seriousness, as if he was really going to do it. Chills ran down everyone’s spine, freezing them from deep within the bone.

Fang Ming almost peed in his pants. How can a person remain alive if you crack open his head?!

Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Fatty suddenly screamed. He forced himself up from the table, opened his eyes, and surveyed the surroundings in a daze. When his gaze caught the longsword in Qin Feng’s hand, he was so frightened that he almost aborted his given mission.

“Eh? Young Master Fang, Professor Qin Feng, what are you doing here? What happened to me? Why can’t I remember anything?”

Fang Ming and his two other minions heaved a long sigh of relief upon seeing that Fatty had woken up. They finally had a good taste of Qin Feng’s ability. Only now then did they realize they had come across the very ancestor of shameless acting.

“Ah, you woke up at last! Seems like this professor’s art of healing is too great. I haven’t done anything and yet you’ve woken up. Shouldn’t you express your gratitude to me for saving your life?” Qin Feng plastered a fake smile on his face and pointed his sword at Fatty.

Fatty was reluctant, but he had no other options.

He then faked sincere gratitude, looked at Qin Feng and bowed, “Thank you Professor Qin Feng for saving my life!”

Satisfied, Qin Feng withdrew his sword and returned to the podium. Likewise, all of the students returned to their original places. When Qin Feng arrived at the podium, all of the students were already back in their seats, neat and tidy. All of them clasped their hands behind their back and swallowed while staring at Qin Feng.

Both Hua Yan’s and Qiao Shi Shi’s eyes twinkled after Qin Feng revealed his Truesteel sword. Both of their hearts raced.

The atmosphere in the lecture hall after the incident was quite stiff. It was even more distinct around Fang Ming’s group. They were afraid of Qin Feng’s longsword, especially Fatty. His body would not stop quivering in fear once he remembered Qin Feng almost cut his head open with that longsword.

The lecture continued with Qiao Shi Shi still standing in the doorway. She folded her arms across her chest and slightly tilted her head downward. Her long eyelashes fluttered as she breathed and her silky black hair cascaded across her face like waterfall.

She remained silent the entire time and stood in the doorway without complaining. She was calm and gentle, as if she almost merged with the air.

“Remember this. Don’t be late next time!” Qin Feng warned her as he walked past her. A sweet scent pervaded the air and it teased his nostrils, causing him subconsciously to take a few breaths.

Qiao Shi Shi remained in her position anyway. She quietly snuck into her own seat after Qin Feng left.

“What the f*ck? Is he out of his mind? Did he come to lecture or play with his sword? What on earth is he thinking keeping such a long sword by his side? I could not fathom where or how he kept the sword!” Fatty criticized Qin Feng after he left.

The remaining two minions joined in on the tirade as well.

“Young Master Fang, we can’t let him slip away so easily. We will lose face if we do!” Fatty was brewing anger within his soul.

Fang Ming’s face was cold. He ordered, “That brat is good at fighting and we won’t be able to hold our ground long enough for us to confront him. Call for reinforcements from outside. I want him to stay sleeping in the hospital for the next few months!”

After hearing Fang Ming called for reinforcements from the underworld, Fatty and the two minions were so happy that they laughed heartily. The reinforcements Fang Ming was calling were nothing like the tyrant from the university. They fought with swords and real ammunition. All four of them were certain that Qin Feng must at least end up with his skin torn off by them, or in worst case scenario, he might end up dead.

The news Qiao Shi Shi was punished roamed across all of Provincial Capital University like a ravaging storm. Qin Feng had made a name for himself across the Provincial Capital University with the help of Qiao Shi Shi’s fame, successfully crowning him as the most famous lecturer in the university.

Qin Feng had no idea about these things. He had been hiding himself in the office after class was dismissed, converting and refining his inner qi. He did not have the time to pry into such nonsense news.

After the school session had ended, Qin Feng waited for Chang Xin and Hua Yan at the entrance.

“Hey! Brat!”

Qin Feng ignored it.

“F*cking little twag, I’m talking to you! Come over here now. I want to have a man to man talk with you!” At a shop across the road stood around seven to eight hoodlums. They were all waving their hands at Qin Feng.

Qin Feng nodded. He offered a smile and as he was about to cross the road, another group of people charged at him from behind and surrounded him.

“Young Master Gao, we’re right. It’s this fellow!” A yellow-haired young lad cross-checked Qin Feng with the photo in his hand, confirming Qin Feng was the lecturer who went viral on the university forum.

A tall, stockily built young man walked forward. He smiled faintly and stopped in front of Qin Feng.

“You are Qin Feng? The one who punished Qiao Shi Shi this morning?”

“Yes, I am. Seems like you are one of the bullsh*t Four Young Masters of Provincial Capital University, Gao Tian Yao!” Qin Feng exchanged glances with Gao Tian Yao. He held his ground against Gao Tian Yao’s dominating and powerful essence, not wavering in the slightest.

