Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 406

Chapter 406 - Nobody will be Exempted from Punishment for Being Late, Not Even Lady!

Translator: BinBin

Editor: Nova1237

The twenty or so students finished the tongue twisting and obscure “Treatise on Febrile Diseases Caused by Cold” without breaking a sweat, striking awe into the remaining hundred students.

More than half of the students were not part of the medical college. They skipped their class just to attend Qin Feng’s class and see with their own eyes the professor whose name was the topic of interest for every resident in the Provincial Capital University. If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes nor heard it themselves, they never would have believed that there was really somebody in this university that could memorize the difficult, ancient prose Chinese medicine textbook.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Qin Feng clapped his hands while standing at the podium.

“Awesome! You people are amazing… The handsome Professor Qin Feng is so proud of you all!

“Why don’t you all give yourselves a hand? Aren’t you proud of your achievement?”

The lecture hall remained silent.

Those students who accepted the Chinese method of teaching since they were little had a twisted notion in their subconscious. They thought they went to school for the sake of their parents, studied and memorized everything on the syllabus because their teacher asked them to. Like this time, the twenty or so students who memorized the full text of the “Treatise on Febrile Diseases Caused by Cold” was only because they wanted to finish the task assigned by Qin Feng and nothing more.

None of them believed that the knowledge they memorized would be theirs. They would not feel proud of themselves for memorizing a textbook.

However, Qin Feng’s words were a conundrum. They all began to understand the meaning behind memorizing the text.

After fifteen seconds, sparse and scattered applause resounded through the hall.

After a minute, the lecture hall was filled with thunderous applause. The twenty or so students who memorized the “Treatise on Febrile Diseases Caused by Cold” were high in spirits.

“Handsome Professor Qin Feng, I’m proud of myself for being able to memorize the “Treatise on Febrile Diseases Caused by Cold.” I stayed up all night memorizing the whole text. I’ve worked hard, I should be proud of myself!”

“The most charming professor in the universe, Professor Qin Feng , I’m also proud of myself! From now on, I’ll study not for other people, but for myself, and I’ll prove myself worthy!”


Confident manifestos poured forth without stopping. The sight of it felt more like a concert than a Chinese medicine class.

As if they had obtained new life, every one of the twenty or so students’ eyes brimmed with confidence while the remaining hundred or so students who missed the previous class regretted missing it. They all gnashed their teeth and made a promise to themselves. I must familiarize myself with the “Treatise on Febrile Diseases Caused by Cold” tonight!

“Everybody calm down. This is just your first step. You have to apply the knowledge you get from the “Treatise on Febrile Diseases Caused by Cold” into your daily activities otherwise, if you are only equipped with the theory but have no clue how to apply your knowledge, what will happen if you diagnose the wrong illness and cause the patient to die the next day? Don’t you think it would be shameful?”

Qin Feng’s humor successfully caused everybody to howl with laughter.

After the laughing abated, Qin Feng scanned the crowd and rested his gaze upon Hua Yan.

“My beautiful class representative, can you do me the favor of being the first to tell someone’s body condition by reading his or her face?”

Hua Yan rose to her feet with her poker on. She casually chose a girl and carefully read her face.

After a short while, Hua Yan’s cold and dulcet voice sounded. “Ya Ya has more whites in her eyes and they are clouded. You have a sallow face and your lips are darkened. This is the symptom of kidney asthenia. In addition, you lead a disorganized lifestyle and if you do not adjust your lifestyle, your health could be at risk. For a prolonged period of time, you might find yourself in great trouble. Many serious illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and many more will find their way to you.”

This was Hua Yan. She would not curry favor with others nor hide something from them.

After reading Ya Ya’s condition, she just reported it for what it was without fear of making mistake.

Proclaimed as a beauty in the medical college, Ya Ya did not earn much prestige for herself. It was reported that she had had a fling with most of the rich young masters in the university so it was totally reasonable for her to have a weakened kidney. Hua Yan revealed the fact, causing everybody to bust out laughing.

“Not bad! Seems like Miss Hua Yan has devoted time and energy to mastering this technique. Okay, let’s proceed with the next student. Starting from the right hand side of Hua Yan. Stand up, pick one of your friends, study his or her face, and tell us his or her condition.”

Hua Yan took her seat. A girl beside her stood up. Similar to Hua Yan, she casually picked a student and studied his face. Every student did it in a similar fashion. If a student said it was wrong, Qin Feng would speak up and correct him or her. The atmosphere was lively. Qin Feng had satisfied each student’s desire.

All of the students present in the lecture hall were eager to learn. One erudite discussion after another arose. However, in the very corner of last row of the lecture hall, four male students were hiding with wretched expressions on their faces and shooting contemptuous glares at Qin Feng.

In the center of the group sat a man draped in a white Tang costume. He had an impressive appearance and one could tell from a simple glance that he was a descendent of an aristocratic family. This man was Fang Ming who was punished by Qin Feng yesterday. Surrounding him were his three minions who had borne the same fate as him.

“What the f*ck! We are in the 21st-century now and with all the high-end technology, why does this guy have to read people’s face and identify their illnesses? Does he think he’s a fortune teller? In my very honest opinion, we should call the police and arrest this fool!” The fat-headed minion grumbled.

Carrying on with the subject, the skinny minion added, “Hey, you don’t say! Even the lecturer is an idiot as are his students. You see, they are all fooled by that lecturer into believing this kind of corny approach might bring forth miracle!” 

“Dumb*ss! A bunch of dumb*sses! Why are they so stupid!”

Cursing and dissing the entire class, all four of them criticized the class and indulged in their own empty world. Meanwhile, the rest of the class was busy interacting with Qin Feng and completely ignored the four men.

“Young Master Fang, let’s give him a hard time. We can’t let that fool always steal the stage!” voiced the fat-headed minion, drawing the attention of the remaining two minions towards Fang Ming.

Suddenly, a devilish grin appeared on Fang Ming’s gloomy face. He murmured, “Doesn’t this dumb*ss lecturer love this geeky stuff and love to fools others? Then, let him read our faces and see how he will hold up!”

“Young Master Fang, this dumb*ss lecturer seems to have a knack in the art of healing. He read Ma Chao’s face yesterday and he was right about Ma Chao’s physical condition,” the three minions said worriedly.

“Are you all stupid? Can’t you use your pea-sized brains to think? You can just pretend to be sick. Fake an illness that not even you know. I want to see how he’s going to identify the illness by reading your face!” Fang Ming rolled his eyes and sent a kick at the fat headed minion.

“Haha! Good! What a brilliant scheme, Young Master Fang. Then, I volunteer myself. I’m good at playing sick as I’ve always faked being sick during high school!”

Fang Ming and his three minions were finalizing their scheme to defame Qin Feng. Nobody heard their despicable plan as all of them were busy engaging Qin Feng.

“Report!” A voice that was as pretty as a water fountain suddenly echoed. Qin Feng gestured to silence the students and looked at the door.

A slim, tall, and pretty young lady stood at the doorway under the sun.

The young lady had well-defined features, giving people an impression that she was of a mixed-race. She had an odd sense of beauty. She did not own a voluptuous body shape, but everything fit in their places just fine. She peered curiously at Qin Feng with her star-like, glassy, bright eyes. Her long, slender eyelashes fluttered as she slightly tilted her head, making her all the more enchanting and ravishing.

“Are you my student?” Qin Feng calmly looked at the lady.

“Are you my class lecturer?” The young lady did not respond to Qin Feng’s question, but shot another question at him instead.

“I’m Qin Feng, the new lecturer assigned by the medical college to teach this Chinese medicine class.”

“From the same college. Third year student, Qiao Shi Shi.”


Qiao Shi Shi finished her introduction. The whole class suddenly exploded.

Since Qiao Shi Shi had been standing in the doorway, the few front rows had blocked the view of students in the middle row and the last row so they couldn’t see what was happening in front. However, when they heard the name “Qiao Shi Shi,” all of them became so excited; it was as if they were on steroids.

Qiao Shi Shi. She was the first goddess of the medical college.

“Miss Qiao Shi Shi, you’re late. Do you have anything to say?” Qin Feng paid no mind to Qiao Shi Shi’s label. As a lecturer himself, he had to do justice to his own occupation.

“No, I’ve nothing to say.” Qiao Shi Shi tilted her head down. Her appearance would have made any human have compassion on her.

“Very well then, stay in the doorway until the class is dismissed… If you’re late to my class one more time, don’t attend my class anymore.

“And you! All of you are bound to the same rule as well!”

Qin Feng’s voice was cold, exuding his powerful aura. All the students fell silent and stared in terror at Qin Feng.

Nevermind that Qin Feng did not show any mercy, pity, and tenderness for a fairer sex. All of the students had the same thought on their mind. Professor Qin Feng doesn’t know the head of Provincial Capital University’s Four Young Masters, Gao Tian Yao, better known as Young Master Gao, is pursuing Qiao Shi Shi?

You punish Qiao Shi Shi and let her stand at the doorway without giving her any attention. Aren’t you afraid of offending Gao Tian Yao?

“Why are you all looking at me like I’m a monster? Do I look that scary to you?” This was only Qin Feng’s second day. How could he possibly know about all these things?

These students had a fun time with Qin Feng just now and treated him as their family. Now, they were frightened to talk to Qin Feng… hey were afraid Qin Feng might implicate them when Gao Tian Yao looked for him.

“Aiyo! So much pain! My stomach hurts so much!”

A weird sound broke the silence of the lecture hall. In the very last low of the lecture hall, a fat man suddenly fell to the floor. He twisted and rolled on the floor in agony, startling the students around him so much that they screamed.

“What happened?” Qin Feng hastily went forward.

“Professor Qin Feng, we’re not sure as well. Fatty keep saying that his stomach hurts and we have no idea what happened to him. Aren’t you a superb Chinese physician with great skill? Please examine what’s wrong with him… Otherwise, you’ll have to bear all the responsibilities if Fatty unfortunately died in this lecture hall.” Fang Ming smiled smugly at Qin Feng.

Qin Feng had recognized these four. He smelled a rat from their suspicious grin.

“Yo! How come this fatty suddenly had a muscle spasm? Could it be he was kicked by donkey when he was small? This is a nerve-related illness. We can’t cure it through Chinese medicine!” Qin Feng said as he walked to Fatty’s side.

Qin Feng made Fatty nervous. As he tried to jump up from the floor, Fang Ming hastily pressed him back down. Then, with a hideous glare at Qin Feng, he roared, “Professor Qin Feng, you impersonate a divine physician during class. You said you can identify a person’s illness by reading his or her face and you even said you are well-versed in acupuncture. How can you run away when you encounter a problem? Could it be you actually don’t know anything and you’re not even a qualified Chinese physician? Are you merely fooling us?”

“Damn! How can we allow this kind of person to be our Chinese medicine lecturer? He teaches us all kinds of bullsh*t knowledge that has no use at all.”

“I suggest we all sign a petition and force the University to fire this liar!”

Fang Ming and his three minions had planned well. Fatty would be the one who pretended to be sick. Meanwhile, Fang Ming would lead the remaining two minions in creating a disturbance and incite the students to oppose Qin Feng.

On the surface, their plan was going well.

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