Gao Tian Yao’s lips curved slowly. He could sense the dominating aura from Qin Feng’s body. He laughed, “Interesting! But let me fix it for you. I’m not one of the Four Young Masters. I’m the very head of the Four Young Masters of Provincial Capital University, Gao Tian Yao!”

“Hey, I asked you to come over. Why are you still zoning out over there?!” As Gao Tian Yao introduced himself in a grand manner, the group of hoodlums across the road yelled again.

They were separated by a large road. They did not know what kind of conversation Gao Tian Yao and Qin Feng were having. They all surmised that Gao Tian Yao’s group was Qin Feng’s friend.

“I’m very sorry. I’ve a date with my brothers tonight. But it seems to me that you’re in a rush to say something to me. Then, allow me go over there and ask them to leave without me first.”

He ignored Gao Tian Yao and walked directly up to the group of people.

“Are you dumb, brat? How many times have I called you? I guess you wish to be punished!” The few hoodlums cursed Qin Feng as soon as he arrived.

“Brothers, it seems like you have been looking for me for something.” Qin Feng looked at the group with a faint smile.

The rumors had said, “An outstanding man will be always chased by others, regardless of whether they are a man or a woman.”

Qin Feng sighed inwardly. Seems like I’m that kind of outstanding man.

“Brat, you offended Young Master Fang. If you still want to stay in this university, then you better listen to the words of Young Master Fang otherwise, I’ll wait for you here, every day and every night and beat you!”

Qin Feng smiled. He finally knew who they were. So they were summoned by that Fang Ming. Qin Feng looked at the group before him and then turned to Gao Tian Yao’s group standing across the road. A treacherous idea sparked in his mind as he drew a devilish arc across his lips.

He did not plant to do it himself. This was the main entrance of the university and there were too many people. He was afraid that his handsome and stylish close combat skill might attracted too many female l fans and if they took a video of him and uploaded it on a social media platform, his enemies might find out that he was still alive. At that time, he would be in great trouble.

“Just you? Want to neutralize me? You think too highly of yourselves.” Qin Feng sneered. Then, he added, “Can you see that bunch of people over there? They are my sworn brothers. I’ve talked it through with them and they will rush over here to destroy you all once I give my order!”

The hoodlums before Qin Feng had long noticed Gao Tian Yao’s group. They were kind of taken aback when they were told by Qin Feng that Gao Tian Yao was his brothers. Since they were almost equal in number, they were not sure whether could they outsmart Gao Tian Yao’s group.

“Gao Tian Yao, I’ve finish my affair here. Don’t stand there staring blankly like a fool. Get over here faster!”

Qin Feng suddenly yelled, causing the two groups of people to become even more tense.

Both had around seven to eight men. They were staring at each other across the road.

“F*ck! How dare you rubbish hoot against Young Master Gao. Let’s get them!”

Gao Tian Yao’s group was made up of hotheads and young university students. They were charging at the group of hoodlums.

Since their opponent had charging at them, the group of hoodlums could not back down. They all screamed and roared to brace themselves and threw themselves at their opponent.

The spacious road was blocked by two groups of people. The students that were walking and talking on the road were startled by the sight and ran away in all directions.

The fight happened too suddenly and too maliciously. All of the fighters wished to lay waste to their opponents.

As the originator of this fight, Qin Feng sat on a chair outside of a shop, enjoying his ice cream while admiring the fight with keen interest and pleasure.

“Qin Feng, a skirmish is occuring over there and you still have time to sit here and watch them fight? Are you out of your mind? Are you following us? Yan Yan and I are leaving now.”

Chang Xin and Hua Yan crossed the road together. She was frightened and hastily ran away with Hua Yan when she saw a fierce fight ensue on the road. On her way, she saw Qin Feng leisurely watching the fight. She could not fathom why this man did not run for his life and instead had sat down to watch the fight.

“Yes! I’m leaving. Let’s go!” Qin Feng rose to his feet and followed the two ladies.

He could not resist and turned his head. When his gaze fell on Gao Tian Yang, his eyes held a mischievous twinkle.

There are really many hidden gems in the vast population of the provincial capital. He is so young and he has achieved Stage 4 inner qi. He most certainly did not sully his name as the head of Four Young Masters of Provincial Capital University.


“F*ck! Why are you guys still fighting? That brat has slipped away!” The battle finally stopped after Qin Feng left.

Gao Tian Yao remained unscathered, but all the others were badly battered.

“Big Brother, the brat is not here anymore!”

“Young Master Gao, Qin Feng has run away!”

Only now did the two groups of people realize they had been fooled by Qin Feng.

This feeling was too awful and worse than eating dung!

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